36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-31-18

  1. My new student came to school in costume. She was a flower. I prayed for her that she wouldn’t be upset when no one else was wearing a costume. Once we came up the stairs, she just said, I think I’ll take this off and went on about her day. No worries.
    They did have a trunk or treat tonight. I prayed for that when I realized that there was a power outage right in the middle of the festivities.

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  2. Morning! Oh how I wish ya’ll could sit here with me looking out upon the calm still of a snowy forest. Sometimes it just takes your breath away. I know it is officially Halloween but I am now in the mood for Christmas πŸŽ„ 🌟

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  3. Happy Halloween! It looks like Halloween out there. We have had a really late fall. Many of the trees are still green–though the last several days finally took us to peak and past–and yesterday we got into the high sixties. But this morning it is gloomy and rainy, which should take down a good portion of the remaining leaves, and it has the feel of rain that may be settling in for a while.

    We have a Reformation party tonight, though I don’t know whether we will go.

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  4. At Harris Teeter (grocery store), when the check out ladies said, “Have a nice day”, I said
    They are still laughing.
    Not really, but they enjoyed it. :lol:.

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  5. Oh Cheryl you take me back to my days growing up in Ohio….the rain mixing with the fallen leaves of Autumn brings an amazing scent! But, those leaves can be slippery! πŸ‚ 🍁 🌧


  6. Party cat!

    Linda, I also sometimes find myself channeling chas πŸ™‚

    It was a bit foggy here this morning, I can hear the water dripping off the roof into the drain along the side of the house.

    Oh, Harrison Ford. πŸ™‚ Fun movie from the ’80s (?)

    We’re having a catered Halloween lunch from El Pollo Loco at work today along with a “scariest desk” contest. I figured I didn’t have to do anything to my desk to enter. But some of the folks in advertising really were going all out yesterday preparing, very elaborate, some even set up for sound effects. Lighted scary pumpkins, lots of black crepe paper, bats hanging from the ceiling tiles, a cockroach sighting (eek, that turned out to be real, eww).

    In more serious news, a shipping container exploded at the port last night, but no ‘foul play,’ they’re saying as of now, and thankfully no one was injured. The container was filled with scrap metal and authorities believe it was an “industrial accident.”

    We’re all having to do election night “lay down” stories that are due tomorrow (where we write everything but the results so the numbers can simply be plugged in as results start coming in Tuesday night).

    The house painting still isn’t finished.


  7. Here’s a QOD: Have you ever done something that you yourself thought was funny, but that went over “like a lead balloon”?

    I was thinking last night about a Halloween in Nashville. Petsmart was having a party for dogs, and you could bring your dog for a basket of dog treats, and you could dress it up if you wanted to and the best costume would win a prize.

    Misten was already Lassie–she got called that everywhere she went (especially by black people) and except that the stripe on her forehead wasn’t as wide as Lassie’s, she looked a fair amount like “her.” I’m not a big fan of dog costumes anyway, but in this case it just seemed a no-brainer–she’s Lassie, and thus I won’t dress her up, I will dress myself up, as Lassie’s young master. So I wore overalls and a shirt and a coonskin cap, with my hair pulled up underneath. I don’t remember whether I did anything else to make a costume, but in my mind it was unconventional but clever. But I told several people, “She’s Lassie, and I’m Timmy” and not one person smiled; they all just looked like “Well, here’s a person who doesn’t understand the rules.” One man even said, “Timmy never wore a coonskin cap.” Briefly, that made me think “Oh, no, I blew it,” but then I thought, “It was in an era that boys wore coonskin caps, so if he didn’t, he surely could have.” Others have since reassured me that indeed he did sometimes wear a coonskin cap. But honestly, I didn’t remember that in the book the boy’s name isn’t Timmy; I wasn’t necessarily meaning to represent the television Timmy, but Lassie’s young owner.


  8. DJ,

    Uh… hello….

    That’s her unicorn horn… πŸ˜‘

    😺+ πŸ¦„= Gemicorn

    Maybe the camera does stink……


  9. Cheryl, I just saw on FoxNews that some want to move Halloween to Saturdays.
    They don’t understand what Halloween is. It can’t be moved and still be Halloween..

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  10. I just got a call from Newt Gengrich. He wants me to vote for Ted Budd.
    I didn’t get a chance to tell him that I’ve already voted for Ted. He would be glad to know that. Ted doesn’t make as much noise in Congress as my former congressman, Mark Meadows, does.
    I’ll be glad when this is over. I’m sure at least a dozen conservative organizations want me to send them some money.
    I don’t give money to political organizations. if I sent just a little, just once, the letters and e-mails would never end.


  11. I don’t know what happened to our neighborhood this year. It’s a nice subdivision suitable for trick or treating, but before this year there were very few each year. Tonight there were so many we nearly ran out of treats. Usually we’ve had a ton left over. Lots of fun costumes. My favorites were Dorothy and Scarecrow from Oz.

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  12. Throngs of kids on our streets. And lots of cars parked all over, someone must be having a party.

    I get home after dark so everything is already in full swing at that point.


  13. DJ, some towns have formal limits, but most have time periods when children come and then at some point it’s over.

    In Nashville I’d only get 8-12 children a year, but I’d position a chair and a footstool in front of the door and put the basket of candy on the footstool. When children came to the door, I made Misten sit behind the stool before I opened the door (so that she and the children would both see a “barrier” between them), and I’d hand the candy over the stool. Many children complimented her, and repeat customers would excitedly tell other children, “That’s Misten!” and then they’d say “Hi, Misten!”

    The following night, as dark approached she would get restless and pace looking at the front door, waiting for her admirers to come back!

    In the country we never got any. I doubt we’d get any here (too many of our neighbors wouldn’t be giving anything out, and we don’t really have a good “approach” after dark, since our front door isn’t in an obvious location). I went to a party at church and my husband stayed home sick, so the light wasn’t on anyway (and we didn’t buy any candy). I’d never been to a Reformation party before, and it was really neat.

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  14. We got a dozen or so. Mrs L bought small PlayDoh cans for the younger ones, and pencils and note pads for the older. It is amazing how excited some of them were to get something like that.

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  15. I almost ran out of candy. We don’t have a time limit but it’s usually over by 8:30. The little ones come early with adults waiting by the road. The older ones later.
    You can avoid all the commotion by turning your lights off. That’s what the people across the street did. That’s what I did at 8:30, but I think they were fished anyhow.

    It’s All Saints Day now. For whatever that means.

    Like Mumsee, I didn’t have a single trick-or-treater all the time we were in H’ville.


  16. I saw on the news that some town made it illegal to trick-or-treat after the age of 12.
    I don’t think that will work.


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