47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-6-18

  1. Am I first this morning?

    I notice on TV that people don’t say “Yes” anymore. They say “absolutely” about the moms trivial questions. It used to be that “absolutely” had the strongest meaning. Complete, unfettered. e.g.
    “Is it cold outside/”
    Yes. It’s 31 degrees.
    Not “absolutely” it’s 15 degrees.

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  2. It seems this generation has trivialized speech.
    In addition to “absolutely”, they have made “racist” an epithet. It has no real meaning anymore..
    I’m sure there are other examples that I can’t think of until I finish my coffee.

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  3. Jo is probably, not literally or absolutely, in bed.
    She “Liked” my 6:55 on yesterday’s thread.
    Now, concerning words, we (I) use “LIKE” here many times to acknowledge the comment. Not necessarily a commendation, though it may be.
    So? You can’t take “Like” to literally.

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  4. I’ve never been called “awesome” before. Lots of other things, but now awesome:

    I was reading Revelation 13 this morning and noticed an event.
    I am posting this partly for your cogitation, but mostly because I need to get it down to clear my thoughts. e.g. I wrote it, then decided to post it.

    Rev. Ch. 13 tells about two super evil men who have supernatural powers. Some would say this is “Antichrist”. I agree that this is likely so.
    Anyhow. He “makes war with the saints” (v.7), and overcome those whose names are not written in the Lamb’s book of life. (v8).

    Now? This cannot be in chronological order because the seventh trumpet is sounded in Ch. 11:15 . Now the seventh trumpet is not a plague nor judgment in itself. It sets of another series of events.
    Paul, I Cor. 15:52, says the rapture will occur at the last (seventh?) trumpet. Paul says, II Thess. 2:3 says that the rapture cannot occur until there is a falling away and the man of sin is revealed. Jesus, (Matt. 24:29) says that after the tribulation, the elect are raptured. (24:31). He also says, (24:15) that saints will see the abomination of desolation. And (24:24) if possible, he would deceive the very elect.

    Now? I don’t believe that I will live to see all of this happening. But I see the world tumbling in that direction. In his book, ”God ‘s War on Terror”, p.375. Walid Shoebat makes a good argument that the 666 in Rev. 13:18 is not a number at all, but the “Bismalla”, or “bless Allah”. (Bismalla” is “In the name of Allah”
    I don’t know, but it makes sense. It may be that we are headed that way.

    At the Naval War College, Arab officers would say something, I presume is the Bismalla, before making a presentation.


  5. I would believe it. And I would take some action. Oh wait, I had a pretty good idea my child was bullying on the school bus and he now walks or rides the five miles and has for the past three years or whatever. This morning it was eleven. He is way past the bullying stage and is generally nice to everybody and I remind him periodicaly that the bus goes by every morning and afternoon on the weekdays. But he prefers to ride his bike and stay after to play on computers. Though, lately, he has been doing homework and has not had a D in several weeks.

    By the way, he has hand warmers for his gloves. Such a spoiled boy.

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  6. Um, that was to Michelle, not Chas.

    But I would believe what Chas said too. As mentioned before, I do not know or care how it turns out, though I am quite interested in what people say about it and in reading about it. But I know God knows and I am looking forward to being even more delighted by Him than I already am.

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  7. Mumsee, thought I don’t believe it will affect me. These things develop slowly. But I pray every day for my grandkids, that God will protect them.
    I don’t know what’s facing them, but not the America I knew.

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  8. On the prayer thread, I referred to us having dinner with Chickadee last night. This was the fourth week in a row that we got together, after a string of only seeing her once every few weeks, or even a whole month in between visits. (Yes, I realize that would be quite normal for some families, but not in ours. And by “ours”, I mean not only my little family here, but it was that way with my parents, too, and my brother’s family keeps in close contact as well.)

    Turns out that Nightingale is the one behind this. After my discouragement about how much time was elapsing between visits, she decided to be more proactive in making them happen. I am very grateful to her, and touched by that. It is good for Chickadee and The Boy, too, and for us as a family.

    (It wouldn’t be as important as it is if Chickadee was open to keeping in casual contact via text or email, but that doesn’t happen with her.)

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  9. We’re getting some good rain this morning, enough to cancel our trip out to Knott’s Berry Farm (which may be closed due to the rain anyhow).

    That means I can finish decorating (really just get started seeing as how I only put my lighted wreath on the door yesterday — you can time the lights to come on for 6 hours every night and then they automatically go off; so I timed them for 5-11 p.m.

    Now I need to decide how many other lights to put up and get into the garage to unearth them.

    And I may take the bedroom curtains and put them on the middle set of casement windows on the south side of the living room (they’re blue, semi-sheer — so it would break up the solid cream sheers on all the other windows considering my walls are still off-white also). But we’ll see. I hate curtains. I mean I like them but what a hassle they’ve always been for me. And I’m getting to the age where I don’t like the top step of that step stool. 😦 When I got the blue ones up in the bedroom yesterday, after much effort, stretching and struggle, I discovered the last panel was on the rod backwards, of course. Ugh.


  10. Postmillennialism also notes these changes happen slowly (but in this case it would be in the opposite direction). Peaks and valleys, we in our short individual lifetimes and the history that is available to us have very limited views.


  11. DJ, when we were moving in, at some point someone who was helping us brought her stepstool over and left it for a while (we returned it and other tools she left at our house). The one she had had nice big steps, and we ended up ordering one like it for ourselves. Seemed like quite a good idea. (We couldn’t find the exact make, but ended up googling and finding something similar.)


  12. I have the metal Costco one, it’s pretty solid and not overly high. The steps seem wide enough, and as long as I can have a wall to hang on to for extra psychological security, I’m fine. Still, I like avoiding using it when I can 🙂

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  13. There was mention of Santa Barbara on the prayer thread. Did I ever tell you all that Hubby was born in Santa Barbara?

