39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-26-18

  1. Good morning all. I see Aj is early today. Welcome to Thursday as I prepare for Friday. A nice quiet evening here. no rain today and, after the flooding two days ago, the roads are already drying out and the gravel is rising to the top. These roads are treacherous.

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  2. Morning! Ya’ll are early risers!! I don’t know where Mumsee is but like RK I suspect she is snuggling a newborn babe ❤️
    Chas I am so blessed knowing you have Elvera home….a better nights sleep for you both 💤
    Cheryl are those Wax flowers up there and is that bird eating them? 🐦 ‘Tis a very lovely photo!

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  3. When you’re 22, someone knocks you down, you run back to the huddle.
    When you’re 85, you fall and go to the hospital.
    It happened to my mother.
    It happened to my father.
    It happened to my SS teacher’s wife.
    And it happened to my wife. Twice.
    Yes. I’m being careful

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  4. Good morning from the office. My coffee pot stays here now so I can’t get coffee until I arrive here. It would be better to have coffee before driving in Atlanta traffic.

    The younger couple I work with in the church media center are really nice and I knew they would feel badly about me losing my space in there. The comment was made, “I don’t want you to feel obsolete.” 😀 I showed a real accepting and pleasant attitude about the whole situation.

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  5. Obsolete….that is how I feel at times…I’m coming to terms with it 🙃
    Chas I find myself holding tightly onto handrails these days…we have steep stairs both up and down…one to get to the upper level one to the basement where my laundry is located. I have broken my left foot three times….the last was when I was forty…that break was a doozie and I was in a boot for 4 months, a wooden shoe for 2 months. I am very careful now. 👠

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  6. Where’s Mumsee? She has a new grandchild? I’ve missed a lot while being too busy to come here.

    Tomorrow my SIL and her daughter are going to become citizens. We’re going down to St. Louis for the swearing in ceremony. They are from Mongolia. My SIL is sad in one way, since she feels like she is losing her country. But she realizes it’s best since she married an American. The daughter is excited because she has lived here since she was a young child. Now she’s 19 and working.

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  7. Peter, what a blessing that you get to see the ceremony! I now have two sisters-in-law who aren’t native-born. One was born in the Philippines, and she moved to the U.S. with her first husband (American military) when he had cancer. After he died, she initially planned to go back to the Philippines with her two young sons, but then she realized that many in her country work for years to come here, and that she was here and legally could stay and raise her children here, so she did, even though she didn’t know much English. But she didn’t become a citizen until some time after she married my brother.

    My husband and I were visiting them a couple of years ago, and I commented on the decorative lighthouses scattered around the house. They pointed out to me the red, white, and blue one, and told me my brother bought her that one when she became a citizen.

    It was the first I knew that she had done so–and it made me a bit sad that no one shared such momentous news. But it is reality that in a large family, you don’t always pick up the phone and call all the people who might care about some news or other. I didn’t even know that my closest-in-age older brother was expecting his first grandchild until they e-mailed a photo of him holding the baby, including the baby’s full name, and since the last name of the baby was the same as his, I figured it was a grandson.

    Mumsee posted a few days ago that they had someone to watch their household, and even though her daughter was not yet in labor she was quite a bit overdue and they figured the baby must come soon, and so they were heading that way. Apparently that is the last anyone here has heard from them.

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  8. Peter, It’s exciting to see a swearing in ceremony. All the hopeful faces of people beginning a new journey officially, even if they’ve been here for many years. I can understand how there would also be loss in that process. It’s not a small thing to realize you’re giving up loyalty to the land of your fathers and embracing another. That’s not done lightly, nor should it be. And for many people, there remains a great affection for the land of their birth even if they have adopted another. Congratulations to your loved ones who are becoming citizens. :–)

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  9. The photo shows that southern Indiana (including our new hometown) has full-fledged spring, although we in the north have only made it as far as tulips. I don’t know what kind of tree it is. I looked out the window of the guest bedroom where we were staying, saw the chickadee land among the blossoms, and grabbed my camera. It was noonish and thus not really the right time of day for photos, but the sight said spring.

    We have a pair of black-capped chickadees bobbing around our yard here the last few days, and I even saw one (presumably the female) in one of our sycamore trees with what looked like feathers in her beak when we came home from errands yesterday. If she had feathers or something else fluffy, it meant she had just about finished a nest somewhere and was lining it to make it soft.

