51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-5-19

  1. Chas sez
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good evening Jo.
    I usually take Elvera to the adult center for 4 hrs on Friday. But it’s raining. We don’t go out into the rain. She is so slow about getting from the door to the car she gets too wet.
    We’ll see.
    We didn’t have that problem in Hendersonville because we had a walk-in garage.
    I miss my garage.

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  2. Morning, Chas. I read that the picture was from Dj and then you were anonymous and I thought that it was Dj imitating Chas. Nice job, Dj!
    But, alas, I am wrong.
    So will someone send me a new engine for my car?? Time to get a walking, if only this rain would slow down.

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  3. Morning! Dj is that the ivy gifted to you by a certain wanderer? ๐ŸŒฑ it is beautiful!!
    Jo I am trusting the Lord to provide to your need for transportation….whether that be a new engine or car! What a frustrating road this has been for you….
    Chas our first home had a detached garage, with an alley behind. Then came the garage behind the house with no alley. The next phase was the garage alongside the house connected with a breezeway. Home designers finally just attached the garage to the house. I think I liked the detached garage with an alley out back the best….


  4. Chas,

    Just type your name in the middle drop down box when you click the comment box. It’s what I’ve had to do. It remembers you then.

    For a little while anyway…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  5. Chas, I don’t get asked for a password. Just my email (which I skip), my name (which if I enter an m, it offers mumsee and mumymous and whatever else I signed in with. For you it would be Chas), and website (which I skip).


  6. So Chas sings his password? That would be a good security feature of voice activated devices!

    Anyway, it’s almost the weekend. I’m not going to have a lot of students today because of a community college visit day and various statewide/regional meetings for clubs (FBLA, FFA, etc.) I guess I can read the Friday funnies. Maybe I’ll sing the captions.

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  7. Chas, would an umbrella, rain hat and raincoat not be a good solution to your problem?

    We do not have an attached garage. I grew up with one and probably would have opted for one, but my husband did not want one. There are pros and cons to everything, of course. I suspect the older we get the more we might wish we had one.

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  8. Good morning! That is a beautiful plant. Ivy=Loyalty
    Ivy does seem to be loyal wherever it gets planted. We have a lot in our yard.

    That sure is a sweet picture, Kim.So glad that she brings joy into the life of your family.

    The pollen count yesterday in Atlanta was extremely high. Everyone is suffering from it. My tummy has been a bit messed up. Not sure if I can blame that on the pollen, but if it is in the air so heavily and settles even on the food we eat, then perhaps it could cause a problem.

    In some of the haiku I am looking at, several of the children have mentioned a game called Fortnight (not sure I spelled that correctly, maybe Fortnite?). I do not know what it is. Does anyone here know? I have not done a search on the internet.

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  9. My grandsons play Fortnight often. They play it ‘all together’ on different devices, both in the same house or with others in different houses. I have heard it is quite ‘addicting.’ I know nothing more than that, other than my daughter and SIL are not worried about the game.

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  10. Fortnite: Seventeen year old got into that when it started and claims he does not buy any of the things available for purchase, but plays it a lot. Both on the device he is not allowed to have but does anyway, and on friend’s devices. He plays at one house until the child or parents get tired of being used, then moves on to the next. Seems to be about every seven months. Because we have no idea what he does during his away time, we don’t know how much he plays, but he has reported many times of playing for over eight hours at a time. He plays with strangers on the internet and with his buds. We would prefer he not spend so much time on it, but we have no say in his life. Oh wait, husband is taking him to the doc this morning for that broken arm. So we have some value. Less than four months.

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  11. Oh, my basic understanding of the game is that you have to kill everybody and then you win.

    Sounds like about every other video game I have ever heard of.

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  12. Last video game I played was Pong and/or Pacman. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve never lived in a place with an attached garage. Then again, cars usually don’t go into garages around here. Garages are for “stuff.” Your car sits in the driveway just outside the garage.

