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  1. We barely made 57 yesterday. So I won’t mess it up with a comment.
    Donna: The world has indeed changed, mostly not for the better.
    In some cases it has, but mostly not.

    But I see on FoxNews that an Alabama court has ruled that an aborted baby has rights.
    That really confuses things down there.

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  2. OK, so here’s my story. πŸ™‚

    At 1:30 AM I was awoken from my slumber on the couch where I fell asleep watching TV by a racket from the kitchen. I went out, flipped on the light and saw Gemma. She was on the floor and she was growling like only a cat can. Usually she only does this if she has some food she shouldn’t have, like ham or a chicken leg. I picked up a paper towel roll and tapped her on the head with it. When I did, a mouse fell out of her mouth.

    It was like a cartoon, the mouse was running as fast as it could, but it wasn’t going anywhere due to the linoleum. So Gemma grabs it again, and tears off for the living room. At this point I’m having visions of having to empty and move the china cabinet to recover the carcass. I chase her all over downstairs, crawling on the floor, shining my flashlight under furniture, she’s still growling the whole time.

    Eventually the chase ended, in the upstairs bathroom. She cornered it between the sink and tub wall. I scooped up Gemma and tossed her in the hall. I’d grabbed my winter gloves during the chase so I set about securing the rodent. The rodent, not being very bright, escapes under the bottom of the door….. and right into Gemma’s waiting mouth on the other side. So I open the door, get her to drop it, (it’s not really even running away at this point) and toss Gemma back in the bathroom and close the door.

    Finally at about 2AM I secured the mouse and tossed it out the door as far from the house as I could. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t throw it in the outside trash can. Well that’s because I was in my pjs this whole time. πŸ™‚

    You see, free (well, except for the cat treats, gotta keep the employees happy) rodent extermination is just one of the free services I offer around here. I hope they appreciate my particular skill set. πŸ™‚

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  3. The Real πŸ˜€

    I have to say, if a young person thinks they want to work in an exciting healthcare career, full of dramatic moments, such as a paramedic or ER nurse – tell them to become a Labour & Delivery nurse. How quickly can the transition from a routine labour induction to being in the OR for an emergency C-section be made? Fifteen minutes. All was well by the end of the day, thankfully.

    Finished the paper I was writing and submitted it on time. One assignment down, three to go, and four and a half weeks left in the semester.

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  4. Phos, In the AF, I knew a guy who used to be an ambulance driver.
    He had some weird tales also.
    I couldn’t handle that. Give me lunar mapping any day.


  5. Chas, I shouldn’t be able to handle it. I generally need plenty of time to process information, and as a result I do not do well on inpatient wards in hospitals, where one has to keep track of three to five patients at once for twelve hours at a time. My brain finds such a situation overwhelming. But, in emergency situations where the focus is on one patient, I surprise myself by how much I can speed up my processing. It is probably the adrenaline helping me focus. Of course, it helps to know what to do in a given emergency. I am still learning what to do of course, but I did take an active role in this case – I was the first to notice that something was going wrong.

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  6. Lots of fresh snow last night! And still coming down. It was supposed to be rain. I am happy. It is supposed to gradually warm up over the coming days, so maybe the ice and snow on the roof will be able to come down gradually, that would be good, and there may not be a lot of flooding. Flooding does not really affect me as we are on a slope. But others might suffer from it if the snow goes too quickly.

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  7. Just looking back over what you people were talking about in the past few days:

    Kizzie, your hubby sounds like my father. In my childhood, my father went through a period of buying antique cars, rust buckets, that he dreamed of restoring to their former glory. Finances were always tight, so the few hundred dollars he spent to purchase those cars was a fortune to us. My mother put her foot down, and although there were her arguments, my father did listen to her. But throughout his life, he has purchased things he liked without telling the rest of us until later. The vast majority of the purchases are small and relatively cheap – models of antique cars, copies of old films, music recordings, food ( πŸ™‚ ) – but my mother almost never gets to just purchase something she wants. She doesn’t have any resentment over it, but sometimes it doesn’t seem fair. My father would be quite willing for her to get those little things too, but she is more conscious of spending habits than he is.

    On having large knives for no particular purpose, I have a knife given to me by a friend in the army, who once taught me the basic stance and techniques of knife combat. I used the knife kill snakes with in West Africa. As my friend said when he handed me the knife shortly before my departure, you knows when you might need a knife πŸ™‚

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  8. I am trying to get a good start to upping the comment count for today.

