51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-14-18

  1. Kim’s little precious?
    Thanx Aj.
    Good morning everyone else but Jo.
    good night jo.
    Chas was up real early tis morning. That’s why he is so late.
    It’s complicated.
    I have this rash on my left arm, looks and feels like sunburn. But it isn’t.
    DIL showed it, via I-phone, to nurse Mary. Mary said it is an infection. Go to the doctor.
    I went to a CVS nurse who gave me a prescription and said to see my doctor.
    This was all late yesterday afternoon.
    Linda is going to call the Dr. about 8:00 this morning. Problem is, somebody needs to stay with Elvera. Linda says she will.
    An awful lot of commotion just because my left arm turned red.

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  2. Dr. appointment at 11:45. I am ready now.
    Linda is coming over at 11:40.
    The nurse at CVS Minute Clinic gave me a prescription it is logically impossible to comply with.
    “Take twice a day. At least twelve hours between”
    Now if I take one at 7:00a.m. I take one at 7:05 p.m. and at 7:10 a.m. etc.”
    Doesn’t make sense to me.
    I just take one at morning and one at night.

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  3. Morning! Tis a blessing you have a nurse in the family Mr Chas! They love you and are taking good care and thank you for listening to them….even though it may be a lot of commotion 😊
    Praying for those in the Carolinas….is it raining at your house yet Chas?
    I am off to a coffee chat time with friends….it has been a very warm week here and I won’t bee fooled….autumn is a comin’!!
    Oh and I won’t leave here without commenting on that cutie pie face up there!! Just scrumptious is she!! 💕


  4. Better cloudy and dreary than two plus feet of rain. Hope the rash goes away quickly, Chas. So glad you have family around to help you out. I live in an area where many grown children had to leave to find work. We have hundreds of seniors who have no one around. A pair of missionaries who have worked here for years actually began a gift ministry at Christmas for all those seniors. I was positively amazed at how many had no family around.

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  5. We will grieve with those who grieve this morning. I know this woman is thrilled in heaven. We met her and her daughter years ago at a bible study my husband was teaching. We have been through many changes since then. Years ago, when her son was fourteen, he and the friend and friend’s father he was flying with, disappeared. She was sure he was alive, but seven years later the remains of the plane were found mostly buried in a swampy area. They finally had a funeral for her son.

    Her first husband died years ago and she remarried. She had many wonderful adventures with her new husband who was also a wonderful Christian man. Every year he would remind the congregation that when he was in the military he saw Mussolini hanging in the town square. He was so sad about the direction in which our country was moving. He died a couple of years ago and Sylvia has longed for heaven ever since.

    She was a blessing for our congregation, although, physically she could do very little. She will be missed.

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  6. We moved from H’ville to Greensboro to be close to family.
    It was a wise move. We could handle it, but it would be very difficult.


  7. AJ – Have you made any changes to the blog this morning? The reason I ask is that after I hit “Post Comment” on my comment above, I got a message that my link could not be found, or some such thing. And the URL was for a Chrome extension.

    So I exited that tab, and opened the daily thread in a new tab.

    A little later, after reading the news thread, I refreshed the page, and the same thing happened.


  8. Mr. Fit came in from jogging this morning and his baby girl was waiting for him.

    It nearly killed me to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night and pick her up, but the joy on his face was totally fun and worth it. There are advantages for being known as someone who doesn’t sleep at night and wanders . . . . 🙂

    Now, off to a busy weekend of social events and maybe that new baby!

    I’ve just got the news Amazon India corrected the 17 most egregious errors and now the book will go up on Amazon as a presale.

    I’ll be able to correct the final errors after the new year when things settle down with Amazon. This, of course, will give other people time to contact me and point out errors, so I should have a nice list. 🙂 But, the most obvious are corrected and it will have to do if I’m going to make my November 1 launch date.

    Yikes. This is hard, but done, now, for three months! Thanks for all your help.

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  9. Kizzie,

    It’s the Chrome update. They’re still working out the bugs.

    They’ll fix it eventually, usually around the time the next update comes, and then we start over. 🙂

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  10. What a cute and smartly-dressed baby she is 🙂

    I missed the Chas drama, I will have to catch up on yesterday’s thread. I didn’t make it home until nearly midnight from visiting my friend in the Valley (she had 14 !! scrapbooks of their trip to New Zealand that we had to go through in detail) — the drive home was complicated by the clearing of an accident that closed all southbound lanes for some time at Venice, so while the late-night traffic was fairly light, there was at least a 20-minute delay.

    We ate at the Olive Garden and were surprised to find that our dinners included a free entree to take home on top of that (and we were both boxing up a good portion of our respective dinners to take home as it was, the portions were huge).

