13 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-25-19

  1. Who watches the watchman?

    Another special counsel, that’s who…


    “In contrast, his most frequent accusers — the media — have set themselves up as the country’s moral paragon. Journalists now see themselves as social justice warriors who are immune from the scrutiny to which they subject others.

    The result of such self-righteous moral exemption has led to journalism’s nadir, with an unprecedented lack of public confidence in the media. “Fake news” now abounds, from CNN to BuzzFeed.

    Recently, BuzzFeed (which first published the unsubstantiated Steele dossier) alleged that there was proof Trump had ordered his erstwhile lawyer, convicted felon Michael Cohen, to lie. One of the co-authors of the hit piece, Anthony Cormier, admits that he has not seen the evidence his sources cited. The other co-author, Jason Leopold, was once convicted of grand larceny and has admitted to substance abuse and lying. Leopold has been cited for past unethical journalistic practices and been disavowed by a number of his past employers. BuzzFeed has stood by the story.

    No matter. Cormier and Leopold’s reporting was published as an ethical takedown of the president of the United States based on supposed sources inside the special counsel’s investigation.

    After a few hours, the BuzzFeed yarn drew a rare rebuke from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, which disputed the veracity of the story.

    The Department of Justice and the FBI are supposed to be our preeminent guardians of justice. But former director James Comey, former deputy director Andrew McCabe, former general counsel James Baker and several other top FBI officials have either resigned, retired or been fired — and some may soon be facing indictments themselves.

    On 245 occasions in sworn testimony before Congress, Comey answered that he either did not know the answers to questions or could not remember the details of events. Had any private citizen tried such stonewalling in an investigation, he or she would likely end up in jail.

    But Comey apparently surmised that even fired FBI directors are somehow still exempt from the sort of demands the agency makes of others.

    With Mueller, the question is not whether he should investigate possible Russian collusion in the 2016 election, but whether we need a special, special counsel to oversee the conduct of Mueller’s team itself.

    Peter Strzok, a former member of Mueller’s team, violated a number of ethical protocols. He was romantically involved with another FBI official, Lisa Page, and the two exchanged a number of text messages critical of Trump.

    One of Mueller’s top prosecutors, Andrew Weissmann, was warned in August 2016 by Bruce Ohr, a former associate deputy attorney general, about the suspect, biased and unverified nature of the Steele dossier. But Weissmann apparently didn’t mind that the dossier was used by his colleagues to deceive the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court into a granting a warrant to spy on an American citizen.

    Call it karma or attribute it to Nemesis, the Greek goddess of retribution, but when anyone assumes that they should be uniquely above all suspicion, they will eventually earn suspicion.”


    And earn it they have.


  2. Leftist Jew Hatred Has Come to America


    “The ascendancy of the hard Left, which is Barack Obama’s lasting legacy, is transforming life in America for Jews. The comfort, safety, and equality of American Jews are not acceptable to leftists. According to the doctrine of intersectionality, minority groups are united in grievances against Western Civilization and whiteness. The Left began with blacklisting and boycotting conservatives. Now American Jews are in the crosshairs, no matter how liberal their politics.

    The response from the mainstream Democratic Party has been to jump on the bandwagon. Will American Jews jump off? Not as long as they continue to live in Democrat communities and work in the professions on the two coasts and college towns, where becoming Republican means losing your friends, being shunned at synagogue, and stunting your career—or if you are starting out in life, being shut out of careers in academia, the arts, mainstream journalism, and Silicon Valley. For most Jews, the social and career cost of changing party affiliation is a such a tall cliff, it feels suicidal, that is, the loss of their entire identity. People don’t make changes like that easily.

    Why do American leftists have such a problem with Jews? The short explanation is the identity politics that are President Obama’s toxic legacy to the country, by which he and his thousands of trained activists have redefined the Democrat Party. You’ve got to fit into a favored grievance group, and no matter how left-wing they are, Jews are white. Equally bad, their ethnic group as a whole is wildly successful. Jewish success strips the grievance crowd of their main argument.”


