61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-4-19

  1. Good morning Aj and e very one else but Jo.
    Good night Jo.
    I see on FoxNews that Bureaugard, Al was hit by a tornado, Twenty three dead so far.

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  2. Some commercials are so stupid that I think the agency is stealing the sponsor’s money.
    I once thought that the guy who is wearing a suit and has no business being there, telling a class room “say bidyway bidaboom”
    But there is one worse.
    This guy is playing pool. He looks up and sees two women looking at him. He continues playing pool, then goes out and gets into a car.
    I think they are advertising the car, but I don’t know what kind..

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  3. I lost my comment. I was saying, yes, the death toll is in AL and not GA as I first thought. They said many of the 23 are children. So sad.

    The weather has been so crazy. That is why I spent time in the closet downstairs yesterday. Now I feel motivated to
    Clear out from there things we no longer use. I keep gift wrap and ribbon in there along with tools and such. Also have things left over from Wesley’s Scouting days such as graphite for making a pinewood derby car go fast enough to win a ribbon. I need to donate such supplies to the Scouts.

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  4. Good morning. I am in a winter wonderland. We had freezing fog. Currently it is about 14 at home, but 24 up here on the mountain.

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  5. It’s a good day to cook food to store in the freezer. The kitchen will be cozy and smell delicious. I bought a large rump roast and 6 turkey drumsticks yesterday. Good thing I have two crockpots!


  6. Good Morning. Yes, there was terrible weather yesterday. There is something about where I live that most of the weather coming off of the Bay goes north of us. We are lucky that way. So far I am hearing 23 dead in Alabama.
    I will say it again, I blame the news channels and the weather person on the news for making such a big deal over the weather ALL of the time so that when serious weather moves through people don’t pay attention.
    I am working on CE again today. I also have a closing this afternoon, so that will be good.

    Janice, what do I have to do to file an extension on my taxes? I have never been this far behind before.

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  7. Morning! My first thought was “is that Annie or Bosley?” So cute!
    I am heading out in a few minutes to meet my new doc. All the schools are closed and I am trying to decide which hill I will attempt to get into town. They report one of them is solid ice…one not plowed…so I am thinking I will head to the interstate and backtrack to avoid the less roads traveled. Ugh….
    So sad about the deaths resulting from the horrific tornadoes…I am thankful you have a closest Janice!

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  8. It was -15 last time I looked. Very wintery, which is not unusual or surprising. We have a lot more snow, though, than the last few years. Lovely for winter sport enthusiasts. The rest are getting tired of it all. Wonderful time to quilt and read too.

    Closet cleaning musings during tornado days. That could be a good method in some areas of the country. Interesting. 😉

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  9. Last week saw the death of a man (1925-2019) whom probably none of you have ever heard of, and who I may or may not have met, but who was important to the church in Indiana and whom I can imagine received great celebration at the other end: https://gentlereformation.com/2019/02/24/dr-roy-blackwood-1925-2019/ (The rest of this is from this link.)

    Humanly speaking, Roy Blackwood was the spark for a spiritual renewal or awakening in the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, 1960-2000.

    With origins in Scotland and northern Ireland, the church made its way to America in the 1700s, looking for freedom, remembering the severe persecution of Covenanters in the 1600s. Church growth came primarily from families of Covenanter heritage.

    The Lord used Dr. Blackwood to add several important scriptural themes into the DNA of the church, especially evangelism and discipleship, or what he liked to call doing the Lord’s work the Lord’s way.

    He became known as a church planter – a human instrument behind the multiplication of Reformed Presbyterian churches in Indiana [from one in 1960 to 11 today].

    He was a disciplemaker, practicing II Timothy 2:1-10 and imparting that vision to many others, by example as well as by teaching.


  10. Would that we all stretched like that every morning!

    We’re just overcast and drizzly here. Flooding is receding. God will not be mocked.

    I’m not sure why I just wrote that last sentence . . .

    OC today is talking about not moving forward without God’s direction. So, I’ll continue diddling along with my life–after I go to work this morning!

    Got to dance first!

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  11. That’s one of Annie’s more advanced-level yoga poses. She leaves fur on my chair pillows, though, so I’m constantly using those sticky rollers. I should probably get a rag to throw on there before she jumps up. Cats go where ever they want to go.

    It’s cloudy today with rain coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    The older (by 10 years) cousin I talked to yesterday by phone in Missouri — he’s on another side of our family that alienated themselves for many years but he’s now alone and sounds lonesome, not a believer — has this major southern accent which I can’t figure out (?). He and his wife did have a second home in Texas for a while, but not for that long.

    Yesterday we were talking about the Internet, he can’t do much on it (not even email), but he does manage to do some things. “I watch these Hallmark movies and some of those gals are really well preserved,” he said, judging by their ages which are often in the 40s when he looks them up online.

