55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-8-18

  1. Good morning! Finishing up another night shift. 4 more weeks of school. I have signed up for my classes for the spring semester. I only have 1 prerequisite to take, but am trying to take others so that I can come out of this with a BSN.

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  2. Did any of you grow up reading the Sugar Creek Gang books? That is the Sugar Creek in Indiana from the books. Paul Hutchens (the author) grew up a few miles from there, with a bunch of brothers who became the “gang” of young friends of the books.

    That’s also how green it was in central Indiana the last week of October when we went away for our anniversary a couple days after it. There’s usually a whole lot more color in those trees by the last third of October!

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  3. Read at least one of the Sugar Creek gang books in my youth.

    Ah, Knoxville – memories of grimy college dorms, wild thunderstorms, and an arena filled with misguided members of ATI hanging on Gothard’s every word. Although, ATI portrayed higher education as unnecessary and dangerous, the organization still used the UofT facilities for their conferences.

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  4. Kim! What are you doing in Knoxville?
    Knoxville is just a short distance from our old home in Hendersonville. though there are some big mountains in between.
    If you are there a while, you may want to visit Pigeon Forge. It’s mostly shopping and shows, but Elvera liked it.

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  5. My daughter got married in Pigeon Forge. Busy place, but fun.

    There is a museum that features Atomic City. My daughter bought a book on it for me when they were at the museum a couple of years ago.

    The scenery looks familiar. Our leaves were not as beautiful this year, but they were still breathtaking in some areas. The tamaracks were golden as usual.

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  6. I woke up to see we had a mass shooting in LA area late last night or early this morning? Our sister paper and breaking news team are scrambling, looks like editors were in by 5 a.m. I was up kind of late (until 11) and didn’t see anything come over the news at that point, must have happened later.

    Horrible, it’s all so awful, always. 😦

    Shooter was a former Marine who killed himself.

    Welcome to Thursday.

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  7. It’s Thursday afternoon already, and lawyers are squabbling over vote count. Hasten the finality of it all! Kemp won thanks to all who still live in the country in GA. As if enough has not already been spent on the ads for the election, I hope they do not plan to spend more on a suit. Hollywood, go home. Oh! I forgot. Atlanta is Hollywood, Jr.

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  8. Miss Bosley is with me every possible moment since she got retrieved from boarding for six nights. She is one loyal kitty. I can’t believe it has almost been five years that we’ve had her. She is the most expensive Christmas gift I have ever received. And the most precious.

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  9. It’s laundry day along with writing day. I am trying to figure out how it can be escape from cooking day.

    That is a beautiful area on the header. Cheryl gets some lovely photos. We saw some beautiful scenery in TX and along the way there. With Art driving, I got to see more than usual. The really flat stretch along I-20 is mind-clearing for city folks who have so many buildings lining the roads. It’s so nice to see the earth for a change.

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  10. Last night we were watching TV and a Christmas commercial came on. I started to grumble until KJ reminded me that the campaign ads are gone. It made me very thankful that we get to see Christmas commercials now.

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  11. And, since egg whites went into the roll dough, it only makes sense to get a couple more egg whites to make meringues. And then, because there are now four egg yolks, one will have to do something with them….cookies perhaps…..

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  12. I’m home for 17 more hours and then off to Salt Lake City to a family wedding. My daughter will meet me there and we should have fun with all my Italian relatives.

    Speaker conference left me with lots to think about. They gave me a launch for Poppy there which was fun.

    Why would I be sleeping?

    I can’t even think of all the things I have to do . . . . where’s the list I left??? LOL

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  13. Kevin, I am (voluntarily) watching Hallmark Christmas movies this week when I get home from work. They’re actually a very good ‘escape’ 🙂

    That Miss Bosley, what a great cat 🙂

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  14. Last night’s movie featured lots of snow, a charming town and a spunky and talented and caring heroine who falls in love with the local billionaire who also is very selfless and handsome and lives in a gorgeous mansion. That is nicely and completely painted, I might add.

    Yeah, my life looks a lot like that … 🙂

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  15. Meanwhile, the guardians of Facebook continue their rampage among innocents. This is a sweet author I actually know.

