12 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-12-18

  1. 😦 My husband and I are both sick. We got nothing done yesterday.

    🙂 We had a good, productive week leading up to yesterday.

    😦 The company we hired to do our floor covering hired a team of untrustworthy people to remove the carpet. (All got fired.) They did several things wrong. Most noteworthy were leaving the trailer with old carpet on the street overnight (a no-no in the condo development) with a nail or two in the driveway and stealing my husband’s new drill off the counter. (It was still in its box and I suppose it looked like easy money. I was glad my camera and jewelry were not in the unit yet!!) The company fired the team and bought us a new drill.

    🙂 Overall, as hard work as this move has been, we still got a good deal on a new home and are paying less with the inclusion of new flooring and other elements that we like than we would have been willing to pay for it if it had been move-in ready. And we really love the location, including how close it is to our new church (five minutes away).

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  2. Daughter has decided to be a Catholic rather than a witch. At least for now. I suspect because I told her I would not let her volunteer at VBS as a witch because people don’t send their children there to learn about witches. And, she thinks when she moves out at eighteen, the Catholics won’t take her in if she is a witch but they will if she is a Catholic.

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  3. Sounds (somewhat) reasonable, mumsee.

    Hang in there Cheryl, so sorry about the bad workers! You just have to trust these guys coming into your home and most are fine, but …

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  4. Still taking it easy because a sore throat is telling me I can get sick if I’m not careful. (Since it’s much better than yesterday and hasn’t transitioned to a runny nose, I think I’m avoiding getting sick, but only if I rest and all that.)

    I did, however, get outside for an hour or so . . . basically I didn’t come back in because the birds wouldn’t let me. I don’t know that I have ever had an hour of birdwatching with so many colorful and interesting birds. I went out because I saw my first Baltimore orioles of the season, a pair on the ground next door. But I then stayed out because I also saw a pair of brown thrashers, blue jays, red-winged blackbirds, a flycatcher or two, two warblers including a bright male yellow warbler who kept coming back into view, three species of sparrow (and I don’t mean house sparrows), bluebirds, robins, eastern kingbirds, and I’m probably forgetting some. The yellow warbler was especially fun, since it was only my second sighting and he kept showing up again.

    Warblers are especially hard to photograph, since they duck in and out of foliage. Try zooming in on a four-inch animal two trees away that probably won’t stay in one spot more than two seconds–if you get it in the lens at all, it’s likely to have moved to the edge of the frame, or have its head turned away or hidden behind a leaf, or a leaf will be in focus but the bird won’t be. But I got two fairly good shots of him and several mediocre ones, and that is really unusually good.


  5. DJ, it’s nesting season, but also the end of migration season. Orioles don’t show up here until May, for instance. I don’t know if yellow warblers nest locally or not, but we usually see warblers in spring and fall (migrating through or migrating to here and quietly nesting here). Spring and fall are the best times to see more species.


  6. There are just lots of birds flying from tree to tree in the dog park these days — and in my backyard as well. Some of the dogs get very focused on them, but most don’t pay them any attention.


  7. We had a full-bred hunting dog at the dog park for about a year and he’d literally hug and start to shimmy up the trees if there was something up there he wanted. Pretty amazing.


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