42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-24-19

  1. Good morning my friends! What a lovely little birdie up there! It is dark and quiet in this forest and the snow is beginning to gently fall once again. An unsettled night of sleep for me but trusting our Lord in all things, for He is good.
    Janice when I read your post all I could think of was “a rainy night in Georgia”…now I will have that song stuck in my head all day 😊

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  2. Last night I sent a journal to BG. Her nana was taking dinner out to George’s. On the cover it says Be bold. Be brave. Be you. Inside I wrote that I believed in her.
    She will be haviing her upper wisdom teeth removed this afternoon. I will not be there. Her dad told me he would lcheck in with me afterward.
    I am tired of the pain. It’s just better if you love no one because then they can’t hurt you.

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  3. Kim, love God. He has the strength to keep loving when we fail. As a Christian, God is in you. He loves through you when it hurts too much for you to love. Let God be in control.
    F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God

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  4. Dear girl I believe Tennyson wrote something about that….’Tis better to have loved and lost, / Than never to have loved at all”
    Our Lord molds us and shapes us through moments of joy and pain….the pain part is hard…but we are called to lift one another up when we see our brother or sister walking through such times….and that is what we do. You are being prayed for this day Miss Kim…it hurts to see you being hurt…trusting He will bring to you encouragement and peace in the midst of this storm….

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  5. Kim, I thought immediately of this famous C. S. Lewis quote: “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable.”

    ― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

    I had years of my life when I had no friends and when I wasn’t sure of the love of anyone. And I can assure you it brings its own pain. But yes, loving people is excruciating–especially when they hurt you. I haven’t known the unique pain of an only child rebelling and suffering through that rebellion–but I have known way too much death and the deep pain of someone very, very important in life offering rejection, and I have felt enough to hurt with you and to care.

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  6. Janice, I know you didn’t come up with that FROG thing, but it wasn’t one of the better moments of whoever did. The name of our Creator and Savior reduced to the last letter in the name of one of His “lesser” creatures? Ugh. That one gives me the creeps.


  7. They said it better than I could.
    I tried to say something earlier, but backed out because the words weren’t right.
    Just this: “It will work our for you and BG”

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  8. Cheryl, I am in no way equating God with a frog. That is an acronym used as a memory device. I know you know that. I can not imagine why you want to think I would liken God to a frog. I first heard it used at a church camp that Wesley attended. I forgive you for thinking so lowly of me. I can not apologize for you getting the creeps from an acronym.

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  9. Kim – My heart is hurting for you, dear sister! (And I have been praying for you and BG.)

    My situation with Chickadee and yours with BG may not be the same, but I liken our feelings about our daughters to grief. Even as I am grieving the loss of Hubby, I am also grieving Chickadee’s situation, as you are grieving the situation with BG.

    Let yourself grieve, but pour that grief out to God. Refuse to let your heart become bitter. That won’t help either of you.

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  10. Kim, love her. But realize, at the same time, her decisions are hers. When God put Adam and Eve in the garden, they made some bad choices even though He had taught them to do right. Didn’t change His love. I have many children. Some make good decisions generally though not always, some make bad ones generally and pretty much always. But those are their decisions, mine is to love them through it. I will not pick up after them, but I will be there when they are ready and I will be praying for them.

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  11. I had a very late night walking the streets with a couple social workers and, later, joined by the councilman and his staff. We’d tried to avoid them ( 🙂 ) because, as the freelance photographer said quietly to me once during the night “They really do *become* the story, don’t they?”

    Yes they do, it’s what ambitious politicians are so gifted at doing (and this one likely will be running for mayor as soon as our current mayor is elected president — joking — or is termed out or runs for something else).

    Friendly, 40ish, good looking guy, former LA cop, knows exactly how to work the scene to command center stage for the media. I still remember the first time I met him when he was still a police officer years ago — I was covering a union rally in one of our parks and he and another officer were in a patrol car. All of a sudden I hear “Are you D….?” I turned and he introduced himself as the new lead officer for the area and he just wanted to say hi. A politically ambitious guy I later realized.

    Anyway, it was a very late night, I didn’t make it home until nearly 11 p.m., we wandered some dark alleys, saw lots of piled up stuff and people sleeping in office chairs and tents who the councilman approached and chatted with. Hard to imagine people living like that.