    Does anyone here have any thought about Pampered Chef products? I have purchased a few lately and think they are good although pricey. I have not bought anything that is from their more expensive items. Is there s store brand that sells comparable items or is what they sell more unique in design?


  9. I keep making silly typing errors – the effect of spending four of the past seven days working twelve hours shifts and the other three writing a paper. At least the errors aren’t in the paper – I kept my mother up to eleven last night on the phone, reading it over out loud to her to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

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  10. Janice, I think Pampered Chef has a few things that are worth buying. My favorite is the cake-decorating set, which I use exclusively for filling deviled eggs – it makes them beautiful. Since they are a multi-level marketing company, in my experience, the reps have been more about trying to recruit sellers than selling the products.

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  11. Janice, I have a Pampered Chef can opener – an extra from one of my siblings’ or cousins’ wedding showers. It is by far the best can opener design I have seen, leaving no sharp edges. I know Eldest sibling uses their stoneware baking pans, and I think the ceramic mixing bowl she got for a wedding present and then purchased to give to every bride whose wedding shower she attended was from there. It depends what you need and are looking for. My family is by no means rich, but we have a theory that it is more economical to purchase an expensive item that lasts a long time and works well, than multiple cheaper items that do not work well and break quickly.

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  12. AJ – I’ve had my share of cat-and-mouse escapades, too. Usually it involves finding a dead or half-dead mouse, with the dead ones often found in two pieces. Over the years, I have had to personally send three mice “over the Rainbow Bridge” because they were injured but not dead yet. Other times have involved trying to catch the mouse in the middle of the night.

    Mumsee is right that the mouse will probably be back in the house. I read that to avoid that, you need to release the critter at least a mile away. (Not sure how accurate that is, though.)

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  13. It kind of saddens me to see some of my friends involved in those multi-level marketing businesses. The companies always tell you that you can eventually be making a lot of money, but very few actually reach that point. The amount of time put in for the amount of money gained means one is working for far below minimum wage. (I do have one friend who has been a Mary Kay lady for a couple decades or more. She is very successful, having earned a few of those pink Cadillacs through the years, and is now a national director. Her daughters are successful with it, too, and have earned their own pink Cadillacs.)

    I have seen one friend go from one company to another. First, she was selling some crystal jewelry (I can’t think of the name, but it was familiar), then went to selling Color Street nail polish strips, and is now selling Usborne books.

    The problem is that once your circle of friends and family have bought what they want, you run out of customers, unless you are one of those really ambitious go-getters who know how to reach out and market your product, and have time for that. The nail polish strips thing can probably go on for a while (she’s still doing that), but they are expensive.

    Remember how some Amway distributors used to have a bad reputation for bugging their friends all the time? I have a friend who still is an Amway distributor, but all she does is make one announcement on Facebook that they are about to put in an order, so if you need something, let them know. (I was surprised to find out that Nightingale had never heard of Amway. I guess they’re not as big as they once were.)

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  14. QoD
    What did city mice do before there were cities?
    Alternate. What did house mice do when people lived in tents?
    How did mice get along without people?

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  15. Last week, I mentioned that Nightingale and I are now planning to eventually buy another house. She wants it to be within two or three years, hopefully closer to two. We have so much work that needs to be done between now and then, and then there is also the stress of trying to find the right house and sell this one and all that. (We will sell this one “as is” for a much lower price than it would get if it were in decent condition. We suspect that our neighbors will want to buy it for a rental property.)

    When we had first discussed it, I felt good about the decision, and even a little excited. But then on Sunday, I cried on and off most of the day, feeling very overwhelmed at the thought of it all.

    As this week has gone on, I am feeling better about it again, especially since we have time to deal with all we need to deal with, and the idea of it is gelling in my mind.

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  16. Pampered Chef, I really liked their stuff and it was expensive I have not purchased any in close to thirty years, probably, but I still have some, I would imagine. And Creative Circle was fun. But, no, money making only happens to real salespeople.

    Meanwhile, there are lots of good quality kitchen items out there.


  17. My father was once persuaded to join Amway. In fact, several ‘friends’ over the years have persuaded him to get into such multi-level schemes. My father is no business man and still less of a salesman. In the office equipment businesses that he worked as a service technician for, there was a sales department with salespeople to do that side of the business. My father repaired machines, and did excellent work, earning the gratitude of customers, which is a thing not easily done in the service technician industry. As my siblings and I grew up and took more notice of what was happening, we learned to dread the parental ‘friend’ who had some wonderful idea of how our family could get into a better financial position. Such friends were always better business people than my parents, who were generous, open, and honest, and it deeply angered us that said friends took advantage of those traits to the benefit of the ‘friend’ and our family’s financial loss. Several of those who did so still maintain an acquaintance, but I notice that my mother, always the more intuitive one (as I have said, my father would have been diagnosed with Aspergers’ had he grown up in a different era), keeps such acquaintances at a little distance.

