22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-10-19

  1. Morning Rk….it is dark outside but 35 degrees. Tomorrow we are told to expect 3-5 inches of snow…yippee!!
    Going to breakfast with daughter so I am off and running. Have a blessed day ya’ll!

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  2. Looks like we have a chance of rain showers. With all the snow that is now melting, about 2 inches of surface is thawed, and it is a muddy mess. This should add to it. I am not complaining, as we always need moisture, it whichever form it chooses to arrive.

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  3. We’re supposed to expect about four inches of snow tomorrow, which (if it comes) will be our first real snowfall here. We haven’t had more than an inch at a time, probably not that much, and none since November. So this will be our “Yes, it really is winter” snow. (We’ve had rain several times in December and January, enough of it a time to be a pretty significant accumulation if it were snow.)

    When I moved to Nashville, I was shocked to see January listed as the “rainiest” month. Sure enough, I don’t think I ever saw a January snow in Nashville, unless it was my last winter there. (My last winter was the only winter outside the pattern of one half-inch snow each winter, and late enough in the winter you’d decided maybe we weren’t going to get any at all this winter, like mid-March. The last winter got a few snows and a bit more accumulation, though still nothing remarkable.) We did get ice a couple of times while I lived there, though, including two or three days in a row during Christmas week when I was trying to drive out of town.

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  4. We had so much snow yesterday and last night that I’m going to wait until daylight and then go and see how deep it all is. I may be working from home today. 🙂

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  5. Good Morning Everyone. My “BirthWeek” has been fun so far. Sunday was the actual day. Monday one of my agents took me to my favorite restaurant in Pensacola. That afternoon the staff had cake and flowers for me. Tuesday another agent took me to lunch. Last night I went to happy hour with the First Friday Volunteer Group from the Art Center.
    Yesterday I was able to come home early from work. When I walked into the kitchen Miss Maddie was practicing her walking. She got so excited to see me that she fell down. Mr. P got video of her walking to me. Yes, my heart melts just a little when she turns that smile on me, starts bouncing, and holding her arms up to me. Nothing like Baby Love. She is 9 months old. Mr. P said that her father walked at 9 months. I say she walks a little like her Grandpa.

    BG is continuing to do well (ish). We are working on getting her better. She will have her last two wisdom teeth removed on January 24th and will come here afterward to be taken care of. Being in counseling seems to be helping her. She is on an antidepressant. I was sad the other day when she told me she was starting to feel happy and she hadn’t been in such a long time. As any mother wants for her child, I want her to be happy and healthy. I know what it is like to be depressed. I have opened up to her about my own battles with it.

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  6. Good morning (late). It’s cold in Atlanta but not raining.

    I feel encouraged by the specialist’s exam and report that what I need is the cataract surgery to be able to drive again. He said his Dad was highly motivated to get cataract surgery for the same reason I am. So he could get his driver’s license. He said a number of people get the epi retinal membranes and live with them until they die. The surgery risks are big so he does not recommend that for me. I am glad he was conservative about that. He was very nice in conversing with Wesley about his program of study. He said his wife has a background in English literarature and could have a good discussion with Wesley, but he could not do so.

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  7. Rkessler, has the cold weather impacted Miguel with extra pain? I know the cold impacts many who have had injuries and surgeries.

    Art finally made it to choir practice last night. He had not been since his surgery. His next surgery will be in May. He will be worn down from tax season. Not very good timing, but at this point it seems to be the best plan.

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  8. The week is moving along quickly for me with the next two days planned (story-wise). We also have a staff lunch meeting in a neighboring newsroom tomorrow that’ll take up much of Friday.

    The teacher strike is on hold somewhat, delayed now until (tentatively, barring an agreement reached before then) Monday.

    Rain is coming our way over the next week or so, just how much of it and for how many days depends on the weather forecast you see. My phone yesterday indicated steady rain from Monday through Thursday of next week; other forecasts say rain is coming in tomorrow night, though it may be far enough north of LA to miss us. The weather radar seems to be all over the map when it comes to where and when.

    Janice, so glad it’s a “go” for that cataract surgery so you can be back on the road. And happy that Art got to choir practice, though I ignored the mention of, ahem, “tax season.”

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  9. Turns out I misunderstood what Nightingale meant about when we would have the pedicures. I thought she meant to squeeze them in this Saturday before she has to work, but she meant the following Saturday, the day we will be celebrating my birthday.

    This morning, I told her that maybe we shouldn’t have the pedicures, since they are expensive. But she insists that she has enough money this month to do this, and it is her gift to me. (Don’t tell her this, but I’m doing it more for her than for me. 🙂 )

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  10. And I trust her to know if she can afford them or not. She is very good about budgeting, not only for monthly bills, but also putting away money for those bills that come semi-annually or yearly, as well as putting money into savings and into The Boy’s college account.

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  11. Yes, Janice, he does. And this winter has been colder than usual. He is feeling quite housebound, as he does not want to risk falling in the snow and ice.


  12. Mumsee, those are my bedtime reading. Makes me have good dreams of bountiful, weed free gardens. Dreaming of when I will have time to make that a reality.

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  13. Should I get a measles shot? Never had the measles and they’re turning up this year, including on a (kinda, semi) local beach (Malibu). I only got the chicken pox in my late 40s; I should probably get the shingles shot, too. Oy.

    Line ’em up.


  14. I would do titers before injecting more poison into your body. I had mine done a couple of years ago. The only thing I don’t have immunity for is mumps. I even have it for hep-B, even though I only got 1 of the 3 in the series.


  15. My dogs get titers. But to my knowledge I never had a measles vaccination. If it came out in 1963, I would have been 12, and maybe not the target age? I just remember making it through childhood without getting mumps, measles or chickenpox (but I did get the last as an adult).

    Well, there are bigger things to worry about I suppose.

    Busy day with 2 stories (and listening to a 3-hour port meeting online), a planning call for teacher strike coverage (I’ll be one of 2 reporters in the field on Monday morning, assuming the strike happens — and it’ll be raining), picking up groceries on the way home, and taking out the trash once I got home tonight.

    Looking forward to bedtime!


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