4 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-6-19

  1. I have mixed feelings about Dr. Jeffrey (FBC Dallas) campaigning for Trump of FoxNews.
    I agree with what he said, but his prestige can be misdirected.
    HIs job is to direct people to Jesus, not Trump.

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  2. Agreed.

    But I fear that cat (politicking from the pulpit) is out of the bag, and ain’t goin’ back in. Democrats have done it for decades. Now R’s too, and many are doing so simply to challenge the govt. on what they see as unfair laws restricting their “corporate” free speech. There’s a lot of angles and reason, but none seem justified. As Chas said, they should be pointing to Jesus and He alone.

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  3. Good.


    “Unplanned Movie Opens to Highly Successful Opening Weekend Despite Being Targeted by Hollywood and Twitter

    It’s survived the full force of Hollywood and social media assault and thrived.”

    “The saga of Unplanned reads like an espionage tale in modern Hollywood. The film from Pureflix, the same producers as God’s NOT Dead, I Can Only Imagine and The Case for Christ, was famously shot entirely in secret and released this past weekend. The leadup to the movie’s release was rocky, to say the least.

    Just weeks before release, Pureflix found itself with the first movie in its history to ever receive an R rating. The decision sparked much speculation that the association’s decision was highly politicized. The movie has several scenes bloody scenes in which an abortion is depicted on an ultrasound as well as some salty language but for the most part, the movie isn’t pushing harder than PG-13.

    Unplanned is an adaptation of the 2011 autobiography by Abbey Johnson which describes her life experience after leaving Planned Parenthood after witnessing an abortion procedure for the first time via the aforementioned ultrasound. It’s a strange sort of Christian movie given its propensity for swearing and blood (not usual features of most family/faith movies) but it’s also a uniquely powerful film on its own modest terms that doesn’t shy away from some of Abbey’s darkest moments.

    In the leadup to the film’s premiere, multiple television networks including Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, and Food Network refused to run advertisements for the film. The networks merely declined the offer to run ads for the movie citing the “sensitive nature” of the material and not wanting to get involved in politics.

    As reported by The Hollywood Reporter:

    “Lifetime, for example, told the film’s marketers that they declined to air the commercial due to the “sensitive nature of the film,” the ad buyers tell The Hollywood Reporter. The marketers, though, note that the network — which is owned by A&E Networks, a joint venture of Walt Disney and Hearst Communications — previously promoted an interview with Scarlett Johansson where she pitches Planned Parenthood.”

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