63 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-10-18

  1. Mr. Straight Arrow has been caught lying again.


    “Fired FBI chief James Comey used his private Gmail account hundreds of times to conduct government business — and at least seven of those messages were deemed so sensitive by the Justice Department that they declined to release them.

    The former top G-man repeatedly claimed he only used his private account for “incidental” purposes and never for anything that was classified — and that appears to be true.

    But Justice acknowledged in response to a Freedom of Information request that Comey and his chief of staff discussed government business on about 1,200 pages of messages, 156 of which were obtained by The Post.

    The Cause of Action Institute, a conservative watchdog group, filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit for Comey’s Gmail correspondence involving his work for the bureau.

    The Justice Department responded that there were an eye-popping 1,200 pages of messages for Comey and his chief of staff that met the criteria.

    Justice released 156 of them but refused to hand over seven emails because they would “disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions.” And another 363 pages of emails were withheld because they discussed privileged agency communications or out of personal privacy concerns.

    Cause of Action’s CEO slammed the former top G-man for minimizing the work he did using his private account. “Using private email to conduct official government business endangers transparency and accountability, and that is why we sued the Department of Justice,” said John Vecchione.

    “We’re deeply concerned that the FBI withheld numerous emails citing FOIA’s law enforcement exemption. This runs counter to Comey’s statements that his use of email was incidental and never involved any sensitive matters.”

    In one email on Oct. 7, 2015, Comey seems to recognize the hypocrisy of the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton’s email practices while he’s exchanging FBI info on his own private account because his government account was down.

    Two days after complaining that his “mobile is not sending emails,” Comey asked an aide that the testimony he was to deliver to the Senate be sent on his private account — calling it an “embarrassing” situation.

    “He [aide] will need to send to personal email I suppose,” Comey wrote. “Embarrassing for us.””


  2. More lies…..

    Comey was breaking the very laws he was investigating Hillary for breaking. This further proves his investigation was a sham. He was never gonna charge her for breaking laws he was also breaking.

    This guy is a liar and a fraud.


    “The records also show that Director Comey used his Gmail to discuss the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server. In other words, Comey was using a non-governmental email account while he was investigating Secretary Clinton for the same unlawful behavior.

    In this case, as with nearly every instance, when public officials conduct business through unofficial channels, they are denying the public’s right to hold officials accountable through the most fundamentally sound principle of a healthy democracy: Transparency. Cause of Action Institute remains committed to holding government officials at all levels accountable and will continue to report on this case as the DOJ releases the more than 700 pages of Comey related emails that remain outstanding.

    The full production can be found here.


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  3. Stealing elections.


    “After seeming victories in the Florida governor’s race, the U.S. Senate race, and the Florida agriculture commissioner race last Tuesday, Republicans in the Sunshine State spent the last two days dumbfounded while Democrat election supervisors in deep-blue Broward and Palm Beach Counties added tens of thousands of previously uncounted votes to the statewide tally.

    The newly counted ballots, which are breaking almost 3-to-1 in favor of Democrats, have triggered a likely hand recount, a machine recount, a lawsuit, a law enforcement investigation, and accusations from Republicans that Democrats are literally trying to steal the election.

    At midnight on election day, Florida Gov. Rick Scott led incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson in the U.S. Senate race by just under 60,000 votes, just outside the margin for a mandatory machine recount. Meanwhile, Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis led Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, the Democrat, by about 80,000 votes. Gillum conceded his race that night, but Nelson refused.

    In a secluded room away from the well-wishers gathered at his victory party in Naples, Florida, Scott’s team did some basic math and determined the remaining uncounted precincts couldn’t possibly contain enough Democrat votes for Nelson to overcome the 60,000-vote deficit. At midnight, Scott claimed victory in a subdued speech, then retired to bed.

    When Republicans woke the next morning, they were stunned to learn Scott’s lead had shrunk by 22,000 votes, a seemingly impossible mathematical feat. Most of the newly counted ballots came from Broward County, but some were added from Palm Beach County (yes, that one). With Scott’s lead now down to just 38,000 votes, murmurs of a potential recount began to build. By mid-afternoon, more cartons of Democrat-leaning ballots had been added to the statewide total, trimming Scott’s margin over Nelson to around 30,000 votes.

