Prayer Requests 10-3-18

It’s Wednesday, so don’t forget Ajisuun and The Gambia.

Anyone else?

Psalm 56

Be merciful to me, my God,
    for my enemies are in hot pursuit;
    all day long they press their attack.
My adversaries pursue me all day long;
    in their pride many are attacking me.

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.
 In God, whose word I praise—
   in God I trust and am not afraid.
    What can mere mortals do to me?

All day long they twist my words;
    all their schemes are for my ruin.
They conspire, they lurk,
    they watch my steps,
    hoping to take my life.
Because of their wickedness do not[c] let them escape;
    in your anger, God, bring the nations down.

Record my misery;
    list my tears on your scroll[d]
    are they not in your record?
Then my enemies will turn back
    when I call for help.
    By this I will know that God is for me.

10 In God, whose word I praise,
    in the Lord, whose word I praise—
11 in God I trust and am not afraid.
    What can man do to me?

12 I am under vows to you, my God;
    I will present my thank offerings to you.
13 For you have delivered me from death
    and my feet from stumbling,
   that I may walk before God
    in the light of life.

9 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 10-3-18

  1. Praying that Kizzie’s little guy will have many little friends around him telling him about Jesus. Praying he will hear music and be around other media that opens his mind to the possibilities of a God who loves him. Praying he will see the blessing of a God who forgives and helps us on a better path. Praying the creation itself causes his heart to swell with thanksgiving and long for a creator to thank and praise.

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  2. Just heard (through Nightingale) that Brother has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. They were suspecting some kind of cancer (bladder, kidney, or prostate) last year about this time, so I don’t know why it’s only now been diagnosed.

    Please pray for healing for him, but even more, please pray for his and his family’s salvation. Please pray for God to bring a good Christian witness into their lives whom they will respect and listen to. Sadly, I do not have that kind of relationship with them. (I am open to the Lord using me in some way, but I would like clear direction from Him, so I don’t blunder in under my own power, thinking “I have to say something”. Remember, we don’t really have much of a relationship at all.)

    Of course, I will be doing “the greater work” of prayer, and I will probably send Brother, and also SIL, and email expressing my sorrow and telling them I will be praying.

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  3. I am in the same boat, Kizzie. My brother also has bladder cancer and I was recently told they were going to remove his bladder and prostate. He needs the Lord the most. Our relationship is not one of him listening one bit to me. I do pray and will remember to pray for your brother, as well.

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  4. Thank you, Kathaleena. I will remember your brother in prayer, too. I don’t yet know what they are going to do for my brother, or how far advanced the cancer is.

    Do you feel like you “should” witness to your brother? I know that some people would say that it is our duty to witness to our brothers. And yet, I don’t have the relationship, or the credibility that comes along with a good relationship, to feel right doing that. I believe he and SIL have heard the gospel at some point, probably more than once. There was a time, a long time ago, when SIL and I had a closer relationship, and I witnessed some to her, in the midst of conversation. But I think that any talk about the gospel from me right now would be perceived as trying to take advantage of his situation.

    So I will pray, and be open to how the Lord might lead.

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  5. Years ago I went to a play put on at a nearby ‘mega’ church that essentially portrayed someone as going to hell — specifically because his friend did not witness to him at a given moment. Horrifying.

    The message was that God is helpless to save if you or I or someone else doesn’t say the right thing at the right time. Opportunity lost! Goodbye.

    Theologically amiss, of course, and I was so bothered by that message that was being portrayed.

    Yes, we are called to share the gospel. If we have a reasonable opportunity to do so and don’t, that will be our failure in obedience. But as Kizzie and Kathaleena indicated, sometimes the particular relationship or timing simply doesn’t open that door.

    We are chosen by God before we are born. It is a duty and a blessing to share the Good News. Those who are chosen, however, will hear it (from someone, whether from us or someone else) and they will respond with acceptance and joy, of that we can be sure. We are to always pray for salvation; but to also remember that some plant, some water, some reap the harvest.

    And sometimes it’s hardest with family.

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