39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-27-18

  1. I hope Donna got some sleep after all that.
    Haven’t we seen that bird before?
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good night Jo.
    Off to face the world.


  2. Jaw dropping moment….I am afraid to ask if that is a current photo or was this the β€œbefore”??
    But that is a sweet photo of the hummingbird….they are all gone from this forest now…always sad to see them go but alas they shall return in the Spring….
    Morning!! 😊


  3. RK. I believe every bit of that story except the part about a seagull carrying a paint bucket.

    I believe all of the Ford woman’s story except for the part about Kavanagh assaulting her.

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  4. our internet is so iffy. Just to get on is rather a miracle. I need to download a transfer form, but cannot get the page to load. And I am being picked up at 6am. God knows….

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  5. RK, love the book πŸ™‚

    So, sadly, this is still the current (not “before”) state of the south side of my house. The rest of it is looking nice. But this is the side where painters had to use extra-bonding primer because the stucco (and wood, which has since been fixed) has taken a real hit through the years from sun and water.

    The darker splotches are stucco patch.

    I believe the new color will be applied today, fingers crossed.

    Yesterday, my kick-butt neighbor hit her limit when painter began using the very loud blower in my driveway and backyard, blowing a dust cloud over her house. She lit into him, saying this has “just taken too long.”

    Last night as I was coming home with the dogs from our evening walk, painters long gone, she and her husband were in front cleaning their van out so she says, “I suppose ‘J’ (the painter) told you what happened today?” “Um, no?” Anyway, I don’t blame her and as mad as it probably made him, maybe it’ll light another fire under him. My neighbors have had to suffer through 2 years of almost constant work on my house, I’ll need to get them a dinner-out gift card or two after this is over.

    These painters are very loud, they talk loud and sing loud and that’s not even taking into account the power machinery. He told my neighbor he’s now “losing” money on this job and I’m hearing he’s disgruntled with me, too, for the low price (even though he set it and that’s the reason, essentially, that I hired him).

    This particular job clearly was not a good choice for him (or me) but here we are. He set the price low, he wanted/needed the job which he felt he could get through in a reasonably amount of time. I needed a price break. Seemed like a good match. But now, well, maybe not so much for either of us.

    But, again, the rest of the house is looking nice, Kim’s seen those pictures. πŸ™‚ This is the side of the house that’s struggling, but maybe by the end of today it’ll look a lot better (I hope).

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  6. Well, son made it three days but four was too much. He did not get home by eight thirty last night and his device did not appear on my desk so we are back to plan A which none of us actually want but we have to do something as this is not tolerable as is.

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  7. I’m in foggy Silicon Valley sitting in a visitor office this morning trying to get some work done before we head to Monterey for a couple days.

    This is such an odd place. Tall monoliths, fancy cards, everything sleek and modern in this high tech towers. The office, which has lots of shoulder high cubicles, is nearly silent at 8:20–even the sound of my typing seems loud!

    There’s nothing to distract me here, though, so maybe I’ll make some promise. Yesterday ended up being a day of listening and supporting. I was fine until I got home and saw all the work I needed to finish before I could go off again.

    I didn’t behave well. That’s my confession. I’m better now.


  8. It’s been a day already. I was up at 6 a.m. to give Karen a wake-up call for Art and me to take her to the hospital for lab work to determine if she needed to stay based on labwork. After she got awake she determined she was much better and did not need to go. Okay. This on again and off again is testing me.

    Now at the office I am listening to the testimony of Ford. It sounds reasonable. But if he reformed then I think it is important to consider current character. Kids and alcohol are a bad combo especially mixed with testosterone.

    We have a new employee. Nice to get aquainted. Not sure what Brother will do about sharing what he considers his space. I had to clear out of my part-time office this a.m. so the other preparer can meet with extension clients in the office we share. I am the office nomad.


  9. I posted on a Facebook forum, “Where is grace? Do we not forgive a sinner?” I also stated that I had been molested. You wouldn’t believe the attacks to my character I received. No one is being rational in this situation and I am sick of the politicians at the hearing “campaigning” when they address Dr. Ford. There were several times she came across as being an airhead.

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  10. Janice, “if he reformed” assumes he is guilty, which isn’t a fair assumption (I think) based on the testimony of one person with no witnesses and multiple character witnesses.