    One of the young social workers used to do this count in Minneapolis where she worked and lived but she was still cold last night (said she should have worn gloves) which had us laughing. I wasn’t cold, it was maybe mid 50s; she said in Minneapolis they did the count in 5-degree weather.

    Kim, praying for you and BG, this is a very tough stretch and one of several you’ve already been through. Thank you for feeling safe enough to share your heart through it all. It’s all ultimately “His” ordained story unfolding in your personal corner, you are His and this is somehow all for good and for His glory. But it is so hard to be in the midst of the ups and downs of that. And He knows that, too.

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  12. Well, “walking the streets” in that first sentence I wrote above had an unintended ring to it. 🙂 I’m still tired. … The problem with working night shifts is you come home sort of wired, you can’t just “go to sleep.” So I stayed up a couple hours longer and probably didn’t fall asleep until around 1 a.m., but then woke up around 3 a.m., fell back asleep around 4:30 a.m. … I’m wiped out.

    I’m writing the story from home as I have that dental cleaning at 3 p.m. and the dentist office is right around the corner from my house. It’ll save time to work from home as I won’t being traveling back and forth in traffic.

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  13. We have a dining room table! Or at least we will have, once my husband assembles it. He has opened two of the three boxes, found the instructions, and is ready to go.

    Cute close-up of a sparrow, BTW.

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  14. Janice, I have heard the acronym, and I wasn’t accusing you of likening God to a frog. I was saying the invention of that acronym was one of the lower moments in Christian commercialism. WWJD was running out of steam and someone came up with a new, but irreverent, acronym to sell more bracelets. A Scripture verse that says the same thing is better. (I wasn’t asking for an apology, BTW. You hadn’t offended me. Nor do I think I need your forgiveness. I was simply pointing out that the term isn’t very reverent and thus wasn’t the best way to say what you were saying–but I was clear in saying I know you didn’t originate it and I wasn’t “blaming” you.)

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  15. Cheryl, I sometimes have to forgive people I feel offended by whether or not they recognize they have offended me. I do not like to hold on to being offended. I want to feel peaceful toward all people. It’s okay if you do not recognize how you offended me. It is more the sense of a put down at if I am stupid and nonintellugent and not with it on an intellectual level like you are. That may be so, but God made me in His image for His purposes. I did not even direct my use of the acronym to you. But you jumped on it as an opportunity to put down a fellow believer for not being st the same level you are on. Usually I try to overlook such things but this time I had to say something. So I am thankful I can rely on God to help in the forgiveness and love arena when it does not come naturally for me to forgive and forget.


  16. Janice, this had nothing to do with intellect. Truly. I have no idea how smart you are or otherwise, and frankly I don’t care. I was pointing out what I believe to be a misuse of God’s name, and meaning to do it gently. And just as you had not directed the acronym at me, I did not say you were at fault for using it–I specifically pointed out that it was other people who came up with that term.

    If someone came on here using Jesus’ name as a swear word, would you think it a sign of being haughty or having superior intellect if someone said something like “It bothers me greatly to hear that sweet name used that way”? Sometimes we need reminders that what we are saying is offensive. You believe it offensive for me to point out the offensive use of God’s name (which is ironic, by the way). Please consider whether that use of God’s name is reverent, and whether if a potential offense against a person is blameworthy and worthy of mention, a potential offense against God’s name might not also be worthy of a gentle mention. (By the way, your “forgiveness” e-mails are pretty harsh at reading my motives.)


  17. I do now see that you “liked” my 12:41, though, so I guess your 2:05 wasn’t trying to say further “You offended me.”


  18. DJ – Nightingale also has trouble going to sleep for a while after working second shift. She will get home sometime between midnight and 1am, sometimes later, and be awake for at least a couple hours usually. If she if working first shift the next day, she gets up around 5:30. She gets to “sleep in” until 7:00 if she’s not working but needs to get The Boy off to school.

    don’t know how she does it. At least she can sleep a bit on the weekends, but even then she is often up earlier than she would like to be.

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  19. Kizzie, Fourth daughter tried going sleepless for a while when she was working multiple shifts. She finally woke up when she dozed off and totaled our Cadillac. Hopefully, yours will wake up before that needs to happen. We all need sleep, some more, some less. Studies would indicate that a lot of Americans are sleep deprived. Some, like several of my children go to monster drinks or other options to try to counter it rather than just getting the sleep they need. Younger people do seem to be able to get by on less but there is a cost.