    One conversation about a month ago led to discussion of euthanasia for human beings, which, like most people I fear, he’s all in favor of. “We put our dogs and cats down when they’re suffering but we can’t do that for people,” he said, adding it’s just not right and it should be legal everywhere. I countered with something, but don’t think it changed his mind. At one point he said (in responding to God’s role in our lives) maybe God wants us to be doing that.

    Is it Monday again?

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  12. I just saw the news about the tornadoes last evening and was trying to find maps of Lee County, Ala., I had no idea if that was close to Kim. No wonder Janice was in the closet. My closets in this old house are pretty small (and full!) so there wouldn’t be room to do that. I think they build newer houses now with gigantic closet space.

    This week we all have to clear everything out of our desks for the office move. Most of the people (the few that are left where I am) will be going to a high rise to the north of us, in El Segundo near the airport. I’m heading to the high rise of our closest sister paper (they’re moving, too) to the south in Long Beach instead as it’s much closer both to where I live and to the area I cover. Our office space won’t be ready for 2 weeks so I’ll have a week in between the move out to float my work space which will probably be from home.

    It’s sad, some of the ad people (all going to El Segundo) I may hardly ever see again. It’s like everyone’s being scattered (and I suspect many of us will opt to work remotely from home or coffee houses for a good portion of our time going forward). One reporter (who also has a family trust that helps him survive in more style than any of the rest of us) says he’ll probably work from his boat most of the time. No more old-style newsroom. But it’ll be cheaper for our owners.

    Meanwhile, our owners are still trying to execute a hostile takeover of Gannett to add to their growing collection of media outlets. They don’t invest in the properties they already have but instead throw all their money at acquiring new ones (which understandably resist them like the plague since they can see what’s coming next when they look at what’s happened to all of us).

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  13. Ask me what I’ve been doing this morning!
    OK, I’ll tell you anyhow.
    My income tax.is finished and gone.

    Linda helped me. At her suggestion, I deducted over $10k for home care for Elvera. I would not have done that. If it isn’t allowed, they will tell me.

    Cheryl, Did Dr. Blackwood sing? There used to be a Blackwood Quartet many years ago.

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  14. Michelle, I couldn’t read the link because I’m not a CT subscriber. But he looks like a very black-and-white thinker. Of course the book of Acts is not hyperbole . . . neither is 1 Corinthians. It isn’t a matter of “Either you think the book of Acts is hyperbole or you will leave your church and join the house church movement.”

    I don’t have a problem with churches meeting in houses, or getting started in houses before they grow large enough to have a building. I do have a problem with the house church movement, with the negative comments made about “institutional” churches (their term) and slams about paying a pastor.

    Roscuro linked to a good review of his book the other day here: https://www.challies.com/book-reviews/francis-chans-letters-to-the-church/

    From the review, with material in quotes being from the book and the rest being Tim Challies’ review:

    “Gangs have a much stronger sense of what it means to be a family than we do in the Church.” Yet this quote comes in the context of a former gang member who was under the threat of death for wanting to leave. Some family! . . .
    “Can you name a single church in our country that is known for the way its members love one another?” Yes! . . .
    “The Church is in dire need of a fresh wave of godly leadership. I pray all existing leaders would be renewed or replaced.” Is there really not a pastor in America who is doing well enough that he doesn’t need to be either renewed or replaced?

    There is a consistent pattern of significant overstatement in relation to the problems with the American church and the superiority of the house church model.

    I am concerned by his failure to identify God’s grace. The majority of Chan’s critiques are not sniper shots directed at one specific model of church but buckshot meant to hit every American church. It would be easy to read his book and conclude that house churches are the only faithful churches left, the only ones that are really honoring God. This is conveyed by a consistently negative tone.

    “The church doesn’t have to remain a group of needy people complaining that they haven’t been fed well enough. It really can become a group of servants who thrive in serving.”
    “We have settled for the natural and our choices give little evidence that we believe in the Holy Spirit. For that reason, we end up with gatherings that are very explainable and at times feel mechanical and even obligatory.”
    “My goal is to get you dreaming, to keep you from settling, to affirm that nagging sense you can’t shake that God wants something more for His Church than what you’re experiencing.”

    In every case, and in so many more, his house church model is the answer. While I can’t deny there are some serious problems with some American churches, can’t we still see so many evidences of God’s grace manifested in these congregations? Shouldn’t we deliberately identify those so we can praise and thank God and he can receive the glory? Do we really believe the whole of American Christianity is in such woeful condition that it needs to be overthrown?

    I am concerned this book has been written too soon. We should not overlook the fact that Chan has been at this for only five years.


