42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-30-18

  1. Morning! Oh look, a bird with his nose up in the air!! 😊
    Finally we are experiencing cooler temps this morning! Our state is battling multiple forest fires and it is devastating to see. Predictions of rain today are leaving us with great expectations and we are praying to see the much needed moisture fall upon this land.
    Where’s Chas?!

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  2. Chas was up and gone by the time you folks showed up.

    Besides, one thing I can’t take is a snooty bird, going around with his nose up in the air.

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  3. So the young local who’s been doing historical research in our community was musing yesterday about how my neighbor’s house looked familiar to her, she was picturing an old photograph she’d seen with the house and maybe a couple children playing out front. I’d driven her by my house before dropping her off at the end of the day.

    Well, she went home, found the photo she was thinking about on her computer from an old scrapbook she’d scanned at some point and it turned out it was MY house — in 1925! Our front is a young girl, teen?, who is identified in the handwriting beneath as Mildred Webb along with “my” address.

    My friend did some quick followup research and it was her father, Glenn Webb, who built the house and that would have been his daughter standing out in front. I’d actually looked up who built my house when I first moved in here but lost the name which I’d written down. I remembered it identified his occupation as a carpenter.

    What’s really cool is that it shows what the original porch looked like (I always knew my expansive covered porch was an “add on” at some point) — the original was a little arched alcove just like my neighbor’s house (which is why she was thinking the photo was of their place). Records show my big porch was added in 1956, which makes sense as that’s when the “ranch” style houses became so popular in California. Someone probably wanted to “update” it to try to make it look like one of those.

    And that’s why my neighbor (her house was built in 1925, the year that photo was taken, mine had been built in 1923, my neighbor was told by the same man) always said my house was considered a “rancho” style in her mind while hers was Spanish style. (But I told her it’s really just my front porch that lends it that more ‘western-y’ feel, the rest of the house really is Spanish-mission which was so popular in California in the early 1900s.

    Anyway, friend also sent a city document link where I can see all the original permits taken out for changes to the house (including the kitchen area which was added on in the 1970s, which comports with what my neighbors have told me). I haven’t looked at all of that yet — she sent all this over fairly late last night — but wouldn’t it be fun to frame a decent copy of that old photograph to hang somewhere in my house?

    Wish it were in color so I could see what it was originally painted — but it’s a light color with some kind of dark trim (we uncovered both dark reds and greens on the exterior woodwork as we’ve worked on the house).

    Anyway, kind of amazing to see *my* house with the original windows and so many other familiar, still-surviving details from right after it was built. And to see one of the original occupants out in the front, it looks like they even had a little tree right about in the same spot where my Charlie Brown city tree was planted last year.

    Too bad the porch was replaced, wish I still had that original little arched one. But I do love having a long, expansive covered porch — it makes the house look much bigger than it did with the original front alcove porch.

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  4. And speaking of the house, I’ll have to finally deal with the broken gate on the south side in the back, workers yesterday had to chain-saw out a huge tree limb that had grown in between a couple of the boards. Gate is basically shot (hadn’t been functioning for some time, admittedly) and now will have to be replaced. I’m hoping my gardener and his handy cousins, who put together my redwood back fence, can build a new gate for me, too.

    Always something.

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  5. Just printed out the original building permit from the city’s website on a link friend passed on to me — has the names of the architects, where owner lived (down the hill near the harbor).

    Yes, history is so fun.

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  6. OH DJ!!!! You have to print that picture and frame it. I will be very nice to have in the house. I don’t know that we keep those kinds of records here.

    As you may imagine Grandpa and Maddie are down for their morning nap. We take her back to her Mommy at noon. We have started a nice little routine of going out to lunch together after we drop her off. I also have a piece of furniture to pick up. Grandpa requested a special ottoman that was a “glider” to go with the glider/swivel/rocker I bought before Miss Maddie was born. The store called me yesterday and it is in.
    Miss Maddie and I took advantage of the rocker this morning. She fussed a little but we rocked until she fell asleep. I kept telling her it was her special rocker.

