37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-30-18

  1. Good morning again.
    I get the weirdest news when I open ATT e-mail
    A woman fed the body of her husband’s ex to an alligator.
    A homeless man is suing a couple who assisted him.
    Stuff like that.
    I don’t open ATT’s news because they have intrusive advertisement instead of the news item.
    I understand they need to advertise, but theirs is too much.

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  2. The header photo was my second visit to the pond down the street from me–my first time to visit and know it was there. Great blue herons don’t move around a lot. You might see one stalking very slowly through the water, grabbing prey, or moving up a log, and of course they do fly. But mostly you will see one standing in one spot, moving its neck a bit, preening, and so forth. They don’t fly from one log to another repeatedly.

    This one had been on a branch overhanging the water, and it was getting extra active–leaning its neck way over to look down at the water, that sort of thing. I suspected it would be flying soon, and so I put the camera on action mode to capture the flight. This isn’t the photo I wanted–you always want to include the head, especially the eye, if possible, and this bird flew away from the camera. But I didn’t see the turtles when I took the shot (now I know to look for them on that log)–the heron landed a few feet to the right of them, on a second branch of that log piece. With the heron in flight, the pond below, and the log full of turtles, it wasn’t the photo I wanted, but it says “pond.”

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  3. BTW, I have been up too long–can’t really sleep. I posted a prayer request on yesterday’s prayer thread an hour or two ago.


  4. Morning! Cheryl that photo is amazing! The detail of the feathers and the glossy backs of the turtles with their heads up…just wow! I am so sorry to hear of your wound not healing. I would think that would be a tricky area due to the continual movement of our knees. Praying for answers and healing….

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  5. Cheryl, you need to go to the doctor! Today!!!! (Take this from the woman who hadn’t gone to the doctor in 5 YEARS and only went because a certain someone would not leave me alone about it and I ignored him for a year)
    There is an old wive’s tale about a wound not healing during the dog days of summer but I just Googled that and they were from Sunday, July 22 to Thursday, August 23, so that excuse won’t work.

    I wouldn’t mess around with this. I have had MRSA Staph before and have known several people with Diabetes who found out because sores would not heal. Mr. P’s sister lost one of her toes due to a scratch. Have I terrified you enough yet to go to the doctor? If not, I can work on it some more.

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  6. Kim, what I posted was just a summary of what we have done for it, but a doctor, a nurse practitioner, and a pharmacist have all looked at it, two of them this week, and none of them have panicked and told me I have to go to the ER. Well, the nurse practitioner (the first of those to see it, some weeks ago) was strong and used the word “skin graft if it doesn’t heal,” but the ones who have seen it this week have simply told me how to treat it.

    And trust me, I don’t need to be more “terrified” by this. I’m not saying I am terrified–I don’t think that is an appropriate response for a Christian facing the unknown, certainly not an unknown that has been hanging around already for two months. (In other words, terror at the sudden sight of a grizzly bear or an unexpected diagnosis of cancer is a natural response–but that natural response should be given to Christ.) But if you think I haven’t already gone through all the worst-case scenarios, then you don’t know how I operate and didn’t see that I posted just a handful of hours after going to bed (in other words, that I was up after yet another near-sleepless night). Someone in our church recently had his mother (I don’t think she was all that old) undergo what they called “a minor surgery” and it turned into sepsis and she was dead in a few days. So yes, the worst-case scenarios cross my mind. That is why I was asking for prayer, not so that people could reinforce “Stay scared.” I don’t need more fear; I need it to heal. We’re working on that.

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  7. Kim, I do thank you for your concern. I don’t go to the doctor hastily–you’ll never find me going because I’ve had a cold last for three days or whatever. But yes, if it goes past the normal time of healing, I do seek out help.

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  8. That’s a very busy-busy pond!

    I haven’t read the prayer thread yet but remember the wound issue, Cheryl, I think from when you first went to the doctor about it a month or more ago?

    This feels like Friday to me. But it’s not. Still, the week seems to have mostly flown by very quickly.