    “On campuses, liberal Jewish students are kicked out of social justice groups, pro-choice rallies, anti-rape demonstrations, Black Lives Matter events, and racial justice events. A professor at University of California lists more than 600 anti-Semitic incidents on American campuses in 2018. The left-wing and Muslim organizers, often members of Marxist- or Muslim Brotherhood-funded groups, state their goal is to make it uncomfortable to be openly Jewish on campus.

    Here is an almost comical sign of the new leftist anti-Semitism, from the Times of Israel, Jewish cafe owner in San Francisco hounded over his “Zionist ideals.” The café owner in question, Manny Yekutiel, is a progressive himself. He has checked off every politically correct box. He is an immigrant; his family originally comes from Afghanistan. He is gay, interned in the Obama White House and was the fundraising director for Clinton in Silicon Valley. His cafe has a food prep staff of bilingual, homeless, formerly incarcerated and low-income community members. (You couldn’t make it up.) Community groups can use his café’s big public meeting room for free. His café hosted Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco’s mayor, and Black Lives Matter.

    Now a black Marxist group is trying to put him out of business. Boycotting Yekutiel’s business is clearly not about politics. It is about hating whites, and Jews.”


  3. Fire her and pull her teaching credentials. Then charge her with every crime you can.


    “A Douglas County School District history teacher and union leader is on leave after an online uproar over social media posts attributed to her in the wake of the incident between Catholic schoolkids and a Native American activist in Washington, D.C.

    Images of Twitter posts from a now-deleted account, attributed to Mountain Ridge Middle School teacher Michelle Grissom, incorrectly identify the student in the now-infamous standoff last Friday, and call that misidentified student a member of the ‘Hitler Youth.’

    The actual Covington Catholic High School student involved in the faceoff, Nick Sandmann, has since been identified and granted an interview to NBC News.

    The student identified in the posts attributed to Grissom was not in Washington at the time, according to his family.

    DougCo Schools spokeswoman Paula Hans would not comment on the situation but released a statement provided to Mountain Ridge families.

    “Michelle Grissom is currently on leave,” principal Shannon Clarke told parents in a Wednesday e-mail. “Please understand that I am unable to share specific details, as this is a personnel matter.”


    BS. It’s CYA.




  4. Like I said above, to Democrats, they’re just props. And the media ignores it to provide them cover. Such good little water carriers……


    “Caring: House Democrats Defeat Second (UPDATE – Third) Bipartisan Effort to Pay Federal Workers During the Shutdown”

    “A few days ago, a tweet from Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw caught my attention. He mentioned an effort by House Republicans to force a vote on a bill that would have ensured that federal employees at agencies shuttered by the partial government shutdown — including furloughed workers — would receive their first paychecks of 2019. This push was made in the form of a ‘motion to recommit,’ one of the few legislative tools available to the lower chamber minority, and it was soundly defeated, despite half-a-dozen Democrats crossing the aisle to join the GOP. Crenshaw said this development had not been reported widely, and he was right. Even I hadn’t heard about it:

    It was covered in a handful of places, with little fanfare. Here’s a write-up from The Hill:

    The House rejected a GOP measure to pay furloughed workers but keep the government closed in a 222-195 vote. Six Democrats voted for the GOP measure, offered as an alternative to a Democratic bill to reopen the government. The Democratic bill, which would have funded the government through Feb. 28, is expected to be approved but is dead on arrival in the Senate. A vote on that measure will be postponed until next week…“While Democrats flail under their misguided leadership, Republicans continue to offer solutions. This time we are working to get federal employees paid and give Democrats time to negotiate an end to the shutdown,” a spokeswoman for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said in an email to reporters.

    Yesterday, it happened again (see update), with more Democratic moderates peeling off to side with Republicans:


  5. The media has a credibility problem.

    Of their own making….


    “Our information space is broken. There is no way for a normal person to just check in and get the news. At best, we get news analysis colored by the partisan bias of the person or organization presenting it. At worst, we get propaganda tailored to create a narrative or stories presented without fact-checking and validation because they were too juicy to skip.

    As our country has become more polarized over the past decade, this has become even more prevalent. This past weekend another false narrative blitzed though our public information space. A group of boys from Covington Catholic High School were accused of harassing a Native American elder and shouting racist slurs.

