20 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-2-18

  1. Still digging….


  2. Dirty tricks…..


    “Authorities are investigating fake voter guides promoting Democrat Robert (Beto) O’Rourke that were placed in Christian churches across Texas.

    “They tried to deceive the people of God in the house of God,” Vision America president John Graves said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “They are trying to influence elections through deceit.”

    Vision America is a Christian ministry that provides voter guides to churches and people of faith across the nation. In 2016, the sent out more than 5 million voter guides.

    Graves said his organization received calls from a number of churches in Texas from pastors who noticed the Vision America voter guides had been altered.

    “They kept our logo, our look, our colors, but they flipped the issues of the candidates,” Graves said. “The fake voter guides clearly favored O’Rourke. They made Ted Cruz look like he was pro-abortion.”

    He said it’s flat-out voter fraud and he believes whoever is responsible violated civil and criminal statutes.

    “I’ve been around this type of work for 20 years and I’ve never seen anyone go to this level of deceit and dishonesty to try to deceive Christians,” Graves said on the nationally-syndicated radio show.

    He said the churches were targeted in what appears to be a coordinated attack – and in several cases the suspects were captured on video surveillance footage.”


  3. And illegal politicking…


    “A series of last-minute direct-mail pieces are seeking to depress Republican turnout in key congressional races, and whoever is behind the mailers is a mystery, drawing allegations of illegal politicking.

    A pair of recent mailers sent to voters in Montana targets Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

    “If Matt Rosendale gets his way, Montanans will have government drones and patrols hovering outside our windows, keeping an eye on our private lives,” one of the glossy postcards warns. It offers words of support for Rick Breckenridge, the Libertarian candidate who on Wednesday threw his support behind Rosendale’s candidacy.

    That mail piece, and another one hitting Rosendale on trade policy, contain no “paid for by” disclaimers as required of any political committee sending such mailers. But they do list one key piece of information: the U.S. Postal Service code WC MLG 08899. The numbers are simply a ZIP Code—this one an area in Edison, New Jersey—but the preceding letters correspond to a specific sender.

    That doesn’t necessarily tell us who paid for the mailers, but it does suggest at the very least a common vendor with other recent mail pieces that have used the same code.

    In a memo released to reporters Wednesday, the Rosendale campaign identified the company Allied Printing Resources as its suspected culprit, citing its offices near Edison and its work with Democratic organizations this cycle and in the past—particularly the League of Conservation Voters, for which Allied produced direct-mail pieces backing Sen. Jon Tester’s 2012 re-election bid.”


  4. Something to keep in mind as you head to the voting booth.


    “At this moment in history, the Democratic Party belongs to those who hate our institutions, hate the limits of our system of government, and hate America’s way of life.

    “Hillary Clinton is right. We cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what America stands for. She’s right that we must fight against politicians and activists who degrade the rule of law, seek to delegitimize our elections, spread corruption, attack truth and reason, and try to undermine our national unity. A defiant, defensive, and dystopian political party must be met with determined aggression, not niceties. But she’s living in upside-down world if she believes that’s the Republican Party.

    Two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, there is no question the Democratic Party is on the side of those working to undermine the American system of government and the American way of life.

    When they didn’t get the president they wanted in 2016, Democrats attacked the legitimacy of our election and of the Electoral College. They questioned the integrity of the result and boycotted his inauguration. They encouraged electors to go rogue and overturn the election, and moved to abolish the Electoral College, disregarding its purpose of preventing mob rule. As they undermined faith in the American electoral process in these and other ways, they helped Vladimir Putin achieve one of his primary election-meddling goals.

    Democrats weaponized the FBI and the Justice Department in hopes of taking down Trump, or at least of bogging him down in investigations and a cloud of suspicion that would undermine the legitimacy of his presidency. Some who are paid to implement the president’s agenda continue to brag about efforts to sabotage him from within the administration.

    When Trump nominated a Supreme Court justice they didn’t like, Democrats disrespected the confirmation process by withholding information, then tried to destroy the nominee’s life by means of an unsubstantiated allegation. Their allies in the press attacked the structure of the Senate and urged them to pack the court. When the nominee was confirmed according to the rules of the Senate, they attacked the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

    This is the party that wants to use the military purposed with defending our way of life as a petri dish for progressive social policies. They demand the military enlist men and women with gender dysphoria, then pay for expensive and time-intensive surgeries, and insist women must be in combat roles, regardless of the complications, cost, or potential effects on combat readiness.

    Democrats flout the rule of law on our borders and attack law enforcement agencies. They assert we must allow anyone into the country for any reason, no matter the cost to taxpayers, the terror threat, or the effects on our culture and economy.

    They use their platform in Congress to recklessly attack the concept of due process. They support kangaroo courts on college campuses that deprive men and women of due process in cases of sexual assault, and they absurdly insist any woman who makes a sexual assault allegation must be believed without question.

