25 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-12-18

  1. The snowflakes and their enablers have to ruin everything.

    This is what it’s come too….


    “Snowflake parents across Britain are changing the endings of classic fairytales when they read them to their children – because they’re ‘politically incorrect’.

    A study revealed a quarter of parents have admitted to changing traditional endings to make them more ‘appropriate’.

    Around 16 per cent confessed they avoid certain stories altogether over fears they are too scary or could send youngsters the wrong message.

    Many think it is ‘unfair’ that the Gingerbread Man gets eaten by a fox, while others fear The Ugly Ducking could bring about insecurities and body shaming.

    Little Red Riding Hood is the story changed by parents most often, with alternative endings seeing the central character making friends with the wolf instead of helping to kill him.

    Little Red Riding Hood is the story parents are most likely to change, followed closely by The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man.

    The survey of 2,000 parents revealed over a third think it is ‘cruel’ that the Gingerbread Man is eaten by a fox.

    Some 36 per cent are concerned by how the Pied Piper of Hamlin tricks children into following him.

    Almost one in four think it is inappropriate to tell children the story of Cinderella, who was forced to do all of the cleaning and household chores.

    While more than a quarter feel the same about Robin Hood, a man who stole from others.”

    And 25% think Sleeping Beauty is inappropriate because she is kissed without her consent.



  2. Nothing interesting in the news today.
    I hope it stays that way.
    Fox is showing Hillary in Australia. I don’t have the sound on but I suspect she’s explaining how Trump stole the election from America’s rightful heir.
    That woman just won’t go away.

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  3. Chas,

    There’s always something interesting on the weekends. You just have to look for the stories the press won’t talk about because the weekend is here, and the ones they’re trying to bury by dumping them Friday.

    Like this smoking gun…..


    “On Friday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter to Department of Justice Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding that they produce documents related to the FBI’s assessments of their interview of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn due to recent contradictory statements made by fired FBI Director James Comey.”


    “Given Comey’s contradictory statements, Grassley instructed the Deputy Attorney General and FBI Director to provide to the committee by no later than May 25, 2018, everything requested in the “February 15, 2017 letter, including the transcripts of the reportedly intercepted calls and any FBI reports summarizing them; and the FBI agents’ 302s memorializing their interview of Flynn and 1A supporting docs, including the agents’ notes.”

    PJ Media notes:

    The 302 form contains information from the notes an FBI agent takes during an interview of a subject. It is used by FBI agents to “report or summarize the interviews that they conduct.”

    The reason that the 302 forms are of especially high interest regarding Flynn is that reports have surfaced indicating that recently fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe might have instructed FBI agents to change the information they recorded on the forms.

    “I have been told tonight by a number of sources … that McCabe may have asked FBI agents to actually change their 302s,” investigative journalist Sara Carter told Fox News host Sean Hannity.”


  4. And a hearty “Amen” to Evan McMullin’s Tweet!


  5. Yeah, we get it Ricky, heavily in debt establishment shill Never-Trumper cultist desperately wants to act like his opinion still matters. Like you, he continues to ignore the truth because it’s wrecking his narrative.The more they dig, the stupider his statements sound and look, which is why he wants Nunes to stop digging. I’ve rarely seen a group with such an aversion to getting the facts about this whole affair out, and that includes even Democrats.. He has as much credibility as the proven propagandists at WaPo and the NYT, who were in Fusion GPS’s back pocket. Yet another pesky fact they didn’t want out.


  6. Ricky and Kizzie,


    “Over at National Review, David French reflects on the furious outrage over that recent Bari Weiss column introducing members of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web to the NY Times left-wing audience. As French sees it, the reaction is proving the need for the IDW which he describes as a “breath of fresh air” for Americans who feel stifled by the authoritarian tendencies of the left.

    It’s been interesting to watch and read the many critics of Bari Weiss’s instantly controversial piece on the leaders of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web. Rarely have more people more contemptuously missed the point. Rarely have more people inadvertently confirmed the need for a movement of intellectual free-thinkers…

    There are millions of Americans who are deeply frustrated with an educational system that walls out their point of view, a corporate culture that’s increasingly indistinguishable (particularly on social issues) from a faculty lounge, and a legacy media — including Hollywood — that’s influenced by and pays homage to these same ideas and institutions. Yes, you can make an anonymous account on Twitter to engage in social-media combat, but if you live and work in these immense and powerful American institutions, you speak your mind at your own risk.

    In those circumstances, a Ben Shapiro podcast or a Jordan Peterson YouTube video is a breath of fresh air. There — right there — fearlessly and eloquently stated is the other side of the story. It’s inspiring (not everyone is afraid), it’s informative (it frequently introduces facts not widely discussed in progressive circles), and it’s often wildly entertaining. The members of the Intellectual Dark Web are just flat-out good at what they do.

    That’s the bottom line. A lot of this content isn’t just contrary to left-wing dictates, though that would be bad enough from their point of view. The real problem is that this material is often entertaining and deeply interesting, even if you don’t agree with all of it. While the mainstream media soundbite is down to a handful of seconds, people like Dave Rubin and Joe Rogan are putting out 1-2 hour shows and hundreds of thousands of people are eagerly devouring all of it.”

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  7. AJ @2:27 My son listens to Ben Shapiro podcasts regularly. I think he may be the William F. Buckley of this generation.


