29 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-11-18

  1. Mike Pence is right where he needs to be, I think—as a safety valve should the powers that be decide to overturn the people’s decision. Although he is of exceptional character, I’m not sure he would be able to withstand the sheer force of the entrenched power structure to carry out Trump the agenda. However, I do think he would give it his best shot, though probably with some modifications…and less Twitter.

    As for ‘grifters, cons and crooks’, there’s probably not a bigger collection anywhere than in the halls of power in DC for the past 40 or 50 years.

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  2. Great closing line from Douthat:

    “And for those same religious conservatives to pass up the chance, preferring a scorched-earth battle in defense of priapism, would be a sad confirmation of the point that a beloved Christian author made many years ago: The doors of hell are locked on the inside.”

    I’ve spent the last couple years reading the OT. He makes a good point.

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  3. Where was the Times editorial board while Obama ran wild for 8 years?

    And same goes for the Never-Trumpers.

    Pathetic really.

    And good riddance to bad rubbish Ryan. Leave now. Avoid the rush Paul.


  4. Now back to the Obama water carriers at the NYT…..

    I said pathetic, and I meant it.


    “The New York Times Blasts Trump; Excuses Obama for Carnage in Syria

    The Times can’t acknowledge that it championed the policies that brought such destruction to Syria

    An editorial in The New York Times on Monday blasted President Donald Trump for not having a plan for Syria. I don’t know if Trump does or doesn’t have a plan for Syria. What I do know is that Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama did have a plan for Syria – and it is the reason we keep seeing carnage there. What’s worse, The New York Times enthusiastically supported Obama’s plans affecting Syria.

    At the very least, having supported policies that have led to such awful destruction, the editors of the Times, should so some humility when criticizing others over Syria. But that would require a degree of self-awareness that the editors of the Times do not possess.

    The editorial begins:

    A world grown numb to the slaughter of civilians in Syria has been roused in the last 48 hours by photographs on social media of lifeless men, women and children in the rebel-held town of Douma, many with white foam coming from their mouths and nostrils, victims of chemical weapons. Outraged Western nations blame President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and demand retaliation.

    Russia and Iran, Mr. Assad’s callous enablers, have denied that he has once again used these horrific weapons on his own people. But Douma is surrounded by Syrian forces, whom experts have blamed for most of the 85 chemical attacks in the country over the past five years. Syria had a major chemical weapons program before pledging to surrender it after chemical attacks in 2013, a commitment it failed to fully honor.

    The editorial then notes that last year Trump bombed a Syria airbase in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack, and declared a few weeks ago that he was ready to withdraw from Syria. Then the editorial states, “But the president should know by now that tough talk without a coherent strategy or follow-through is dangerous.”

    Perhaps, but I would argue that having a bad plan, as Obama did, is dangerous and it explains why we are here now.

    Note the last sentence of the second paragraph: “Syria had a major chemical weapons program before pledging to surrender it after chemical attacks in 2013, a commitment it failed to fully honor.”

    Really? Is there anyone who expected Assad to honor the commitment? Or Russia to ensure that he did?”


  5. A Christian supporter of a pathological liar, sexual predator, casino and strip club owner, con man, longtime Democrat and reprobate refers to an honest, orthodox, conservative Christian family man and public servant as “bad rubbish”.

    Douthat need not have wasted his time. The bulk of American evangelicals have joined The Cult.


  6. Maybe this explains Rosenstein’s latest stupid move. He knows the heat is on for him as well.

    Now stop talking about it and do it.



  7. This made some people fear we might be headed for war.


  8. But the lunatic says that if we have a war, it will be the fault of Robert Mueller.


  9. Simon says all good cultists are allowed to like Ryan.


  10. Huh. These guys must be cultists too.

    Imagine how disappointed Kim’s husband will be. 🙂


    “Alabama punter JK Scott “asked @POTUS if he could pray for him and his staff,” she reported.

    Chambers’s video shows several players surrounding the president with their heads bowed.”

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  11. I could care less what Trump says about him. I’ve stood by and watched him sell out his voters and supporters for far too long. Plus, I tend to reach my own opinion on most matters, and don’t care what others, even the POTUS, thinks to the contrary.

    Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit ya’ on the way out.


  12. They are asking Zuckerberg about Diamond and Silk. It’s right there in the Declaration of Independence. Americans have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of idiocy.


