13 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-1-18

  1. 😦 Our younger girl is running a couple of hours late, as I expected, which matters on a visit that will be brief anyway. She’s due anytime now though.

    🙂 We had a lovely pizza lunch at the most popular pizza place in town, which on birthdays gives you your age as a percentage off. And she didn’t charge me for my root beer, so we had a lovely large three-topping pizza, bringing half of it home, for about $12 including the tip.

    🙂 My husband’s basketball team (IU) just won their game, his birthday gift.

    🙂 During the game, I saw a gorgeous full double rainbow across the street. I’m not sure I’ve been a full arch double rainbow (full arch on it too) since leaving Arizona. It’s the side of the street with wires, but I still got some photos.

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  2. 🙂 We are having our own personal piano concert. My husband plays sometimes, but hasn’t since we moved in, but our daughter is playing it. She is playing for church tomorrow and wanted to practice, but also to play some other pieces.


  3. I knew I missed something important:

    Before we married, my husband had me look at the bedroom to determine whether I would want to replace the comforter, drapes, decorative pillows, etc. He and his mother picked them out after his late wife died, and in the photos of the room I had the sense they were fairly masculine. (They were gold and brown.) In person I thought they looked better, and was inclined just to keep them and not to spend money to replace something that worked.

    Seven years later, when we were preparing to move, I said I was ready to go ahead and get new bedding. In the six months we have been here, we have not had a bed skirt or a comforter, the blanket is oddly oversized for the bed (odd because we have a California king, and making a blanket too large for that is making an immense blanket), and overall we have looked as though we are just moving in.

    This week my husband chose two comforter sets he thought would work with the room and had me look at them. I really liked one of them, and so he found the best prices and ordered them: a comforter, bed sheets, shams, and a throw pillow. https://www.paulshomefashions.com/daphne-comforter-collection/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpJrnmOD_3gIVB77ACh13sQc-EAAYAiAAEgKMuvD_BwE He also ordered a blanket, and I found a really good “Cyber Monday” deal on sheets and ordered new sheets, as well. We have received most of it (still waiting on sheets and blanket and pillows for the shams), and it is truly gorgeous and well made. We also ordered bedding for the sleeper sofa (bed pad, sheets, and blanket) and all of that came this week. So we’re prepared for overnight company (our daughter wasn’t sure if she would stay overnight; she has to play at church tomorrow, so she won’t), and we’re one step closer to being “moved in.”

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  4. That set is really pretty, Cheryl.

    Our comforter is dark-colored: forest green and a little lighter green than that, with some deep navy and small amounts of tan and burgundy. Bedroom walls are light blue, and the blinds are off-white, so that lightens the room a little, but the room is in the northwest corner of the house, with a big hill on the west side, so it’s not a particularly light, cheery room. Something like the bedding you’re getting would brighten things up.

    Ah, someday. The comforter is in good shape, so we’ll stick with that for the time being.

    Question for anyone in the know: what thread count or other characteristics should I be looking for in bed sheets? I have three sets of sheets for our queen-size bed, and the newest set has torn already (the fitted sheet). It’s only a couple or a few years old. The set we have on right now is old as the hills, and while it’s definitely thinner in spots from wear, it has not ripped. Did that set happen to have a higher thread count, maybe, and lasted longer, or, like so many other things these days, do they just not make things as well as they used to?

    I really am clueless when it comes to buying home furnishings.


  5. Ooh, pretty and not masculine anymore 🙂

    I think I bought some sheets on Amazon last time that were “bamboo” and they’re really soft — reminds me of some sheets I bought a few years ago that were “T-shirt” material, though they developed holes rather quickly.

    I love flannel sheets but they’re sometimes just too warm here, even in winter — and probably also because I like a cold room when I sleep.

    😦 I need a new mattress.

    🙂 New curtains ready to hang — whenever I get around to it.

    😦 I just checked the fine print on the Christmas party invite for tonight and see where we’re asked to bring our “favorite potluck” dish. Afraid my offering will be a thawed and heated lasagna by Stouffers, kind of too late to do much else that’s original.


  6. My cousin suggested I look into the window coverings she has. They’re very tasteful but they cost $3,000 for all her windows. I sort of coughed when she told me that part 🙂

    Home Depot sheers, $10 each, for now is more my speed.

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  7. The comforter has gold threads in it, and is much prettier in person than in the photos, and seems like it will wear very well. Our walls are very pale green. We’d have gone one shade darker had we known how pale they would turn out. In fact, when we had about half the largest room painted, I commented about it being light green, and one of the ladies who had been painting a couple of hours said it sure looked white to her. It actually is pretty, and in most lights it shows a hint of green. It was the next-to-the-lightest shade on that strip, not the lightest, but we probably should have gone up one more. We went a couple of shades darker when we got bathroom paint (also green) and one or two shades up (a different color) for my husband’s studio, after buying several gallons of this paint and realizing belatedly how light it really is. (I do still think it works, though.)

    6 Arrows, I have heard 300 and above for cotton sheets, and that Egyptian cotton has longer fibers and is stronger. The sheets we bought this time are microfiber, which is cheaper, supposed to be very soft, but some have complained it’s too hot in the summer. At less than $30 for California king sheets, we figured that we can try them and see what we think, and if they do happen to be too warm for summer we’ll have already used them for several months, and we can put them away till next winter.


  8. Thanks, Cheryl. I’ll have to try to remember that next time I go sheet shopping.

    Do stores still have “white sales” in January like in the olden days? 🙂 I’m not exposed to much advertising anymore, and I really don’t do a whole lot of shopping, other than at grocery stores.


  9. Yes, apparently. From google:



    Are your linens starting to get a bit threadbare? If you’re looking to restock your linen closet on the cheap, the best time to buy is January, February, and August. Here’s the scoop. …

    January: White Sale Season …..

    Target Linen Clearance Each February … (Wait for the third markdown to save 75% off the original retail) …

    Second Sales Season for Linens: August …

    What’s Included in Linen Sales?

    Linens is a term used to cover all daily-use fabric household items, especially found in the bedroom, bath, and kitchen.

    They are not just items made of linen, which is a specific fiber.

    In the bedroom, linens include sheets, pillowcases, comforters, blankets, bedspreads, duvets and curtains. These may be sold as matched sets.

    In the bath, linens include bath towels and washcloths.

    In the kitchen, linens include dishtowels, washcloths, napkins, tablecloths, table runners, tea towels, place mats, oven mitts, and aprons.

    How Much Can You Save?

    Good quality towels can run $20 a piece, and good quality bedding can cost several hundred dollars. Shop during the linen sales, and you could easily cut these costs in half.


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