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  7. I would love to see photos of my house from back in 1900, when it was built, especially of the interior. The house has been re-configured at least a couple times, and we can see evidences of where walls or windows used to be, and can tell where some current walls were added. It used to be a side-by-side, three-story two-family home, but is now an upstairs/downstairs two-family home, and the third story is now an attic. (We also have a basement.) I wonder if it was originally a one family, or was always a two-family home.

    It would be so cool to renovate the attic, or at least part of it, back into living space, but it would be very expensive. Maybe Nightingale will get around to that someday.

    Speaking of this house, have I told you that it has been decided that Nightingale is going to buy it from me? Or at least, we’re going to try for that. She has been consciously building a good credit score, so she thinks she would be approved for a mortgage. (I would be helping her pay the mortgage by paying other bills.)

    We initially thought that I would quit claim the house to her, but if I did that, the bank would call in the rest of the home loan, as the house is the collateral on the loan. This way, she will own the house, I will be able to pay off the home loan, and I won’t have to worry about how Chickadee would feel about me “giving” the house to Nightingale.


  8. That’s so cool, Donna! We found some neat things when renovating parts of our house (old toys, fishing rod and photos). We also found the builder’s name in a log book in PA Nat. Park of people who had a permit to remove trees for wood. We think perhaps some of the wood in our house came from the park (most original parts were likely sawn by a neighbour who had his own sawmill)

    Daughter is one of 40 Humboldt first responders that someone is sending to the Calgary Stampede – all expenses paid. There will be a VIP stampede breakfast for them, they’ll be given white cowboy hats (quite the honour) and will be on a couple of floats in the parade on the 6th.

    I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. Both for daughter’s sake and because I grew up in Calgary and always went to the stampede. We never could afford to take our children when they were growing up and now at least she gets a chance to go.

    She texted me to ask what one wears to a VIP stampede breakfast. Nice jeans, button down shirt, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. So, we’re going shopping today!! At least she won’t feel she needs to buy a hat.

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  9. At some point, as I’ve been writing here about my feelings and experiences since Hubby’s death, I wrote that we were in a sweet place in our marriage at the end. But what I haven’t mentioned is that only six months before, I was going through a tough time with him. He was being particularly belligerent sometimes, and certain long-time bad attitudes of his were “getting to me” more. I felt completely fed up with him at times.

    Praise God for continuing his work in both of us. I determined to love my husband even when I didn’t “feel” like I loved him. As for Hubby, his attitudes and behavior turned a corner. While he was in the hospital, he told me, and our pastor, that he wanted to be more compassionate. (AJ and Linda may remember Pastor Billy saying something about that.)

    So even while he was in a discouraging and potentially scary place in his life – not knowing what would become of him or what was wrong physically, not knowing if he would have to get another job, or even be able to work for a while – he was still seeking to grow and mature, and choosing to have faith and trust in our Savior. That thought continues to touch my heart, and encourage me in my own faith walk.

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  10. I’ll go ahead and send AJ the old photo along with the current pic of my house with its new-fangled (1956) ‘ranchero’ porch 🙂 It’ll also serve as my ‘before’ photo as painting should begin in the coming week (and I hope it’ll go fast).

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  11. It is hot! We are in survival mode right now. The thermometer outside say 36 Celsius (about 96.8 Fahrenheit) & the weather website says it is 61 percent humidity. I could take the heat – it got much hotter than that in the dry season in West Africa – but the humidity is dreadful. It makes me feel like I’m suffocating – asthma and humidity do not go well together.

    No previous photos exist of this house 😉 It was designed and built by its current owners, with a some help from professional carpenters & brick layers along the way. We do have quite a few pictures of it being built. It is just a bit older than my Eldest sibling, so the pictures of it as a young house include us as a young family and the now towering trees in front and to one side of it that help to keep it a little cooler in summer are also about the same age as the house and its children.

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  12. Humidity and human beings don’t go well together.

    So sorry so many of you are dealing with the awful heat right now. It’ll be our turn soon enough, though we usually get more of the ‘dry’ heat (which really is easier to tolerate).

