30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-13-18

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    good evening jo.
    Did I tell you that Chuck was home?
    He was up but wanted to be in bed yesterday.
    He said he spent 25 hours traveling. He had to wait four hours in Formosa for some reason that has to do with not being able to fly over North Korea. They flew over Russia, Alaska, etc. to Atlanta.

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  2. Morning Chas and AJ…and all
    Oh Chas I would think flying over N Korea would be a no no….better to take that long way around!! 😊 thankful your boy is home. It continues to bring a peace to a parent’s heart knowing our children are safely sleeping in their bed….no matter how old they might be!
    That is a lovely birdie up there!!

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  3. NancyJ. At the time when I was in the AF, it never occurred to me that my parents were concerned and praying for me. I just went about doing my thing, whatever that was.
    But you never come to the point where you don’t care.

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  4. Birds can get a little rough looking in the fall as they are molting, and I think that cardinal may have been changing into adult plumage for the first time. But it’s a cute little pose and not your ordinary cardinal shot with a bright glossy bird looking like he owns the world.

    If you’d told me 10 years ago (before I had cameras with more than a trivial zoom) that I’d someday be walking past cardinals, not even bothering to aim my camera at them most of the time, with a camera that can actually zoom like this and closer, I’d have been surprised. Half a dozen times through the years I’d get a roll of pictures back, and would look and look at some photo of shrubbery that wasn’t very pretty, wondering why on earth I took that shot, and finally find a centimeter-long red dot in it that was a cardinal, farther away than I thought when I hopefully took the photo. Now I take a walk and cardinals fly out constantly, sometimes a dozen or more in half a mile of walking, always three or four in that distance. My husband went with me on my normal walk the other day, again (normally he and I walk within the condo development or our neighborhood). At the end, we got to a place where at least six cardinals were flying in and out, and he marvelled. But now that nesting season is over, that’s a common sight around here. Common, but no less beautiful for that!

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  5. Good morning. A sunny day in November — I’ll take it! Even if it is only 16°. :-O

    I was tired last night. Went to bed a little before 11:00 and slept until 5:30 — a long first stretch of sleep for me. Got a drink of water, climbed back into bed, slept till 7:30, did a little math in my head. (’11:00-7:30 is 8 1/2 hours of sleep; that’s good, I’ll get up now.’) Fell back to sleep immediately (math in the morning is highly taxing) and woke up at 8:40.

    Can I just say I feel like a million bucks right now? 🙂 Over 9 1/2 hours of sleep and the sun is shining! Thank you, Lord!

    Have a great day, fellow WVers! Blessings to all of you as you serve in your spheres.

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  6. I love getting 9 hours of sleep. I managed 8.5 hours last night before having to get up lest I be late.

    What a cute little bird. 🙂

    I bought a new thermostat yesterday but haven’t had time to try to put it together yet. Maybe tonight. Meanwhile, the house is brisk in the mornings so I’m layered & bundled in sweatshirt & sweat pants. Our air is still very dry with single-digit humidity levels (rain? we’ll take it, thank you) and my sinuses are really reacting. I’ll have to take some antihistamines today so I’m not constantly sneezing and sniffling, my eyes watering.

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  7. The cat is sitting on my lap staring at that bird . . .

    I have four surprise houseguests until Saturday. Fire folk who live in a trailer, but the smoke is so bad in the air, they couldn’t handle it.

    We’re delighted to have them. They’re giving up and moving into an apartment this weekend. 1 year later, water system in their area has to be rebuilt, the roads have to be redone–but not until the houses are built–and they are STILL fighting with the insurance companies.

    The smartest people I know . . .

    Meanwhile in Redding, the planning department has waived everything except the addition of unnecessary sprinkler systems on the house, and is issuing rebuild permits in one day. Two weeks if you’re altering the former plan.

    That county will be completely rebuilt while our friends continue to languish. I can’t think about it too much because it MAKES ME SO ANGRY!

    Off to teach a Bible study out of Nehemiah 9 on sin . . . so very fitting for me. 😦

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  8. Yes, I wish we could send our abundance of rain to CA! I heard someone say it is the most rain we’ve had in nine years. We had more leaking in the office that took down some ceiling tiles. I’ve only had one leak at the window at home. I am always expectant of worse since the house needs major renovation.

    I do believe I got my Medicare Part A and B approval online. Now I need to quickly do my Aetna signup. I do not yet have my card.

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  9. In the categories of it could always be worse and comedy/tragedy, last night as I entered Art’s appointments on his phone, I found out his colonoscopy is scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving. It’s okay to laugh. We know it wpn’t be the usual “prep for Thanksgiving.” And next up is kidney stone surgery for “all I want for Christmas.” Gotta keep laughing. “All I want for Christmas are my two kidney stones . . .”

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  10. Ugh, Janice. Hopefully, the New Year will bring a better year for you both.

    Michelle, those fires are so heartbreaking. I think of all the traumatized children from your time of fire evacuation. 😦

    Are the sprinkler systems for ON the house or IN? I read a book about the huge Boundary Waters fire here in MN (and Canada) and those sprinkler system did save homes. Of course, we don’t have water shortages often in the Land of 10,000 plus lakes.