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  20. Story is done, it turned out long.

    Yes, night shifts wreak havoc with your natural sleep cycles. At least this one came late in the week for me. But I’m never able to just come home and go to bed, no matter how late it is. I need a “winding down” time and am typically not really tired or sleepy yet anyway. But it sure hits the next day. 😦 Nightingale has it rougher than I do, at least my night shifts are fairly rare these days. Elections, homeless counts, major community meetings, but nothing on a weekly basis, thankfully.

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  21. How timely to read in Michelle’s book just now at the 79% mark on my Kindle, where Claire is reading the letter from Biddy:
    “I end with these words of Oswald’s for you, my dear one:
    ‘If I put my trust in human beings first, I will end in despairing of everyonr; I will become bitter, because I have insisted on man being what no man can be—absolutely right. Never trust anything but the grace of God in yourself or in anyone else.'”

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  22. Since I would soon be through the book, I gave it five stars on Goodreads. That meant they marked the book as read before I finished it. I hope to do a review soon. It was fun today to see Kizzie’s name mentioned. I smiled with inside knowledge.

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  23. Night Shifts: Husband often has to drive all night or partial nights in addition to driving days. He has required breaks every certain number of hours, where he has to stop for ten. But they do not line up so truckers end up driving all hours. And deliveries have to be made at the time the receiver dictates. And most truckers are older, over fifty. It has to be hard on them.

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  24. 12 hour night shifts are horrible. I didn’t mind doing evening 8 hour shifts, but 12 hours at night is a nightmare. I only have a few night shifts, but even the 12 hr shifts in the day are a challenge. I have several in a row. Praying for strength to get through them and wisdom in doing my work.

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  25. Our younger daughter has weekly 16-hour shifts (in assisted living, memory care), and in her days of doing in-home health care, she would do 32-hour shifts or longer. (She would go Wednesday evening and work through sometime Friday, sometimes as much as 44 or more hours straight.) She liked it because for just one commute she got most of a 40-hour workweek, her client got consistency with having the same person put him to bed and get him up two nights in a row, and she had two overnights in which she could get some sleep (unless he had bad nights–he usually was only up a couple of times, but that varied). I understand from the standpoint of a hospital patient why just two daily shift changes is helpful. But what works for one person just won’t work for all. To build a whole profession around long shifts is tricky. What works for our healthy 24-year-old wouldn’t work for most 50-year-olds!


  26. It was funny on that Biddy letter, Janice. When I went to Discovery House to get permissions for the quotes, I searched high and low to find what letter I’d taken Biddy’s from. Eventually I figured out, I wrote the letter myself! I’d gotten so used to her voice, I could write her letter! LOL

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  27. I, BTW, am resting today, watching movies and making minor corrections on my website (which seem neverending). I’m watching A Town Like Alice now. I love this story; the movie isn’t as good as the book–but it IS 4 hours long!

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  28. We got an additional 3 inches of snow today….I’ve been out and about and am dead tired.
    Dj I must say that first line made me chuckle…good thing we know you so well! 🙃


  29. We just had more super cold weather today. -40 with the windchill for most of the day 😦

    We should be getting more snow in the next few days and warming up some, but I hope not enough snow that our yard/driveway will need to be ploughed. Husband is still recovering from his knee surgery.

    His knee is doing really well, but he seems to have a spinal fluid leak from the spinal block, so I’m taking him in tomorrow morning for a blood patch. He’s had a severe headache for a few days now. Not fun.

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  30. Janice, I am sorry I worded that dislike of FROG strongly enough that you felt attacked. I should not have included that “ugh.” My husband’s name starts with G, and I had thought through whether I could use his name as the G in FROG, and if I did so, it would only be as a joke. I don’t believe in lightly using people’s names. (I wouldn’t find words to rhyme with Janice and tease you, for instance.) Use of God’s name is all the more important. I don’t subscribe to the Jewish idea of writing G-d and J-s-s and so forth to avoid using God’s name at all, but do think that reverence for names (especially His) is important.

    But I truly did not mean that as a slam on you, and I’m sorry you don’t feel that you can trust my motives.

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