    His Massachusetts born-and-bred mother and Maine born-and-bred (then relocated to Massachusetts) father moved to Santa Barbara for a job opportunity when Mary was pregnant with Hubby, and they moved back to Massachusetts when Hubby was 18 months old. So he didn’t have any memory of the place, and no roots there. If you asked him where he was from, he would say he was from the Boston area.

    And when he entered the Air Force, he got teased for his Boston accent, so he worked hard to tame it. Every now and then, in a word or phrase, it would come out again. I often teased him about saying “idear” instead of “idea”.

    Nightingale kept correcting him that a cough drop is a “lozenge”, not a “lozenger”. But I understood that one, because that’s what we called them when I was growing up. And “sherbet” was “sherbert”. In fact, I think I still call it “sherbert”. 😀 )

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  14. Have you all seen this? I can’t remember if it’s been shared here, but I know I’ve seen it on Facebook.

    Very touching. I so understand that reference to the elder Bush wanting to hold his wife’s hand again. Hubby and I frequently held hands, even sometimes while watching our TV shows together, and I often miss that. (As well as missing his wonderful hugs.)

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  15. DJ said we see better with hindsight, but my eye doctor did not give me any. My eyes are still dialated so I can hardly key this in. My vision is poor given I have cataracts on the outside and epi retinal membranes on both eyes on the inside. She said I may be able to get a license with limitations such as no night driving. But my vision will improve grwatly with cataract surgery. The ERM is not the main problem now but I need to see a retinal doctor to get a baseline to watch for progression on the retinal problem. I am going to get a new lens for the old glasses to use for getting the hoped for driver’s license next week. Tomorrow Art has his Pre-op appointment. Moving along we are, absolutely!

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  16. The header photo has been posted on Facebook. It shows the toy I made from stockings that Miss Bosley carries around like a security blanket. When we are gone, it shows up by the door. Sometimes it is in the bed or in her dried food bowl. When the photo was made, her “toy” showed up in the pile of warm clean laundry that I needed to fold.

    It hurts my dialated eyes to try to proof what I wrote. I ask forgiveness for typos.

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  17. You’re awesome, janice.

    We’re abuzz in my neighborhood over the loud series of booms coming from the harbor. While we did have some thunder in the forecast along with this steady rain, the ‘booms’ were much too consistent. The conclusion (after a film shoot was dismissed) was it was a 21-gun salute for Bush at the Iowa or (more likely considering the direction of the sound) at the Air Force housing parade grounds.

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  18. Waaaa.

    I decided to get the Christmas things out of the garage that I wanted to use this year only to find that my carefully stacked clear boxes, all grouped nicely in the northwest corner of the garage, had been separated and moved about, some way up high and unreachable, by the painter guys.


    So no outdoor lights or extension cord, no wrapping paper.

    I was able to find and reach a couple things but how disappointing. I was so proud of myself last year for creating that “Christmas” section of the garage where things would all be so easy to find and retrieve.

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  19. I did get the too-big Nativity set with way too many pieces inside (when i bought that a while back I was expecting just the holy family; but when it arrived, it came with the entire town of Bethlehem, Mexico-style.

    I found the wire Christmas card holder, which is good, and a couple angels & the Christmas cards.

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  20. DJ, I see you are afflicted with thinking you can make a plan in advance and it will work out as it logically should (Christmas supplies neatly put away for easy future access). I am sorry that my affliction has been contagious and traveled from GA to CA.

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  21. I found a cute mug for Wesley that says, “I am silently correcting your grammar.” I hope he will like it and use it in the composition classes he teaches. Or better yet, he needs to use it at home. Miss Bosley has an advantage over me in the grammar arena.

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  22. Oh, were it so easy.

    I’ll go back out there tomorrow, a few of those things (ornaments, wrapping paper) I just need. I have some battery outdoor lights I bought last week that I can use in lieu of the real lights I suppose.

    So frustrating, it was all SO organized …

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  23. But I’m not complaining. Husband had cortisone shots in his knees yesterday and he is feeling much less pain, for which we are both very thankful.

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  24. Wait…sherbert is really sherbet???!!! Say it ain’t so!! Oh the things ya learn at 64!! 🍨
    Next thing ya know you are going to tell me a Rollie coaster is really a roller coaster!! Excuse me but I must go worsh my clothes now…..
    The spring broke on our garage door tonight….it’s going to be fun getting the door opened tomorrow morning so that Hannah can get to work..her side of the garages is the double door..my garage door which is the single door works just fine but I am leaving early to have breakfast with a very dear friend in town 😊

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  25. Nancy Jill, last year Jeopardy had a champion who won 11 games and a whole lot of money–he was aggressive in his betting and had two days with really high payouts (Austin Rogers). Well, he got a question about two frozen desserts ending in the same three letters and he buzzed in and answered “sherbert and sorbet.” They counted it wrong, so of course someone else said “sherbet and sorbet.” Austin said, “That’s how I say it” and they said yes, but the whole point was those last three letters. Which makes no sense, because they didn’t mind that sorbet is pronounced sor-BAY! It didn’t lose him the game, but it lost him a fair amount of money, and was an extremely controversial decision. And I think they must have talked about it privately and privately admitted it was a bad call, because the next season they just weren’t being as picky about such stuff.

    You can’t penalize people for regional dialects. It just isn’t fair. I’m pretty sure my dad said “sherbert.” (He was from Arkansas.) He has been gone for more than 30 years and it would have sounded “normal” to me at the time, but I’m reasonably sure that’s how he pronounced it. I know he said “spicket” for “spigot.” On issues like that, they really need to have someone “on call” who can tell them if something is reasonable dialect or is actually wrong.

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