57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-1-18

  1. Where is everyone???J
    You have heard my incessant complaints about women’s clothing.
    But I have to say there is a really a neat way of fastening women’s bras.
    I understand Mark Twain invented it.’
    And that the bra ‘s the only place it is used. I would think that it would be much better than hidden buttonholes. I don’t know how useful it would be on men’s clothes. It could replace buttons, but I can’t think of an advantage.

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  2. Chas, you made me laugh this morning. Most men’s goal has never been to get women INTO bras but OUT of them. Put it on her, around her waist the way it should fit, close the hooks then help her slide it up her body and put her arms through the straps until it fits like it should. They also make front closure ones that may be easier except the ways they close is the two pieces of plastic that closes them slides together and “snaps”.

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  3. You folks need to understand that I have to monitor every phase of the dressing routing. And I help with about half.
    But she remains alert about what goes with what. I don’t have an eye for what goes together, but she still does.

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  4. I’ve helped quite a few elderly clients get dressed, so I can relate to the challenges that Chas relates.
    The hook and eye fastener is convenient, but it also has its drawbacks, as the hook has a propensity to get caught in everything. It is used, as Cheryl notes, in dresses, and also at the waistband of some skirts and trousers.

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  5. Good middle of the morning!

    I am always amazed by the contortions I find my bras in when they go through the wash and the hooks attach to other things in the washer.

    Today I am taking some time to do Bible lesson reviews I got behind on. Art is still having printer troubles that has made for a bad start to tax season. Tha clients have been good. We have seen or talked to three people who have recently experienced the death of loved ones. That is the tough part of this work. One preparer said that we do a lot more than just taxes meaning that a bit of counseling and comforting goes on in our offices, too.

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  6. The Amish prefer the hook-and-eye clothing closures as buttons are considered not very “plain.”

    From the web: “The common theme among all Amish clothing is plainness; clothing should not call attention to the wearer by cut, color, or any other feature. Hook-and-eye closures or straight pins are used as fasteners on dress clothing rather than buttons, zippers, or velcro.”

    Straight pins might be risky to the wearer.


  7. Fibi, the neighbor’s dog, has been out front barking. She gets out a lot (I think they’ve been cited for that before) and she’s definitely a nuisance to anyone passing by as she barks and barks at them.


  8. Yesterday I mentioned that the dentist’s office we go to is part of a chain, Dr. Dental. They accept almost all insurances, including the state insurance I am on, and they have lower rates, which is good for those who have to pay for all or much of their treatment. (There is a $1000 cap on my insurance. Glad I don’t need any more work except for the one extraction.)

    I have to admit I am somewhat skeptical of these places. Although the people working there, and the dentist, are all pleasant, there is a bit of an assembly line feel. (“The next patient is ready,” I heard a couple times.) The walls of the small rooms don’t go all the way to the ceiling. And I can’t help but wonder if the dentists who work at these places are all youngish ones who couldn’t open their own practices or join another’s. But I am willing to give them a chance (don’t have much choice now anyway).

    I miss the practice we had gone to for most of our marriage.

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  9. One positive thing about Dr. Dental, along with the lower prices, is that I can get in much quicker than with the old private practice we used to go to.

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  10. Can’t figure out why there is only one man on here today. 🙂

    We have a lot of Amish in our area, and I can’t help but be amused at the idea of clothing not calling attention to oneself. Within their society I am sure they all just kinda meld together visually, but out among “the English” (that’s us), they stick out.

    Beauty is God-given, anyway, and the idea that clothes should never be pretty is a silly one. I do, however, hate the idea that clothes should go through ever-quicker faddish cycles. If I buy a stylish outfit when the trend has been around a couple of years, I have no idea whether it will last long enough to get my money’s worth. So I generally outright avoid stuff that is IN style, since eventually it will be OUT of style. This year I bought two plaid flannel tops, since I really like plaid and it’s in. I’m not sure why plaid is ever “out,” to be honest, but sometimes it is. But I will wear these tops for years, and if someday they are fully out, I will either be blissfully ignorant or I will continue to wear them in private but not to church or any scheduled events.

