17 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-30-18

  1. If you need to do something in June, You need to get to it.
    The days are beginning to get shorter now. Just a little bit.


  2. Do you get these?
    Everyone in the world wants me to send them some money.
    In the mail, on the web.
    I went to Harris-Teeter (local grocery store). Spent $59+ change. The clerk asked if I wanted to contribute to USO to round it up to $60?
    Sure, what’s a few cents more?
    I won’t miss it. I really won’t
    But it’s just one more thing.

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  3. Chas, I always say no. They’ll get the benefit of the tax donation. I’d rather my dollars go to a charity I want and then I’ll get the tax receipt 🙂

    🙂 Shopping today with daughter

    😦 It’s my only day off this week

    Praying I’ll get home in time to have a nice nap.

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  4. 🙂 Curious how live goes in circles.

    Some 26 years ago while pregnant, I edited my friend Mary’s personal statement to apply to medical school.

    She got in!

    Today, that child is writing a secondary application to a medical school where Mary teaches.

    I’m trying to decide if I should cheat and send it for Mary’s review before CR submits . . .

    Of course CR mentioned her in the statement. LOL

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  5. 🙂 🙂 Trip to Alaska was wonderful. Only drawback was the brevity. Doing it with my daughter was also wonderful. We are wonderfully compatible about where to go and sharing appetizers etc.

    🙂 Two weekends in a row with several of the grandchildren.

    😦 Rain, rain, rain and heat with humidity.

    😦 My SIL actually did damage to his back. He is now shorter. There is nothing to be done for the moment and it should heal. He is in so much pain from his ribs, that the back has not been an issue. Not sure if this will remind him he is no longer all that young. 😉 He was helping a friend put up a deer stand. The metal of the ladder gave way. They are contacting the company. He was lucky he was not up higher!

    😦 Found out a young friend is pregnant again. She aborted one, gave one away and now has another on the way. Drugs and an abusive man she refuses to leave. Even the doctor scolded her. We keep praying.

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  6. The doctor should not have scolded her. That was unprofessional. It was also irresponsible, as the surest way to pressure a woman to have an abortion is to make her feel guilty for getting pregnant. As the prayer thread shows, leaving an abusive partner does not mean the abuse stops.

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  7. I put on a tie and coat to wear to church today.
    I did it because that’s what I do.
    I saw Chuck wearing a t-shirt.
    Chuck is an usher.
    I will wear short sleeves and no tie next Sunday.l

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  8. I haven’t heard it in years. Society has changed so much.
    But it used to be when a woman described a nice article of clothing, she described it as “something to wear to church”. I’ll bet none of you young women never said that.

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  9. That is something I’ve said!

    But the church I (I keep wanting to say “we”, but it’s only me now) go to is quite casual. I was surprised (but not judgmentally so, more amused) when, as we were new attendees, I saw that a couple of the ushers taking the offering, and later passing out communion, were casually dressed in jeans with casual t-shirt-type shirts.

    Our congregation has a mixture of very casual dressers and more dressy dressers. “Casual dressy” is probably the most common. I wear slacks, usually black, with a nice, dressy top, with my nails polished, and some jewelry.

    In my old church, I wore a dress every Sunday, as did most of the women. I must admit that I don’t miss that at all.

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  10. I did, Chas, in my childhood. We always wore nice dresses. As I got older, I transitioned to blouse and skirt instead of a dress, but always my ‘best’ ones. I still make an effort to wear a nice skirt and top to church, and haven’t brought myself to wear trousers to church. But I don’t take much notice of what others wear to church. If I think about it, in the city church, most of the younger men wear t-shirts while most of the older men still have a dress shirt & suit jacket in the winter, and both older and younger women wear trousers to church. But I don’t usually think about it.

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  11. Twelve year old always wears a suit and tie when going to town. He went to a movie with husband yesterday, in a suit. He went to church this morning in a suit.

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  12. Last night I realized while watching an old episode of Fixer Upper, that I was in the land of free internet for one more day. I checked online and found that I could download all of season 5. Now I can watch tv on my ipad! I am all set.
    Of course now it is almost time to leave and I could not sleep last night. Oh, well, I will be sleeping on my two flights. And not eating the food as it made me sick last time.

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  13. I nearly always wear a dress or skirt and blouse. Practically the only exception is if we have half a foot of snow or bitter cold.

    My new church is the dressiest of my last three. I was surprised 15 years ago to move to a Presbyterian church (formal) in the South (formal) and find two-thirds of the women wore pants on any given Sunday. It was more than half slacks in my northern-Indiana church, too. But now it is back to about two-thirds dresses and more men in suits and ties. (Interestingly, though, we have three sisters who have attended this church their whole life, and they’re mid-60s to mid-70s, and they all wear slacks.)

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