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  11. I wonder if I was being persnickety when I asked one of the praise team ladies if they knew any Thanksgiving songs? Last Sunday they started on Christmas songs. They did this last year, too, commenting that they needed some practice before performing for a joint churches advent sing. Most churches will have choirs at that. They did try to make one song out to be one of thanksgiving, but by that standard every song we sing is a thanksgiving one.

    I hate that Christmas has moved up to take over before Thanksgiving. Having it do so in church rankles me. I feel sorry for children that have to think it takes forever to actually get to the holiday. Apparently, everyone is sick of it by Dec. 26th, since the songs etc. all seem to stop right after Christmas. No money in it, I guess.

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  12. My son and daughter in law were hanging out in the Czech Republic until a couple of days ago. That and Hungary, until they got home to snow covered Colorado. I rarely know where they are but this time they texted some pics so we knew. I rarely know where my other two bio boys are either, but I know Who knows so can continue to keep them in prayer.

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  13. God is faithful and He has given me some new teaching ideas last night and this morning. We will see how it will go. One girl seems confused, we have switched her seat so she is closer to the board and looking directly at it and me as I teach.

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  14. Well, they are still here. Have not been eaten by eagles yet, as daughter thought might be the case, or coyotes or whatever. They are the same size as Barney and he is an outdoor dog so I am not too concerned as they are generally only out with somebody.

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  15. Mumsee, is Barney jealous? “Hey, favoritism! And they’re the new pups, too! Doesn’t seniority count for anything around here?!” Or is he sneering at them for being “soft” and “not real dogs”?


  16. The new photo didn’t work as well as it might have, through a window. The hotel where we stay each year for our anniversary has trees full of berries outside its windows. Most years I get some photos of birds in the trees (but not eating its berries). This year I looked multiple times–no birds. On the last morning, we were just about ready to check out and my husband was in the bathroom one final time when at least four bluebirds showed up and started eating the berries. When my husband is ready to get on the road, he’s ready to get on the road, so I was frantically grabbing my camera and snapping two or three photos before he came out. They had flown from the trees onto the fence by that time anyway, but I would have happily stood by that window another half hour hoping for another shot or two.

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  17. This afternoon, Nightingale made Pulled Pork in the slow cooker, Butternut Squash Soup, and corn muffins for an early dinner. Just as everything was getting done, she got a call from the nursing home. She had signed up to work second shift tonight and then forgot to put it on the calendar!

    So she took some of her delicious food for her dinner at work, got into her scrubs, helped The Boy into his football gear, and then took off for work. I fed The Boy dinner, and walked him up the lane to meet his dad, who took him to football practice. I also had to clean up the mess in the kitchen that Nightingale had intended to take care of. It was a hectic hour between her getting the call and me handing The Boy off to his dad.

    Although I was not expecting to childsit tonight, at least he has been with his dad for about three hours. He will be back soon, and then I just have to get him ready to settle down to go to sleep. That is the hard part, especially after football practice.

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  18. Cheryl, nope. I am quite certain he knows they were bred to be house dogs to keep laps warm and he was bred to defend the turf from all invaders foreign and domestic. He takes his job quite seriously, always has. He is not a pooch needing much people time though he is quite pleasant for greeting and moving on.

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  19. After talking to Nightingale, to see if it is something she would encourage him to do, I ordered Financial Peace Junior for The Boy for Christmas.

    “This is the fun and easy way to teach kids about money! They’ll learn the four basic concepts of money: working, spending, saving and giving. It comes with easy instructions for parents, an activity book, chore chart, envelopes and much more.

    Part of the Junior’s Adventures series, Financial Peace Jr. gives parents the tools they need to raise money-smart kids. The kit covers four basic concepts: working, spending, saving and giving.”

    Nightingale said she had recently been thinking of coming up with something like this, so she likes this idea.

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  20. I will be posting tomorrow’s threads later tonight before bed. They will be early, but I have a stress test due to some new issues with my health in the early AM so I won’t have time in the morning. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

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  21. Michelle, I have nothing against anybody practicing for Christmas programs etc. But choosing to do mostly Christmas songs in the service as a practice is something I do not want before Thanksgiving. Although the congregation can join in on singing with the praise team, most don’t. For one, the songs don’t lend themselves to that. Secondly, they have the songs worked up for solos in the song and harmony. I will join in some songs and sometimes just choruses or not at all. Congregational hymns may be one or two if there is time.

    I just think there should be some emphasis that we are celebrating Thanksgiving and not just on the eve of that holiday. Anyone who has to leave town cannot be there then anyway.

    It is not a big deal, but a peeve. It makes me sad.

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  22. Although Nightingale loves the Christmas season, her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

    Let’s pray that this Thanksgiving, God will open her eyes to see that all her blessings, and the beauty of nature that she so loves, are gifts from His Hand, and that she will respond to Him accordingly, with her heart feeling true gratitude to Him. (That could be prayed, with a tweak or two, for all our unsaved loved ones.)

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  23. Worn out, but feeling satisfied. I stitched up a deep cut today, the first time I’ve done sutures. I’ve watched many a surgeon stitching up, and I assisted with sutures in West Africa, but this is the first time I have actually done so myself. One thing about this place, it offers a variety of experiences.

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  24. No problem with Christmas overlapping Thanksgiving here. Thanksgiving is long over by the time Christmas rolls around. People do not like it when Christmas marketing starts before Remembrance Day, but after that, its open season on all things Christmas. When I was singing in the choir at the city church, we would certainly have been practicing our Christmas repertoire by now.

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