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  10. Linda, I thought it was kind of funny to order toilets online, too. But my husband is quite the research man, and he went looking for toilets that got really good ratings. (The toilets in the condo are probably original, 1980, and they flush very slowly.) He ordered them online, but they will be delivered to Lowe’s to be picked up.

    I’ve often told people that in 1999 I bought my first car I researched online (I bought it through cars.com), then in 2003 I googled a zip code I wanted to live in to find the house I bought . . . and then in 2011 I found a husband online. Truly there’s no more progressing in this, so I guess it’s time to regress and buy cameras and toilets online. 🙂

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  11. You know that photo of a chickadee checking out a birdhouse from a few days ago? My husband just told me that birdhouse is where they are nesting. I hope it’s waterproof; I’m not sure any bird has actually used it in the time we have been married.


  12. Cheryl, yep.

    And, yes, I bought my new toilet online, too. Just the one I wanted. It sat (in a big box) in my living room for months — along with the pedestal sink in a box, faucet fixtures in boxes and a medicine cabinet in a box — before we could put the bathroom back together again. Those were the days.

    Painting is proving one of the more difficult steps, oddly.

    I also found my lightly-used Jeep Liberty online, now that I think about it 🙂 Ten years later, it’s still going strong and looks cute.


  13. The bathtub arrived last but still had to spend some time waiting before the bathroom was ready for it. It sat on the patio where the cat enjoyed playing inside of it.

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  14. I found our most recent used car, a Honda Accord, online. We knew a salesman at the dealership so we went in, test drove the car, sat down at a desk for a short time of bargaining, and then we bought it. Can you text a toilet you buy online before you purchase it? There are advantages, perhaps, in buying card rather than toilets online.😀


  15. Perhaps Home Depot and other stores need to have the toilets set up so one could flush them in order to test them.


  16. From what I understand, home-improvement stores do have to clean up after children who are recently potty trained and don’t understand the difference between connected and disconnected toilets.

    I hear that a local real-estate agent wasn’t very happy because a child used a toilet in a home that was being sold, and whose owners had already shut the water off. In my opinion, that one is the home owner’s fault. A potential buyer might well want to turn on the water, and should be able to, and it’s not all that shocking that a child who needs to go might see a means to do so and use it, or that his parents might allow him to.


  17. You guys are so funny 😆 today

    I’m writing (just finishing up) a story on our popular youth flag football league that’s attracting many girls (k-8 grades).

    One more story to go on our area’s big community volunteer day Saturday, but it’s running after the event with photos we’ll take.

    Gardener is on track to be at my house today, told him I might be stuck at work but maybe will be there before he finishes

    And Cheryl’s Christmas letter arrived in my inbox today, in April, making me feel like stringing some lights up and watching the Hallmark channel tonight

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  18. I got up early today, 5:22am, since it is market day and it helps to have extra time. Only to find that our internet was down. At least at my house. Working now and I am grateful for a way to connect.

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  19. My dad was very unhappy to find four of his children used the toilet he had yet to actually hook up. It was set in place and we were moving into the almost finished house. My mom took no blame for that. It was our bedtime. Where did he think we were going to go? Perhaps the downstairs one was already hooked up and he assumed she would know that.

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  20. Nightingale and I went to DMV today. We were able to sign Hubby’s Chevy Impala over to her directly, for which I was very glad.

    We did not bother doing the same with her car, the 22 year old Honda Civic, which was also in Hubby’s name (he’d registered it for her under his name because she owed car taxes at the time) because it bit the dust last night. It would have been more expensive to have it fixed than what we could ever get for it. She was very sad, as she loved that car.

    So now she is looking to trade in the Impala and buy a small SUV, like the Honda CRV (her first choice), a Subaru Forrester, or a Hyundai RAV-4, and would prefer a standard. Used, of course. I will be giving her money from the life insurance to buy a decent one that will be in good shape and last a while.

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  21. Also thankful that when her car “died” last night, it was while she and The Boy were on their way to his Cub Scout meeting. A couple different people she knew from the pack stopped to make sure she was okay, as she was waiting for AAA to show up. Then someone picked her and The Boy up from the service station where the car was towed and took them to the rest of the meeting. (They also got a ride home, of course.)

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  22. Kizzie, I think that an owner who is “trashing” a car gets a small amount (a couple hundred dollars maybe) for the title, or so I was told when I had a car totalled. (My insurance company took the car, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of that, but she would be.)

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  23. I have had a horrible, no good, very bad day. And then my internet didn’t even work so that I could tell you all. I did eat some chocolate and then went out and walked for several miles. It is raining hard now, so I am grateful that it wasn’t earlier.

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