    The guys “may be” ready to pressure wash the house later today. Once that’s done, and it’s thoroughly dried (another day or so), then the painting, at long last, can actually begin. Considering how difficult this house has been for 2 years running now, I’m not sure why I thought painting it might go quickly or smoothly. ๐Ÿ™‚ Silly me.

    I may have just an easy story today on the visiting Fleet Week ships. They should all be in port before the end of today and haven’t been announced yet. Last night was the welcome party in downtown with lots of WWII-era fashions, music and dancing. A number of sailors already had arrived and were hanging out on street corners in their dress whites — all of it evoking what the town must have looked like when the Navy was home-ported here & in Long Beach across the harbor. Back in the day, the US Navy ships were here before moving to Pearl Harbor.


  9. Are those turtles safe from the flying predator?

    In other terror news out of the wild:

    Last night while not sleeping around 1:15, I heard coyotes howling at the moon.

    Obviously, I knew I was safe in the house, as was the cat, but it sounded so chilling and eerie. I’ve heard foxes yipping and owls hooting before, but never coyotes. Maybe I’ve read too many DJ stories?

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  10. As to the Pickled Pigskins situation.

    You do not have the significant game for me, UCLA vs. Cincinnati.

    Not because I don’t care but because I’m trying to set up a blind date for my daughter to attend . . .

    She’s resisting, so I’m suggesting coffee before hand since she has truly great plans for that night: seeing John Williams conducting Star Wars music at the Hollywood Bowl.

    Poor kids–this is what happens when your mothers are novelists and like each other. Oh, the plotting . . . .

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  11. Cheryl, just read your prayer request. Staph infections will do that, appear to be healing and then break out again. Sometimes, oral antibiotics, not just topical antibiotics creams or ointments, are necessary to get the infection under control. If the wound was on the foot or lower leg, the circulation problems (either insufficient blood supply to the area – arterial – or insufficient drainage away from the area – venous) can delay wound healing, but I have not encountered venous or arterial ulcers on the knee before. My father’s foot is taking so long to heal because he severe varicose veins on that foot as a result of a long past car accident, so that the venous blood, which is full of cellular waste, is not adequately drained from the area and pools and irritates the tissues. It has greatly healed, but the last couple of weeks, my father has been much more active, and the wound is looking more irritated again.

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  12. Kim, I took your words and filed them in my “pay attention to all wounds” file. After our extended experience with staph infections, we are very big on cleaning all wounds well and taking them to the doctor with any sign of serious infection. We think it all came from one case of impetigo brought up just prior from Texas but it is on most of our bodies and all around us, just waiting for opportunity to take hold. As clearly seen by the apparent but not necessarily accurate upsurge in skin eating infections from the water. And the guy eating sushi.

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  13. The funeral procession on TV reminds me of the O. J. Simpson chase.
    All the cameras showed was a car on a freeway.
    That’s news.


  14. For those of you who are reading Poppy, it would help me if you wrote a review for the Dark Lord, er, Amazon.

    I realize you cannot post reviews until the book is officially launched–which at this point is mid-October. HOWEVER, if you would like to write a review as soon as you finish it and send it to a friend of mine in an email, she will return the review to you when you can post it.

    It’s actually a dog named Sydnie. She doesn’t care if I share her email address: sydniel2009(AT)gmail.com

    Her owner handles all her correspondence and knows about this development. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks. I need 100 reviews for you-know-who to like my book. Sigh.


  15. Kim, nothing to apologize for; I had hinted that I had had medical care (I mentioned a clinic), but didn’t say so directly. Roscuro, I was on oral antibiotics for a while (following the clinic visit a month ago). I don’t think a staph infection a strong likelihood simply because my knee never had direct contact with the ground. My husband did some reading this morning and found that I probably shouldn’t have been keeping the wound uncovered (as I did after the first few days), and so now we have it wrapped again.


