35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-16-19

  1. Morning. I made it through a busy day. My aide was gone and I had morning duty and lunch duty in my classroom. But my 1pm I was done and the rest of the day was prep.
    Tomorrow is a work day so I don’t need to get up at 6am. So nice.

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  2. Kizzie, I was thinking last night that your situation is similar to ours – incredibly blessed with one son (plus precious DIL and granddaughters) and no relationship with the other. I realize that you have additional grief to grapple with, which makes it harder, but I’ve reconciled myself to simply enjoying the blessings I have. That is not advice – just a comment. Love you!

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  3. Off to the doctor today, to find out the pregnancy situation with twenty two year old. It will be nice to know one way or the other. But for now, the family is yet to wake up for another hour and a half and baby is back to sleep.

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  4. While talking with friends last night, I apparently dislocated my jaw.

    Ibuprofen and ice got me through the night, but it’s tender this morning and I have yet to try eating.

    I’d really like a boring day where nothing happens.

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  5. I am so sorry to say, Michelle, but your comment tickled my funny bone. It is not funny though. It sounds terrible. I have never heard of that happening to anyone before. Does it mean you have worn out cartledge in the jaw like people wear it out in the knees? At one point I supervised a twenty+ year-old who had TMJ. It made me remember her pain. I hope it is not that. If it stays out of joint, you might see a chiropractor for quick relief.


  6. I can’t explain it! I wasn’t even being–excited. I was just telling a story . . .

    Yesterday was the wettest day in May in 90 years here. It feels like March.

    I’ll make a third trip to the thrift shop today for Jo’s relatives. I’m then moving the practically new TV, an antique table and some paintings to church for the youth group’s silent auction Saturday night. They’re raising funds to attend the Lutheran Youth gathering this summer.

    It’s surprising the items thrift shops won’t take. I’d love the table, but don’t have a spot.

    It’s another reminder to declutter early and often. The same niece and nephew went through Jo’s possessions 6 months ago when the moved her into and made a comfortable home for her in assisted living 6 months ago.

    I helped that time, too.

    This is my 5th time clearing someone’s house out. It leaves me jaded about owning anything!

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  7. Linda – I agree with you! Although I am glad to have some relationship with Chickadee, I have decided to work harder on accepting things as they are with her. My main prayer for her is that she will come to a deep (and biblical) faith and trust in God, wherever she may live. So I focus more on the blessings of being with Nightingale and The Boy.

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  8. Antique tables are nice, especially from someone who was special to you. Is there some little thing of hers she’d like for you to have? I treasure my spinning bookcase from Norma; she’d called a few of us as her time was drawing short to ask if there was anything of hers we’d especially enjoy having. She and I had talked about her bookcase often, its history in her family, so I requested that if it hadn’t been promised to anyone and would be OK with her. Of course, she said, I’ll put a note on it right now. Another friend took her collection of colored glass (there’s a name for that, I forget what it is though).

    We woke up to some glorious rain this morning, we hadn’t had any for some time. We normally don’t get much rain through spring/summer so the off-season visits are sweet. I’d hauled my porch plants down to the steps last night, hoping it would be enough rain to add to the watering I’d already done yesterday (some of them hadn’t been watered in about a week). So they’re all happy, I’m sure.

    I’m working form home today, there are a couple harbor commission meetings I’ll listen in on and hopefully get more than a couple stories out of.

    My computer recovered somehow and I think the problem may have been an internet outage in the neighborhood, my tv also had to be rebooted last night and I remember seeing a couple AT&T trucks outside for several hours the day before.

    At any rate, my home laptop is working fine now.

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  9. Looks like we lost our takeover bid, just as well (and good for the other guys):


    Gannett defeats newspaper rival MNG’s hostile takeover attempt

    Newspaper giant Gannett won all eight board seats in a hotly contested shareholder vote on Thursday, winning a bitter proxy war with its cost-cutting rival MNG Enterprises.

    MNG, reviled by journalists for slashing staff at papers like the Denver Post and the Boston Herald, had waged a hostile $1.36 billion takeover bid for Gannett, the publisher of USA Today and more than 100 local papers nationwide.