    Angela Mills’ book is called “Bless Your Husband.”

    Did you know that FB has a new policy that you can’t advertise anything with a word pertaining to only one gender? My ad account got shut down because I boosted a post about Bless Your Husband. In the post, I said something about “for wives,” because I didn’t know about this policy.

    They shut my account down with zero explanation. I appealed it and they got back to me and said my appeal was denied and I should consider it permanent, and that they don’t want business from accounts like mine.

    They never did tell me why exactly, but after researching their policies, I figured it out based on the post that triggered it.

    Oh, and this happened during the launch week of my book.

    I’m wondering how long it is before this policy effects groups as well, so I’m thinking of changing the name of my group from Bless Your Husband to something else.

    I’m also thinking I need to really have a better back up plan. It’s taken me a while to share this here because I’ve been so frustrated and upset with this. But I want to save you guys the trouble. Don’t advertise anything that specifically states it’s for one gender.”

    M again. Another friend reported the Bible Book Cafe also has run into trouble and she removed the word Bible from the title. 😦


  16. Art is the one who controls the remote. While on our trip and in hotel rooms, he would turn on the Hallmark Christmas movies. Last year at Hilton Head while snowed in, he would do the same. This has been a pleasant surprise to me.

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  17. It’s odd because I used to shun the Hallmark fare, holiday or not. But last year, exhausted and immersed in what was still an endless house upheaval with more projects to come, I found them to be a welcome escape at Christmas time.


  18. Michelle, that is so crazy about FB — are these specifically ‘ad’ accounts? Or do they count people simply recommending a book or whatever on their own personal page?

    (And Cheryl’s right, ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ now are really genderless terms in the culture.)


  19. I remember one of our reporters, in 2008, I think it was, arguing with the editor to keep the husband/wife terminology in a story she’d done about a gay couple.

    I thought that’s nuts, “partner” is the correct term we should keep using.

    But then when gay marriage was approved, the edict came down that the terms of ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ could and should be used in stories where a couple who was legally married preferred using them.

    Reporter was just ahead of her time, I guess. The rest of us are still trying to get used to it.


  20. One wonders if Facebook would have conveniently “forgotten” about their policy if the post had been “for husbands” and the title of the book had been Bless Your Husband, Husband.


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  21. So today is another teacher workday with meetings this morning. We have one day like this each term. But… we did go to Lapilo, New Tribes place, just two weeks ago for our professional focus weekend.

    Now, this week, two days ago, the government of PNG declared next Friday a national holiday in honor of APEC, the Asia Pacific Economic Council! It is a very big deal, but a last minute holiday is interesting.

    Many of us are wondering why they are having it here. The international airport has very limited space, not room for the airplanes coming. If Trump had come, there is no way Port Moresby could have handled it. Mike Pence is coming. The government has rented three cruise ships to have rooms for folks, at 1,000 beds each. We are not flying to the capital of Moresby this whole month, no mail. I hear there is no room for our plane to make it to the hangar. Some embassy’s are having folks stay in Australia and fly up each day.

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  22. Need to catch up on the comments here, but jumping in to say that we have places like the one in the header here in the east, too.

    The difference would probably be that away from a place like that, we have more hills, and the midwest has more flat land. I remember being amazed at the hills and trees here in northern Connecticut when we moved back from the midwest, where I’d grown up (although born here).


  23. Michelle, I don’t see how the 3:04 has anything to do with #MeToo. ?? The women are saying this is an “unitended consequence” of the laws against sex discrimination, so they are working to “reword” the laws. That makes no sense at all, to me. Either you can have male-only and female-only events and organizations, or you can have neither. (I vote for the first.) You can’t say “female-only is OK, but male-only is sexist.” It isn’t an “unintended consequence” of the law, but it is the law. Yes, women should be able to have events only for women–but men should be able to have events only for men, too.