  16. Re the pond scene: I am pretty sure a great blue heron is not a threat to a turtle, or at least not ones that size, simply because as far as I know, great blues always swallow prey whole. However, I didn’t see the turtles when I took the photo, and also got some photos after the bird landed farther up the log. I don’t know whether any of the portion including those turtles is in the other photo or not, but no turtles show up in the later photo. I know from experience that turtles on a log are really quick to jump into water if they perceive a threat, and I think these turtles might have done so. (I had a park I used to hike in Nashville that wrapped around a pond, and so many times I would see turtles momentarily but hear plops as I got close enough to see them well.)

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  17. So, Michelle. Did you send it to me yet? I have checked all my email addresses and don’t see it. Oh, I should probably check the junk/spam folders.


  18. It is a great look, Kim. ๐Ÿ™‚ Someone snapped a shot last night of a group of sailors standing outside one of our more popular dive bars, God Mother’s — which is where one of the very early scenes of This is Us was filmed, the one where the couple first meet.

    The Navy’s being hyper hush-hush this year on visiting ships (in the past they’d release the names maybe a week in advance). Three are in port so far, all repeats from last year. Another arrives tonight very much on the QT, and a Coast Guard cutter is due in sometime before tomorrow morning when the public tours begin.

    This year it’s metal detectors and a much more secure, closed-off event footprint, too.


  19. Re the new header photo: How is THAT for a detailed look at a great blue heron’s wing? That shot took a zoom lens; the bird was nowhere near as close as it looked. (It was on the same branch it flew from in the other photo, which is itself zoomed a bit and then cropped.)

    Some wading birds will hold out their wings to shade the water, possibly so that they can see into the water better (no glare) and possibly to entice fish and other creatures into the shade (where they will be eaten), and possibly both. When I saw this pose (which the heron held for at least a couple of minutes), I figured that was what the bird was doing. But it’s above the water, not down in it, so I’m really not sure. Since I can’t see what is going on on the other side of that wing, my hunch is that the heron is simply preening the back of the wing. But it’s the best view I’ve had of a great blue heron wing, and it’s perfectly fine that we cannot see its head or eye in this shot, since that is not at all its point!

    The great blue heron is as tall as four and a half feet and with a wingspan up to 79 inches–so that wing is roughly three feet wide.

    By the way, look really closely at the lower right of the photo, where a branch coming from the corner meets up with this one, and you will see the body and (yellow) leg of a green heron. They’re very plentiful in this pond, but as you can tell they aren’t always easy to see!


  20. I HATE WAL-MART!!!!! Mr. P wants an omelet for dinner. Maddie needed diapers. I went to Wal-Mart. It isn’t my favorite place to shop anyway, and I despise self check-out. If I wanted to be a Wal-Mart cashier I would be. Any way, I decided to go through the do it yourself section. I could because I wasn’t paying cash according to the overseer. I started ringing up my items and couldn’t find a look up for the onion I was purchasing. I asked the kid and he said he would have to void my purchases and I would have to wait for another terminal. I took my bagged items and my onion to a lane with a real live human. I stood in line for ten minutes. I told the manager I could have stolen the onion and to imagine how many people probably did. For the shrinkage they could pay another cashier.


  21. Kim, that’s what happens when you buy onions.

    As for your 4:48, You should have seen us in our blue uniforms.
    They say we looked like bus drivers.
    I thought of joining the Marines because of their uniforms. But wisdom prevailed and I would up flying in B-29’s over Pakistan when I would have been dodging bullets from Chinese guns.

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  22. Kim, you say, “For the shrinkage they could pay another cashier.” I’ve been arguing that same thing! Our Kroger just went to two-thirds self-check-out plus devices you can take through the store and pay as you go . . . and I wonder how much simply disappears. And you lose the personal touch, a big part of the reason you go into a store rather than ordering online!

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  23. I always use the cashier. I don’t know how to use self check-our and don’t intend to learn.
    I have wondered, though, how they know if you swiped everything you bought.
    Swiped through the checkout machine, in case you are wondering.
    Maybe “swiped” is appropriate.


  24. Oh, and I had the perfect alibi. I wear a Pandora bracelet that sets the alarm off half the time at Wal-Mart and the airport security anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  25. I’m behind on everything today, so please forgive me for jumping in before reading the other comments.

