17 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-2-18

  1. 🙂 Huge improvement in hubby’s hip this past week, after nearly two months of worsening.

    🙂 Winter is over. We started May with snowfall, and ended it with consecutive days of 90s.

    🙂 Everything outside is lush and green.

    😦 Mosquitoes keep me from reading a book on the porch.

    🙂 God is in heaven, working everything for our good and His glory. We have a Savior Who cleanses us of our sins. The promise of heaven awaits. Who can ask for anything more?

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  2. One should not weed eat delicate areas when irked by one’s ten year old pulling up the peony with the weeds. Oops on that cherry tree I planted by the driveway….

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  3. 6 Arrows – Rejoicing with you and your husband about the improvement in his hip. That kind of pain can be so scary, because we wonder if it is going to go away at all, or become a chronic condition, or need surgery, or get worse before it gets better.

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  4. I was listening to Rush yesterday afternoon while driving home. He was explaining the Christian religion to someone. Not evangelizing, as such, but explaining the doctrine. I don’t know his spiritual condition, but I know he has a complete and accurate understanding of what a Christian is.
    His brother, David, is a Christian.
    On a similar track. Hank Williams personal life didn’t reflect the fact, but his songs show that Hank had a correct understanding of Christian doctrine.
    His son doesn’t reflect that.

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  5. 😦 Today marks eight months that Hubby has been gone. I miss him more than ever, and I think I am crying more than ever, except for the first few weeks.

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  6. Hugs, Kizzie.

    🙂 Dance program for two grandkids this weekend is on the agenda. We will babysit for all four so mom and dad get in a play and night away for their anniversary. The youngest is six, so this is mainly trying to keep up and ahead of them. 😉

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  7. 🙂 The house is (almost) done. Painting, yet to come, will probably make the biggest visual – cosmetic improvement yet. These jobs are at least much more fun than replacing sewer lines.

    😦 Election night shift could go very late. We have to stick with it until 100% of the vote is counted and I’m keeping tabs on 15 congressional races.

    🙂 Sounds like we may be able to work from home.

    🙂 Flowers are blooming in their pots and yet our weather so far is mild, with lots of overcast and temps in high 60s or low 70s only. My kind of summer these days, though that won’t last.

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  8. Prayers for you, Kizzie. And thank you for your 11:15. You are right that that pain he was experiencing was scary.

    I never told anyone this, and don’t fully understand why I couldn’t bring myself to say it, but I’ll share now that there were times over the past several weeks that I thought of a horrible event in my family history, decades before I was born, that kept coming back to my mind as I watched hubby’s condition deteriorate so dramatically, and I was afraid hubby might do the same as my ancestor.

    My great-grandfather (my paternal grandmother’s dad) got cancer, and the pain it caused was so bad that he committed suicide. My grandma found his body hanging in the barn. She was perhaps late teens or early twenties at the time.

    I’m sure the availability of pain relievers and/or effective pain-management treatments were limited in those days (the first couple decades of the 1900s), but, even today, in my husband’s case, there was a while where no one could figure out how to stop those excruciating pain episodes from attacking him.

    He not only experienced deep physical pain, but I also watched him undergo an emotional transformation unlike anything I’d seen in him before. The desperation in his voice, especially that night he called home from work, eight days ago, when he was screaming, cursing, and almost crying with the pain, and the hopelessness with his work situation, made me wonder about the pain and desperation my great-grandfather experienced in the run-up to ending his own life.

    I wasn’t in panic mode, and I thank God for the peace He brought me when my thoughts started turning to things like, “Is hubby’s body riddled with cancer?” “Will his pain drive him to suicide, like it did with my ancestor?” “Will I find him dead somewhere someday?”

    And yet … I’d think of the kids and how much I know hubby loves them. In the deepest recesses of my heart, I felt that he could never commit such an act that would deprive his children of the father he knows they need and love.

    I think now that that desperate phone call to me from work last week, at the height of his pain, while he was alone in an empty warehouse and unable to come home right then, was a sign that he was not alone.

    God was there with him, as He’d been all along, His Spirit urging Him to cry out in pain to the wife he knows loves him, instead of to take drastic measures to end his pain.

    Maybe I’ve got it all wrong, but I am convinced that what happened that night, and in the days since, with hubby’s equally-dramatic progression toward normalcy, are nothing short of miracles.

    The power of prayer. Thank you, friends, for your faithfulness in lifting us up to our all-powerful and merciful Lord.

    Praise God!

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  9. 🙂 A new step forward (literally): Tonight I saw hubby walk up the steps with alternating feet; left foot on one step, right foot on the next, and so on. No more left foot, right foot, go to second step; left foot, right foot, go to third step.

    Such a relief!

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  10. * Edited my daughter’s med school application essay. Did a lot of work rearranging sentences into better flow with some strong statements.

    Sent it off last night at 10, so very tired.

    When I read it this morning, I saw three typos in the last four paragraphs.

    She’d already submitted it.

    She’s caught the final one–which was the most important sentence–but I felt badly.

    * Worked hard on my East Coast powerpoint. It’s nearly done. I’m tired and I have plenty to do in the next week!

    I send that on Monday, so I’ll have a chance to review again tomorrow.

    *After I run the VBS teacher’s kids outdoor activity in 90 degree heat.

    I bought water bombs. (Like water balloons only made out of rewetable sponges). Do you think the parents will mind if the kids go home all wet? 🙂

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  11. The loss of nearly all our copy editors in the past few years has made us really appreciate how important it is to catch those big and little mistakes we make writing on feverish deadlines !


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