    Democrats work with those who seek to undermine the institutions of God and family, and they have a special hatred for the Christian view that undergirds the Constitution and has always marked American life. Legal recognition of gay marriage is not enough for them; they demand everyone embrace and cheer on a lifestyle some are bound by conscience not to celebrate.”

    Vote accordingly…..


  5. Desperate, but at least they have their media parrots to keep everyone on message.


    “Readers of AT are likely to have seen the many, many clips of deranged leftists who spew their anti-Trump venom 24-7 on CNN and MSNBC. No reason to name them all – they all say exactly the same things. Each one of them morphs seamlessly into the next one.

    It is hard to imagine the level of their rhetoric being worse than it was throughout the 2016 campaign, but it is. They have gone off the rails, out of their minds. While the published polls show most races in the midterms as very, very close, they may suspect that they are going to lose badly. So bedeviled by Trump’s success in all aspects of the government except illegal immigration, thanks to the Democrats and RINO republicans, they are melting down like the Wicked Witch of the West.

    The left’s accusations have ramped up beyond calling Trump Hitler, Stalin, tyrant, dictator, etc. They call him racist a thousand times a day, even though the man has never said or done a racist thing in his life. You can Google him with Rosa Parks and countless other African-American leaders with whom he has had long and close relationships. These people who are pontificating all day long about Trump’s “racism” are idiots spewing talking points with which they’ve been up-armored in order to turn Americans against the man.

    It’s not working. The more they spout their groundless allegations of racism, homophobia, etc., the more they alienate the Americans who are gladly aware, day after day, of how much Trump has accomplished in just under two years. Their lives are better. The formerly jobless have jobs. The tax cuts have let workers keep more of the money they earn.

    Trump’s detractors are embarrassing themselves, and most Americans are paying no attention to them. These talking heads of the left have rendered themselves irrelevant. So invested in destroying the president, they’ve lost their minds and any sense of journalistic ethics they might once have had.

    There are only four days left before the midterm elections, and the bad behavior of the left media has escalated: fake mailers, fake threats (if you’re a hunter, don’t vote), etc. There is no end, no low too low, for the Democrats; they mean to win by any means necessary. Will all their dirty tricks (false allegations against Kavanaugh as a last-ditch effort to derail his nomination, find a dupe to charge with fake mail bombs) help them win on November 6? Let us hope to God that Americans are not that gullible. Let us pray they realize that the left today hopes for Trump’s failure. His successes are killing them. They are horrified by every economic triumph. These wins make them angrier and more desperate.

    We now know one thing for certain: The left does not care one bit about the daily lives or the prosperity of the 300-plus million American citizens who actually work for their livings, who are happy but not wealthy, who love their families and their country. So desperate now, they are encouraging, fomenting the invasion of thousands of migrants from Central America. This invasion has been organized, choreographed, and funded by leftists, here, there, and everywhere, including the ubiquitous George Soros, whose mission it has been for decades to destroy capitalism.”


  6. More good numbers……

    Superb even…. 🙂


    “Superb October Jobs Report: 250,000 Jobs Added, Wages Increased 3.1%”

    “The labor market continues to strengthen as the economy added 250,000 jobs in October and the unemployment remained steady at 3.7%, a 49-year low.”


  7. Addicts.


    “CNN President Jeff Zucker said his network’s audience would dwindle if its news programming shifted away from covering President Trump.

    In an interview published in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, Zucker said the reason why CNN spends much of the day reporting on Trump’s day-to-day activities and his rhetoric is viewer demand.

    “People say all the time, ‘Oh, I don’t want to talk about Trump, I’ve had too much Trump,’ ” Zucker told Vanity Fair. “And yet at the end of the day, all they want to do is talk about Trump.”

    “We’ve seen that anytime you break away from the Trump story and cover other events in this era, the audience goes away,” he added. “So we know that, right now, Donald Trump dominates.””

    Livin’ rent free in their heads.


  8. I know someone will be crushed. 🙂


    “Somewhere Bill Kristol sobs softly into a pillow. If not Sasse then who?”


    “Don’t say Flake. No one likes him! Plus, instead of promoting him as a reasonable, principled alternative to Trump’s feral populism, dopey liberals would follow their instincts and spend the bulk of the campaign hounding him for his Kavanaugh vote.

    Sasse doesn’t completely rule out a primary challenge, but watch three minutes of the clip below and see for yourself how enthusiastic he sounds. Normally the argument against primarying a president is prudential: It’s silly to go to the great expense and trouble of mounting a national campaign that’s destined to end in landslide defeat. Sasse’s argument is more ideological. He’s a conservative and most Republican voters are not, a painful lesson he’s learned over the last few years. So why would he run? What would be the point? A Reagan ’76 challenge to the incumbent for the soul of the party doesn’t work in this case because that battle was already fought two years ago. Trump won. The Republican soul looks much more like him than it does like Sasse.”



  9. Project Veritas strikes again.

    And now we know who’s helping to fund the caravan of illegals. Democrats of course.

    CONTENT WARNING!!!!! for language.


