33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-1-18

  1. Where is everyone? In a sugar stupor from all that candy last night? 🍭
    Ya’ll have a very blessed day…I am now off to start my very long day…. 😊


  2. I got the absolute BEST compliment yesterday.
    For the event we are holding every Wednesday from 8:30 to 3:30, we are renting a space from the Methodist Church around the corner from the office. Yesterday, because they were doing Trunk or Treat, they had to have us out of the space by 4. The man who manages that space came in and was helping. He followed me out to the parking lot, still chatting. I was impatient to get home, he kept chatting, so I took a deep breath and continued to talk to him. We talked about Father John, a visiting Anglican priest from Africa, about the local gathering Tuesday night at a synagogue, about where I went to church, about what brought him to Pensacola, his retirement in 2019, about the various Episcopal priests he has known, including my former priest. He then told me that I had an inner light, and by the way I cared about my people and the love I showed them, he could tell I was a Christian. I was a little stunned. Then he told me he knew I had paid the custodian extra to sweep the floors for me. From there the conversation turned to Kairos, the prison ministry. I told him I had an agent whose father recently died but had been very involved in the Kairos ministry in Louisiana and that as a tribute to him we were looking for a Kairos event to bake cookies. The next one is in March, so I gave him my card and told him to call me, that hopefully, my Market Center could do most of the cookies.


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  3. Yep, that’s a summer photo. It’s swamp milkweed, and its flowers are pretty small and it tends to grow in wet areas (you can’t always get really close to the flower), so I’ve had a hard time getting good photos of it. But bud and flower are both so lovely that I’ve kept trying when I’ve had a chance, and I think this one worked fairly well.

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  4. You never know, Kim, what a small word can do.
    I may have told this before, but I was in the Barracks in Arabia and, for some reason, nothing caused it, I thought “a snail leaves a bigger trail than you.” Since then, as I said, no reason, I have been concerned about leaving a trail.
    I later thought about two people in the Bible. One, King Solomon, the wisest man ever known, and the Apostle Paul. Solomon had hundreds of women and untold wealth. The trail he left was a split nation and two books in the Bible. Paul, a poor man who had nothing going for him. The only thing we know about him is the trail he left.

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  5. Today is the 501 anniversary of the Reformation. I could say the same thing about Martin Luther. I started to write some comments about him, but it got too big for me. He was a monk and a teacher who wanted to find God. He tried everything but failed.
    Until he read Romans 3:24. His primary quarrel with Catholicism was indulgences.

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  6. Chas, Paul was a Pharisee of Pharisees, educated at the feet of Gamaliel. By Jewish standards of his day, he had an amazing resume. But he said it was all dung compared to knowing Christ. And knowing Christ made him (by Jewish standards) a nobody, a man who was in and out of prison.

    One of the funniest passages to me in the whole Bible is in Acts 27. Paul is a prisoner on board a ship in a storm. And God reassures him that He will keep Paul safe, and not only Paul, but “all who sail with you.” In God’s eyes, prisoner Paul was the important one on that ship, and the others were merely his sailing companions.

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  7. How amazing that God would keep all the passengers safe along with Paul, though. He did not need to save any. He also would have saved the whole city of Sodom for the sake of ten righteous people! Only ten! What a compassionate and patient God we serve!

    I think we will be utterly amazed at the thread of unknown, unsung people who were amazing influential. Our pastor is doing a sermon series right now on little known people in the bible. One was the slave who was carted off with the other Israelites. She influenced Namaan to go to Israel and be cured of his leprosy. It led to Namaan declaring the God of Israel the God of the world. Who knows where that led in many people’s lives? The sermon series point is that we are all much more influential and important than we think. Not in the way of the world, but in the spiritual realm when walking by the Holy Spirit.

    My husband’s jam group played in an assisted living home yesterday. When we walked in there was a group of people singing hymns and doing a bible study. It was such a joy to listen and join together in singing the songs. The women doing this are just ‘ordinary’ woman, but they are working for the Lord and that is worth everything.