    Even at that point, Republicans didn’t seem overly concerned. After all, 30,000 votes is a lot to overcome, especially when all that remained to be counted were a few handfuls of provisional ballots, overseas military ballots likely favoring Republicans, and some straggling vote-by-mail and early ballots. And while the governor’s race had also tightened, it remained outside the mandatory recount margin.

    That all changed on Thursday morning, when Republicans woke for the second day in a row to learn that overnight, still more Democrat votes had been dumped into the system, cutting Scott’s lead by 8,000 votes, putting it well within the mandatory hand-recount range.

    Reporters, by now curious about why Broward County was still counting ballots when hurricane-ravaged Bay County had their work wrapped up on election night, asked Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes if she knew how many uncounted ballots remained.

    “Not sure. I’m really not sure. But we are working on those,” she told CBS 4 News in Miami.

    A few hours later, Snipes posted another 11,300 ballots to the state’s Division of Elections. Those new votes favored Democrats by more than 2-to-1, helping Bill Nelson close the gap even further, but also triggering mandatory recounts in the governor’s race, and flipping the race for agriculture commissioner from Republican to Democrat.”


  4. More bad news for Cali.


    “As night fell Friday, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office said it was investigating two deaths possibly related to the 35,000-acre Woolsey Fire that’s been burning a destructive path across two counties since Thursday.

    Details weren’t immediately known as the fire consumed untold numbers of homes and forced evacuations as it cut a path from Simi Valley to the sea.

    The Woolsey Fire erupted Thursday afternoon in Ventura County. It raced into Los Angeles County, chewed its way through brush and into neighborhoods of Westlake Village and Malibu.

    The fire remained fully uncontained as of Friday afternoon.”


  5. What’s wrong with this picture?


    “The Census Bureau has released new data that strengthens the case for calling the current generation of American children “The Welfare Generation.”

    Among American residents under 18 years of age in 2017, according to the Census Bureau, 51.7 percent lived in households in which one or more persons received benefits from a means-tested government program.

    That was down slightly from the 52.1 percent of Americans under 18 in 2016 who lived in households receiving means-tested government assistance. (Also, because this new Census Bureau estimate is for 2017, it predates the significant economic and job growth the United States has seen in 2018).

    But in each of the last five years on record (2013 through 2017), according to the Census Bureau, at least 51 percent of Americans under 18 have lived in households receiving means-tested government assistance.”


  6. You knew this was coming. They’re called traitors for a reason. It’s what they do. So it looks like the NTers have a new hero.

    He won’t win, but he’ll maybe throw it to the Dem nominee, which is their intent. Because they’re such good and noble, honest and trustworthy people?


    Because they’re traitors….


    “Flake floats GOP primary run against Trump: ‘Somebody needs to run'”


  7. Trying to hide their dirty deeds from public view.


    “Breaking from normal practice, the Palm Beach County elections supervisor banned media from filming and photographing the high-profile midterm election ballot review process amid allegations of “incompetence” by Gov. Rick Scott.

    The camera ban prompted an attorney for NBC Universal to interrupt the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board and object to the meeting, calling it “illegal.”

    Tensions flared Friday morning when Bucher threatened to have camera operators and newspaper reporters arrested for filming ballot tabulation as Palm Beach County. The meeting at least half a dozen television cameras and even more reporters as Palm Beach County is one of the last in Florida to report unofficial results in an election with three tight statewide races. Bucher accused several reporters of illegally taking pictures and videos of signatures on the envelopes of mail ballots.

    Reporters repeatedly assured Bucher that they were filming the board members from a safe distance as they examined ballots and decided whether to toss or count them. Signatures were not visible in any Palm Beach Post photos.

    Still, Bucher insisted that she’d bring officers to forcibly remove any member of the media who filmed the process.

    Despite objections from reporters, the canvassing board insisted that the meeting not be filmed or photographed.”


  8. This is the kinda thing they want to hide.

    Counting Dem votes twice?


