31 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-14-18

  1. Even more conflicts.


    “An attorney who appeared as a witness before the Mueller grand jury is accusing the special counsel’s office of a conflict of interest because one of the prosecutors involved in the special counsel’s case has worked for Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

    The prosecutor, Jeannie Rhee, has questioned witnesses about Roger Stone, the Trump confidant who is one of the targets of the investigation, numerous sources tell The Daily Caller News Foundation. Rhee questioned Tyler Nixon, an attorney for Stone, just before his grand jury appearance on Nov. 2.

    “[Rhee’s involvement] was not disclosed to me prior to my testimony, and I find this to be deeply troubling and certainly Ms. Rhee should be recused or removed from the investigation,” Nixon told TheDCNF.

    Recusals related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe became an issue after the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general on Nov. 7.

    Among the reasons that Democrats have called for Whitaker’s recusal are his comments criticizing the Trump-Russia probe as well as his work in 2014 on a political campaign for Sam Clovis, a former Trump campaign official who testified before the Mueller grand jury as a witness in 2017.

    Seven top congressional Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and California Rep. Adam Schiff, cited Whitaker’s work with Clovis in a letter Sunday to the Justice Department’s top ethics official. The Democrats asked DOJ whether Whitaker has been advised on whether he should recuse himself from the probe.

    Rhee’s work on the special counsel’s team poses a larger conflict of interest than Whitaker’s links to Clovis, Nixon asserts.

    “I find it astonishing that there are cries for the recusal for Mr. Whitaker when I know that I was personally interviewed on behalf of the special counsel by an attorney, Jeannie Rhee, who was Hillary Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundation’s personal attorney not one or two years prior to her joining the special counsel,” Nixon told TheDCNF.”


  2. More shenanigans.



  3. The children gave me this new biography of Churchill which had been recommended to me by a historian friend. The book is so good that it is causing me to miss Thunder games.

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  4. McSally picked the wrong year to run, but it may be a long time before there is another “right year” for Republicans. At least she exited with grace and dignity and not as a Trumpian buffoon.


  5. Hmm. What could possibly have caused educated suburban voters to flee the Republican Party? That is a tough one. Did anyone predict this might happen? Do you think those folks know the difference between the Baltic States and the Balkans? Maybe they have taken a course in economics? Might they doubt the sincerity of one of the parties in the Trump/Kim love affair?


  6. The Churchhill book sounds interesting, Ricky. Let us have a few quotes as you read. It may end up on my reading list after ‘Them’. The book Cheryl is reading about news also sounds like it might be worth the read.

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  7. AJ, if they’re looking for unconnected people to run an investigation and serve in the cabinet, they’re probably not going to find them in DC. And we have already seen that the Mueller investigation is not very good at self-policing in these matters. At this point, they need to stop trying to recuse each other and just wrap up the probe. The big tent needs to be cleared a little so the Dems can begin their new circus act in January.


  8. @7:43 Hmmm. She will block Republican judges as much as she can, strongly supports abortion and seeks to advance LGBT agendas, but it could be worse.

    ” According to Five ThirtyEight, as of November 2018, Sinema voted in line with Trump’s position on legislation 62.2% of the time.[83]

    Sinema is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition[61] and the Problem Solvers Caucus.[16] ”


    And as a ‘bonus’, we get to hear Rush Limbaugh refer to her as Senator Cinnamon for the next 6 years—-or until one of them retires. ;–)


  9. Sure Ricky, because electing a woman who mocked Arizona, said joining the Taliban was OK, and led anti-military protests, will block all conservative agenda/legislation she can, that will teach that mean ole Trump a lesson.


    Said no voter ever, let alone R’s who aren’t NT sycophants like yourself.

    Your delusional. Seek help.


  10. She was elected because she lied, misrepresented herself and her beliefs, and apparently the voters in Arizona aren’t very bright. They fell for it.


    “Sinema once called Arizona the meth lab of Democracy (maybe she was onto something). She said she didn’t care if people join the Taliban.

    She entered politics as a member of the Green Party. She received honors from the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, and the National Association of Social Workers. She engaged in an anti-war protest dressed in a tutu, causing me to label her the hippie-dippie candidate.

    By contrast, her opponent, Martha McSally, flew combat missions against the Taliban. As a war hero and a center-right Republican, she seemed like an attractive candidate in the tradition of John McCain (without the insufferable ego and the drama) and a logical successor to Jeff Flake (without the self-righteousness).

    What happened? At Ricochet, Jon Gabriel offers five reasons why Sinema won. The most important one, I think, is that Sinema ran as a moderate and could back up the claim by citing her record in the House of Representatives.

    According to Gabriel:

    [Sinema’s] mailers and ads are nothing but waving flags and smiling veterans. She barely mentions her party but stresses her “independence” and willingness to work with “literally anyone” on conservative issues.

    Her record in the House is reasonably consistent with this image. As I said in my first post about Sinema:

    She did not vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House and reportedly voted with the Democrats “only” 73 percent of the time in recent years. According to one ranking, this makes her the House’s most bipartisan Democrat. But if Sinema were a Republican, it would just about make her a RINO in the true sense of that overused epithet.