  15. Chas’ question reminded me to answer Kim’s question. To do an extension, Kim, you need to gather everything to provide the preparer with your income for the past year. A copy of your previous return would be helpful, too. You will still have to pay what is expected to be your tax bill by April 15th, but you are given time to get all your expenses together if you plan to itemize. I suppose if you don’t have your income record then maybe you can estimate, but if you don’t get it right as in if you underestimate and it should be more then you will have to pay a penalty and interest on the portion of tax paid after April 15th.

    We do tax prep by mail, email, fax and even by Smartphone photos for simple things if you need Art’s help. We don’t charge to do the extensions when people let us later file the taxes. My brother works for Liberty and they charge for every little thing. We’d be wealthy if Art charged fees like the franchises. He has always undercharged but realizes with all the new things that IRS is putting on the preparers that he needs to charge more to stay in business and meet new expenses he will be responsible for.
    Do you plan to itemize, Kim? Do you have more specific questions? We have a longtime client and their son who live in Fairhope. We have clients all over the world since some are in the military. I miss seeing all the interesting peoplr.


  16. I am thrilled that Karen is hopeful again after her new diagnosis and meds she got in the hospital. She even said that maybe she later could be up to a trip to do the ride through safari that we have enjoyed so much when we go see Texas. This is so encouraging to me! She loves animals so much and watches many animal programs on television.

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  17. Kim, most people wait until April to file extensions in order to get their money together to pay their tax bill. If you are certain that you have overpaid for your taxes last year, you can get away without filing an extension because the IRS owes you a refund and there would not be a penalty or interest due for underpayment. A lot of people think an extension relates to the payment of taxes. It only relates to the filing. Payments are due April 15th. If people can’t pay then there are provisions to do a spaced out payment schedule which includes penalty and interest.


  18. Mumsee, Tim Challies is just a blogger and you need not care what he says. However, he quotes enough from the book he is critiquing (and he gives both positive and negative, by the way) that a person can get a pretty good feel for the book. I also went on amazon and read both positive and negative reviews of the book (generally that means two-star and four- or five-star . . . one-star reviews rarely are all that helpful, in my experience, as they usually say things like “the book was torn!” or “bad book, don’t read it”).

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  19. Janice, when I called my tax person in January she told me I still have to itemize the business expenses.
    If I get all of this CE done this week, perhaps next week I can work on taxes. I am panicked because I have never waited this long. UGH!!!!!

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  20. Cheryl, I received the pictures. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chairs. The table is nice too, but I really LOVE the chairs. Are they Windsor chairs?


  21. Tim Challies was a pastor before he was a blogger. He is of the Reformed faith. I follow him on Facebook, and although I don’t agree with all his views, I do find him to be pretty reasonable in his writing. What I mean by that is that he is not one of those who are obviously trying to tear down someone else, or too harsh in his critiquing. Firm, but not too harsh.

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  22. I made it to the doctor’s office this morning. Turned down one road, found it to be a long sheet of ice, turned around and went down the road with the biggest, deepest hill. Made it just fine, even with the macho man in his truck on my bumper!! Grrrr
    New doctor is a delight. She is young and so very approachable. We hit it off right away!
    I like Tim Challies. I find him thoughtful and he seems to never be flippant. He gives good reasoning for his views, backs it up with scripture. Above all he is kind and seems quite humble. No one is perfect and we shall usually find ourselves disagreeing along the way but with him never on the essentials of the faith for me….
    Zumba….eekkk!! I royally messed up my knee doing Zumba. It didn’t help that our new instructor was an inexperienced 23year old. No warms ups and risky moves. I lasted 3 months with her and when I saw my doctor he warned me not to attempt that again. I am sure there are wonderful instructors and classes…I happened on one that was not so much…..

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  23. Re: Karen’s 3:09
    I predict that the most significant cave in the world, when discovered, is the cave discussed in II Maccabees 2:5 & 6.

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  24. We did indeed get our ten inches of snow, maybe a little more, last night. Today we are having temps above freezing, close to 40* F, but the temperature is supposed to drop quickly tonight, with frigid temps for a few days, thus meaning icy conditions.

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  25. Kim, yep, Windsor chairs. The table isn’t anything special; we just needed something the right color and size and price for the floor, the space, and especially the chairs.

    But the chairs are special. My husband had first gone to that restaurant with his parents when he was about 12. He went with his first wife, then with their girls (their spring break trip several years), then with just the girls after she died, then with me and the girls, and also with just me. When we talked about selling our house and getting a house with a dining room, he pointed to that restaurant and its chairs as something he would really like to have. But when he tried to price such chairs online, they were many hundreds of dollars each.

