34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-2-18

  1. Morning all. Well, ready or not, school begins again in the morning. This has been a restful break. I wrote lots of thank yous and gave them to folks headed for the states to mail. I am almost finished with putting together two village programs. This is when translators go to their village to work on translation. The whole family goes and we send all of the curriculum for the mom to teach the children. One family is going for seven weeks, so there was a lot to get ready.

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  2. DJ, your home is really lovely! (Yes, move the hose reel.)

    So does this guy look like a robin? It too is a male eastern towhee. Unfortunately he was almost out of the photo, lower right, and so I had to crop it quite a bit to not just have lots and lots of blank green space, so it isn’t that crisp and clear at this size. But I like the sss-ttt-rrr-etch pose, and you can see his vivid red eye.

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  3. Do any of you have someone in your life you has to be the center of attention and hAs to one up whatever is said?
    For example Person one was telling something that another agent does to generate business. Person 2 said, “You know who taught them that. I did”. Well I don’t see you doing it. I never heard it from you. I heard it from them.
    This isn’t
    An isolated instance. I find it a huge turn off in a person and now see everything they do or say with a jaundiced eye. (I also must confess that I don’t like that about myself—letting something bother me to the degree it does)

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  4. Good morning.

    I used to have a friend like that. Just about anything you’d say, the first words out of her mouth would be, “That’s nothing. I…”

    OK, well, whatever. You win.

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  5. Kim @ 8:21
    I know what you mean. But get rid of the frustration on us. Don’t say anything to anybody. Just leave it alone. Not even to a close friend.

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  6. Morning! At first I thought that might be a robin but then I saw that white tummy…robins do not have that do they? He is a cutie…
    It is overcast here this morning….60 degrees this morning but that is all a changin’! We even have SNOW in the forecast for this coming weekend…. 🙃 ⛄️
    Yes Kim…I have known and still know people like that….always “blowin’ their own horn”….I just shake my head….

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  7. Yes, Kim. I have to say that the Lord has taught me a lot about my own pride through them, though. That would be both a rant and a rave if it were a Saturday.

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  8. I have known people like that, but I can’t even remember who they are which is a good thing! They are really all about themselves and comparison which is a horrible waste of time. They miss out on the finer things in life. They are not lovable so they miss out on a lot of love for starters.

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  9. God Wink Story:
    BG sent me a message Saturday night. “Guess where I am going?”
    Blue Cliff for an Open House on being an esthetician.

    Today I called a potential seller and in talking to her she said she was a massage therapist. I asked where she had gone to school. Blue Cliff. Then she started talking about what godly people the owners were and how she prays for everyone she does massage on. We talked quite a bit. I am going to look at her house on Thursday morning. I ended up telling her that I don’t even care if I list her house she served her purpose in my life today.

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  10. Kizzie– Would it help if you shared with us some of your favorite memories of Lee? Like, tell us about your courtship and proposal?

    If not, no worries, but I like to remember the good things on sad days. xoxox

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  11. Thinking of you today, Kizzie

    The painter said something to me yesterday which wound up keeping me up for a while in the night — he says, “You know you have someone (a ghost) in this house, right? She’s an older woman, short, wears an apron tied around her waist. I’ve seen her mostly in the back areas of your house, the back bedroom.” He said he spotted her recently in a reflection in one of my windows he was working on. “I’m not crazy,” he said, “she exists.”

    I smiled, brushed it off. He’s probably just delirious after working on my house for so long and now is starting to see things. But when I woke up at around 1 a.m., when things go bump in the night, it started niggling at me.

    It also brought up an issue I’ve simply not seen directly or often addressed by serious Protestant theologians — What do we make of “ghosts”?

    We know there is an unseen world around us, angels and demons.

    Are “ghosts” part of that (it would seem not to me, ”ghosts” seem to be a separate kind of belief some people have). In my mind, they’ve always been more of a psychological trick people’s minds play on them, influenced by the popularity of ghosts in scary movies and stories.

    So many people “believe” in ghosts and it’s not uncommon for the topic to come up in conversations like the one I had yesterday with the painter, completely out of the blue but matter-of-fact. People who “believe” in ghosts are almost always, I’ve noticed, non-believers but I’d like to read or hear from some sound theologians on the phenomenon, why it’s so commonplace in our culture, and I’ve not seen anything much that’s been said or written about the topic from a Christian perspective.

    Anyway, I encountered no sweet(?) little old lady wandering through my house last night (could she maybe do some house cleaning or painting while she’s drifting about?) and the sun came up this morning, so all’s well. lol

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  12. Ummm. No Michelle that is not you.