    My organization debunked this with less than 30 minutes of research, and the information we put into this video was all available to the journalists who smeared these kids, but the tale of a MAGA-hat-wearing mob of teens was too good to pass up. The whole incident seems to have been precipitated by a fake account on Twitter with all the characteristics of an influence operation.

    “The account claimed to belong to a California schoolteacher. Its profile photo was not of a schoolteacher, but of a blogger based in Brazil… the account had tweeted on average 130 times a day and had more than 40,000 followers,” according to CNN.

    It is not known yet if this was a foreign or domestic account, but either way it was an attempt to stir dissension. It succeeded brilliantly by hitting the media’s preconceived notions about Trump supporters. Now it turns out the Native American Vietnam vet who was lionized as the brave victim, never served in Vietnam, although he seems to try and mislead people into thinking he did.”


  6. Good question. Especially since they all did it on multiple occasions.

    But we already know that at the DoJ and SC,some pigs (Comey, Clinton, Strzok, etc…) are more equal than others, so they aren’t held to the same standard.



    “Roger Stone, a veteran political operative and longtime associate of President Trump, has been indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller and arrested in Florida.

    FBI agents also carried out a raid at Stone’s Harlem apartment, seizing hard drives and other evidence.

    Stone is charged in a seven-count indictment with witness tampering, obstruction and false statements about his interactions related to the release by WikiLeaks of hacked emails during the 2016 presidential election. Some of those false statements were made to the House intelligence committee, according to the indictment.

    The indictment brought by special counsel Robert Mueller does not accuse Stone of coordinating with the Russian government’s election interference in 2016, the key matter under investigation in the probe. But the indictment lays out in detail Stone’s conversations about stolen Democratic emails posted by WikiLeaks in the weeks before the Republican beat Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. Mueller’s office has said those emails, belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, were hacked by Russian intelligence officers.”


    Still no link to Russia. Keep fishing.

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  7. Still think it’s not a coordinated effort to attack Christians and certain other faith groups?

    Imagine the outrage from the left had they asked muslim students to do this.


    Since I’m sure the Tweet will be pulled since he’s been exposed, here’s more……


    “In a disgusting Thursday afternoon tweet, New York Times reporter Dan Levin solicited information from people on Twitter looking to “expose Christian schools”, as if they were some kind of a scourge. The Hill media reporter, Joe Concha unloaded on Levin for going into it with a “nefarious agenda” during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight.

    In the midst of discussing how the liberal media take it easy on their allies and beat up on conservatives, Concha called out The New York Times. “Read The New York Times today where they did a full feature on the Black Israelites. At no point do they reference the homophobic slurs that this group traffic in; the racist slurs that they traffic in,” he pointed out.

    “And juxtapose that with this: with Dan Levin, New York Times reporter who tweeted out earlier … ‘I’m a New York Times reporter writing about expose Christian schools. Are you in your 20s or younger who went to a Christian school? I’d like to hear about your experience and its impact of your life,’” he continued.

    Getting a little animated, Concha rhetorically wondered: “Gee, do you think this reporter’s going in with a nefarious agenda?”

    Concha preceded to blast Levin for conducting a “disgusting” process to concoct his anti-Catholic hit piece:

    And by the way, you can paint any public institution, if you solicit enough people, as a horrible place. Whether it be a public school, private school, Hebrew school, Muslim school. And this reporter is then going to present a story that’s going to be seen as objective by his editors, to readers who won’t know better, to take down the Catholic institution, expose Christian schools. I don’t use this word very often, Tucker, because I don’t like the whole hyperbole cable news thing, this is disgusting for a reporter to do this.”


  8. So now it’s predawn raids with guns drawn to arrest, shackle, and parade for reporters an 80 year old man? How pathetic can you get. This is like Elian Gonzalez type pathetic.

    For process crimes that have nothing to do with Trump or Russia.

    Like with Flynn, they committed no crime, until Mueller and team came along, asked 59 questions 80 different ways and then charge you when your answer changes slightly. It’s all a witch hunt being drug out until re-election time, to smear Trump.