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  8. I know we don’t have Rants & Raves on Thursday, but I have to comment that I suspect that the same person who designed a toilet tank top curved so you couldn’t place anything on it is the one who designed a bathroom floor with grooves.

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  9. Happy November. So soon it comes every year. Or so it seems except when it’s 100 degrees in July. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the time change this weekend because it will be lighter in the morning. I need the light to wake up decently. So instead of 7 (really too late to have much time in the mornings at all) I’ll be waking up at 6 a.m.

    It’ll be dark earlier but it’s already dark when I get home from work anyway.

    And … we will get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. 🙂

    Now that it’s light for the first time since I got home last night, I can see that the sidekick got the casements painted cream on the large patio window and the sliding glass door next to it, so there is progress being made despite the absence of the main painter whose mom is still undergoing tests.

    I have a rant since Chas said it’s OK to post those during the week so “chas started it” — a letter came last night indicating that my longtime GP is easing into retirement and his practice now will be joined with some other practice in a different location (but still here in town). I’ll bet their phone is ringing off the hook today as we’re all probably asking the “what does this mean, really?” question.

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  10. Stopping in briefly. Poppy launches today and I’m running around like a crazy woman! I’m running a raffle for two copies of both Poppy and Biddy if anyone is interested. The idea being, you can have copies for yourself and copies to share.

    Check out my website for details if you want to join up: http://www.michelleule.com–it‘s at the end of the blog post.


  11. DJ – Maybe, during the time of the year when it is dark in the morning, you could put a lamp in your room on a timer to turn on at the time you would like to start waking up.


  12. Well, YA never did respond to any of my messages or comments. But I did finally hear from her mom. Mrs. McK’s phone had been stolen a few months ago, so she hadn’t been checking email for a while. Chickadee finally saw my email to her (Chickadee), and let Mrs, McK know that I’d sent an email to her (Mrs. McK), so Mrs. McK borrowed another phone in her household to read it and reply.

    She still needs to get back to me about if anyone can drop off or pick up Chickadee one day a week, but I am hoping the answer will be in the affirmative.

    YA’s petty behavior in not acknowledging or replying to anything I wrote to her has me feeling quite sad and greatly disappointed in her. I know she has her issues with me, but I would never have thought she would behave that way. A simple word from her could have allayed some of my anxiety last week.

    I have to admit there is part of me that wanted to tell her mom or Chickadee about YA’s ignoring me, but I fear that that would sound like “tattling”, probably not accomplish anything, and maybe even create more problems (particularly in my relationship with Chickadee). So I am praying that somehow YA’s true colors will be exposed, especially to my daughter, who admires her so much.


  13. Oh, my goodness! After leaving my comments above, I went over to catch up on Facebook. YA’s dad, who rarely posts on Facebook, and then only one or two things at a time, today has posted eight things. Most of them were political, from a very rightist, Trump-supporting perspective. And YA is commenting on some of them, kind of lecturing her dad in a couple of her comments. Must be fun at their house!

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  14. Kizzie, as to YA ignoring you: I have a general rule of thumb not to ask a favor from someone I don’t like. (If it’s an office context or somewhere I can’t avoid trying to continue to get along with the person, that’s a different matter.) Yes, it was a simple favor, to respond and give you her mom’s phone number, but she had no obligation to contact you in any way. It wasn’t an emergency situation, and you were asking a favor from someone you don’t like and who doesn’t like you, and she didn’t respond. I’d let it go.

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  15. AJ must have taken the day off, or else my email didn’t get to him. I sent the Pigskin Picks last night. Did you get them AJ?


  16. Cheryl – Until this, YA could be civil with me, and we did occasionally exchange private messages on non-hot-topic matters. (Although right now I can’t think of what they might have been about, I know that there have been a few.) At Hubby’s memorial service, she surprised me with her heartfelt condolences, with tears in her eyes. So I had no idea she would be this rude and petty.

