19 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-2-19

  1. The solution to the problem is simple.
    Have a separate category for sporting events.

    The third category is for people who don’t know what they are. They would have to perform naked to prevent cheating.


  2. I was only partly kidding earlier.
    Have you noticed that the “transgender thing” is almost always about men being women.
    Men in women’ s restrooms and showers.
    Men in women’s sports. etc.
    How many women have gone out for man’s football? Or basketball?
    How many women want to go into a man’s shower. Believe me, the men wouldn’t care. someone would volunteer to wash her back.
    It’s always a man in woman’s space.
    Not a woman invading a man’ space.


  3. I haven’t followed this closely because it doesn’t concern me, or mine.
    However, I saw on TV some discussion about letting young children decide what sex they want to be.
    They are doing nothing but causing, possibly irreparable, trouble for that child when he (it is never a she) gets into school. The children will make life miserable.

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  4. It happens on Saturday too.
    Every evening about this time, I get scads of e-mails wanting me to buy something.
    I can even get pet insurance.
    And several women want to meet me.
    I just deleted 20 without opening them. Most days it’s more.


  5. Well a young man here in Co forfeited at his state wrestling match when he saw he would have to wrestle a girl. The girl’s Mom and the girl were upset at first. But it just so happened this fine fella’s Mama was sitting next to the girl’s Mom on the bleacher. She introduced herself and explained who her son was and his reasoning. Girl’s Mom came away with some respect for this young man…as did many others. (Young man of strong faith and conviction….he attends my grandchildren’s charter school in the Springs)

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  6. Chas – Believe it or not, girls wanting to transition to “boys” is a growing trend.

    There is now talk of “rapid onset” gender dysphoria, and it very often happens in groups of friends. That underscores the fact that this is psychological problem, not a physical one.


  7. It is common for young girls to be “tomboys”. But at puberty, most girls get left behind when it comes to physical activities.
    In wrestling a woman, a man would have to be careful where he grabs.

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  8. Chas this young man is firm that this sort of contact with a girl would be wrong. He desires to never treat a woman in a rough nor aggressive manner. And as you say, the physical contact in that sport is rough….our son was a wrestler…and I know he would never had agreed to wrestle a girl….

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  9. WOOHOO the parts for my car are here! the funny email that I got on Friday that my cargo was here from Cairns, when I hadn’t ordered anything, meant that my car parts are here. I talked to the parts guy at church, which we are not supposed to do, and he said that they are here and he gave them to the mechanic. The mechanic apologized for not getting to it on Friday and I said I was just so excited that they had parts.

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