  11. I don’t get to look at the news today as only the outcome is of interest to me. Praying for the Truth to come out and for the Kavanaugh family, who have to deal with all of this.

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  12. DJ – That’s funny. Just a little earlier this afternoon, I again saw a cute video on Facebook in which an excited little boy is baptized. I happened to glance over at the comments on the original video (IOW, not from my friend’s friends) and the first thing I saw was an argument over whether we should be baptized into the name of Jesus or the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I didn’t read the whole thing, just saw enough to know what it was about, but I saw at least one comment claiming their view was the only biblical view, and any other way was invalid.


  13. DJ’s ongoing house issues remind me of the Flanders and Swann song ‘The Gasman Cometh”, or as Flanders subtitled it in his introductions “A Ballad of Unending Domestic Upheaval”. I have posted it before on here, and YouTube is a no go zone for me right now, as it takes up too much bandwidth.

    Kizzie, I have no informed opinion of the words that should be said at a baptism, although all the baptisms I have seen say, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…”. I do, however, know of a case in which only baptizing in the name of Jesus would be symptomatic of heresy – in the Jesus Only movement, which says there is no God the Father or God the Spirit, only Jesus. I do not know what form baptism takes among its members, but only using the name of Jesus would be a sign of their disbelief in the Trinity.

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  14. My memory just coughed up the reason why baptisms are done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Those were the instructions in the Great Commission: “baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). Never really thought before about how those words of Christ have set the baptismal liturgy for the church down through the ages.

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  15. Roscuro – I did suspect that the lady writing that may have been in the Jesus Only (United Pentecostal) sect.

    My former pastor’s wife grew up in United Pentecostal churches. She said it was through her own study, with the Holy Spirit illuminating the word to her, that she accepted the doctrine of the Trinity. But she was adamant that she was a true believer even before that. I know some people have said that one cannot believe as they do and still be a true Christian, but I think it probably depends on the person. (As it does in any denomination.)

    Very good friends of mine in high school also were Jesus Only believers.


  16. Kizzie, I would say that one cannot continue to deny the Trinity and be a Christian. Your former pastor’s wife would not have been taught properly about the Trinity as a child, but the real faith she had as a child grew into maturity. It is one thing to not know theology and yet believe what is necessary for salvation, it is another thing to know theology and still deny it. The Trinity is central to the Gospel, and flatly denying that there is a Father and a Spirit distorts the Gospel entirely out of shape.

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  17. I got to listen to a good portion of both sides of the testimony. It is sad all the way around. They are both very convincing. I had not paid attention to any news leading up to today. I think he will be confirmed.

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  18. Two sad things happened today.

    This morning, knowing that the new owners of the Impala would be coming to pick it up sometime today, I remembered that I needed to look for the remote for the car. I had to look in the bags of Hubby’s belongings that came home from the hospital, that I hadn’t gone through yet. The jeans he wore his last day home still had his belt with its holder for his cell phone. I found the remote in one of the pockets and also a pocketful of change and a throat lozenge.

    As I put the jeans on the bed to remove stuff from the pockets, and the belt, Heidi was sniffing them intently. Then she laid down next to them, and she looked so sad. It was an emotional thing for me, thinking of how those jeans were the last things he wore before going into the hospital and then never coming home, and also going through a few other items in the bag. And Heidi’s looking so sad made me sad.

    As for the car, I kept peeking out the window to see if it was still there. (I had left the remote in an envelope in the car.) Each time, it was still there. Then I kind of forgot about it for a bit.

    A little while ago, I left the house to go get The Boy from the top of the lane, where his dad was dropping him off. The car was gone. It hit me harder than I expected, and I started to cry. I quickly gathered myself together to get The Boy, but then cried when I was back in the house, alone downstairs. It’s not the loss of the car itself that made me cry, but that it was Hubby’s car, and it is another part of him gone.

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  19. Father, Son and Holy Spirit for baptism. (Sorry, we really DO need that heresy button maybe!)

    The Gasman Cometh, Lego edition — thanks Roscuro, I remembered that and was trying to find it recently but couldn’t remember the name! Too funny.

    Kizzie, I can definitely understand those feelings. 😦

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  20. Oh dear Kizzie I am so sorry….those firsts and the sudden remembrances have a way of taking our breath away….praying our Lord will bring comfort to you as you continue walking this path….He is right beside you….. πŸ’•

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