    My daughter was expressing how she missed us “so much” and was having a rough time with grieving her dad. She needed to spend some time with her family, but last week, Nightingale had no time to both pick her up and drop her back off. I felt almost as if Chickadee were being held captive, missing her family but not able to get to us. (I know that sounds dramatic, and I told myself so even as I felt it, but that is how it felt. I’m sure that was also due to a mixture of the depression and grief playing upon my heart as well.)

    It may not have been an emergency, but considering my daughter lives with them, it might have been wise for her to reply to me. Of course, she didn’t know my request had to do with my concern over my daughter, I realize that. If I had realized she wasn’t going to reply to me, maybe I would have added that to one of my comments, but I was trying not to be too personal in them.


  17. Kizzie, please pardon my bluntness. By asking YA anything, you’re allowing her to call the shots. IOW, you’ve opened the door to possible disappointment because you’ve given her the opportunity to pretend the door isn’t open, or to slam it in your face, or whatever else.

    What if you decided to shut *her* out of your life — for your own mental health protection — instead of allowing her to call the shots that lead to the anxiety and stress you regularly feel because of her interactions (or lack thereof) with you?

    From what I can tell, she has verbally abused you. Why not walk away from all that, and refuse to accept what she dishes out? She has you under her control when even her ignoring you causes you to feel “quite sad and greatly disappointed in her.”

    My opinion, and it is admittedly strong, is that she is doing you great damage. If she ever gets abusive toward Chickadee, your example of having walked away from Young Abuser’s weapons of war, whatever they might be at any given time, will serve as a powerful model if your daughter ever ends up being a target of an abuser.

    Please extricate yourself from this hideously unhealthy relationship with that woman.

    Spoken in love. Truly.

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  18. Kizzie, I can imagine that it hurt that you weren’t able to see her. (I was concerned about one of my own kids a couple of weeks ago, and in another city and likewise unable to go to her.) The reality, though, is that you don’t drive and she doesn’t drive, and that is going to make transportation tricky. Also, those who are offering her room and board aren’t really under any obligation to offer her transportation as well, and you say Nightingale can’t always do it. Surely there is another solution. Do you have friends, or Chickadee have friends, who can offer some transportation? If not, then it would seem to be in her best interest–and honestly, it probably is anyway–for her to learn to use public transportation. If you aren’t able to help her learn that, maybe Nightingale can.

    Another thing I have been wondering recently. I know you don’t drive, but is there any way you would be able to get a part-time job? I have the feeling it could help you in several ways, among them financial. But it would also give you a bit more independence, possibly give Chickadee a good example, give you more contact with people, and free you from some of the empty hours that stress you out and take you down dark mental paths. I suspect it would really be good for you, if it’s possible. And maybe you could use public transportation of some sort, too, if there are no businesses close enough to walk to and no way you’d be able to work out of your home.


  19. 6 Arrows – I knew I was being vulnerable in asking anything of YA, even if it was only her mom’s email address or phone number, but based on past non-adversarial exchanges between the two of us, I thought she would help. I really was surprised by her behavior.

    And yes, this has shown me that I need to back away from her even more than I already had.


  20. Cheryl – We live in a small town in the midst of some other smallish towns, with no public transportation. As for trying to get a part-time job, there isn’t much within walking distance.

    Even if I could easily get one, the amount of childsitting that I do, and the fact that Nightingale’s schedule varies in hours and days each week, would make that quite difficult. I also need to be here when there’s no school for the day or he is sick. In addition to that, I really do have enough to fill my time. I appreciate your concern, though. (Nightingale and I have joked that it is like she is the husband and I am the wife. I help her out with some stuff, such as finishing her laundry.)

    Last week was a dark one for me, with the confluence of grieving, depression, and the thing with Chickadee. Kind of a “perfect storm” emotionally, which is why I took the thing with YA to heart as I did. This week, just the admitting that I have been feeling a “low-grade depression” and then taking steps to help myself attack part of the problem, has lifted me mostly out of it. (Or at least it seems that way now.) I am also looking forward to my time tomorrow night with my daughters.