    Also known as Digital First Media and controlled by hedge fund Alden Global, MNG had accused Gannett of mismanaging its print-news empire. The News Guild has called MNG a “destroyer of newspapers” for its deep cuts. Its ax-swinging, meanwhile, has helped it achieve a 15-percent profit margin, among the best in the industry. …

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  10. For AJ from a release in my email just now:

    DALLAS – Service members, military families and retirees can get a free sneak peak of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” starring Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Sally Hawkins, Charles Dance, Thomas Middleditch, Aisha Hinds, O’Shea Jackson Jr., David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe and Ziyi Zhang, at Reel Time Theaters at Army and Air Force installations May 25.

    The epic action adventure opens nationwide on May 31, 2019. The following military communities will get to see the movie nearly a week before it is released in theaters to nationwide audiences, courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service:

    · Carlisle Barracks, PA ….

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  11. Amusing to me at least. So far 11 of my photos have garnered 10 or more “Faves” on Flickr–but none of them are shots of butterflies. Three photos have nine Faves (just one from ten) . . . and all three are shots of a butterfly on a flower!

    My turtle shots get a good number of views, but hardly anyone faves them. I don’t think they are worse than my other photos, so I don’t understand that. I am getting a few faves on a new turtle shot I took yesterday, though–another pair of mating snapping turtles. A pair finally chose to give me a view in good lighting and water that wasn’t obstructed by grass.

    We were going to take Mom for banana splits 45 minutes ago . . . but she’s napping. Think she’d mind if we went without her? 😀 We live pretty close to a high school, and we do not go out right at 3:00, because buses are everywhere then! We were trying to go before that, but now it looks like we will instead go after . . .

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  12. Don’t worry, Kizzie, that was our whole purpose in going! And it turns out she wasn’t napping, but lying on her bed and reading. But we had some nice banana splits. Bruster’s has a deal on Thursday where if you take your own banana, you get a half-price banana split–two scoops, your choice of flavors. We thought others would be in line with bananas, but we were the only ones taking them up on that offer. They were very tasty. And we managed to leave before the school-bus rush, too!

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  13. okay, would someone please explain what I am seeing in the header photo? I can see something but am unsure what it is.


  14. Jo, I don’t know either. It’s possible there is a flying bird in about the middle of the frame, but I can’t be sure.


  15. Speaking of moms and ice cream. . .Earlier this evening, Nightingale and The Boy went to our little local ice cream place (the kind where you order at a window and then take it elsewhere or eat it at a picnic table outside) and forgot to bring some home for me! The noive!

    Not to worry! They are out again, and she said she will get me something on their way home. (However, I do realize that there is a distinct possibility that she will forget again, as they have been busy, so I don’t have my hopes up. 🙂 )

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  16. Got 2 stories done today and listened in on the port meeting — still having computer issues. I removed the one thing I thought might be causing the problem but it’s still losing its connection (even though shows still connected to internet) every 10 or 15 minutes it seems, so I have to shut it down and restart. I had to write the last story 3 times since I kept losing it.


  17. Between those two, I would choose French Vanilla. I love a good, creamy vanilla. My favorite out here is Hood’s Golden Vanilla. I also love a good vanilla soft serve. 🙂

    But I did not get any ice cream tonight after all. Nightingale said that as they were coming home from grocery shopping, she was going to stop, but the place had a long line out front. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

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  18. I’m with Cheryl on the vanilla bean…fresh cream, real vanilla bean and other pure ingredients please…but chocolate is my favorite!
    I cannot figure out where Waldo is in that photo…but unless my imagination is playing tricks on me I think I see some eyeballs looking at me!! Is that a turtle????

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  19. DJ – Can you click on the little symbol that shows the internet connection, to fix it from there? Every now and then, our connection goes out, and I can often fix it by clicking on that symbol, then clicking on Disconnect (if it thinks it is still connected), and then on Connect Automatically.

    Other times, I have to turn off my wi-fi router for about ten seconds (I wait a little longer), then turn it back on again. When I do that, I do need to restart or shut down the laptop.


  20. It looks like a bluebird of some kind taking off in the middle of the photo. There are wings spread at a 45 degree angle lower left to upper right. I can see some yellowish color towards the body end of the wing.


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