    “Broward’s elections supervisor accidentally mixed more than a dozen rejected ballots with nearly 200 valid ones, a circumstance that is unlikely to help Brenda Snipes push back against Republican allegations of incompetence.

    The mistake — for which no one had a solution Friday night — was discovered after Snipes agreed to present 205 provisional ballots to the Broward County canvassing board for inspection. She had initially intended to handle the ballots administratively, but agreed to present them to the canvassing board after Republican attorneys objected.

    “We have found no clear authority controlling the situation faced by the board,” said Broward County Attorney Andrew Meyers.

    On Election Day, Broward County collected more than 600 provisional ballots. The vast majority were declared invalid by the county’s canvassing board judges for reasons ranging from registering to vote too late to previously voting to voting at the wrong precinct.

    But a couple hundred provisional ballots were held in limbo. Those ballots were the result of a connectivity issue in the system that precincts use to look up voter registrations, said Pat Nesbit, the elections day operations manager for Broward County. Voters would swipe their ID and the precinct system would show they weren’t registered voters. But when staffers called the Broward elections headquarters, the voter’s registration would appear. Precinct workers had those 205 voters fill out provisional ballots.”

    On Election Day, Broward election staffers set those 205 votes aside, removed the anonymous ballots from their signed envelopes and counted them up in a voting machine that didn’t add those numbers to the final vote count. The elections department didn’t originally intend to have the canvassing board review those votes, but after uproar from lawyers for the Republican Party, the office handed them over to the board, which usually reviews ballots still in the envelopes.

    On Friday, the three-person canvassing board — on which Snipes usually sits — found about 20 of those 205 votes had mismatched signatures and declared them illegal. That means there are at least 20 illegal votes mixed into an anonymous pile of 205, all sitting in a machine that counted them but did not add them to the final count.

    “The ballots cannot be identified,” Snipes confirmed when a lawyer for the Republican Party asked.

    Republican Party lawyers immediately pressed Snipes about the future of those 205 votes and if they’d be counted. Snipes declined to answer and continued judging signatures on remaining ballots. There is no statute guiding what happens next.”


  9. Huh. Nailed it in this case.

    ““Great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice,” Karl Marx (I know, I know) wrote in 1852, “the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” Marx may have been all wet on everything else, but he pretty much nailed Broward County and Florida elections.”


    “How tough was it to set aside the 20 invalid ballots in a manner where they weren’t confused with the rest? It would only take a little physical separation to keep the two sets separate. Even a child could manage that task.

    At best this is rank incompetence. At worst, it looks like an attempt to evade the signature requirements that prevent voter fraud from impacting election results. The problem with chalking it up to incompetence in Broward is that Broward’s track record of “mistakes” in elections are so aggressively incompetent — and all in the same direction. Put that together with Snipes’ refusal to comply with court orders demanding that she follow Florida election law and report outstanding ballot totals, and it doesn’t look like incompetence at all. It looks like deliberate corruption.

    The Miami Herald apparently thinks this is just a humorous pratfall in Broward, following the Marxian formula in history repeating itself as farce. Well, the term farce might apply more broadly than the comfort zone of the Herald’s editors.

    As of 11 am ET this morning, the gaps in the two Florida races look stable. Ron DeSantis still leads by 36,000 votes in the gubernatorial race, and Rick Scott’s lead in the Senate race is just under 15,000 votes. Those leads are far too large to get reversed in a recount, unless Brenda Snipes gets put in charge of it — and the Miami Herald covers it.”


  10. Our guy could not get through. Apparently, the golf carts were grounded.

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  11. So how much damage can the guy do while he is pouting in his hotel?


  12. @2:46 It seems to me that professional NTers and many others practice un-Philipians 4:8 for a living–perhaps much of the media does this:

    …. whatever things are untrue, whatever things are ignoble, whatever things are unjust, whatever things are impure, whatever things are unlovely, whatever things are of bad report, if there is any vice and if there is anything unpraiseworthy—meditate on these things (and spread them around at every opportunity). And by all means impute these things to your enemies wherever they cannot be found occurring in reality.

