21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-4-18

  1. Morning all. It was a good day. The kids spent a quiet hour drawing pictures and writing sweet messages to the boy who is leaving finish. he was gone for that hour. The bad boy was very bad, but I stood firm and even had him speak to the principal.
    I am skipping the staff social tonight as I just felt worn out. A nice quiet evening.

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  2. Hi Kim, how goes it?

    It’s Monday again! Why? Why? Why do they keep coming around?

    And I see today that the Times did a really nice story on the old community gardens in our community where the long-time Italians grow vegetables but are struggling in the drought. It’s always hard when a competitor snatches a story out of your own backyard and does such an eloquent job on it.

    Reminds me to start being more aware (again) of stories that I “see” (but don’t see) every day. Fact is, I sit in my car in line right next to those gardens at least one Saturday a month to drop off e-waste at the station that’s right there. The gardens are a rag-tag mess (and we have written about them in the past). But the Times tapped into a very colorful aspect of them with our town’s ethnic past.


  3. Good morning.

    That header is fabulous!

    Our internet is down at work so I can’t do the website class. I am at home. Miss Bosley is loving it!

    I have errands and way too many chores backed up.Miss Bosley only thought I stayed home for her sake.

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  4. Good morning. Thanks for the answers/comments this weekend about mourning.

    Today is sort of the start of a “new school year.” We school year-round, taking small breaks here and there, so, in a way, school never ends or starts, But occasionally I’ll change things up a little or a lot, and it can feel like a fresh start — embarking anew in a different manner or with new resources or whatever.

    I’m especially trying a new approach with 5th Arrow. He is 14, chronologically at the cusp of starting high school. Developmentally, behind that.

    Puberty has brought some welcome changes in his attitude toward learning. There are still cognitive struggles, to be sure, but he’s much more patient in working through those challenges than ever before. He’ll sometimes come to me and ask if we can do some additional school time.

    Music to a mom’s ears, when they take initiative, wanting to do more.

    Son talks about wanting to live by himself some day, so we are working on areas that will help prepare him for that possibility, if it’s the Lord’s will that he will become so enabled.

    He’s off with his dad right now, at the hospital, waiting for my MIL’s surgery to begin. (See prayer thread.)

    The girls and I are here, getting our day started. Fourth Arrow and I will sit down and discuss her future plans. She’s still sort of in the I-don’t-know stage about what she wants to do after her last year of high school, which is the one we’re starting now. She has plans to apply for a job soon, now that she has her driver’s license, but there were insurance arrangements to make first, to set things up for a new teen driver who can now drive alone.

    And it’s piano lesson day for 6th Arrow — that’s always a big event — so…time for me to hop to it. I’m still in my robe past 9:30. Third Arrow and I were standing in the kitchen last night, after she’d gotten home after 2:00 a.m. from helping a friend move. Lovely conversation we had, but after going to bed for the second time, at around 2:30 (I’d awakened at 1:45 and daughter still wasn’t home, after she’d called at 10:00 pm saying they were almost done moving her friend to a place less than half an hour away from us…), I can’t say I’m very awake yet.

    Obviously, I am a little slow in getting moving today, after being up in the night for a while. Oh, well. It’s a beautiful, sunny day, and that often does wonders for helping energize me.

    Have a good day, all.

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  5. Do any of you know much about Reiki? Years ago, I heard that, supposedly, part of the treatment involves connecting with a spirit guide, which would mean that this is something Christians should stay away from.

    Recently, on one of my town’s Facebook pages, a Reiki training session was advertised, and one of my Christian friends commented that she used to have Reiki done on her and she’d loved it. I’ve seen others I think of as Christian, or nominally so, say positive things about Reiki.

    (My mom tried it once. She said her spirit guide was Jesus. Made me so sad that she wouldn’t put her trust in the real Jesus.)

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  6. We had a significant windstorm last night. Twelve year old and I were up after his bedtime, picking up rabbit hutches and reroofing them as they blew over and blew off. Sixteen year old boy came out to help us. That was nice of him. I hope it bothers him that twelve year old developmentally delayed, etc does more than he does to help. It would mean his conscience is waking up.