    The painter texted me while I was still gone yesterday evening to say (a) they didn’t get that much done yesterday and (b) I might have trouble getting into the house when I came home because everything was taped shut and (c) his knee was hurting and (d) they’d be here at 8 a.m. this morning, which is something he’s often said but never is able to do. So that’s the painting update, pretty much the same story … Sigh.

    I’m off work again today — I sure have needed this time off.

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  11. Oh, maybe there was no Chas drama, AJ was probably asking about the hurricane updates.

    Hopefully the arm rash will clear up quickly, Chas, so glad, too, that you’re close by family who are quickly there for you.

    Interesting discussion with my friend yesterday regarding her Muslim son-in-law. She said she asked her Catholic priest if what her son-in-law said was true, that we all just worship the same God anyway. (We’ve talked about this several times in the past.)

    Her priest’s answer? “Yes.”

    I gasped. Nooooo!

    My friend is a dyed-in-the-wool Irish Catholic who comes from a long family line of Irish Catholics; and while I believe she is a believer in Jesus and in his saving faith, she is so theologically hazy at times. Having spiritual leaders who are just as hazy “guiding” you is not a good thing.

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  12. That is Miss Maddie. She is almost always happy. The past two mornings I have been home when she arrived. I put her car seat on the bed to get her out of it. Both mornings when I have spoken to her she has gotten this great big smile on her face waved her arms and kicked her legs. When I pick her up, she buries her face in my neck. What’s not to love?

    (Grandpa dressed her for that picture. It’s his Roll Tide photo)

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  13. Sent my friend this today; it just baffles me how anyone can say that Islam and Christianity worship the same God.

    ” … Here is a crucial difference between the Muslim understanding of God and the Christian concept: The term “god” does not refer to the same being in each religion because Allah is clearly not triune. For Islam, there is no second person of the Trinity who becomes incarnate and effects our salvation and no third person of the Trinity who applies that redemption to us. So we are left with radically different views of God via the person and work of Christ and the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

    There are two other vital differences between Christianity and Islam. Islam has no Cross and no resurrection, articles of the faith that are of the essence of Christianity and of ultimate importance to the plan of the God of the Bible. Mohammed made no atonement for our sins when he died. And when he died, he stayed dead.

    There are other crucial differences we could explore of how God is understood in orthodox Christianity and how He is understood in orthodox Islam. It is enough for now to say that Allah and Yahweh are not the same. … “

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  14. Christians and Jews do not worship the same God as Islam. If that were so, Muslims could have just worshipped God and rejected Jesus as Jews do. But Muslims treat Jews as enemies. As they do Christians. Muslims cannot live side-by-side with other religions. They must convert by whatever means.
    To heavy a subject to go into at length here.

    Dr. says I have cellulitis in my arm. I’ve never had that before. He says it’s contagious. He asked what event caused it. There was no event that I can recall.
    I have some medicine.
    I’m supposed to go back Monday. It doesn’t hurt, but It looks terrible. People who feel the arm say it’s hot.

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  15. People say it because they are looking backwards and seeing Abraham’s God. From our perspective, we see the Word in creation and the Spirit moving over the waters. They only see the God of Abraham. We know that the God of Abraham is not the god of Islam but those who are only familiar with the “everybody just get along” Jesus do not see any difference.


  16. Christians and Jews can “Just get along”. Islam, because of it’s nature, cannot “Just get along”. I could quote verses from the Koran if I took time to look them up, but not now.
    Just look at the history of Islam. Christianity expanded by preaching Christ. Islam expanded with the sword. Exactly as they are attempting to do now.

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  17. Chas, Christians and Jews don’t “get along” either, if Jesus comes up–as He must. He is the only Way to God, and He is vociferously rejected by Jews.


  18. Preface to what I am about to say: I am not saying that the differences between Islam and Christianity are unimportant, that we should all try to “just get along”, or that Islam is just another way to heaven.

    There is only one God. The Muslims know that and we know that. We agree with them on that. It doesn’t make sense to me to debate over whether it’s the same God, because there is only one.

    The problem is that they don’t see God and understand Him clearly and correctly. They say things about Him that aren’t true, and deny things about Him that are true. But God is God whether or not you really know him.

    Jesus said to the Samaritan woman in John 4: “You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know.” I think we could say they same thing to Muslims. You Muslims worship what you do not know. We worship what we do know.

    I would not say to a Muslim, “You worship a different God than we do”. I would instead want him to now the truth about the God he worships, to open his eyes to who God really is, so he can worship God in the Spirit and in truth.

