25 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-8-18

  1. On Wednesday and Friday, I take Elvera to an Adult Center to stay for four hours while I go about to the store and other things I need to do.
    Yesterday, about 1:30, I went to pick her up to go home.
    She, as always, said, “I’m glad you came to get me.”
    It was a few minutes later, I was driving home. She said,
    “If I had to choose a man again, I would choose you.”

    That was worth a dozen “I love you”. This was something she just happened to say.


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  2. 🙂 She happened to say it, because it was in her heart.

    🙂 We had a wonderful trip to South Carolina to watch my grandson’s graduation from boot camp. I learned more about the Marines than I could have ever imagined. It was well worth the effort to share this time with him and the rest of our family. Everyone, but one son-in-law attended. It was my first time to see the Pacific, though I have been close before. We got to explore Beaufort, Parris Island and Hilton Head. It was all a rush, of course. My daughter and I are hoping to return one day to explore the area more.

    🙂 We rode with our daughter. That was a challenge in itself with four children–two under 3! You always learn more about your grandchildren, though, in spending time with them. That is priceless.

    😦 That daughter had to miss Thanksgiving at our younger daughter’s due to illness. We had to postpone the trip for a day. Then despite all the cleaning, both my husband and I had a horrible bout of illness at my middle daughter’s home in TN. Yes, her son and husband got hit with it also. One in South Carolina and one after they got home. It seems to have run its course, thankfully.

    🙂 We made it through that and the weather and have some wonderful memories to share. I am grateful for it all. We could have been stuck in any number of storms going across the US.

    😦 Our weather was not great, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be. It was cold down there! We northern people were bundled up. 🙂

    🙂 Home is wonderful, too.

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  3. Kathaleena, I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to SC.
    Paris Island is near the Atlantic ocean.
    At the Naval War College, when a person rose to ask a question, he had to introduce himself. He would say his name and affiliation.
    Marines always ended with “I’m a marine”.
    One of Elvera’s brothers was a marine in WW II. He, in his mind, was always a marine.

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  4. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

    Kathaleena, I don’t think you saw the Pacific from there. It sounds like a lovely time (other than the sick part). I have seven grandchildren but have not spent more than a few hours with any of them. None with two of them. Of course, one has not been born yet, but I don’t anticipate meeting that one for at least a couple of years. Same as the one born this past summer and living in Virginia.

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  5. Still a bit chilly out this morning, but should be the last night in the teens for a few days. I just caught a glimpse of son riding his bike over the mailbox hill this morning as I was out doing chores. He is happy to have it sixteen this morning rather than thirteen. Though yesterday he rode the bus in because somebody gave him a ride home the night before so his bike was in town. He said the bus is much warmer than the bike. Choices.

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  6. 🙂 We’re into December, but when I went out yesterday in 19 degrees and frost and hoarfrost, I still find a bush of multi-colored leaves to photograph.

    🙂 We have beautiful new bedding on our bed. We didn’t get a new comforter and so forth when we married, as I was OK to continue to use the ones he bought with his mother after his first wife died. With the move, it felt like time for new ones.

    🙂 We not only got a good deal, with my husband buying the pieces at a total of three different stores, but we unexpectedly got some Kohl’s cash on that portion of the purchase.

    🙂 With the Kohl’s cash and a coupon, we got a pair of dangly jade-and-silver earrings for me for only $13. Being rather new to earrings (I got my ears pierced for him in 2011) I haven’t yet built up much of a collection of earrings, and only had one good pair of dangly ones, and at least locally and at least for my age group, dangly earrings are definitely what women are wearing.

    🙂 The publisher of the most repetitive book I have ever edited agreed with me it wasn’t ready for editing and took it out of my lap early, and I’m still getting paid for it. (I earned the money I made, but had I had to continue to slog through with a second edit for the same amount of money, the pay per hour would have been really bad. It was with great relief that I sent it back to them.)

    🙂 After weeks of not feeling well, my husband is mostly better. Relief for both of us.

    😦 There is still a lot of work ahead of us in getting this place into shape, and at times it seems overwhelming.