  24. Today we went to a different grocery store than the one closest to home.While we were in line waiting to check out, I had a chance to notice the cashier (who has served us before). He’s a man with fairly soft features and long hair (shoulder length), which seems to be very much “in” for both men and women right now. He has a bald spot and therefore must be male (too young to be a balding woman), but today I noticed he also has breasts–not large ones, but he’s in his thirties or forties and thin, so he wouldn’t have “moobs,” and if he did, he wouldn’t wear his shirt tight enough for them to be fairly noticeable. So I was pondering is this a man undergoing hormone treatment and now growing breasts? When we checked out, I noticed he was wearing fingernail polish–but polish that hadn’t received any attention for a couple of weeks, not polish of someone working overtime to be feminine. The name on his nametag is male. So perhaps he is someone identifying as non-binary and purposely playing it right down the middle. At any rate, it occurred to me that today a business really cannot require male employees to wear their hair short, desist from use of fingernail polish, etc.

    I also have a friend who has an infant grandson, born to her unmarried teen daughter (19). Photos she has sent me show one surprising detail: the baby’s ears are pierced. I’ve seen baby girls with pierced ears, mostly commonly Hispanic babies. But this is a black baby boy, and I’ve never seen a baby boy with pierced ears. (I was surprised when I saw a boy around seven with pierced ears a few months ago, and pale blue jewels in them. That had been the youngest male I’d seen with them, and I figured he must be declaring himself to be a girl, but with his parents limiting what he can wear in public, to be wearing such things.) Wouldn’t earrings be something you’d want to make sure your son wanted? Are earrings on infant boys a “thing” now?


  25. Husband got to go to a parent teacher conference today….for seventeen year old son. Who goes to those for eleventh graders???


  26. Both young boys and girls have their ears pierced in Hindu culture. It isn’t as if earrings are inherently male or female, as they have been used for both sexes since time immemorial.

    Klinefelters syndrome and androgen insensitivity syndrome are two medical conditions that cause males to develop breast tissue and other female characteristics; there is no cure for either, as both are congenital conditions.


  27. Roscuro, I was wondering about something like that. The young man seems to be good at his job; I’m just not used to seeing men with fingernail polish.

    I do understand that men today sometimes wear earrings (though I don’t like them on men); I just assume an infant is a girl if I see pierced ears. And such a tiny percentage of males in our culture have pierced ears that one would think it’s better to let him decide for himself on that one.


  28. The new photo at the top is one I’ve looked to get for a long time, a cedar waxwing with a red berry in its beak.

    Now, my “dream” photo had an adult waxwing (this is a juvenile) from a side view, showing red wingtips and yellow tail tips. But that is also the standard, almost cliche waxwing photo. This one shows the red berry and a whole lot more berries, and multiple green leaves.

    I’ve seen a lot of waxwings this fall, but they are shy birds, and when I saw them feeding among the berries, invariably they moved back into the leaves a way, where they cannot be photographed. It’s a lot easier to get pictures of the juveniles, which are less wary. In this case, a good number of them were feeding among the berries a bit of a distance down the path. I had to use the zoom lens to get any pictures, which means they aren’t going to show every feather of the bird. But getting them with a zoom is so much better than not getting them at all, and I was thrilled to pull up my photos when I got home and find quite a number of good photos. Probably some year I will get the “classic” shot, but I’m quite pleased with this one.


  29. In all of our years of schooling, I don’t recall it really being offered in the upper grades unless the student was in serious trouble. So I have been to a few. But never for children that were doing well in school I thought they were only for when extra attention was indicated.


  30. I’m watching a Hallmark Christmas movie again tonight. Last night I fell asleep halfway through the first movie and slept through the second movie. Then I watched the last half of the first movie. Poor husband watched Christmas movies all night (not really, he was doing other stuff but they were on in the background)

    I didn’t read the Sugar Creek gang books until we had children. Husband read them growing up. It’s neat to see the actual creek 🙂

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  31. Oh, cute bird pic! And the other one is very peaceful and serene. It looks like a wonderful place to sit and rest awhile.

    We have 3 fires in the state (at least), including one near the same area where the shootings happened, which is just crazy. Co-worker’s girlfriend’s parents lost their house today, meanwhile, in the northern California fire.

    And now there are protest marches nationwide …

    Who can keep up?


  32. I was gasping at the site of all those roof tiles being hacked into — until someone said they were just “plastic.” Whew.


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