    What a sad choice of endeavor and labor. Ricky, you better remind your friends that thinking stupid thoughts will eventually make them stupid. If you’re not careful that may be Trump’s real legacy: tuning you ‘smart people’ into a bunch of babbling baboons.

    I just got Sasse’s book “Them” in the mail, but I haven’t started it yet. I’m sure I’ll have lots of quotes to share in a few days. :–)

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  13. Since I don’t watch TV news, there are some names in the news that I don’t know how to correctly pronounce. Is Sasse pronounced like Sass or Sassy? Or something else? How is Nunes pronounced? Noons? Or does it have a Spanish sound to it?


  14. Its rather small minded to focus not on record but on image. However, Trudeau and Trump thrive on image and personality. Its the initial reason for their success. Thus, people spend inordinate time criticizing appearances.

    In Canada, Trudeau is frequently criticized by conservatives for small minded things. Sort of a mirror to Trump and US politics. In this case it appears Trudeau scores a victory and his supporters will remind Trump loving conservatives in Canada.

    And if this occured ten years ago with Harper showing up Obama, I’m quite sure FOX would give it 24 hr coverage.

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  15. AJ,

    We all know Florida can’t run an election. Next time, Florida should ask for UN observers. Or better yet, ask the Carter Center to run the election….they’ve run successful elections under far worse conditions.

    To be fair to Broward county, some of the mail in ballots they discovered were in a post office that was locked down as it was used by the mail bomber.

    Georgia should also have asked for outside assistance. You can’t have one canidate in charge of his own election. Even Erdogan and Putin go through the motions of an independent commission.

    Curious is it common for the media to film the count? I know in 2000 they were in the room but they were quite far away. It seems to compromise the secrecy of the ballot if they’re too close.


  16. Do we know for a fact that Trump cancelled because of the rain?

    Kathaleena – Thanks. That’s how I was pronouncing them in my head, but I wasn’t sure if I had them right. 🙂


  17. This is why it is never a good idea to elect an imbecile as your President:

    Somewhere in the requirements for being the Leader of the Free World, there is a tiny requirement that you know the difference between the Baltic States and the Balkans. That task should be made easier if your most recent wife is from the Balkans.


  18. This is actually satire, but Trumpkins can feel free to use it as the Official Cult Response:

    I must now follow old Popehat.


  19. Ricky is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of internet response to Trump’s absence. Given his age, i might give him a break if he had built up some credibility elsewhere or previously but……

    Even if you object to WW1 and Remembrance Day on moral grounds (I have friends who do), there’s still no excuse not to honour the grunts who died in the trenches.

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  20. The two stories together are interesting. Trump is very protective of his hair and joked last week about cancelling a cult rally when it got wet. However, Melania could have held an umbrella to protect him. Le Monde is The New York Times of France, and broke the hilarious Baltics/Balkans story on the day Trump arrived. I suspect that HRW can tell us if the Left-wing equivalents of Alex Jones, Hannity and The Black Sparrow are spreading the rumor that Trump secretly met with Putin while the other leaders were honoring their heroes in the rain. However, I think Trump was mad about the Le Monde story and just stayed in his room to pout. Maggie Haberman will soon let us know the truth.


  21. I try to give seniors the benefit of the doubt but its difficult in this case.

    Apparently the weather made it difficult to use a helicopter as planned and there were no real contingency plans to use a motorcade. Now this may be a legit excuse but that points to incompetence on the part of his staff. Plan Bs should always be planned.

    Seeing as how the other world leaders adapted to the weather, the lack of a US appearance points to either an unwillingness on Trump’s part or staff incompetence.

    No conspiracy theories from the left but they are contrasting the other leaders to Trump. The US is not looking good here.


  22. Oh Boo Hoo.

    Like Ricky and Kristol care about the Marines’ birthday or any of that, other than to try and make it about bashing Trump. Save the faux pearl clutching for ladies tea Ricky, where it’s more appropriate.

    The one trick ponies ride again. Yawn.