    “Has the Robert “Beto” O’Rourke campaign illegally converted campaign resources to provide assistance to border crossers? That’s certainly what it looks like in this latest Project Veritas video, where several people discuss and execute a plan to use prepaid credit cards funded by the campaign to buy food and supplies to route to asylum seekers already in the US. That plan was apparently known and approved by O’Rourke’s campaign manager Jody Casey, among others.

    Needless to say, this could create a major legal headache not just for the campaign but for everyone involved in the process:


    “We should distinguish a point or two here. There is nothing illegal about personally providing assistance to asylum seekers (James O’Keefe notes this as well at the end of the video). According to the conversations in the tape, the beneficiaries had been admitted to the US pending resolution of their asylum claims, so they were here legally, at least for the moment. A number of charitable organizations provide assistance under these circumstances already. Had it come out that O’Rourke or his staff were digging into their own pockets do this, it might become a mild political issue (although it would have cheered O’Rourke’s base too), but it wouldn’t be a legal problem.

    What makes this a potential legal problem is the apparent conversion of campaign funds for personal use. That’s quite the no-no, as the FEC would certainly rush to remind O’Rourke and his team, and as PV’s attorney notes in the video. In the video, the staffers discuss falsifying records to cover up the issue, records that are submitted under oath, which creates potential criminal prosecution, as the video also notes. These problems would likely be solved by amending the FEC reports and paying back the money and perhaps paying a fine, one would figure, but only if it had come out in the first place. Without PV’s work, it never would have come to light.”

    Project Veritas, doing the investigative journalism that the MSM refuses to, at least where Dems and illegals are concerned.


  10. What’s not to feel good about? 🙂

    Unless you’re an NTer……

    There’s no need to primary a strong conservative president like Trump. You may not like his style, but he get’s the conservative agenda done.

    If he was any other conservative you guys and the NTers would be ecstatic over all he’s accomplished. He’s getting done what others always promise, but don’t deliver on.

    Trump 2020!



  11. But we don’t want to become “Never anyone else” when it comes to conservative candidates either, right? At some point the conservative movement as a whole needs to consolidate and include more than Trump (or “trumpism”). Otherwise, it’ll be a rather blue future potentially.

    For better or worse, Trump won’t last forever.

    The question needs to be asked, where it all goes from there.

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  12. AJ, this statement, which I believe is true, is what’s a bummer:

    “[Sasse is] a conservative and most Republican voters are not”

    In which case, what comfort are we to take in this other statement I also think is true:

    “The Republican soul looks much more like [Trump] than it does like Sasse”?


  13. Solar,

    I would disagree with the first, most are just more pragmatic about their conservatism and less ideological than most purists would like.

    The second part is just pearl clutching by the author.

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  14. Talk about a narrative crusher…..

    This guy destroys several.



    “His best guess right now is that Democrats will gain 32 seats, enough for a majority but not a large one — and while they could, of course, gain substantially more than that, they might also gain substantially less. There are various factors, starting with the booming economy, working against steep Democratic gains. Fellow elections analyst (and pollster) Kristen Soltis Anderson agrees:

    In a wave election, two things seem to happen: Independents break heavily for one party, and that party’s voters are much more enthused about turning out than the other party’s. In 2006, Democrats won over independent voters by 18 points, and voters who planned to support Democrats were nine points more likely to report being enthusiastic about voting.

    In 2010, it was the opposite; independents favored Republicans by 19 points, and voters who supported Republican candidates were 15 points more enthusiastic in Pew’s polling. Today? Independents favor Democrats on the generic ballot, but by smaller margins than they did in 2006. Furthermore, while interest in voting is way, way up among Democratic voters, the Pew study showed a nearly corresponding spike among Republicans, which additional data suggests brought Republicans to parity post-Kavanaugh confirmation.”


  15. from above story:


    The Supreme Court announced Friday it will hear its first religion case with new Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and decide whether a 40-foot cross that sits at a busy public intersection is a memorial to the war dead or an official endorsement of religion.

    For decades, the justices have been closely split over the constitutionality of religious symbols on public property. …

    Some conservatives said they hoped the court will be more willing now to allow displays of religious symbols on public property. Advocates of church-state separation said they feared the same. …

    … The Peace Cross in Bladensburg, Md., just outside Washington, was erected after World War I as a memorial to the war dead. It was built with money from the community and the support of the American Legion. But in 1961, it was taken over by a park and planning commission for the national capital area, and it has been maintained since by public funds.

    The American Humanist Assn. sued and argued that “a 40-foot tall Latin cross — the symbol of Christianity — towering over a county’s busiest intersection” is an official endorsement of religion. As such, it violates the 1st Amendment’s ban on “an establishment of religion,” the group said.

    But the American Legion and the Maryland-National Capital Park Planning Commission appealed and urged the high court to uphold the cross as constitutional. Their lawyers argued that the cross should be seen as a historic war memorial. To rule otherwise, they said, is to call into question the crosses on display at Arlington National Cemetery and elsewhere.

    The justices will hear the case — American Legion vs. American Humanist Assn. — early next year and rule by late June. …

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