    I am glad I now can use the back door as my main entry as there are no steps to deal with, especially when I’m bringing home groceries. The old aluminum sliding glass door that was here when I moved in could only be locked from the inside. It was very rickety, especially in more recent years. My neighbors’ house is similar to mine, built the same year by the same architect, but with no easy access to their back entry without using my driveway (which they are welcome always to do). She’s having some serious knee issues so the stairs leading up to the front of their house have become really hard to navigate.

    I have three phone interviews this morning for 3 different stories. Easiest one will be the meteorologist to get the weather forecast for the upcoming Grand Prix (next weekend). It’s staged very near our new work building so I’m hoping to be working for home as it rolls into town. It’s usually kind of a nightmare with people and cars everywhere, definitely something to avoid if you’re not going to it.

    The photographers hate covering it because they have to lug all their gear on them and there’s just a whole lot of walking.

    The other two stories I’m doing today are on plans to establish a Surface Navy national museum onboard the Battleship Iowa and more renovations being planned for our historic 1931 movie palace. Should be a busy but fairly easy day.

    I still haven’t gotten my income tax return.

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  13. For some reason, one of these flew over our neighborhood the other day, I thought something was going to come crashing down onto the house it was so loud.

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  14. And yes, that was the plant michelle brought when she stopped by. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve moved a couple of my potted flowers out to the front porch also, including the impatiens. We’ll see how they do out there, I love the look of flowers on the front porch.

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  15. I was certain that I answered Kathaleena. @ 9:52
    It takes 10 seconds from the time I open the door for her to get in. It takes about a minute from front door to inside the car.
    Too much doing in bad weather.

    I saw something I have never seen before in a Honda commercial
    A man and a woman in a car and the man was driving.

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  16. Strange, about the password. Maybe you have signed in before with all the stuff so it expects more from you than from me.

    Well, report is that the boy’s arm is broken enough that baseball is out. The school had just assured me that last quarter’s F did not make him ineligible. He knows that. He keeps D’s until near the end of the semester then lets it drop to F’s because he knows it won’t be obvious for several weeks and then, in a day, he can get it back to a D. He knows the system. But I don’t think he counted in God.

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  17. Janice, and all the others who prayed, thank you for praying yesterday. I had my evaluation, and my supervisor from the school and the nurse I have been working with finally met face to face. The nurse’s criticisms of me to the supervisor were, well, downright odd. Among other things she had to complain about was that I sat at the desk and talked to other nursing students. I have only exchanged a few words at the most with any other student and participated in one conversation that was taking place between several students at the desk, all at times when it was not busy on the unit (sometimes, nobody is in labour, while at other times, everyone seems to deliver at once). She went on to say that I needed to seek out more learning opportunities, even from other nurses on the unit, although just last week, when another nurse offered to have me work with her because this nurse did not yet have a patient, I overheard this nurse flatly refuse to let me go with the other nurse. She went on to say that I needed to keep my eyes and ears open and use my mouth less. Yet, just last week, the nurse was complaining to one of the obstetricians that I never had anything to say (she has also complained that I don’t swear on three different occasions). I hoped my supervisor – who knows me quite well, having taught me in three different classes – saw how contradictory it all was.

    But, the nurse did say that I communicated well with patients and that I was very good at teaching breastfeeding. I am not sure what my supervisor thought about it all, as she and I did not get a chance to discuss anything afterward, but the evaluation papers are all signed, so I think I passed. Just one more day of clinical to do, which makes me think of the song from the musical of Les Miserables:

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  18. I like ivy, and that’s a lovely plant. (I don’t have a green thumb and can’t really do anything with plants, but I can admire them!)