  23. Since you guys are so interested, I’ve dug up a dishy scoop on “Donald Trump’s Bizarre Hairdo Finally Explained”. The page also has links to stimulating stories such as “Celebs Whose Teeth Are So Bad You Almost Feel Sorry For Them” , Why We’re Worried About Baby Dream Kardashian”, and oh lookie there’s also a piece entitled “Honey Boo Boo Has Changed a Lot Since You Last Saw Her”. This reading list should keep Ricky and HRW busy at least for the rest of the weekend. ;–)



  24. I like the way The Trump Cult has now started using the phrase “pearl clutching” as much as Dear Leader types “councel” or blurts out “Witch Hunt”! I have no idea idea what The Cult means by the phrase and I suspect individual cultists can no more explain what they mean by the phrase than they can define “globalist”. No doubt Hannity or The Black Sparrow made it popular. I would think that it might have come from Diamond and Silk except it is hard to think of words that rhyme with “clutching”? Perhaps we can all try to help with that.

    HRW, High officials from several other administrations have explained over the past few hours that there is always a “Plan B” to move the President to important events if weather or other factors intervene. This wasn’t staff incompetence. This was Trump. All he had to do was show up and he couldn’t even do that.


  25. Ricky,

    Do try to keep up.

    Pearl clutching…


    From the image of a genteel woman clutching her pearl necklace in shock.

    Prim, prudish, or easily offended.”


    Pearl clutcher,….

    pearl-clutcher (plural pearl-clutchers)

    (idiomatic, derogatory) A prim, prudish, or easily offended person.”


    Now sit down before you faint and bump your head.


  26. The victims’ families should sue the snot out of county that violated federal law by releasing this criminal. This was avoidable had they followed the law.



  27. I suspect that if Obama were still president, and did not attend the ceremony commemorating 100 years since the end of World War I, Trump supporters would be up in arms about it.

    Unless some other information comes out giving us a good reason for skipping the ceremony, this does make President Trump look bad.

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  28. Funny.

    I’m just the opposite. Whether Trump or Obama, I would think the President has more pressing matters than yet another PR ceremony.


  29. It has been fascinating to watch our allies (both the leaders and the people) react to the election and presidency of Trump over the last two years. You can see them asking:

    1. Surely most Americans are not as stupid, corrupt and selfish as Trump, but they elected him to be their leader, so maybe they are.

    2. Surely Americans would never again elect a President who is so childish, unstable and ignorant in all matters from economics to history to geography to spelling, but they did so once and maybe they will again.

    3. Surely Americans will regain at least a portion of their intelligence, integrity and decency, but they have shown no sign of that happening to this point.

    Therefore, we (Germans, Canadians, Japanese, Australians, etc) must make alternative plans regarding our economic and military security since it appears that the Americans may have lost their minds.


  30. Granted it would be better if he showed up for the ceremony. But really,just tjink of the scintillating national —nay, international —conversations about hair and bad hair and combovers! We would have missed all this! And the night is young, so I am not without hope that you may yet work in some mention of the famed unibrow.

    Carry on. :–)


  31. I’m with Howard Zinn on WW1 and Remembrance Day; WW1 was started by inept bumbling, led by incompetence and fought by the poor for the benefit of the rich. It was not to keep world safe for democracy or any other propaganda used to justify it and repeated ad nauseam at memorials. However, that is not a reason not to respect the men who died especially as a leader of a participating country. Despite my attitude towards I still have my students participate respectfully at Remembrance assemblies. Its the dignified thing to do.

    This is not a mere PR exercise like G7 photo op, these war anniversaries are quiet dignified memorials. Watch the news coverage. The Europeans on either end of the political spectrum take this very seriously. I just dropped a Dutch niece off at the airport. She votes GreenLeft (about as far left without voting communist) but last night she asked where the memorial would take place. The Netherlands wasn’t even in WW1 but they observe it. As a leader of a major country, you do not miss these events.

    And lets be honest there’s no way the right wing media would ignore this of Obama. They threw a fit when he saluted with a coffee cup.

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  32. There has been no response from either the White House or The Cult on the Baltic/Balkans story. Their implicit position seems to be that proposed yesterday:

    “Only globalists know the difference between foreign places.”