    DJ, I believe there are some things that are beyond my understanding. I don’t doubt the painter saw something. I don’t doubt you have seen nothing. What was it? Beyond my comprehension.
    I lived in an older house a few years back. BG told me there was an older lady in the house. I never said anything to Mr. P. After he moved in with us he told me there was an older lady in the house. If she was or wasn’t there she never bothered me and I was never scared to be in that house. (I did find out the history of the house and an “Old Maid” had built the house and lived out her life there.)
    The house I currently live in has a large privacy fence and woods behind. It has French doors and multiple windows across the back. I often feel like someone is watching me. Is that from watching Manhunter in 1988 and the remake, Red Dragon years later? Possibly.

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  13. I have found it is often people who look for ghosts who find them. You have lived in this house how long and never noticed this, but this person just is over for how long and sees a ghost? I have told such people to play gospel music and they won’t be bothered anymore. Then they let you know that they really aren’t bothered, but like the ghost. That tells you all you need to know.

    I have and no others who have had some strange experiences, so don’t mean to just dismiss it all out of hand. I have found that being really curious and always spending time looking for ghosts or delving in the occult can cause one to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ all kinds of things.

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  14. I forgot to tell you that I took Amos to the vet this morning. He is having his teeth cleaned and a few other things. He may lose some of them. I just called to check on him. He is doing fine, they said and they will call me when he is out of surgery to let me know what they did and how he is doing. He has never had anything like this done before. Poor Baby shook all the way there this morning.

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  15. Aw, poor Amos. He’ll feel better after he recovers and the soreness wears off though,

    So apparently the abrupt move out of Carol’s residence appears to be a permanent move – I’m bothered by the way they did this, wondering if at least some of the residents’ family members were told and consulted.

    This building they moved them to was purchased by same owners maybe a year ago so there’s always been speculation that it would take the place of the existing facility.

    Carol craves change so she seems fine with it, which is good, and it’s nit far away from where they were before.

    Still, I hate that they basically lied to everyone. 😐


  16. Oh he will want to snuggle when he gets home! Babe would always give me “the look” after having her teeth cleaned….the “how could you?!” look….I always spoiled her extra much on those days… 🐶

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  17. Or they may have told everyone and even told them months ago.

    Our seventeen year old, for example, told his boss that nothing was happening after the homecoming game so he came directly home by eight. That was the weekend when he was gone from six thirty in the morning Friday until eight thirty Sunday night. And he told his boss that he put all of the money in the bank Another inaccurate portrayal of reality. He put zero of the two thousand in the bank.


  18. I know a one-upper. It’s my brother. He not only has to one-up, but often retells a story someone else just told, and makes himself the “hero”.


  19. Amos lost 4 teeth and will have some pain meds when he comes home. They said two were ready to fall out and the other two they took so the bones wouldn’t deteriorate. I have already been to the store and gotten him some Cesar dog food. He will want his mama tonight for sure but I have to go do something tonight with my Human Baby that has been planned for a month, so Amos will have to rely on the Dog Daddy for a little while. That is probably good. I don’t have a “nursing” gene anywhere in me and as Michelle can tell you corpsmen are pretty handy to have around when you aren’t feeling well. He took care of BG when she had her wisdom teeth out.

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  20. File under: “This should go on another thread but it disappeared form the list”

    Chas- You haven’t answered, so I presume you want the MU @ SoCar tie breaker?


  21. Michelle – That was a nice thought – to share some of my favorite memories of Hubby. Maybe if I’d seen that earlier, I might have, but I am tired now. But I will say that one of my favorite things about him was his goofy and oh-so-corny sense of humor. Another, more importantly, was how he would often treat me like a lady, and make me feel special, in little but important ways.

    For much of our marriage, Hubby was not good about showing appreciation to me. He once remarked that maybe because I wanted to feel appreciated, God gave him to me to make me learn to live without it. Ouch. (It’s not that he never expressed any appreciation for me, but it was not often.)

    But in the last few years of our marriage, Hubby developed a great appreciation for me, and would often express it. That meant so very much to me. I was thankful to both him and God for that change.

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  22. How many days until Christmas?

    Painters are taking a couple days off due to iffy weather and knee pain.

    So I guess it won’t be done this week as they’d hoped … Maybe by Halloween? lol


  23. Dodgers fans are pretty happy. 🙂

    So I talked to Carol tonight who said the elevator in the new place was out today (fixed now). And she said they have the option to go back to the old place or stay in the new place.

    The story keeps changing.


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