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  18. Chas, it’s all about junk food. The mice were a lot healthier before they learned how tasty human food can be.
    AJ, you need to find every place a pipe comes into house and seal off the tiny opening around it. You can lodge steel wool in the opening or use something in a squirt can from the hardware store (maybe named Stuff?). Or course you would deny Gemma the fun of the chase (and play with a real toy).


  19. Nightingale’s plan is for me to have a master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom. We will make it kind of like a hotel room, with my bed, a sitting area with my TV, and even a mini-fridge and mini kitchenette-type area for my own personal snacks and such. πŸ™‚

    She has made it clear that I would be welcome to hang out in the main living areas with them, but this also would give me my own private space, and I would be sensitive to their need for the two of them to have time without me around. I love the idea. (If possible, a small in-law apartment would be nice, but there aren’t many of them around.)

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  20. I love Pampered Chef’s apple corer/slicer. Also, I deliberately bought one of their potato peelers, since I find they work far better than what I find in most stores. I like the stone pans and the chopper for onions etc. I don’t always use it, but it is handy when in a hurry, but not wanting to use a food processor.

    I do agree with buying quality instead of quantity over the years.

    I dislike going to these type parties or having them. I haven’t done so for years. Some people do have party after party and I do not feel obligated to attend. I especially find it irritating when I only hear from some people when they are selling something.

    Along those lines: What is the policy in your churches about selling items for school children etc.? The policy in our church used to be no selling in the church according to a long time member. Then the new pastor’s children sold. Now he is announcing it from the pulpit, so to speak. Of course, others have no begun to sell. Now the church board is selling candy bars for a particular building need. I do not feel obligated to buy or sell, but I know some who do. I have no problem for a youth group or trip, but otherwise am not happy about a church asking its members to sell candy bars. Thoughts?

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  21. Kizzie–that is a similar arrangement that my daughter will have with her MIL and her husband. They are still in the remodeling phase.

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  22. Speaking of private spaces. . .A while back when I wrote about how I sometimes feel annoyed when I feel I need some quiet but Nightingale and The Boy are spending a lot of time downstairs, someone commented along the lines of how would I handle having Chickadee move back.

    (Btw, I had added to my comment that when I feel annoyed, I remind myself of how grateful I am to have them around, and my annoyance goes away.)

    That’s the interesting thing about Chickadee and me – we both like our alone time, and are sensitive to that with each other. When it would be only she and I at home, it often felt like I was alone, as she would be in her room doing her thing and I would be doing my thing. Sometimes, one of us might ask the other if we wanted to watch a show or movie together, and were fine with it if the other declined. She and I could live together quite easily. (It’s almost weird how sensitive we are to each other.)

    Nightingale is hoping to find a house with an extra room for if Chickadee does want to live with us. If not, or in the meantime, that extra room would fill other needs, such as a craft room.

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  23. I tried to sell Usborne books because we loved them and had so many. I was not a successful sales person, but we made use of all the books I got in the small initial investment so it worked out okay. Wesley learned a lot from the books so I have no regrets. I did not want to do the party sales. I sold a few to friends and family so it was probably a break even outcome.
    I also signed up to be a Juice Plus distributor mostly to get a monthly discount on the product. I did not try to sell it.
    Yes, people can make a lot of money if they have the right skill set and desire for that type of success. I guess Avon may have been the forerunner. I always enjoyed their samples and purchased a number of their products.

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  24. Chas, the country person has learned to be observant and watch for the dangers of nature. So it comes naturally to them to survey their environment, which is why they are better at adjusting to the city. I have adjusted in some measure, but just now, when I have to navigate icy sidewalks and crowded buses in the dark of early morning and late evening in order to get to and return from the hospital, I do not like the city.

