31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-10-18

  1. I never participated in the discussions about sisters yesterday.
    But this morning I remembered that my sister always wanted a sister, but never had one.
    Chuck had all girls, and I gathered that women like to tell things confidentially.
    They talked among each other and tell each other things.
    I suspect there are things between the three girls that their parents will never know.

    Men don’t have a need to “tell somebody”, usually. Saves lots of trouble that way.

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  2. Property tax day here. I mailed mine yesterday.

    We had another of our ‘goodbye’ staff lunches yesterday which are so tiny now it’s just sad. We used to take up 2 long tables at the Mexican restaurant on the pier, big reservation always require for so many of us. Not that long ago. Now it’s a walk-in booth at the Italian sandwich shop on the corner. 😦

    We’re also getting a new city editor, our editor of decades is being moved to oversee a new chain-wide investigative reporting team though he’ll still be around the office a lot as he lives nearby. New editor could be tough, we’ll see. She’s a black woman from the OC Reg who filled in for us on the day after Thanksgiving and our impressions then weren’t real positive. But we’ll see. Actually the change, I think, will be (or could be) good. She’s not familiar with the area, though, so it’ll be a learning curve.

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  3. So is Janice surviving her final week in tax preparation mayhem? That sounds brutal. How’s Little Orphan Ms. Bosley coping?

    Acquaintance posted yesterday about coyotes in his yard after his cats — one cat scrambled up a tall palm tree but then fell onto the top of his truck, getting a bruised kidney (but ultimately escaping the predator). The other also escaped — one of them also got scratches on the face, not sure if from the one falling or not. But the coyotes will certainly be back.

    Someone else was told by a vet that yard fences really should now be 12 feet tall. Sheesh. That’s twice as tall as mine is, it would be like a fortress. But I would love one of those rustic New Mexico “fort” fences built with logs …

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  4. Chas, how did Elvera do with her night away from home? Did you make it to Lions last night? Does somebody give you a ride or did you have to hitch?

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  5. My older sister always had to share a room with me until she moved out. Well, not before I arrived. And she held me in great disdain. I held her in great awe until I realized she was causing my folks trouble. But we grew up and were getting to know each other when she died.

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  6. Thanks, DJ, for asking. I am hanging, yes, but in where is questionable. It’s more like we are glued to our chairs. I am getting sore from repetitive movements like reaching over to scan documents, reaching for the stapler, copy stamp, the phone, the appointment book…sometimes I may appear like a pretzel as I reach for several things at the same time.

    Miss Bosley is lonesome, and I can blame the messy house on her since she does things in our absence like scattering a bag of recycling plastic water bottles everywhere. We have a crunchy house. The laundry is piled very high so she has hills to explore. It is a good thing I did not give away forty items of clothing this year for Lent because I am now into my old clothes in the back of the closet.

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  7. I’d love to have a sister I could talk to about things. She used me for that for years and I spent many hours listening on the phone. Now she has decided I am as close to evil as anyone she knows, so I no longer have to do that. Makes me sad about the relationship, but not sad to miss the hours on the phone. I am also glad her current state of affairs makes the phone calls unnecessary.


  8. Well, I thought Chickadee and I were going to have a nice, quiet time just the two of us, but Mr X is not taking The Boy as Lacrosse practice was cancelled due to the weather. The Boy is going to be so excited to have his Auntie here.

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  9. Thanks Mumsee.
    All I did today was sit around. But I am tired.
    She says she doesn’t like being there and wanted to go home with me.
    I couldn’t leave her until Chuck and Linda came over. She doesn’t want to go home with them.
    They say we have two weeks of this. But we have a conference Thursday.
    We’ll see then.
    This is hard on her and not easy on me.

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  10. You did a lot, Chas. You are helping her to settle in to a new situation as much as you can. It is scary for her and you want to protect her so of course it is tiring. What a blessing you were able to get moved. Now you have help close by. And familiar faces for her, even if she does tell them to get lost. Back at it again tomorrow. For now, get a good sleep.

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  11. Exam tomorrow. Feel pretty well prepared, just hoping my energy will hold up all right. I had a training session for the placement I am supposed to do in the fall today, and I was exhausted to the point of faintness by the end of it.

    As you all know, I have two older sisters and one younger. Eldest was a bit remote growing up, although I was aware she loved and cared about her siblings, but she has grown closer since she married and had children. Second and Youngest were quite close. In childhood, Second was a bit bossy, but she meant well; while Youngest was something of a mischief and a tease. Second, Youngest, and I, along with our dear friend and relative, spent a lot of time together in our teens and early twenties. We would go exploring and adventuring, or do projects like cooking or planning events (we gained something of a reputation in the extended family for planning events like the myriad wedding showers for our many cousins). We would sit up late into the night discussing every subject under the sun – my father would jokingly demand if we had solved all the world’s problems yet, to which we replied equally humourously, “Not quite.” Now, they are all married with children. I still have the occasional long conversations with them, but I find that the pressures of their marriages sometimes lead to misunderstandings that never arose when we were all single.There are some rifts between the spouses that are widening, I am afraid. We siblings love one another very dearly, having gone through joy and sorrow together, and we can trust one another enough to disagree and still be close. But the spouses do not share the same bond, with the exception of Eldest in law, since he spent over a decade bonding with his family in law before another spouse entered the family circle.

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  12. We have been here almost two years.
    Our house isn’t as nice.
    The church service is different, more “modern”.
    Greensboro isn’t as convenient.
    But family is here and that is very important.
    It’s good that we are here.

    She just doesn’t understand why she’s there and doesn’t understand when I explain it.
    The was we solved the “go home wit me” problem today is that Chuck & Linda came in. She was happy to see them and I left.
    They left later with no problem.
    we can’t do that every day.
    I’m sure this is hard to understand. It is hard to explain.
    Have you ever taken a child to school and left them crying for you?

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  13. Chas, it’s a hard place you are in. May she get the best of care and learn to trust her caregivers and at least to some degree understand the need of care. And may you get rest.

    You are both very dear to us, Chas.

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  14. Chas, blessing and peace to you both, hard times I know. 😦

    I was out watering (got home a little earlier today but still got dark pretty quick) — I have an old un-needed large dog crate out at the curb, I’d left it out before but there were no takers. Decided to give it another try and a woman with her two dogs, a white boxer & another smaller dog came by asking if it was available. Absolutely, I said. So we pulled it up onto my raised yard area where she said she’d come fetch it after she finished her walk. Yay. I love being able to give things to people who need them, especially neighbors I don’t know yet. πŸ™‚

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  15. My mom would have turned 91 today.

    My sister in 7 years older than I. She became my second mother when our mom died. I was 7, my sister was 14. Now we are very close.

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