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  19. Many people believe they are Christians and throw out or ignore or are ignorant of a lot of what Jesus said. They pick and choose, as do most of us. They think Jesus brings peace so we should be at peace with all. And there is a lot to be said for that. But that does not mean we should agree with them about God. We should be wary and alert, ready to give a reason for our belief. There may be people in Islam who believe the same way, but they are not really aware of what their religion teaches if that is the case.

    Actually, from what I read in the Koran, there is supposed to be some latitude toward “people of the book”. Not acceptance, but some sort of idea that “people of the book” are closer to the truth. I don’t remember if that meant we were supposed to be held more accountable or if we were given a bit more wiggle room.


  20. we seem to have internet for now. It was very iffy last night. All the teens are at the Training Centre for their yearly ‘Encounter’ retreat. Praying that God works mightily in them.

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  21. Sweet darling header! Y’all are blessed, Kim.

    I am finally caught up on my Bible review lessons for the inmates.

    Chas, my friend, Karen, has a spot of cellulitis that frequently flares up on her leg. She keeps a close watch on it. And now my church friend, Florence, has a place on her leg. It makes me wonder why so much lately. I know that cat bites can easily cause it. Now I am wondering if it could be from mosquitoes?

    Our office mate with the stroke is a bit better and is waiting for a rehab room. Art spoke with her for a moment today. She seemed to know who he was.

    I will have to check out pre-ordering Michelle’s book. I look forward to reading the reviews.


  22. Kevin,

    The nations around Israel in the Old Testament all had their tribal deities. I’m nothing close to an expert on the ancient near or middle east (or which is which), but my hunch is that some nations had just one tribal deity and some (such as Egypt) had many. When Elijah squared off against the prophets of Baal, he didn’t say anything close to “You are worshiping God incorrectly.” Of course, Paul did say of the unknown god, “Let me tell you about the One you are worshiping in ignorance,” but that seemed more a rhetorical device than anything. (They were adding “the unknown god” in case they missed one, and he was saying, “You did miss one–you missed the only God there is!”) But Elijah wasn’t saying, “Let me correct where you are wrong about Baal.” He mocked Baal openly as no god at all.

    False worship isn’t always a matter of “Do they worship the true God, or do they witness a god who doesn’t actually exist?” Sometimes it’s a matter of “Do they worship the true God, or do they worship Satan?” Just as Baal was decisively not a vaguely incorrect version of the true God, so Allah is not. Allah is Antichrist, not Christ. No, I probably also would not say to a Muslim, “You worship a different god than we do” (unless he pressed me). But he does.


  23. In my friend’s case, her son-in-law has pressed her about worship the *same* god and she’s been frankly confused. Their whole family (all Muslim from Bangladesh) insist that it’s all the same let’s just accept that and move on. Of course, my friend’s grandchildren will be raised (essentially) Muslim though my friend thinks she can sneak them off to Christmas mass every year at least.

    I think the term would be a god who is an idol, not the true God.


  24. Ok, now it appears the tinted primer was (wrongly) used on patio areas that will (or should have been) painted in the cream trim color. Hmmm. Seems like with that dark undertone it’ll take a whole lot of cream paint to cover it up?

    And the guys left the doggie door all taped up without telling me. Everything seemed dry out there so I went ahead and untaped it.

    And it’s hot again suddenly, 85 today


  25. Re cellulitis:

    Cellulitis causes and risk factors. Cellulitis occurs when certain types of bacteria enter through a cut or crack in the skin. Cellulitis is commonly caused by Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria. Skin injuries such as cuts, insect bites, or surgical incisions are commonly the sites of the infection.


  26. Cheryl, Allah is the word Arabic speaking Christians use for God. There is evidence that its use among Arab Christians precedes Muhammad and Islam. I would not tell a those who have suffered persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ that their word for God refers to AntiChrist. Allah is simply a contraction of the words Al (the) Ilah (God). The Arabic word for deity, Ilah, is closely related to the Aramaic Elaha, and the Hebrew word Eloha (plural – Elohim). Incidentally, the word Elohim in the Old Testament Hebrew is used not only to refer to the one True God, but also to refer to the pagan gods in general. In other words, elohim (plural of eloha), elaha, and ilah all refer to the concept of a deity, whether true or false, just as theos does in the Greek (both the pagan Greek writers and the New Testament use the word) and gott or god in German and English. In West Africa, the word for God was Yalla, clearly derived from the Arabic, and both Christians and Muslims used it. There was no other word for deity in the language. English speakers need to stop making spiritual judgements about words for God in other languages which they do not speak and know nothing about.


  27. As for the spirit of Anti-Christ, anyone who denies that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh and is God has the spirit of Anti-Christ (I John 2:22-23, 4:2-3). There are many such religions, from the Jehovah’s Witness and the Mormons, to the Jews and the Muslims.