  8. the Post column by Applebaum is a good assessment. She is an amazing historian (mostly modern Eastern Europe) and she is married to the former foreign minister of Poland. She leans centre right as did her husband, a supporter of Bush foreign policy.

    I don’t think Williamson appreciates the toxicity of the incel community. Not the type you want courting the young ladies at church. Incels are an example of a culture of entitlement gone wrong. It’s not that they can’t find a date its that the model-like women they aspire to date won’t go near them and thus they are bitter. Their bitterness festers and grows in internet communities which only deepen the misogyny. If they were to attend church and marry a ” normal” woman, I fear the bitterness would be taken out on the wife.

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  9. Last night’s episode of Bill Maher was quite good. The interview with Rep Duncan was interesting just to hear the crowd reaction to his pro Trump statements. His puzzled reaction was also good, he was definitely uncomfortable outside his bubble.

    Maher’s New Rules was on point: he likens the Trump admin to the mob which the heartland hires to protect them from two grandmothers; Pelosi and Clinton. The White House isn’t a reality show its a Scorsese film.

    Finally Ethan Hawke was there to peddle the new Paul Schrader film, First Reformed. Love any film by Schrader since he throws in references only the Dutch Reformed understand.

    I rarely recommend watching Maher but if you can tolerate the usually vulgarity its quite good

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  10. Thanks, AJ. My son listens to Shapiro’s podcasts and likes him. I think Shapiro may be the Bill Buckley of this generation.


  11. Nice to see these liars exposed.


    “The Broward school district’s repeated, emphatic — and it turns out, false — statements that Nikolas Cruz had not been in a controversial disciplinary program fit a pattern of an institution on the defensive and under siege.

    Facing significant legal and political exposure over the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the district has tried to keep information from the public and put out untrue and misleading statements, frustrating parents who say this is the time for maximum transparency.

    The district is fighting in court against the release of school surveillance video. It flatly refused to issue any records regarding the shooting to the news media, in a possible violation of the state’s open-records law. Superintendent Robert Runcie has blocked critics, including parents, from his Twitter account. More than two months after the shooting, a Broward Sheriff’s detective told a state commission on school safety that he was still waiting for the district to provide all of Cruz’s disciplinary records.

    The worst came last week, when Runcie acknowledged that his forceful denials that Cruz had been involved in the Promise program, which is intended to provide an alternative to the arrest of students for minor offenses, were wrong. The district had repeatedly dismissed as “fake news” suggestions that Cruz was in the program.

    “It would appear that the district is more interested in protecting their programs than they are the students and teachers in our schools,” said Ryan Petty, whose 14-year-old daughter, Alaina, was killed by Cruz during his rampage through the school. “As a father, I would ask the district to please be completely transparent so we can make sure this doesn’t happen to any other children in any other schools in Florida.””

    This is a perfect example of why knee jerk legislation would have been a bad idea until the facts are out.


  12. Kolluding Kerry is at it again.

    ‘Cuz that’s what traitors do.


    “Democrats routinely express outrage over claims of collusion with a foreign power to undermine our democracy. So where is the outrage over revelations that former secretary of state John Kerry held not one but two secret meetings with Iran’s foreign minister to strategize over how to undermine President Trump’s plans to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?

    An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed the meetings after the Boston Globe broke the news, declaring, “We don’t see the U.S. just as Mr. Trump; the United States is not just the current ruling administration.” Think about what this means. Iran is a terrorist state responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in Iraq, whose leaders hold rallies where thousands chant “Death to America!” Kerry was working with a sworn enemy of the United States to try to undermine the foreign policy of the elected president of the United States.

    Kerry’s meetings with Iran’s leaders were not isolated incidents, but part of a formal lobbying campaign that included phone calls with European Union leaders and meetings with the presidents of Germany and France in which, the Globe reports, he discussed “the details of sanctions and regional nuclear threats in both French and English.””

    Pull his VISA and bar his re-entry to the US.


  13. Ricky @8:28 We watched a movie about Churchill a couple of weeks ago. It was a traumatic time for Britain, but he did manage to inspire the people to fight on. And the US was also crucial in obtaining victory. I’m not a WWII buff, but from what I have read, it is doubtful we would have been nearly as engaged in the war if not for Pearl Harbor. Carnage on that scale is almost unimaginable now unless it went nuclear.

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  14. All the news you may have missed this week.

    The “So Much Winning” edition.

    Lot’s of links……


    “Trump is on a serious roll. Let’s hope he keeps it going.

    Iran Nuke Deal just another Obama legacy sandcastle
    Trump: ‘The United States Will Withdraw From the Iran Nuclear Deal’
    Trump Greets Three Americans Released From North Korea

    Democrats, on the other hand…

    California’s US Senators’ tortuous exchanges with CIA Director Nominee
    Cynthia Nixon Challenges Governor Cuomo to One-on-One TV Debate
    This is Why Democrats Now See Kanye West as a Threat”


  15. A young man I taught in Sunday School several years ago visited the largest Bible Church in our county this morning. He went to be with his mother who is a member at that church. I have never heard any negative reports about the church, and have several friends who are members who have told me that the theology there is good and the music somewhat traditional.

    During the service the pastor jokingly referred to Obama as the Antichrist, and in a prayer both CNN and Congress were condemned.

    A fair percentage of our pastors have lost their minds. A fair percentage of American Christendom is merging into The Trump Cult.


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