    When I study, in order to concentrate, I need to play music. Music with words is distracting, so I either need instrumental music, or music with singing in a language I do not understand. I have been listening to Arabic music, as its pulsing rhythms, complex tones, and intricate improvisation stimulates my brain the way others use coffee. I let the Autoplay run on YouTube from one piece to the next while listening to music, and sometimes I have to stop and listen again when I hear something that catches my imagination. In doing do, I discovered this piece, which is a nearly perfect fusion of Western and Middle Eastern classical music styles – the bowed string instrument played at the beginning is a rababa, the Middle Eastern ancestor of the violin.

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  25. Kathaleena – That is also how it was for my MIL Mary, when we took care of her here. In her confusion, she did once think she was in a hotel room. Eventually she got used to being here and knew it was her room. She did not feel stuck in her room, but rather preferred to be in her room. It was a safe place for her. (Her room in now our living room.)

    Actually, though, initially we thought she would have the downstairs as her own space, her own “apartment”. But she had been in the hospital right before moving down here, due to an emergency surgery, and we think that caused a decline in her mental faculties. (She already had Alzheimer’s.) So when she came here, she was not able to cook for herself and whatnot, and we ended up making the downstairs into an extension of our own home, except for her room (which also had the bathroom right off of it).

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  26. What will be a blessing to Nightingale is that I will then be doing the majority of the housework. As it is now, I don’t have the energy or inclination to clean two “apartments”, especially since she and The Boy are pretty messy. (Although I do occasionally clean some in her kitchen or bathroom if I see a particular need, or if she asks me. I cleaned her messy kitchen as a surprise once.)

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  27. Hilarious cat-and-mouse tale, one that’s all too familiar around here. The video (love the PJ touch) would have been viral for years.

    I’ve been there a few times. A couple times when Annie was younger she’d bring in a live mouse (and twice, I think, an actual rat) for a nighttime of fun. I’d shut my bedroom door and leave them to it in the living room. One little guy I managed to “free” when he scampered up the side of the brick fireplace. I grabbed him by the tale and marched him out to the front porch. I seriously doubt he tried to return as this was in the morning after a long night of being hunted. I think Annie was grateful as she finally could let herself go to sleep.

    Some say the mere scent of a cat on the property (let alone 2) will deter mice and rats from ever entering. But it probably depends on other environmental threat levels such as ice, snow and very cold temperatures. One risk will outweigh the other for a little mouse just wanting to survive, I suspect.

    Kizzie, big house plans ahead but of course we plan and then God will do what He will. πŸ™‚ Are houses fairly affordable there? No one can buy a house here anymore unless they’re really quite wealthy.

    Before leaving for work I need to haul the bags of personal items from work out of my car and put them in the garage. I’ll deal with them later, probably store some / most of it in clear plastic garage boxes and bring a couple things inside that will be useful. I was going to unload the car last night but it was still misting and dark and it was already going on 9 p.m., so I decided to just leave it until this morning.

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  28. My attempt at selling ended as a kid.
    I tried to sell Christmas cards.
    I said, “You don’t want to buy any Christmas cards, do you”

    They never did. The only time I was fired is when I attempted to work at a meat market.
    I couldn’t sell cheese to a mouse.

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  29. DJ – Oh, yes, I am keeping in mind that God may have something else in mind for us.

    You may remember that my initial wish was for us to renovate this house instead of moving, and I had been praying (and I think I asked for this on the prayer request thread) that God would either change her mind or my mind. Until Nightingale brought it up again, I was still leaning towards wanting to renovate what we have (which would most probably end up being as expensive – or nearly so – as buying another house). But as she talked about her thoughts and plans, I felt myself getting on board with her, that my heart was not rebelling against the idea as it had in the past.

    However, I am still keeping in mind that God could blow the wind the other way again – or in a completely unforeseen direction.

    Houses here are much more affordable than in your area, especially here in Stafford, which is not one of the growing towns.

    I usually don’t comment on misspellings or typos, but I just have to comment on this: “I grabbed him by the tale . . ” So, he had quite a story to tell, huh?

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  30. Speaking of houses:
    Something has just happened the I’ve never encountered before.
    I got a letter from a guy who wants to buy my house.
    No. “Top dollar” he says.
    Chuck will likely sell this house someday.

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  31. We sort of did that but did not offer top dollar. We offered the current appraisal and asked that she not make any repairs or fixes, leaving out realtors on both sides. It seems to have worked for us but I suspect most folk would have preferred the repairs and intermediary.

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  32. I don’t think the smell of cat keeps mice away. We have 8 of them living at the barn, and they still catch mice. The mice are attracted to the feed we keep out there.

    I like pampered chef. I don’t think I could process tomatoes without their corer.