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  7. Sixteen headed off to work this morning. He had to use his old bike. Last night he told me he had broken the new one several months ago and had been riding it but it was no longer doable. I told him it was good he had the old one as dad had been to Boise several times and could have taken it in for repairs. He fixed up the old one but on the way to town, broke the pedal off. So he came home, presumably with the bike. I mentioned it broke when he was closer to town than work, would have been wise to continue to town and meet his friend taking them to work. About that time, friend showed up and picked him up, they were already going to be at least half an hour late for work. I hope they still have the job, building fence. Now he sounds like he will be walking to town again.

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  8. Life lessons…

    We survived day 1 of VBS. I have the 4year old and Kindergarten group. I felt like I was herding cats. They are a lively bunch.

    Trey woke up at o3:30 with croup. It took 2 albuterol nebs before he got loose enough to breath easy. The albuterol made him so jittery that he threw up. A bit of a rough start, but did well at VBS. I need to wash all my bedding, as he was in our bed, of course.

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  9. Ok my rkessler….those albuterol nebulizer treatments can be tough on a little body. Hannah would be so jittery and dizzy it would wipe her out for the rest of the day…but she could breathe…which is a very good thing!
    I would steer clear of Reiki…channeling energy into someone for healing? Hmmmm….go before the Lord God Most High…make your petitions known to Him…and only Him….
    I have spent the past 4 hours with my friend who is facing an imminent divorce. This all has been such a mess and she will be facing the consequences of not hiring an attorney. Her husband is a dirty rotten scoundrel…that is the nicest thing I can say about him….

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  10. Well that was “oh my rkessler” not “ok”…auto correct checking after I hit post! 🙃
    Thanks Kizzie…my heart breaks for her because she has not been making wise decisions…she protects this jerk and finally the Christian psychologist/marriage counselor I sent her to last week told her as much and advised her to stop it. She will continue to see him so perhaps she will listen to his counsel. She told me today that the house will be sold and it will be divided 50/50…but there is not end date to which the house must be sold. And if she continued to live in the house after the final decree…she must pay him rent!!???? My head almost exploded! May our Lord have mercy….

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  11. Home a little early from placement – instructor had to leave early. I think it went OK. My instructor praised me for something I did, so that was nice.

    RKessler, albuterol (what we call salbutamol) can be overwhelming for a little one. I’m not sure if it was the salbutamol nebulizer or the prednisone that made me vomit all night when I was first diagnosed with asthma as a child. It still can make me jittery, and I’ve been taking salbutamol inhalers for 25 years now. It has been a lifesaver.


  12. Finally heard back from the VA. They have determined that the life insurance is enough to live on, and so have ended my pension.

    I understand and accept their decision, but it is still a big disappointment, as the life insurance really wasn’t much (relatively speaking). (It’s a good thing I will be able to collect Hubby’s Social Security when I turn 60, in a little less than three years.) I so wish there could have been enough to also pay for the many renovations we need to make in this house.

    The letter said that the pension was ended effective January 1, but I have still been receiving it every month. So I sent them a message about that. It’s gonna be hard to have to pay it back if they determine that I should, but at least I can.

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  13. I had to do nebulizer/albuterol/saline mix treatments for Wesley every six hours for awhile. I felt tied to the machine. We watched Winnie the Pooh videos over and over. We never could be gone for long because I did not want to carry all the apparatus and deal with it all someplace else. Y’all are making me feel good just realizing that Wesley never threw up from the treatments. I am sorry to hear that happens so often for others. I do remember it made him jittery. I think I had a love/hate relationship with the nebulizer. It was such a necessary nuisance.

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  14. Four year old in glasses has entered the next phase. He went into the hunting mansion. Brave fellow. He hopes to start sleeping out there. Fine with me as long as he can get up and down and it is not filled with mouse stuff or illegal drugs.

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