    Both Jews and Muslims seek to know God, the Creator of heaven and earth, but they are approaching Him by the works of their flesh and not by the only mediator, Jesus Christ. Muslims add to the Bible account, while Jews take away from it (Revelation 22:18-19). Do not be deceived into thinking that one of those two religions is less false than the other. In their day, Jews were as bitter persecutors of Christians as any Muslim extremist is today Reading the early church writers makes that quite clear. The Christians who became bitter over the Jews’ treatment and eventually persecuted the Jews were as guilty of disobeying the command of Christ to love one’s enemies as those Christians today who would like to see Muslims be persecuted because of what Muslims have done to Christians. Muslims already believe in the Creation Story, they already know about Abraham and Moses and Jonah and the other prophets, so the best approach is to show them how all those prophets were pointing to Jesus, and is the approach that those I know who do that kind of evangelistic work take.


  28. Roscuro, I’m not talking about people who use the word “Allah” for “Yahweh,” but about those who worship according to the Koran, who insist that Allah has no son, etc. Just as Baal and Yahweh were not different words for the same deity, so the god of the Koran and the God of the Bible are not the same deity.


  29. One of my last mosquito bites, healed pretty much, has left quite a red patch behind … I’ll have to keep an eye on it, it was one of those areas that I just could not keep from scratching I’m afraid.


  30. Mumsee, you are correct. Muslims consider both Jews and Christians to be people of the book. That belief has meant that Jews and Christians were often given special status in Muslim societies. I remember being told by a fellow student who was a Muslim from Somalia that they believed in the end that God would choose people out of all three groups, Jews, Christians, and Muslims, people who would go to Paradise. The Assyrian Christians, for example, prospered in the early Muslim Abbasid and Umayyad Empires, and even had a medical university – an Assyrian Christian family held for several generations the position of personal physician to the Caliph of Baghdad.

    In my course work on the history of the modern Middle East, I learned that Christians were only sporadically persecuted in the Middle East before the twentieth century, and the jizia tax levied on Jews and Christians was actually only levied on men of military age, as Christian and Jewish men were exempt from military service. Several times, the persecution was, in illustration of Peter’s warning that we make sure that we are not suffering for our wrongdoing (I Peter 4:15), a response of anger due to bad behavior on the part of the Christians, as a Lebanese Christian Arab historian noted several times in his book on the Arab independence movement. An area where that has particularly been true is the Lebanon, as the Maronite Christians there have frequently been the aggressors, as in the 1980s Lebanese Civil War, where, among other atrocities, Maronites massacred Muslim Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, while Israeli forces stood by.


  31. Cheryl, I have noticed an absurd movement among modern day English-speaking evangelicals to use Yahweh for God, as if it was the only correct word. The reason it is absurd is that the inspired writers of the New Testament didn’t even use Yahweh. Instead, they use words also used by pagan Greeks, theos (god) and kurios (lord – used when quoting Old Testament passages that speak of the LORD or, in the Hebrew, Yahweh). If the apostles and Gospel writers had no problem with using non-Hebrew words that were non-specific to Christianity for speaking about God, then modern day English-speaking evangelicals need to get off their high horse and stop placing unnecessary linguistic requirements on how to speak about God.

    As for the Allah of the Koran being different from the God of the Bible, the Jehovah’s Witness actually use the entire Bible (a very slightly modified version of the KJV) and still deny that Jesus is God. What determines who is and is not a Christian, and therefore a child of God, is what one believes about Jesus Christ, not whether one believes in the Creator of heaven and earth. Paul’s words about the Unknown God to the Greeks are still relevant when speaking to any kind of Theist today. Both Jews and Muslims may be classified as Theists (the Hindus, by contrast, are polytheists, and like the Canaanites, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Norse, give specific names to their gods).


  32. They also know about Jesus and His teaching, just changing the part about the crucifixion and resurrection. And believe He is coming back, as I recall..


  33. Never said that Yahweh is the only correct word (in fact, I personally have never heard anyone come close to saying that)–the Bible has lots of names for God. But our translations choosing not to use Yahweh at all, when it is God’s covenant name, is definitely a problem. And, “God” being both the generic name for deity and being our most common name used for the true God probably is not the best scenario.


  34. “They also know about Jesus and His teaching, just changing the part about the crucifixion and resurrection.”

    Kind of a big part of the story? 🙂


  35. The Reina-Valera Spanish Bible used Jehová for places where English Bibles use LORD in the Old Testament, and Señor in the NT up until the most recent revision in 2015, when it switched to SEÑOR. Personally, I would rather see Jehovah used in the OT where the Hebrew uses it, since LORD is too common a word for God.

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