  13. As noted before, we are losing young people. If Trump hangs around for long, we probably won’t get most of them back.

    Rubio or Walker could have beaten Hillary among young people and created a new generation of Republicans.


  14. Sure Ricky, it’s Trump’s fault, not the brain washing educators and professors most people dump the responsibility of educating their children off on to.

    Why did I not see it before? 🙄


  15. Like the whole Trump/Russia collusion Steele Dossier thing, this too starts with lies and false pretexts from the FBI and DoJ hierarchy that a judge plays along with..


    “Former Federal Election Commission chairman debunks pretext used for raid on Trump lawyer

    “Bradley Smith has thoroughly debunked one of the rationales for the seizure of attorney-client privileged communications in attorney Michael Cohen’s office on suspicion of violation of federal election laws. One[i] of the allegations is that the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels amounted to an in-kind campaign contribution, far exceeding the amount permitted an individual to contribute. Smith demonstrates that this is nonsense in his Wall Street Journal column, titled “Stormy Weather for Campaign Finance Laws.””

    “This makes it clear that the payment to Stormy Daniels, which has many non-campaign justifications (for instance, concealing the purported affair from Trump’s wife and children) cannot by law be paid by campaign funds.

    This must be taken seriously, because Smith was not only a law school professor earlier in his career, but also chair of the Federal Election Commission that enforces campaign finance laws.

    It appears that Mueller, the US Attorney from the Southern District, the senior Justice Department officials who apparently had to approve the raid, and the judge who issued the search warrant either do not understand the theory behind the campaign finance laws or have abused their authority in the same way as the electronic surveillance of Carter Page via the FISA court warrant did. It is a truly unbelievable situation. And this is with Republicans in power. The Deep State is for real.

    I find the possibility that the U.S. Attorney’s Office and judge did not understand the law highly unlikely.

    The other was “bank fraud” and “wire fraud” purportedly arising from the use of a home equity credit line – topics that deserve their own commentary.”


    “Campaign contributions should not become politicians’ personal slush funds. Many ardent anti-Trumpers sincerely believe that the president is a threat to the rule of law. The real threat to the rule of law, however, comes from abusing laws to “get” a political opponent. Some matters are for voters to decide.”


  16. AJ, Our teachers and professors were predominantly liberal in the 1960s and 1970s. However, in 1980 the Republicans ran an articulate conservative who turned the majority of young people into conservatives.

    The dishonest and moronic Trump has convinced young people that every bad thing their teachers said about Republicans is true.


  17. We forget that Ryan actually led the House to pass an Obamacare Replacement bill with zero help and actual sabotage from the imbecile in the White House. The bill died in the Senate due to the fact that Trump gave zero leadership and foolishly antagonized key Senators.


  18. I know Eisenhower mentioned the “Military/industrial complex”. but I also think he once said that it isn’t the President that runs the country, it isn’t congress, it’s the agencies.

    Deep state hadn’t been defined yet. But that’s what he meant.

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  19. A few notes;

    John Boehner has joined the board of directors of America’s largest cannabis company.

    Paul Ryan will collect a govt pension at the age of 50

    The state of Michigan has discontinued the bottled water program for Flint. I other news they sold Nestle the right to bottle 500 000 gallons a day for $500

    A man who once walked into teenage girl dressing rooms without permission is accusing the FBI of break and enter after they served a search warrant on his lawyer. And he equated this an attack on the country because he is the state

    For those keeping score at home;

    Trump 17 criminal indictments and 5 convictions. At this rate he will catch up to Reagan with 26 indictments and 16 convictions over 8 years. I think he’s on a Nixon pace….76 indictments .

    For comparison sake; Obama 0 and 0.


  20. HRW, This is going to change your mind about Trump.

    Maybe you and I could do an anti-Trump segment like this for MSNBC. You can do the talking. I’ll be the one who just points and nods.


  21. I hope this doesn’t offend your Baptist sensibilities but the above made me reach for a drink.

    It appears FOX and the Trump presidency has become a televised farce. Or I’m simply watching the audition for Idiocracy part two.

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  22. Comey’s trying to sell his book, so I expect him to lie, exaggerate, and embellish, as he’s known to do.


    “Trump 17 criminal indictments and 5 convictions.”

    Trump was indicted and convicted of nothing. Same goes for his campaign and staff. All or most of what you referring to were for actions prior to joining his admin, except maybe one who failed to register or some such, but nice try.


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