Prayer Requests 12-7-18

It’s Friday, so please remember to pray for Mumsee, Mike, and the Nestlings.

Anyone else?

Psalm 113:1-16

א Aleph

Blessed are those whose ways are blameless,
    who walk according to the law of the Lord.
Blessed are those who keep his statutes
    and seek him with all their heart—
they do no wrong
    but follow his ways.
You have laid down precepts
    that are to be fully obeyed.
Oh, that my ways were steadfast
    in obeying your decrees!
Then I would not be put to shame
    when I consider all your commands.
I will praise you with an upright heart
    as I learn your righteous laws.
I will obey your decrees;
    do not utterly forsake me.

ב Beth

How can a young person stay on the path of purity?
    By living according to your word.
10 I seek you with all my heart;
    do not let me stray from your commands.
11 I have hidden your word in my heart
    that I might not sin against you.
12 Praise be to you, Lord;
    teach me your decrees.
13 With my lips I recount
    all the laws that come from your mouth.
14 I rejoice in following your statutes
    as one rejoices in great riches.
15 I meditate on your precepts
    and consider your ways.
16 I delight in your decrees;
    I will not neglect your word.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 12-7-18

  1. I have a praise. I thought one of the day shift girls was going to move to the clinic, opening up a full time position that came with benefits. Well, she did not get the clinic position. I thought my hopes for insurance were dashed. But, I received a letter in the mail from our parent company stating that I had worked a certain amount of hours during the time frame, that qualified me to be eligible for insurance. I will see the HR lady today and turn in my paperwork. Now we will all be covered, with a high deductible, for $300 less a month than we are currently paying to have only Miguel covered. God is good all the time.

    Miguel goes today to have an MRI to see what can be done about the pain and grinding in his right knee and leg.

    Please also keep me in prayer, as I finish out the semester of college and have finals this next week. Thank you.

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