Prayer Requests 5-28-19

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 114

When Israel came out of Egypt,
    Jacob from a people of foreign tongue,
Judah became God’s sanctuary,
    Israel his dominion.

The sea looked and fled,
    the Jordan turned back;
the mountains leaped like rams,
    the hills like lambs.

Why was it, sea, that you fled?
    Why, Jordan, did you turn back?
Why, mountains, did you leap like rams,
    you hills, like lambs?

Tremble, earth, at the presence of the Lord,
    at the presence of the God of Jacob,
who turned the rock into a pool,
    the hard rock into springs of water.

10 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 5-28-19

  1. Wisdom here. Daughter took a break for the night but she is back to her dark side. The deputy came yesterday but there is nothing he can do but try to talk her down and that only lasts a short time. He did say, if she actually hurts somebody, they can do something. I asked what that meant, as she had just thrown stuff and hit pregnant daughter in the back of the head, giving quite a headache. He said a broken arm, which she had told him she would do to younger daughter.

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  2. She also told daughter that if daughter is still here after baby arrives, seventeen will sneak in and strangle baby. Fortunately, seventeen will be eighteen and will no longer be here. She said the same if four month old ever comes back. Such anger and such violence. But she is not like that most of the time. It is becoming more and more frequent. This is the first time she was rude to the deputy.

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  3. I posted this before, but the internet keeps going down.
    The prayer focus for Muslims today is the Bedouin of the Levant, in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel. Few Bedouin are nomads today, but they retain their tribal customs, with the Sheikh heading the tribe. Pray that the promises for Kedar (a Biblical term for descendants of Ishmael) in Isaiah 42:1-12 and 60:1-7 would continue to be fulfilled by the work of the Holy Spirit and the Bedouin would sing the praises of our Lord and come to worship Him.

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  4. Kizzie, at 18 she will be eligible to move into an adult facility. We do not believe we are up to her escalating violent behavior. Nor do we consider it safe for the children in the home or the developing baby or any visiting children. Most of the time, we would be fine with her here, going about her business. But when she is off, all of our time must be settled on her to keep her safe and others safe.

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  5. Mumsee, in NM criteria for a psych hold and emergency admission to a facility for acute treatment are homicidal thoughts and suicidal thoughts. Sounds to me like she meets criteria. Law enforcement do not necessarily follow the same standard, but that this the medical standard of care. We are holding you up iin prayer.

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  6. rkessler, we have taken her in several times for those thoughts. We never get past the emergency room check by a crisis person and a nod from a doctor. We don’t actually fear she will deliberately do those things, as she did not know how, but she has been in so many times and they have planted seeds. She now knows she has to cut her veins, but does not know which ones. Or put the string around her neck, but does not know to tighten it. But there is really nothing they can do.

    A nice long article in the paper this past week on just this sort of thing. The woman is now facing possible five years in jail for hitting an officer, but her mom had been trying to get help for years. The same thing as we are meeting. It has to be frustrating for the officers too, as they want to help.

    Years ago, we had a boy who ran away and ran away. They said if they had seven paper reports of him running, they could take him to juvie. But there is never room at juvie. They would bring him back and by the time they cleared the mailbox, he would be gone again. They cuffed him and took him and brought him back because there was no room at the inn. I don’t want any of my children in juvenile detention but there is nothing. Now they tell me it does not matter how many times they run away, there is no room at juvie. There is nothing they can do. Fortunately we don’t currently have any runners.

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