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  21. As far as the McKs being under no obligation to give Chickadee rides, when they moved out they promised that they would help with the rides. Since they consider her part of their family, it would make sense that they would help her.

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  22. Kizzie, it seems as if YA is walking in darkness and that things will get worse for her as she clings to that path. By not responding to a simple and easily provided request, she may be exhibiting depression or some sort of mental problem. Whatever it is, the response is totally wrong. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. When they get bad enough, it will press on Chickadee the need to get away. She knows you will welcome her back. If she has no way to get home, I would not think of it as being held captive. It is situational. God is in the midst of the situation because you have called out to Him in prayer. He makes you aware He is active in your life as you shared on the Facebook post recently about how Little Guy fell asleep right on time. God takes His time working out the best solution. I encourage you to praise Him for watching over Chickadee in her unusual situation and trust that He is working something out that you could never have imagined.

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  23. I am in Texas for a few days. it’s a pretty state, and I am enjoying life without all the Stacy Abrams signs. I saw that Oprah and Stacy were in my area today. Good day to not be there! It will be nice to have the election over with.


  24. Janice – Knowing that my own attitude was not right, I took it to prayer earlier this evening. Part of my prayer was lifting up YA, that the Holy Spirit would shine a light on her sinful attitudes (for her own soul’s sake) and her need for Jesus, that she would come to repentance, and that she would be delivered from the various lies she has believed, especially those lies about God, His word, and His ways. I acknowledged my own sinful attitudes and asked for forgiveness.

    I honestly don’t know if YA is simply very immature for her age, or if she does have some mental or emotional problem. (I tend towards thinking she is immature, as the things she posts and many of her interests are aimed at younger folks.)

    In my mention of Chickadee being held captive, I tried to get across that it felt “almost like” that. And even then, I knew I was being dramatic in feeling that way.

    Each day, as I pray for Chickadee and her situation, I entrust her into God’s care. I tell Him what my heart desires for her, but add that more than anything, I want His will to be done in her life, even if it means things don’t work out the way I would like to see them. And I really mean it. I don’t merely say those words as a rote prayer, but from my heart, even when it hurts.

    You wrote, “. . . and trust that He is working something out that you could never have imagined.” That reminds me of one of my favorite verses, Ephesians 3:20 – “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. . .” In faith, I await seeing what God will do.

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  25. Is Uber an option?

    Well, I arrived home in the dark, as usual, but the light on the side of the garage made it clear that sidekick had painted the garage door today. That’s great, except … We had a special industrial formula paint that needed to be used on that metal surface (along with the extra-bonding primer). I have no idea if he used any of that.

    I texted his ‘supervisor’ (his mom came home from the hospital today but he’s still not sure he can get over here tomorrow) and mentioned this to him. I have yet to get a text in reply which makes me think he’s saying “Oh * !?*” Probably not.”

    Sidekick seems to be cellphone free mostly which doesn’t help communication matters.

    Oh well. Either he used the right paint or he didn’t and it’ll probably peel. Guess the supervisor is still responsible.

    On the plus side, sidekick is fast. On the maybe not so great side, he’s not super careful and lead painter before has told me he just doesn’t listen to instructions. (There are also paint smudges on the new glass in the back — that glass apparently scratches really easily so he can’t use the scratchy tool he used before to clean up after himself; he’ll have to find a way to gently “mush” those splotches off without damaging the glass.)

    Anyway, I walked the dogs and may try to get to bed early tonight, we have a pre-election conference call in the morning tomorrow.


  26. Kizzie, I do really care about you. And I understand about a lot of different things converging . . . it’s not the same thing, but we have definitely had some of that this summer. (A house in which things weren’t getting done after the move, financial issues, and health concerns for both of us–and in the middle of it, some conflict with a family member. Add enough things together and it really can get overwhelming. Right now, for the first time in more than four months, both of my hands and both of my legs are usable. But my husband is sick, and an important event this weekend is probably not going to happen. That’s how the summer has been here.)

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