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  7. 🙂 Daughter came for the afternoon/evening yesterday to help with our kitchen. She is a blessing. We should finish (agh, don’t say it) the ceiling this morning and be able to clean up and start building cabinets this afternoon!

    😦 Woke up with a bad migraine early this morning. Meds took care of it, but I am next to useless in helping husband with the ceiling. Still, things are getting done.

    🙂 We usually host the camp family Christmas dinner (full time staff and their families) because that way I don’t have to cook anything (I decorate, provide coffee, tea, punch, cider, hot chocolate). This year because of the kitchen reno, one of our donors has offered the use of their lakeside cabin (a large beautiful home on the lake). I popped over there yesterday and it is gorgeous! I’m just going to do a Christmassy centrepiece and with the snow outside and the log cabin feel inside, it will be very Christmassy! 🙂

    🙂 So thankful for generous friends of camp.

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  8. 🙂 Husband’s knees are doing very well after his cortisone shots this week. So thankful. He even went for a cross-country ski which he hasn’t done for a few years! He should be able to train now for his work physical test 🙂

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  9. 🙂 Decorating day today, I think. But first, the search for decorations in the garage post painters’ “reorganization” of everything.

    😦 First half of property taxes paid. Whew. Thanks to California’s Prop 13 passed in the 1970s, the state can only raise them 2 percent each year (which they fully do). There are rumblings now and again of messing with Prop 13 as the Democratic legislature looks for more money, always; but mostly it’s focused on taking it away or relaxing it for commercial property owners only (still, though, that would be a real burden for many). If they ever take it away for residential owners, most of us will be toast. My taxes are around $3,500 a year now.

    😦 My first week off work is coming to an end, but I did get a lot done.

    🙂 I’ll have another week off in only 9 days.

    😦 I’ll have to work the morning shift on Jan. 1.

    🙂 We had some much, much needed rain that also left snow in our mountains.

    🙂 Lights! Trees! Christmas!

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  10. Chas – That is beautiful.

    DJ – Our property taxes are about $3600 or $3800 a year, although that is for a two-family home of not quite 2500 sq.ft. total. And then there is the car property tax. We put aside an amount each month for taxes and homeowners insurance, and whatever other bills that don’t come on a monthly basis, so the money is there when needed.

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  11. Well, we really just call it a “car tax”, but last time I mentioned that, some of you hadn’t heard of it, so I added “property” to make it clearer.

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  12. Kizzie, every state I have lived in (four, in three regions of the country) has had a vehicle tax of some sort (license-plate renewal fees). The amounts vary, and whether or not an emissions test is required varies, but having a tax doesn’t.

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  13. Some states like Virginia consider owning a car a property tax and charge accordingly–based on the price, I think. You then can add on the licensing costs. It’s one reason military people avoid designating Virginia as their state of record.

    🙂 Kim shared our most wonderful news. I’m beyond grateful and the Lord has bestowed an enormous gift on our family.

    🙂 We still need to pray for a safe and timely delivery for both, of course, but as best doctors can tell (and you’d be amazed at what all those tests show), we anticipate another little girl in April.

    Or, as my son says, “something to redeem those two heartbreaking Aprils last year and two years before).

    SHe’s due the same day as my nephew’s little girl and two weeks before my nephew’s little boy (two sides of the family). There’s something charming about three cousins having babies within two weeks.

    🙂 We’re home in six hours (including three stops) from Santa Barbara, well in time to attend the Sunday School Christmas program at church.

    Had a wonderful, fast, but fun getaway–400 miles away!

    Poppy’s book party is tomorrow night. The library where it will be held has decided I cannot sell books at the library (after telling me I could when I made arrangements–I asked twice).

    This poor book–how many ways can it be vexed?

    So, it looks like my husband will sell books from the car in the parking lot and people can bring their copies inside for signing.


    I can now write my Christmas letter. I’m beginning to figure it out–but trying to imagine how to write one new baby and one baby died–has been hard. Now I think I can write about Ava’s death without depressing everyone. Yikes.

    That’s it. Catch up later.

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  14. Cheryl – I was surprised the first time I mentioned car taxes and a couple people hadn’t heard of them. I assumed all states had them, but I guess not.

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