    Amyway, melaleuca, and others have good products, but I am uninterested in selling anything.

    When I was young, my dad was a Methodist preacher. He was also a member of the Lions club. Every so often, they had fundraisers where you sold candy or what ever. My dad would pay me something like a nickle for each bag sold. He never sold anything, as he did not want his members to feel obligated. I would not be a fan of selling candy for a project. When my girls were young, the church used to hold a bazaar on election day, selling crafts and baked goods, to finance church camp fees.

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  33. I sold Girl Scout cookies but wasn’t great at it. My friend was a born sales-girl, she was out going door to door in our neighborhood with her high-pressure pitch. πŸ™‚ I think she always got the troop award.

    Mice: The availability of easy feed obviously outweighs the risk in that case, rkessler.

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  34. What we’ll have when we move, we keep being reminded, will not be a newsroom but rather access to plug-in “work space” so you can come and go. “You destroy the soul” of the newspaper when you destroy the newsroom our former city editor says.

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  35. I don’t like the idea of candy being sold. A lot of people don’t need it, and I don’t think churches should promote sales of things that could be harmful to people. I have bought Girl Scout cookies and Boy Scout popcorn in church settings and gift wrap. Those were acceptable but it seems best to keep it low key and certainly not promote it from the pulpit. I have mixed feelings about the plays that my church does and tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite. I go to the plays, and know they are worth the entertainment dollars. But I still have not resolved in my mind that it is the best outreach for a church in a community. Tickets are now on sale for Charlotte’s Web for $8.00.

    I had a very nice call from a friend in Art’s church this afternoon. As I have said before, it is very nice knowing two groups of people from different churches in a community. I think Kim is involved with more than one church in her community, too.

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  36. The next person will get 57.
    I saw an ad on TV that said I could win $7,000 a week for a year. I said “Wow” and got out my calculator to figure per year.
    As soon as I saw the answer, I said “Chas, you dummy. You didn’t need a calculator” $7000 a week is a thousand a day and there are 365 days a year. You didn’t need a calculator.”
    I just wasn’t thinking.
    but it is embarrassing.

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  37. Chas, if you were an accountant, you would probably plug in the numbers without a second thought like you had. It’s what accountants do. Their brains migrate to their fingertips during tax season. Art is starting to get the dazed look. All he wanted for dinner last night was a piece of bread and his pillow.

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  38. Well I just noticed Chas has someone wanting to purchase his house….we got a letter in the mail today and the fella wanted to purchase our house. He says inventory is low and he has clients wanting our house….top dollar.
    It was funny that I happened to speak with a realtor today while shopping and she said inventory was very low and it was still and seller’s market. I don’t want to sell right now as we are quite happy with the quiet of the forest and we love our neighbors….win win…. 😊 (and those letters are a total scam πŸ™ƒ)

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  39. Our neighbors had a pet door. One night the cat woke them up with a “present”. It dropped a live mouse on their pillow. The next day they nailed the pet door shut.

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  40. A family I stayed with had three cats, including an old Siamese that seemed lazier than a dog in August. There was a mouse in the cabinet once. My friend put her youngest cat in the cabinet. Nothing. When she opened the cabinet door the cat was sitting there licking its paws. She put another young cat in. It immediately scratched at the door and jumped out when she opened it. She put the old cat in. It too scratched at the door, but when she opened it, the mouse jumped out with the Siamese right behind it. The mouse was soon taken care of.

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  41. Some cats are mousers, some aren’t.

    I’ve also gotten those ‘fishing’ letters to buy my house. And from Jeep dealers wanting to ‘buy’ back my car in exchange for a downpayment on a new suv.

    It’s getting “real” at work, some goodbyes today for folks heading to an office in Anaheim. Tomorrow will be hard, the last day.

    Just so sad that everyone’s being split up like this. I used to love the idea of working mainly from home, but now it sounds like it’ll be isolating. But I’m not sure how many people will be showing up to use these sterile “work spaces” once we move. I’ll split my time but it clearly won’t ever be the same for any of us going forward. 😦

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  42. Peter – I stared at your mention of a pet door for a moment before realizing you meant a door for pets, not a door that is a pet. πŸ˜€ (Yeah, I’m tired.)

    A funny cat and mouse story we talk about every now and then is from when the girls were younger. They had a bunch of Barbie clothes and paraphernalia on the floor. Our cat Peanut was chasing a mouse, and finally caught it. When we saw her, not only was the mouse in her mouth, but she also had some Barbie clothes sticking out of her mouth! It was so funny!

