15 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-12-18

  1. No wonder I didn’t know all the bad things about Comey or the secrets of the Deep State and the Soft Coup. I have not been reading The National Enquirer.


  2. The RNC in conjunction with The Trump Cult is rolling out attacks on Comey prior to his book tour. Hilariously, they plan to charge that Comey is a “liar”. That November Blue Wave is becoming a tsunami.

    Hats off to our own chapter of The Trump Cult which was out front in the effort last night.


  3. Good advice for Ryan. Nunes needs to be fired. He will not be completely silenced. He could still write articles for The National Enquirer or appear on Hannity to turn Diamond and Silk (the duet) into Diamond and Silk and Nunes (the trio).


  4. Wasn’t hard.

    He is a liar, and will be lying to sell books.

    Keep reading that left wing dribble from CNN and the NYT, so you can keep up with the talking points.

    That’s a good sheep. 🙂


  5. It is really funny that Trump cultists are completely oblivious to the irony involved when they say that Trump’s opponents are “liars”. The best part is that their only response to Trump’s sexual assault confession is that, “You can’t believe Trump. As usual, he was lying.”


  6. Texans do have the same sense of humor. Conservative Jay Caruso of The Dallas Morning News thinks it is as funny as I do:


  7. Huh.

    Nothing to do with Russia at all, and completely outside his written directive.

    So why is Mueller even involved?

    Talk about a fraud.


    “There isn’t much of a pretense anymore that the Mueller investigation is about alleged Russian campaign collusion.

    Maybe it started out about collusion, but it veered off course within a couple of months, when Mueller decided that Paul Manafort needed to be investigated for conduct many years ago having nothing to do with the campaign, or even Russia. Rod Rosenstein created the paperwork in early August 2017 to retroactively expand Mueller’s investigation and justify Mueller conduct that already had taken place.

    The raid on Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen’s law office by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York, was at the referral of Mueller, and signed off by Rosenstein. That raid was a frontal assault on Trump’s business and personal history.

    If reporting is accurate, the records seized concerned not just payments to Stormy Daniels, but also the Access Hollywood tape revealed during the campaign. It’s fair to assume that a wide range of records going beyond those salacious topics were grabbed by the FBI, including Trump’s other personal and business dealings over a long period of time.

    The seizure of Cohen’s records surely goes more directly to taking down Trump for conduct unrelated to the campaign much less Russian collusion.

    The NY Times Editorial Board is honest about the goal, The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump:

    Mr. Trump has spent his career in the company of developers and celebrities, and also of grifters, cons, sharks, goons and crooks. He cuts corners, he lies, he cheats, he brags about it, and for the most part, he’s gotten away with it, protected by threats of litigation, hush money and his own bravado. Those methods may be proving to have their limits when they are applied from the Oval Office. Though Republican leaders in Congress still keep a cowardly silence, Mr. Trump now has real reason to be afraid. A raid on a lawyer’s office doesn’t happen every day; it means that multiple government officials, and a federal judge, had reason to believe they’d find evidence of a crime there and that they didn’t trust the lawyer not to destroy that evidence….

    Mr. Trump also railed against the authorities who, he said, “broke into” Mr. Cohen’s office. “Attorney-client privilege is dead!” the president tweeted early Tuesday morning, during what was presumably his executive time. He was wrong. The privilege is one of the most sacrosanct in the American legal system, but it does not protect communications in furtherance of a crime. Anyway, one might ask, if this is all a big witch hunt and Mr. Trump has nothing illegal or untoward to hide, why does he care about the privilege in the first place?

    That last highlighted sentence is very instructive. Would the NY Times Editorial Board be willing to give up its attorney-client privilege in litigation against the NY Times? If the NY Times has nothing illegal or untoward to hide, why would it care about the privilege in the first place?

    Alan Dershowitz has been a voice of reason as to the harm done to the protection of the attorney-client privilege by the desire to take down Trump,”


  8. Fishing.


    “This is completely insane.

    According to a report in The New York Times, the FBI raided the office of Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, in search of records, “related to the “Access Hollywood” tape in which Mr. Trump was heard making vulgar comments about women.”

    And that’s not even the worst of it.”


  9. It is what it is. So disheartening, such an unethical mess, all of it. A plague on all their houses. Whoever’s left standing at the end of it all will just have to turn out the lights.

    Me, I’m back to the State of Denial.

    Carry on.

    I woke up kind of in a bad mood anyway. 🙂 I should know better than to look at any ‘political’ news anymore.

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  10. A prediction:

    The thing that will ultimately result in Trump’s removal will be evidence of physical threats (of the type alleged by Stormy Daniels) against mistresses or sexual assault victims. The investigation of those matters will be conducted by the office of the US Attorney for the SDNY.


  11. Of course they will….

    And despite the fact that it’s illegal and a gross abuse of power, some will cheer it on and tell us how saintly the criminal leakers are.


    “Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz thinks the FBI will leak any privileged information it obtained from the raid on President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen.

    Dershowitz believes the government stepped over the line when they raided Cohen and said it would be naive to believe the FBI would keep the information confidential.

    “Even if the lawyer engaged in fraud, that doesn’t justify seizing the client’s secret information, which may not have been involved in fraud,” Dershowitz said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” Thursday.”

    “Raiding a lawyer’s office should only be used as a last resort, Dershowitz said and then lamented the lack of oversight on the agents conducting the raid.

    “This should be a process where you can bring a judge or an objective monitor and before anything is seized, somebody looks through it and says, ‘No, no, this is lawyer-client privilege. This is medical privilege. This is priest privilege.’ You don’t get that,” he said.

    “But this way they seize everything and a government agent reads every one of the material that is also privileged,” Dershowitz continued. “There is something very wrong with that. I don’t think any American would really like that. And the ACLU has come out in support of this raid. The ACLU! They’re supposed to be the organization that stands up for civil liberties. Now they’re [special counsel Robert] Mueller fans. Now they’re FBI Fans.”

    “They don’t know the facts and out there supporting it. Shame on the ACLU,” he concluded. “I used to be on its national board when it was actually a civil liberties organization. Not a political get Trump organization.””


  12. AJ Yesterday you attempted to mitigate the number of indictments and convictions. Apparently most are about events before Trump became president. Indictments and convictions related to the campaign can’t be acceptable. In fact, it may even be worse. And even if the convictions aren’t related to Trump doesn’t this call into question his judgement. After all isn’t this the man who bragged he knew all the best people.

    Obama is zero and zero. Obama’s admin wasn’t a swamp. Trump brought the swamp with him.


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