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  11. Hook-and-eye closures are a whole lot better than velcro. I have one coat that closes with a zipper but at the top it has a velcro fastener to keep out that last little bit of cold air. Problem is, in winter I wear sweaters, and I can’t tell you how often that velcro has grabbed onto my sweater. It has also caught my hair, and it has caught the coat next to it in the coat closet . . .

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  12. Man, this puppy is a trip! Janie, now ten months old, has the energy and exuberance of two puppies. Even if Heidi is right at a door, and Janie is yards away, or even in another room, Janie manages to be the first through that door. That sometimes entails sailing right over Heidi! She jumps over the coffee table sometimes to get to the couch. I often say, “Janie thinks she can fly. . .because she can!” She can jump over a baby gate without a running start, too. (Actually, the two gates she has jumped over are higher than the average baby gate.)

    Right now, she is washing Heidi’s face. 😀

    It’s a good thing Heidi is such an easy-going sweetheart, or these two would be clashing. It is funny, though, when every now and then Heidi tries to “hump” Janie in an effort to show her who’s boss. Janie is taller than Heidi, so it just doesn’t work!

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  13. this is interesting, but not sure it’s exactly “new.” It’s a pretty cold case at this point.

    But it was very big news at the time and always remained something of a mystery.



    Robert Wagner is a ‘person of interest’ in Natalie Wood’s 1981 death, investigators say

    Actor Robert Wagner, the then-husband to Hollywood star Natalie Wood, has been named a “person of interest” in the suspicious drowning death of his wife that occurred nearly four decades ago, investigators said.

    Los Angeles County Sheriff’s told “48 Hours” that investigators would like to speak to Wagner about Wood’s mysterious death on Nov. 29, 1981. The “48 Hours” interview with L.A. investigators is slated to air Saturday in a special titled “Natalie Wood: Death in Dark Water.”

    “As we’ve investigated the case over the last six years, I think he’s (Wagner) more of a person of interest now,” John Corina, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, told “48 Hours.” “I mean, we know now that he was the last person to be with Natalie before she disappeared.”

    A rep for Wagner declined to comment Thursday.

    Wood, known for her high-profile roles in “West Side Story,” “Miracle on 34th Street” and “Rebel Without a Cause,” was found dead in the water in 1981 at age 43. The Academy Award-winning actress was traveling on her family’s yacht, Splendour, with Wagner, the ship’s captain Dennis Davern and her friend, actor Christopher Walken, off the coast of Catalina Island at the time of her death. …


  14. The story goes like this.

    A woman heading out for a busy day stopped to grab a sweater out of the dryer. She wore it the whole day, all over town as she ran errands, saw friends and accomplished a great deal.

    At five o’clock, she stopped at the local grocery store to pick up a few items.

    As she stood in line, a friend approached. “Oh, you’ve got something caught on the back of your sweater.”

    The friend kindly unhooked a bra . . .

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  15. Michelle @ 12:52 You would think a colleague or friend would have mentioned it before.

    When I was working, there was a young single woman in the same area.
    One morning she came in and I said. “Karen we need to talk”.
    “What about?”
    “The rules. When you come in and I notice that you are buttoned up wrong in the back, am I supposed to say something or keep quiet?”
    “You’re supposed to say something, then fix it.”

    II buttoned her up in the back. I can see how a single woman would have a problem with some of the dresses.

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  16. I see I can skip most of the comments today. But I’ll one thing: some studies show that the lymph nodes on the should are damaged by too tight of a bra strap, so you ladies might want to consider a wide-strapped bra like a sports bra in order to lessen the chance of cancer. Mrs. L told me that.

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  17. Chas, years ago I was editing a book, and the author wrote something like, “Sometimes husbands struggle with how picky their wives are. He gets ready to go out the door in the morning, and she says, ‘Wait, your collar isn’t straight,’ and she fixes it. Husbands need to be willing to be quite forgiving.”

