10 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-16-19

  1. 🙂 Grandchildren for a whirlwind one night visit. I already need a nap this morning. 🙂

    😦 Their family is off to visit and stay with their other grandmother for the day. She has numerous health issues and a relapse of her cancer. She is younger than me and prone to falls. She is mostly in a wheelchair. Pray for Joann to have the strength and energy to enjoy those grandchildren today. Her husband is taking the opportunity to visit his mom who lives several hours away.

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  2. 🙂 A good visit with younger daughter Monday (surprising her dad), including being able to feed her supper.

    🙂 The electrician has gotten a good start on the work in our home, including giving us working outlets in both bathrooms and the hall–I can vacuum all the carpeted areas from that outlet instead of having to move the plug and unplug a lamp to plug it in.

    🙂 A broken light in the master bathroom has now been replaced with a new one (the old one worked, but its cover was badly cracked).

    🙂 He expects to be able to finish the job this coming week. That will give us two new overhead lights (one in my office area) and connect two current overhead lights to switches rather than pull cords. (To enter our bedroom at night initially meant shuffling our feet till we could find the pull cord. Then my husband replaced a broken outlet and we plugged in a small lamp, and since then we have had to flip the switch to turn on the lamp, which allows us to see the pull cord and turn on the overhead light. Turning on the light as we enter the room will be a nice change.)

    🙂 We have had temperatures as high as 70 this week. It isn’t quite spring yet–I haven’t seen new green or blossoms–but birds are singing like mad and tree buds look about ready to go. I’m expecting we will probably see what I consider official spring within a week to ten days.

    🙂 I got 270 or so photos uploaded to Flickr.

    🙂 My husband is hanging a mirror in the bathroom that hasn’t had one, and preparing to finish painting the other bathroom (so that our new medicine cabinet can go up in it, now that the old one is down).

    Our older daughter hasn’t seen our home yet (she was pregnant on moving day; our younger daughter and our son-in-law came down), and our son-in-law hasn’t seen it since moving day. When they come in two weeks, he will see a very different home than he saw that day! Next week will be ten months since we moved in, and we aren’t yet finished but definitely getting closer. Our goal is to be done with nearly all of it by the time my mother-in-law visits for a week in May. (We won’t have the family room done yet, or the kitchen wallpaper down, but it would be nice to have everything else complete.)

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  3. 😦 “woman’s Day” keeps sending Elvera a magazine. Though she hasn’t sent them any money in years.

    I wish whoever USPS is would stop sending me notices. They should know by now that I intend not to send them any information about me. .

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  4. 😦 The Boy listed to me the order in which he loves his family:

    #1 – Daddy
    #2 – Gramma (his dad’s mom)
    #3 – Mimi (me)
    #4 – Janie (the dog)
    #5 – Mommy

    I’m glad Nightingale did not overhear this. I hope he doesn’t tell her this to her face. Of course, I know that in actuality, in his heart, his mommy is #1, but he doesn’t realize that.

    I’ve come down a couple pegs, as he used to list me as #1. But I would always tell him that Mommy is really #1.

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  5. Kizzie, I always tell them it doesn’t matter how much they love me, what matters is how much I love them. That amount is so huge, it is indescribable. Children are fickle.

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  6. 🙂 Time spent in the mountains

    😦 Returned to my sister’s in time to get the stomach flu – I was so sick. I couldn’t even see my dad which was a huge part of the trip for me.

    🙂 Feeling a bit better today.

    😦 Not sure I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow yet.

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  7. That is disappointing. Still hoping my dad will decide to join us here though I know it would be difficult for them to leave Moscow. She actually used to live around here though.

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