    Right now we’ve stayed in the high 60s, low 70s with overcast skies, so it’s very comfortable, thankfully.

    So far …

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  13. Among the things I brought home with me were sheets & a special dust-reducing mattress cover that I had purchased for the double bed in the furnished apartment I was renting. I have a single bed here, so I didn’t need them anymore. So I offered them to my parents. They thanked me as if I had given them a gold mine. They have so few new things that my two year old sheets and cover seemed like brand new to them.

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  14. Neat story about your house, DJ! I look forward to seeing the pictures.

    There’s a storm brewing here — we’re under a severe thunderstorm watch, and it’s getting mighty dark right now. We also have oppressive heat and humidity going; it’s been mid- to upper-90s for temps the last three days, and I don’t know what for humidity, but my palms immediately feel wet when I go outside.

    The temperatures are only supposed to get to the mid-80s tomorrow, though, so the storms predicted for this afternoon/evening and overnight and part of the daytime tomorrow should cool things down.


  15. My temperatures on the coast here in Australia are the same as Dj’s. Back up to Ukarumpa tomorrow. Now to fit all of my purchases in my suitcase. I even have frozen cheese! So today I have to pack and weigh to make sure that I can take it all with me.???

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  16. I survived 95° (heat index 100+) today while giving tours of the second cave. Half the tour involves walking 1/4 mile each way through the woods. The shade is good, but about half of it is open sunlight. It’s 1 mile total per tour. Hard enough when it’s not so hot, but the Lord was merciful and sent a slight breeze.

    Now we are getting things ready to leave for Arizona.

    RK- Do you still have my email and cell number? I still have yours if it hasn’t changed since last yer. We’ll be returning through NMex on July 14 and might have time for lunch. If possible, I’d like to meet your husband this time.


  17. We’re getting that oppressive heat and humidity tomorrow and Monday. Today was in the high 80s with some humidity.

    I’d been marveling at how low the humidity has been on most warm days so far, so I guess the humidity is coming in with a vengeance.


  18. Humidity in the Midwest rarely bothers me, though in the South I sometimes found it “too much.” But this is the first Midwestern home I have lived in with central air, so we’re enjoying that little luxury.

    Peter, enjoy Arizona! I haven’t visited since 2003 (my mom’s funeral) and have no idea when I might get there again, which makes me a little sad.

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  19. Ah, well I see we’re going to get “ours” soon, too:

    WARNING: Massive Deadly Heatwave and Monsoonal Intrusion To Nail Southern California End Next Week


  20. Cheryl- Since we’re going to visit my 92 year old father who is in home hospice, this may be the 2nd to last time I visit Arizona.


  21. Good evening Jo.
    Everyone here is complaining about the heat. Not too bad here.
    But its July.
    I saw it snow in July once.
    In Thule, Greenland. It was a top secret air base at the time. But the Soviets knew we were there. But if you try to Google Map it, you still can’t see anything.


  22. Happy July!! The rain missed us ‘by that much”!! Oh how I wanted to see and smell the rain! Seems as though any rains this year have been accompanied by damaging hail…that we do not miss! Be blessed this restful Sunday ya’ll…..


  23. I survived 95° (heat index 100+) yesterday by taking a 25-mile bicycle ride (hubby did 30). We chose the section of the trail that is 99% shaded and runs along the Gunpowder River, which kept it a little cooler. There were a lot of tubers on the river; I’ll get a picture of them one of these days.

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  24. Thanks Peter. It is a quiet Canada Day for us. I think I have a touch of bronchitis, and the heat and humidity mean traveling in a car without air conditioning would be almost unbearable. Second & family are also home, as they returned late last night from visiting family and the little ones woke too late for church.


  25. Peter, I’m sorry about your father. My second-to-last time was two weeks before my last time . . . and I had no idea that last time I saw my mom that I would be back in just two weeks for her funeral. May you be a blessing to your father and your family on this visit.

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  26. I see Boise made the news. What kind of person does that to children? Refugees at a birthday party, knifed by a guy from Los Angeles who was mad at getting kicked out. Somebody had the sense to see that he was trouble.


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