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  43. I see I haven’t been on here all day.

    Roscuro, I’m sorry to hear about Pastor Blackwood being on the board of ATI so long. I never met him personally, I don’t think. (I met one old man who used to be a pastor in passing a few months ago, but don’t remember if it was him.) It sounds like his legacy was mostly good (with the pastoring) but with a side of bad (the ATI), and I’m really sorry (grieved) about that.

    Yes, the header is a pileated woodpecker, a female. Usually I’ve gotten photos of males, for whatever reason, but that day I mostly saw the female. The male did show up after a while. Being in the sunlight, all of her is lit up and you can even see her eyes.

    I spent pretty much the whole day signing up on Flickr, uploading and captioning about 160 photos–and yes, that header made the list. I’ve been wanting to get on Instagram, but it is made for a mobile platform (which I don’t have). There are work-arounds, and I was trying to figure one out, but it all sounds cumbersome. Then I thought maybe Flickr is a better option for me, and this morning I looked it up and saw that it probably is. So I’ve spent the day working with my favorite shots. I’ll probably end up doubling that count in the next couple of weeks, as I think of shots that aren’t up there yet and track them down, but for now I’m pleased I have a good start. Anyone who knows my last name should be able to look me up (I used first, maiden, last, and so probably either maiden name or married name will find it), but please don’t post links onto here if you do, since I’m still trying to keep semi-anonymous on here out of respect for my husband.

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  44. I got a call tonight from a guy who started almost instantly with flattery. He asked how I was, and not yet knowing if it was a sales call or what it was (he knew my name when I answered), I said, “Fine, and how are you?” He said fine, and that few people bother to ask that any more (flattering me for being one of the polite few, when really I was quietly asking “And what do you want from me?”).

    He then said something about the police something or other from such a town (a town near where we used to live); we never lived in that town, but I didn’t get that detailed, just told him we don’t live there anymore, and I was going to continue and say “Take me off your list” but he jumped in and said that’s OK, one doesn’t have to live in that town, another county in the state works too.

    So I jumped in more firmly (my husband would have hung up by then) and said, “Take me off your list.”

    He had continued to talk, so he said with rebuke in his voice, “Ma’am, please stop over-talking me.”

    I stopped over-talking him. I hung up on him.

    I could not believe a salesman thought it might be productive to “chastise” a potential client as though I were being rude for trying to tell him I wasn’t interested! Would the typical polite old lady back off and apologize and let him talk? Would that strategy actually work with some people? It just made me mad–partly because he had been refusing to let ME talk, which is why I talked over him when he talked over me. But being chastised by a salesman who wastes my time calling me, then flatters me, was enough that I hung up and hoped he understood I wasn’t just hanging up the call, I was hanging up on him. (Usually when I hang up on salespeople, I try to be polite about it, but this time I wanted him to feel hung up on.)

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  45. Cheryl, Dr. Blackwood stayed with IBLP through the scandal that took place with Bill Gothard’s brother (Bill was also implicated and temporarily removed from his position but managed to manipulate his way back in). I would like to think well of him, but I was not impressed by him. I took a three week music course (a waste of money) from ATI at the Indianapolis training centre, and Dr. Blackwood taught, of all things, music history, even though, as a pastor, that really was not a field he was qualified to teach. He was very unbalanced in his teachings, outright condemning whole genres of not just popular, but also classical music – according to him, music began disintegrating with Beethoven (well, except for the Baroque era, just about every phase of Western music was bad, beginning with Gregorian chant) – not just for being worldly, but, he claimed, downright Satanic. He wasn’t just an incidental figure on the sidelines of IBLP, he was committed to ATI’s agenda – he was Vice Chairman – and I have reason to think that he had considerable input.

    At the beginning of the sessions, he and his wife sang us a song they had composed from Psalm 127:3-5, “As arrows in the hands of a mighty man, so are children of the youth”, and talked about how it was so important for parents to train their children correctly so that their arrows wouldn’t miss the mark. The parenthood theme of training one’s arrows so that they would hit the target – with some extremely problematic use of a claim that the definition of sin meant missing the mark blended in, as if insinuating parents could keep their children from sinning if they did the right things – was a large part of the motivating factor in ATI literature to get parents on board with ATI’s claims. It was also the point of connection with the Quiverfull movement, because “Happy is the man that has his quiver full of them.” There was even a whole children’s program of ATI material that was titled Bright Arrows – youngest sibling got the magazine for a while.

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