    The summer we were preparing to move, before we bought a place, we went into that restaurant on our way to look around our new city. (We now live a lot closer to it, and it’s “on the way” on our drive from our old house.) My husband asked which of two restaurants I wanted to eat at, and we chose that one. As we were going in, I reminded him “Ask him where they buy their chairs,” because he had been wanting to ask that. So he asked. And the host, as he was leading us to the table, said, “Actually we are selling some of ours.” He gave the price (less than a third of the “new” price) and told us we could choose which ones to buy. We had to have a place to store them, so we talked to our new pastor, and then went back and bought four chairs, which ended up getting left in the church basement before we had even moved. After we bought the condo, and knew we had room for eight chairs, we were in there again, and they were selling four more, so we bought them too.

    With the “artist” in him, my husband likes it even better that the chairs are worn and have wear patterns, we both like it that they were claimed from a place with so many years of family history, and all eight look a little different–we suspect our grandchildren will claim their favorites. And having eight should mean someday our daughters can each have two (or one can claim all eight while the other claims something else special).

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  26. Chas, of course I meant everybody has a bias but you. I thought that was understood.

    I have nothing against Tim. I have heard him mentioned on here a number of times and wondered who he was. Following blogs of people is not something I do. Though I suspect I am missing out on a wealth of information by not doing so. But I will get by.

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  27. Mumsee, I don’t follow bloggers either. But my husband got me in the habit of periodically checking the Aquila Report (like the Drudge Report, it posts links to other sites, news of interest–though in the case of Aquila, news and columns of interest to Christians), and they often link to Challies. In this case, Roscuro initially posted the link, and that’s how I found this one.

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  28. Trying to figure out why I got a little sick this morning. It is over now and I will go to school.

    This may sound silly, but I remember drinking some water in the middle of the night. It was in a small water bottle next to my bed. Well, the water bottle was one of those very cheap ones that you buy that you shouldn’t reuse and it had been sitting there a very long time. hmmm….

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  29. Yes, Grebes — Western and Clark’s, but I don’t know which is which.

    This was a photo I took at our bird rehab center last week when I was there for a story — grebes being among the seabirds that have been affected by natural oil seeps being churned up in our ocean due to this season’s heavy rains. They are washed (Dawn), rinsed, provided antibiotics and liquids (as most of them are dehydrated and malnourished by the time they beach themselves), tended as they get their feathers back in shape to protect them from the cold, and then released back on the shore.

    They were so cute in the pool.

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  30. Chas: Im always correct and don’g make misteaks.

    Getting a little tongue-in-cheek, are you? And the car ad you mentioned is for a Lincoln. It doesn’t have to make sense since few can afford one.

    Kizzie- Thanks for the link. A couple of them are on my list; now there are more, but I don’t think I’ll get to all (any of) the ones overseas.

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  31. Kim, you are not too late. Get your info to your tax lady as soon as possible so she can start on it. She will have a handle on it in case you can’t get everything you need for filing by the 15th of April. Our office does a lot of extensions right near the end. Some people may file and think they have everything but then they get something else and have to do an amended return. If that happens, we make sure time enough has passed so everything is complete on the IRS processing before sending in the amended return. So,if you file based on what you have pulled together on your expenses by April 15th and later find more expenses, you can amend to get more refund. There will be a charge for doing the amended return (which could be more than worth the cost depending on how much more you pull together).


  32. Interesting research on American counties. In eighth grade I had to take Arizona history, and whether then or in fourth or fifth grade geography, I don’t remember, but I had to learn the names of all the counties. That wasn’t that difficult, though . . . there were only 14 of them. (Arizona now has 15.) A large number of them are American Indian names: Navajo, Apache, etc.

    Well, I wouldn’t want to have to memorize the names of Indiana counties, and I’ve been interested when I have looked at maps to see western counties tend to be larger. But I just looked up some comparisons and saw that Arizona is really way out of “alignment” with other states in terms of its number of counties. Here are some numbers (mostly 2016 statistics):

    Arizona and Indiana have nearly the same population (6.9 million AZ; 6.6 million IN), but Arizona is far less densely populated on average (7,573 sq mi AZ; 389 sq mi IN)
    though of course Arizona’s densest population, in the south (Phoenix and Tucson and suburbs) have a lot more people than Indiana’s densest. Maricopa County (Phoenix and its suburbs) has 4.3 million (2017), with 1.6 million in Phoenix alone; Indiana’s largest city, Indianapolis, has just over half the population of Phoenix, under 850,000. Yet Indiana has 92 counties. (Indiana is 38th in terms of land size, Arizona 6th.)

    Only seven states have fewer counties than Arizona; two of these have 14 each, so they would have been tied with Arizona when I learned the counties in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Remember, Arizona has 15 counties but a large land mass of 7,573 square miles. The seven with fewer counties are as follows (with land mass in square miles in parentheses for each): Connecticut (605), Delaware (650), Hawaii (1285), Massachusetts (557), New Hampshire (895), Rhode Island (207), and Vermont (658).

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