    The charging documents are said to show that Mueller’s team has known since at least last year that their was no basis for the Trump/Russia investigation and no evidence to support it. But since they can’t get him there, they use this method of strong arming old men into telling other secrets they may or may not know, It’s a fishing expedition, nothing more.

    More on that when I dig it up.


    “Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted Roger Stone, a former advisor to President Donald Trump, on seven charges, which include witness tampering, making false statements, and obstruction of justice. It’s important to note that he “is not accused of taking part in collusion with the Russian government or of taking part in the theft of emails stolen from Democrats.”

    The FBI raided Stone’s home in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, early Friday morning and arrested him. It looks like someone tipped off CNN because the network had cameras at the scene.

    Stone spoke after he posted $250K bond:

    He told reporters and protesters that he will not testify against the president:

    Speaking outside a federal courthouse on Friday as protesters jeered, Stone accused the FBI of terrorizing his wife and dogs during his early morning arrest, and said he expected to be “fully and completely vindicated.” He said he would not turn against the president as some of Trump’s other former aides have, saying there is “no circumstances whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the president.”

    Stone appeared briefly in federal court in Florida on Friday morning and was released on $250,000 bond. A handful of protesters gathered outside; one blared the Beatles song “Back in the USSR” from a speaker.”


  9. Show raid….

    For an 80 year old man. Such tough guys.


    “First of all, the video footage of the agents showing up in Kevlar vests, shields and basically riot gear, was a “CNN exclusive.” Are we to believe that there was a CNN crew randomly hanging around Stone’s house at six in the morning? Somebody at the FBI tipped them off so they could be there, ready to capture the entire production. That’s a question somebody at the bureau should answer.

    Second, Roger Stone has been questioned repeatedly and is represented by legal counsel. He doesn’t have any foreign citizenship that I can find a record of and he’s not exactly what you would picture as a flight risk. (That’s a pretty famous face to try to hide.) Why did the FBI need to go in all gangbusters and haul him out in the darkness like a mob boss? When other Trump associates were arrested, their attorneys were informed and they made arrangements to turn themselves in. Why not in this case?

    CNN’s legal eagles are speculating this morning that the FBI must have either feared Stone would flee or that there might be vital evidence in the house and Stone might destroy it. I already addressed the flight risk idea and it seems dubious at best. And the destruction of evidence? Seriously? Stone has obviously known that law enforcement was looking at him as part of Mueller’s investigation for at least a year. He’s been called in for questioning repeatedly. If he had any physical or digital evidence in his house suggesting criminal activity, he either would have known to get rid of it or his lawyers would have told him to clean the place out long ago. If neither of those is the case then he’s a moron and needs a new team of attorneys.

    Finally, what charges are they laying on Stone and how does that impact the Trump campaign and the President himself? This is another area where CNN legal expert Jeffrey Toobin was really swinging for the fences this morning. The actual charges they’ve listed thus far are the usual sort. There’s nothing suggesting that Stone committed any sort of crime himself initially but later may have either lied to investigators, influenced other witnesses or “obstructed the investigation” in some fashion. ”


    And he was never a flight risk because he doesn’t own a passport.

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  10. I am glad the government workers should be getting their paychecks soon. If they are wise, they will hold off any spending for unnecessary items. I hope they will benefit from this experience in some new wisdom, too. It would be a shame for it to be wasted. Lots of experiences we go through we never want to repeat and I hope they will not have to repeat this one. I sure hope we can work for what is best for the country now. Wouldn’t it be nice?

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  11. Ah-ha!

    Staying thin and avoiding obesity could be helped by genes, study finds



    … The motivation behind the study was to help people who are struggling with weight. “It’s easy to rush to judgment and criticize people for their weight, but the science shows that things are far more complex,” said Farooqi. “We have far less control over our weight than we might wish to think,” she said.

    Previous research, using twins for example, has shown that body weight differences found in the same environment can be down to genes, write the authors. “Genes play at least 40% of a role in people’s weight,” Farooqi told CNN. “It’s much more than people realize.” …


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