    On this day last year, Hubby and I had an appointment with his oncologist to talk about the results of the tests he had the week before. You may remember that I was quite nervous about what the prognosis might be. Here is some of what I wrote on the prayer thread on this date last year:

    “Thank you for all your prayers.

    Well, the news is not too good, but itโ€™s not too bad, either. There is a tumor growing on his prostate, & a tiny โ€œsomethingโ€ on one of his ribs, which could be from an old injury (not that he could remember any injury there) or it could be the metastasized cancer.”

    (Then I explained the treatment regimen.)

    “The doctor did not seem too concerned, which made me feel better about it. He said it is not time to worry yet.

    After the appointment, we had an early romantic dinner at Costco ๐Ÿ˜‰ after having done a little shopping there. Then we went to the ice cream place for some very delicious soft-serve. (I had vanilla.)”

    That was our last date.

    Later, I wrote:

    “Heโ€™s feeling fairly upbeat, not too worried. We realize that unless God intervenes, this will eventually lead to his death (unless something else gets him in the meantime), but that doesnโ€™t seem to be on the horizon for the near future. . .

    . . .We especially pray that Hubby will be around as Little Guy grows up, as he is the only godly, believing man in that little boyโ€™s life.”

    A little later: “We are both also praying to have a deeper trust in God, & His peace in our hearts, no matter what happens. And that He would be glorified through this.”

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  26. I remembered that we had stopped at our favorite soft-serve ice cream place after the appointment, and I figured we must have had lunch, but I didn’t remember it was an early dinner at Costco. Funny thing is, I remember that time at Costco, but forgot that it was on that day.

    Last night I was thinking about how I haven’t had any soft-serve ice cream this summer (and I do love soft serve ice cream), and that maybe I will never have it again from that particular place.

    Then this evening, Nightingale and The Boy, as a first-day-of-school treat, went to our local ice cream place, which happens to now have soft-serve about as good as that other place, and they brought some back for me. She had no idea what I had been thinking about.

    Speaking of The Boy’s first day of school. . .He started 2nd grade today. He was not looking forward to it, as he already decided last year that he doesn’t like school. But he told us that he loves 2nd grade, and looks forward to going back tomorrow! (Let’s see how long that lasts.)

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  27. KIzzie, I’m so glad you have those sweet memories. How good God is to allow us such treasures, even when we don’t know at the time how fleeting and precious they are!

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  28. The third pond photo is a “Where’s Waldo?” one. The great blue heron is obvious, and is the bird I was photographing. (If the photo continued a bit more to the left, the log with the turtles is the left portion of this log–really, I think, two logs that may or may not join in the middle, but with some old beaver gnawing just to the side of where this heron stands, and visible beside it.)

    Can you also see the two green herons? I’ll point out where they are in a moment, so if you want to find them on your own, don’t read further just yet.

    I didn’t see the green herons when I took the photo. One of them I saw (moved a little from where it is here) when I took a couple of later shots, but I didn’t see either one when I took this shot. One is fairly easy to see, though. It’s in the upper left, just below the purple flowers. The second one is pretty hard to pick out, and I probably only noticed it because it ended up moving a few feet and showing up in later shots. Right now it is just to the left of the great blue’s back. If you see the other heron, and follow the whitish branch just below it to the right, just before encountering the great blue there is a second green heron. That one ended up moving a bit farther to the right, and being quite a bit more visible to the right of the larger heron, and I saw it as I was taking additional photos. Even though the green herons aren’t very obvious, I still think it is pretty cool to take a photo of one heron (in the wild) and look at the photo and see two herons of a different species in the same shot.

    Until seeing green herons at this pond, I had seen green herons at most five times in my life. (I saw them either two or three times in Nashville, once in northern Indiana–where I had literally hundreds of sightings of great blue herons–and once in Florida.) In this pond I have definitely seen four different birds in one visit, possibly as many as six, and usually at least two. Only once have I failed to see any at all (three or four days ago), though two showed up the next day.


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