6 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-14-18

  1. 🙂 Celebrated my mom’s 90th birthday. Enjoyed having a couple of children and many grandchildren here.

    😦 As usual, we must have the family drama to go along with the celebration. My mom also had tears as she realizes she will miss her home town, friends, family and activities when she moves to Florida. She told me, though, that she is sure there are things to do down there, as well. She does not like heat and has never been a fan of Florida. She does have some family down there and is happy to be wherever my sister is. Hopefully, it will all turn out to be a good move for all involved.

    😦 Husband’s brother has his 5th heart attack. He is in good hands, however.

    😦 Godson has so many health problems, which he makes worse with his careless actions. He needs the Lord, as does his sister. Here is a case where so many would have adopted and given him a much more stable upbringing, if it hadn’t been so lucrative for his mom to keep him for the extra cash. 😦

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  2. 🙂 Finished up another week at camp. Ten to twelve year olds. Most had an awesome time. A few were homesick, but our cabin leaders are pretty amazing at getting them to enjoy camp.

    😦 No electricity for the first 2 days 🙂 Power was back for the rest of the week

    🙂 I get to work with such amazing people.

    🙂 Tomorrow the twelve to fourteen year olds arrive

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  3. My heart is full after a terrific service and two days of my church family celebrating like Lutherans do–with great food, wonderful conversation and more than enough hugs.

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  4. A busy Sunday yesterday.
    Began with church
    Then an all staff luncheon, but… 😦 it was soup luncheon and it looked like they all had onions, so I left early not sure if I would get sick, even tho I didn’t eat much.

    🙂 I didn’t get sick, yeah!!

    🙂 then a sweet prayer time for the Highlands region translators.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 then a concert. I almost didn’t go since I am an introvert and this was way too much for one day. It was a sacred concert at the meeting house and was so uplifting. Some were original pieces. Some I had to quietly sing along with.

    Oh, I know someone who does a hymn of the month with young children. They learn all of the verses. I would like to do that in Kinder. So pray for wisdom in how to do it and that I would be diligent. What hymn would you begin with??


  5. I know it’s trivial, Almost first on the list of trivial gripes.
    But it bugs me when someone hollers to a crowd of hundreds: “How youall doin?”

    The fifth person to call Rush wants to know how he’s doing.
    On Sunday morning, 8:15 service, the fifth man to come to the pulpit says, “Good morning”.

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  6. And I say good morning back to them, probably louder than necessary but I want them to be greeted, and am thankful it is not me standing up there talking.

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