Prayer Requests 11-8-18

It’s Thursday, so don’t forget to pray for Jo, her students, and the people of PNG.

Anyone else?

Psalm 93

The Lord reigns, he is robed in majesty;
    the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength;
    indeed, the world is established, firm and secure.
Your throne was established long ago;
    you are from all eternity.

The seas have lifted up, Lord,
    the seas have lifted up their voice;
    the seas have lifted up their pounding waves.
Mightier than the thunder of the great waters,
    mightier than the breakers of the sea—
    the Lord on high is mighty.

Your statutes, Lord, stand firm;
    holiness adorns your house
    for endless days.

16 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 11-8-18

  1. Please pray for husband as he runs the P.A.R.E. (fitness test) today. He’s sure he won’t pass as he has to do it in 4.5 minutes. The standard for RCMP recruits (read 20 year olds) is to run it in 4 minutes flat. For some reason his law enforcement agency is the only one in Canada that insists its members run it every 3 years, most only have to run it once at those levels. Husband is 53. He has the smarts to outwit criminals without that extremely high level of fitness. His mindset is good, he’s relaxed but it is a stressful thing. If he doesn’t pass he gets a personal (remote) trainer for 3 months and then he tries again. Pray his knees won’t be too painful, nor his shoulder. Thank you.

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  2. Prayers for those who have lost loved ones and are otherwise affected by the shooting in California; prayer for the nation in light of the darkness that sometimes seems so prevalent around us.

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  3. Yesterday Nightingale mentioned that she had not yet received a bill for her new car insurance, and wondered what was going on. Then she looked at the mail, and found a notice from the company telling her they had cancelled her policy due to lack of payment!

    She got in touch with her insurance broker, who said he would look into it and try to resolve it for her. Please pray she doesn’t get pulled over for anything in the meantime, and that the broker is able to get her back on it tout de suite.

    A while back I asked you to pray that she would be deemed eligible for health insurance through her work, since that would be a lot cheaper than the Obamacare kind. She has been deemed eligible, and has signed up for it. That was a relief.

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  4. I can’t remember if I mentioned this yet, but I kind of think I did, so please excuse me for repeating myself.

    Chickadee told me that she has told her therapist several times that she thinks she may be autistic in some way (what used to be called Asperger’s Syndrome, in particular), but the therapist thinks it is merely a case of her anxiety and depression mimicking those traits. The therapist has not done any diagnostic assessment on her, though.

    Everyone in my family, including my niece who has some schooling in recognizing such things, is convinced that Chickadee is somewhere on the autism spectrum. This is frustrating to know that someone who could help is not bothering to even assess her properly. Nightingale thinks that the reason the doses of Chickadee’s medications are so high, without much noticeable difference, is because they are not treating the actual underlying cause. (Nightingale has mentioned that the dosage of the anti-depressant is “very high”.)

    Nightingale has texted Chickadee about her concerns, and suggested she get a second opinion. I’m thinking, though, that if she feels comfortable with this therapist, she would be very reluctant to switch.

    Please pray for wisdom for my Chickadee, that she will be more proactive in getting real help for herself.

    There is something else that has me wondering about this therapist, but I’ll have to write about that in a little while, because I have to get The Boy up the lane in a bit to go with his dad.

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  5. Here’s the other thing I wondered about. Is it considered appropriate for a therapist to suggest a patient/client apply for SSI (Supplemental Security Income, which is for disabled adults or children with low income)? I’m not sure about this. (I’m assuming her disability is her anxiety, which in her is debilitating at times.)

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  6. “For some reason his law enforcement agency is the only one in Canada that insists its members run it every 3 years, most only have to run it once at those levels. Husband is 53. He has the smarts to outwit criminals without that extremely high level of fitness…”

    Another example of dumb rules supplanting common sense. Prayers for your hubby, Kare, and that those who can change that policy would see the folly of that requirement. They need both speedy bodies and sharp, experienced minds among their force.

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  7. Kizzie, why wouldn’t it be appropriate, if she believes she qualifies?

    I mean, personally I think that telling a young person “You have anxiety, and we can’t fix it, so you’ll have to live with it” isn’t a very good solution, but it does seem kind of standard today.

    Have you had a chance to talk with Chickadee about what kind of job she would like to do, and whether she needs help applying, and so forth?

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  8. Husband was 33 seconds over the time to qualify. But he finished and he finished well, if too slowly. I’m proud of him. We’re hoping and praying that the policy will change before February and he won’t ever have to do it again. (not holding our breath though). He survived but he has a good case of PARE cough right now. (They go so hard that everyone is coughing at the end – is it the gym air or…?) He’s not the only one to suffer from post-PARE cough.

    He’s also considering cortisone injections in his knees before the next try, if necessary as his slowness had mostly to do with the stair portions and the getting up from deliberately falling. – he said the hardest part was at the very end.

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  9. Why not turn it into a loving question? “How do you envision your future? What would you like to do with your life if you could do anything? What would be your dream job?”

    I’ve found treating them like an adult with whom you’re having a conversation and just listening can result in surprising answers.

    But they have to trust you don’t have a hidden agenda.

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  10. Cheryl – My wondering about it was because I wasn’t sure if that was appropriate or not.

    Michelle and Cheryl – Asking her those kinds of questions is tricky, because she sometimes freezes up from certain questions or gets angry due to the anxiety over how to answer the question. That is something I’ve seen in her for quite a while, and when I was skimming a book about “Aspie Girls” (girls and women with Asperger’s Syndrome), that trait was mentioned. Reading that was kind of an “Aha!” moment, as I realized that could very well be why she is that way.

    When I do ask her casual questions about her hopes for the future, she usually gets tense. But it has been a while since I’ve tried asking, so maybe I will test the waters next time we’re together, and see if I can ask again.

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  11. But my biggest concern is that she hasn’t even bothered to do an assessment on Chickadee. I guess I’ve already been skeptical about this therapist since she allowed Chickadee to have her BFF (the younger McK daughter) in the sessions with her. I hope that was very temporary.

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