9 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-10-18

  1. 😦 I worked raking leaves for less than an hour and I’m worn out.
    🙂 No more e-mails from politicians asking for money. Yet.


  2. 😦 Didn’t sleep well at all, awake till 4:30 or so.

    🙂 Woke up to half an inch or so of snow, while we still have a good number of leaves on the trees. I’ve waited several years for that autumn-color-and-snow combination, having once captured it in Chicago with a vastly inferior camera to this one.

    😦 I woke up too late to see the snow on the trees, just on the fallen leaves (which definitely works–we have two gorgeous trees on the road just behind us, so I went back there).

    🙂 This year has been a long haul financially, but I have as much editing work as I can handle through the end of the year, so my final quarter will be good. I used to have set times of the year I was slow or busy, and this used to be my slow season . . . all bets are off now, and it comes when it comes.

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  3. As I opened, I saw an advertisement on the Bellsouth face page. It was for 80+ restaurants that give veterans free meals on Veteran’s Day.
    Good advertisement:
    In Hendersonville, several years ago, Fatz Restaurant offered this. It was a Wednesday, so, after prayer meeting, Elvera stopped by and my meal was free.
    However, it became a tradition, as long as we lived in H’ville, the tradition was to stop by Fatz for dinner before going home.
    The wait staff knew us.
    I usually tip well.

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  4. There was a restaurant in town that my parents frequented a few times each week for breakfast, sometimes lunch. So of course, they became well-known by the staff. They even had a special blend of something (maybe cinnamon and sugar?) that they kept in the kitchen just for my dad.

    Sadly, that restaurant was forced to close by the owner of the building who changed his plans for the building. Another restaurant in town, also frequented by my parents, but mostly by Mom after Dad’s death and the close of the other one, also closed down recently. That one had a 50s diner theme, with an “Elvis section” which featured some photos of him on the wall.

    Mom was a huge Elvis fan (she cried when he died) and enjoyed sitting in that section. She had already died by the time the restaurant closed. The announcement on Facebook of the closing ended with “Elvis has left the building.”

    For those who don’t know, when Elvis gave a concert, they would get him out of the building before letting the audience leave, so he wouldn’t be mobbed. When he had safely left, the announcement would be “Elvis has left the building.” Mom got to see him in concert one time, and said that announcement made her sad.

    When I read that announcement from the restaurant, I cried a little bit. To me, it was another part of my parents, Mom especially, gone.

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