    I also said that Sinema is probably “a faux moderate, intent on making it to the U.S. Senate by pulling the wool over the eyes of Arizona voters.” And I provided evidence, including the facts noted above, to support this strong suspicion.

    But, wool or no wool, Arizona voters seem to have believed their eyes.”


  11. More on why you’re wrong here.

    And your Flakey buddy and his pal McCain are at least, if not more responsible than Trump.


    “The McCain/Flake Hangover

    Arizona conservatives have been frustrated with their Republican senators for many years. Jeff Flake and John McCain campaigned as rock-ribbed right-wingers every six years only to vote with Democrats in DC on crucial issues.

    Since McSally had been very friendly with McCain, many conservative Republicans were turned off from the start. Late in the campaign, McSally embraced Trump, so moderate Republicans were turned off. To much of the GOP, a vote for McSally seemed like a requirement but was nothing to get excited about.”


  12. She (and the 38 House Democrats, 7 Democrat governors and nearly 300 state legislators who took formerly Republican seats) were elected for one reason: Many educated voters are sending the Republican Party a message. They will not support a party that has become a group of mindless supporters of Trump and all of his lying, ignorance and international buffoonery . This was a warning for 2020.


  13. Dear Leader is pouting in the bunker while aides continue to stab each other in the back. The next two years will be as comical and ridiculous as the first two. In 2020 American will really desire a return to sane, adult leadership. The Dems are very flawed, but Trump will make their nominee look sober and mature. That will be enough for the Dems to win so long as they don’t renominate Hillary.



  14. Ricky,

    If you don’t want me laughing in your face, you might want to stay away from CNN. They’re in even bigger joke than NTers.

    THIS is CNN, blaming the victim for their crybaby reporters lack of self-control.


    “CNN has filed a lawsuit against the White House for stripping the hard pass from CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta after he rudely refused to hand over his mic and physically blocked an intern from taking it. But CNN’s legal team appears to have rushed its big lawsuit, which contains some glaring errors and curious references.”


    “But in the lawsuit, CNN attempts to place the blame on the intern for trying to take the mic after he refused to hand it over and downplays Acosta physically blocking her from doing so:

    A White House staffer then approached Acosta and attempted to grab the microphone. The staffer reached all the way across Acosta’s body, successfully latched onto the microphone, and physically attempted to remove it from Acosta’s hand. Acosta held onto the microphone, stated “Pardon me, ma’am,” and continued to ask his questions.

    The lawsuit’s account fails to acknowledge that Acosta clearly brought his left arm down on the girl’s arm to block her from retrieving the microphone. Instead, the intern is portrayed as the one who got “physical” and Acosta as simply having “held onto the microphone,” which is a verifiably false description of his actions.”


  15. People of means are so busy teaching each other a lesson they’re losing the country. I doubt those folks cared much for it anyway.


  16. Hmmmm… let’s see…….

    Trump is unpopular you say? His own party doesn’t support him and voters punished those who did?


    Trump campaigned and held rallies 42 times for specific candidates. Out of those…..

    23 won.

    14 lost.

    2 are in runoff.



    For you and other NTers unfamiliar with the term, that’s called winning.

    You guys are full of it and yourselves, but what you allege is true isn’t born out by the facts.

    And Trump is still way more popular than Congress, especially NT Republicans.


  17. Huh.

    I guess House Republicans didn’t get you and Kristol’s message Ricky.

    They just voted a strong Trump ally as the new minority leader over another strong Trump ally. Trump wins either way, and establishment NTers like yourself lose again.

    You’d think you’d be tired of that by now, but nooooo….


    “Republican Kevin McCarthy easily won an internal party election Wednesday to take over the shrunken House GOP caucus, a familiar role for the underestimated scrapper whose top priority will be to protect President Donald Trump’s agenda and try to build the party back to retake the majority.

    The speaker’s gavel long gone, the race for minority leader was McCarthy’s to lose, but the Californian’s rise was never guaranteed. He’s close to Trump, but the president is also friendly with Rep. Jim Jordan, the conservative Freedom Caucus member, and both faced testy colleagues ready to assign blame after the midterm election losses.”


  18. Adds are still running around here in support of the legislation that Mccarthy is pushing to build the Wall. He seems like a suitable choice for minority leader.



  19. Oh look, Ricky’s favorite creepy porn lawyer has been arrested.


    “Michael Avenatti, who became famous for representing Stormy Daniels in her battle with President Trump, has been arrested for felony domestic violence … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

    Our law enforcement sources say Avenatti was arrested Wednesday after a woman filed a felony DV report. We’re told her face was “swollen and bruised” with “red marks” on both cheeks.

    Our sources say the alleged incident occurred Tuesday night, but there was another confrontation Wednesday between the two at an exclusive apartment building in the Century City area of L.A.

    We’re told Wednesday afternoon the woman was on the sidewalk on her cellphone with sunglasses covering her eyes, sobbing and screaming on the phone, “I can’t believe you did this to me. I’m going to get a restraining order against you.””

    And then it get’s worse.

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  20. ————————–

    Wrap it up and call it for DeSantis and Scott.

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