    It was something along that line. I wrote back, “Your example didn’t show a picky wife, but a caring wife. A woman instinctively wants people around her to look good. I have very gently picked a piece of lint off the back of someone sitting in front of me in church–someone I didn’t even know. If her label is showing, she wants someone to tell her, or just fix it. This is one of the ways a woman shows she cares.”

    I don’t remember whether he rewrote what he wrote or deleted it, but he thanked me for my perspective and he did not leave it as it was. And I like to think that I helped both a husband and a wife with that particular author interaction.

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  18. We try. My husband and I have a conversation about what jacket he should take to China.He started to pack an old Adidas sports jacket because it had a hood. I told him no, it was trench coat and his very nice fedora.

    Once he got there he agreed the Adidas jacket would have been wrong.

    One score in, what? 40 years? 🙂

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  19. My husband regularly comments on what some sportscaster or another is wearing, that it’s a really bad tie with that shirt or whatever. I have been known to ask him which of two skirts looks better with a blouse, because overall his fashion sense is better than mine. (Now, he has two or three shirts I hate, but that’s different from fashion sense. One of those, he is sad and I am happy that it is wearing out and thus is now only a shirt-around-home shirt. I sympathize that it is a favorite shirt, but I just don’t like it.)

    One day we set off to church, and I looked at him and thought him quite badly mismatched, but I second-guessed myself and didn’t say anything. Sitting next to him in church, I thought, “I should have said something; everyone gets it wrong sometimes, and he did.” After we got home, he said, “I guess this outfit doesn’t really work,” and I told him that I had stopped myself from saying anything since it was the first time in five or six years I’d ever seen him mismatched and I second-guessed myself!


  20. Just had a lovely time with neighbors over coffee…celebrating my neighbor’s birthday 59 and counting…ready for her home to be rebuilt and for her to get back to this forest!! As I was leaving my other neighbor said I looked tired and wanted to know if I was ok…don’t you love it when someone says that to you? I was feeling just fine and now I think perhaps I don’t…maybe I just need a new bra 😜

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  21. The “uplifting” reminds me of a practical joke I once played in college. To freeze a bra, you first dip it in water and then put it in the freezer, resulting in a pretty stiff and very cold clothing article. A bunch of us on a winter retreat once dipped one woman’s bra and then hung it outside to freeze on its own. The next day we were going somewhere as a group and she saw the bra hanging there and, thinking it a tacky place for a bra, said, “That’s attractive”–and then she recognized it and rescued it.

    Well, in college I once got hold of a friend’s bra and froze it. The next day I left a note saying, “For cool, uplifting refreshment, check the freezer!”

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  22. No. She doesn’t want to see me. She said in the Navy when they get transferred they either pick a fight with the one they are closest too or they just fade away. She told one of our friends she can’t stand to see what is written on my face. She can pretend to be in denial until she looks at me. The friend assured me that Les know I love her.

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  23. I’m sorry to hear that, too, Kim.

    I also was wondering how Elvera was doing, so often those incidents leave some really hard aches and pains in the aftermath.


  24. Kevin, it was Chas that started it.

    In regard to Mumsee’s suggestion, I will simply say that West African culture did not frown on the woman going topless while doing tasks such as cooking and washing. The younger ones had discovered the bra, the older ones not so much. The elderly women often would sit without a top in the hot afternoons in the shade of the compounds. You women will get the picture.

    As to the suggestion that it would be healthier not to wear the garment because it could block lymph flow, the available data does not support such a conclusion – no significant correlation between wearing a bra and breast cancer has been found, for example. Besides the bra is a distinct improvement on the corset, which held sway in women’s clothing for some 4 centuries. That was a much more constrictive garment.

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  25. Mumsee @ 4:26
    she looks terrible, but says she feels ok.
    Her right eye is black and swollen. (Not the eye, of course. just a “black eye”.)


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