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  19. Roscuro, so glad you made it! I think that awful lady is engaging as an agent in spiritual warfare with playing some kind of games with lies. You passed the test/course on seen and unseen levels. โ™ก


  20. Behind on the comments, but just in case I don’t have time to catch up today, I wanna jump in with this:

    You may remember that I told you a couple or so weeks ago that I had finally finished packing up all of Hubby’s clothes that were in my bedroom, but then looked in the living room closet at all that was in there, and cried. It is a longish but narrow walk-in closet, and was full from front to almost back with more of Hubby’s clothes. I was so overwhelmed that although I had started packing some of them up, I took off last week because I just couldn’t face it anymore.

    Thinking to restart on this past Monday, I filled up two bags Sunday night, as I knew I was going to be busy with other things Monday morning. But then I didn’t push through as Tuesday came along, still feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to face that closet.

    This morning, I told myself that I really had to get back to that closet, even if I only filled up a couple bags. As it turned out, after filling those two bags, I realized that I was tantalizingly close to being finished, so I kept on.

    Only two more bags later, and I’m finally finished. *sigh of relief*

    Finally finishing this daunting task left me with conflicting feelings – great relief, but also a wave of great sadness. I also felt “wiped out”, even though it didn’t take that long to fill four bags, and it wasn’t strenuous.

    (I didn’t mention it, but Tuesday marked a year and a half since Hubby’s death.)

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  21. Chas sez
    I have AVG security
    It just notified me that it saved me from something.
    Now it wants me to upgrade. It has taken over my computer and won”t let go.
    Except: I’m doing this.
    Lemme see if I can get bacfk.s

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  22. I almost failed typing in the AF radio school
    We had to do 25 wpm. I could type that fast, but not that accurately.
    But I came to say that I have my computer back.

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  23. My friend, Karen, has just fallen, again. She called me while waiting for the EMS. I prayed for her but did not get any details since the EMS was arriving as I was praying. She missed another doctor appointment today. At least we had a good phone conversation earlier.

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  24. That is really cute furniture, DJ. We have a saddle blanket on our couch to protect it from Miss Bosley’s claws. Our saddle blanket looks a lot like what’s on that chair.


  25. The porch is a great spot to hang out at the end of the day, I’m really enjoying it. Not today, though, I’m still at work — 4 stories, including a last-minute refinery piece that I had to parachute into cold (it’s not my beat).

    I’m still at work waiting for the last 2 stories to be edited. My neck is killing me.

    The rose is from my garden.

    Trump is in our area tonight (stopping in at his golf course along our cliffs), caused quite the long back-and-forth thread between pro’s and con’s on my FB post.

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  26. Looks like pleasant place for coffee or tea with good conversation. Maybe some day Mrs L and I will get back out the Cali to see her cousin in Santa Barbara, and take a side trip out to DJ’s house.

    Speaking of such trips, our plans have changed again. It seems we won’t be passing by your way this time, Nancyjill. But NMex on the way home is still on.


  27. Sad to miss you this time Peter….just keep us in mind when you find yourself out our way. Safe travels to you and the Mrs….. ๐Ÿ” ๐Ÿš—


  28. Which day did you say for NM, Peter? I picked up a second job for the summer, so need to have it on my schedule, and I have already forgotten.


  29. It’s just me and the security guys in this building now, editor wanted more info added to the refinery story which was my 4th story (but I repeat myself) of the day. This is really just unsustainable, we have way too few people now, we need to admit that. This one senior editor is driving everyone nuts. He thinks this is all so doable, smiley. Yeah, with robots maybe.

    Now I have to wait until he reads it again, I probably wont’ get home before 8 tonight. My neck is killing me. Did I say that before? Probably.

    Other lower rung editor said he’s been working since 6:30 a.m. without a break. We’re all about to lose it.


  30. Thanks mumsee.

    I made it home by 8 (barely). I like looking at the photo of my porch since I didn’t get to enjoy it first-hand today.

    I’m watching a movie I’ve seen already, but hey. Leftover spaghetti in the microwave.

    My cousin wanted to get together tomorrow, but in the morning I need to get the vet’s to pick up the flea meds and I doubt I’ll have much energy left after that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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