    Any person who desires that his/her President have a sixth-grader’s knowledge of geography is regarded as a “pearl clutcher” by the know-nothing Trumpkins. Trump’s level of knowledge seems to perfectly match that of his followers. It is the first time I can remember when the leader of a nation is actually dumber than the average citizen of his country.


  33. No, you’re regarded as a pearl clutcher because you act like a prudish old woman at times, but only when it suits your Trump bashing needs.

    And just because you’re as smart as a sixth grader, that doesn’t mean you need to act like one when not pearl clutching. You go one extreme or the other. They make meds for that ya know. Just a little FYI. 🙂


  34. Sixth graders know it is “you’re”.


  35. Just a reminder….

    Without us the surrender monkeys would be speaking German.

    And I could care less if their delicate sensibilities are offended by truth. As a veteran, I could care less what some rear echelon whiners who never put their butts on the line have to say. Nor do I see a need to celebrate with them.


    “President Trump was right to tweet an outraged response Saturday to remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron after Macron said in a radio interview that France and Europe need an army to defend against America, Russia and China.

    By saying that “we have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Macron naively paints America as a potential enemy. In so doing, he ignores the hundreds of thousands of American lives sacrificed on French and European soil to save the free world during World War I and World War II.

    Landing in France Saturday to join leaders of other nations in ceremonies commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, President Trump tweeted: “President Macron of France has just suggested that Europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the U.S., China and Russia. Very insulting, but perhaps Europe should first pay its fair share of NATO, which the U.S. subsidizes greatly!”

    Macron could not have levied a greater insult at America and its veterans on this 100th anniversary of the armistice signed between the Allies and Germany on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 to end World War I and, ironically, save Europe.

    The French and U.S. presidents met Saturday and Macron tried to backpedal from his earlier comments, saying he had been misunderstood, and that what he really meant was the Europeans needed to spend more on their own defense and be less dependent on America to defend them, as President Trump has called on them to do.

    Nonetheless, Macron’s diplomatic moonwalking does not alleviate his insult to American veterans.”


  36. Wrong. Without the few remaining 90+ year old WWII veterans and their millions of dead comrades, the French would be speaking German (or Russian as Stalin might have marched to The English Channel).

    The Greatest Generation could read and use logic. They could do math. They knew the difference between “your” and “you’re” and the Balkans and the Baltic States.

    The Greatest Generation never elected a President as stupid or dishonest as Trump.


  37. Actually without the Soviets, the French would be speaking German. The eastern front was a horror show that bled Germany until there was little to fight the western allies. The USSR lost 8 million soldiers and 24 million civilians. It is the Soviets not the US or the British Empire that deserves the credit.


  38. HRW, Yes. The Russians did most of the fighting, and most historians now agree that the Russians could have defeated the Germans without the help of the other Allies. I think that would have been very close. However, D-Day and Midway (which allowed the US to focus 90% of its resources on Germany) were critical in restoring the postwar freedom of Western Europe.
    Had D-Day not taken place and taken place when it did (a year later would have been too late), the Russians would probably have kept marching to the west and some of the Germans would have kept fighting and retreating all the way to (and probably into) Spain.

    I have a friend whose father was in one of those carrier based torpedo squadrons that was almost wiped out before the dive bombers sunk the first of the three Japanese carriers at Midway. Most of his comrades were killed and his son said that his father was never the same after that day. However, it is likely that his actions helped prevent communism from dominating Western Europe for many decades. Had Midway been a US defeat, I don’t think Roosevelt would have been able to keep the 90/10 allocation of resources agreed to with Churchill.


  39. Churchill and the entire British Empire also deserve tremendous credit for not making a separate peace with Hitler in the summer of 1940 after the fall of France. For a year, the British stood alone as the Russians had made a pact with Hitler, annexed the Baltic States and invaded Finland. If the Brits had allowed Hitler to possess or share the oil of the Middle East, the war on the Eastern Front might have ended differently.


  40. Nope. Seven justices (out of nine) on an unelected court did that. From a legal standpoint, that was what was clearly wrong with Roe v. Wade. The decision removed the power of the people of the various states to keep abortion illegal in their states.

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