28 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-30-17

  1. Interesting weekend here, as we are having the three sibs all together for the first time in a long time. They had plans to come back for the Fair and for bridal fittings but this other thing finalized it, I think. Son just got in last night and was telling us some of the things he is learning. Flight is an amazing thing. So, it has been fun.

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  2. one sleepy grandchild and one watching Netflix on his ipad make it easy for me to say good morning on the blog. the lass has six hours of ballet today so need to think of something to do with the lad, though he keeps himself entertained. a privilege indeed to have them over.

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  3. 🙂 It’s the weekend (again) and work (at least planned work) appears to be moving again on the house. Lights guy expected at noon & Real Estate Guy, now on the payroll for the foundation supervision, said he’ll be drawing up plans & purchasing some of the materials needed before that work commences on Oct. 16. Hooray.

    😦 Tough stretch at work with people leaving every Friday (these were folks who took buyouts, so most were in a position to leave but still difficult after spending many years, in most cases, at the papers). On the plus side, we’re enjoying lunch outings again together. Those have pretty much gone by the wayside in the past 10 years as things have been so discouraging there. We all mostly brown bag it and eat at our desks. Sad.

    🙂 Carol got her phone turned back on but my sense from talking to her last night, a day after her pay day, was she had spent all her money again and may not have the $10 she needed to get the notarized paperwork to receive all the back payments for the year from her pension in NY. I believe she’ll risk forfeiting the year’s payments if she doesn’t get that figured out soon. About half of it needs to go to the facility in back rent she owes them (she told me they were getting antsy for their money and I said “I’m sure they are.”). All God’s children have lessons to learn, always.

    😦 🙂 We switched over to using WordPress at work this week which has some good points (we can now embed media such as tweets and maps and videos into our stories directly as we write them for nicer online features and displays); but it’s also a lot more work for reporters and editors, many more steps to go through. And for now it all feels cumbersome, of course. But we’ll get more used to it (though there are still just more steps to write and file a story).

    😦 We found out we’re moving out of our leased office space in February — we had a 10-year lease and with all the downsizing it’s pathetic how much empty real estate there is now in our office. 😦 No idea where we’ll end up, there was some discussion of moving us to the 4th floor and into a smaller space in the same building we’re in now. Or we’ll rent a storefront somewhere, I suppose.


  4. Some people never learn the lesson.
    They never think beyond “now”.

    If you have a joint checking account with someone and want to add another (such as a son), everyone on the account has to be present to sign.
    I didn’t know that. .


  5. 🙂 No doubt that my biggest rave is the birth of our Clara Rose. What a joy to see these little babes hours after delivery!

    🙂 It is amazing to me to see the difference, from when I gave birth, in the hospital experience in giving birth these days. Such a positive change in so many ways. It never ceases to surprise and amaze me.

    🙂 I was also happy to be able to take in some athletic events for five different grandchildren. It was a full weekend. We spent one evening working at Feed My Starving Children, which was a first for us and a joy to do. We also went to church with one family. I like to see the places they go to school, church and other things. It helps in understanding their world.

    🙂 I was so happy I was not called for more jury duty, so had this time to love my new little granddaughter and her family.

    🙂 Another daughter and grandson fly in today. They will stop to see the new little one first. My SIL drove up, because of a change in plans. He is hunting with a friend first, but we will see all but the one grandson in college. It should be another full week, but one to cherish.

    😦 Rain. Today is beautiful, but we have had rain almost everyday and more predicted for everyday next week. I sure wish we could spread it to those in drought.

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  6. Ah-Ha, thank you Kathaleena.

    When I heard the foundation job would begin on Oct. 16, I kept thinking “What else is on Oct. !6 … something, I’m sure … ” but I just couldn’t remember and couldn’t see anything written down on any of my calendars at work or home.

    Now I remember — jury duty. 🙂

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  7. :/ My computer crashed this week. 🙂 I still have my trusty little tablet/laptop.
    🙂 Data is recoverable, so my work is safe.
    🙂 New hard drive is faster than the old one. Yay!
    :/ All my bookmarks are gone–probably 200 or so.
    🙂 I remember most of the ones I use regularly.
    🙂 God is good—first and last.

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  8. 🙂 Friends from church came over to help us with some stuff the real-estate agent said we needed to do.

    🙂 We got a lot accomplished.

    🙂 We sold our second car.

    🙂 We got back some of the boxes we sent home with the kids when they took their stuff–we told them we wanted the nice plastic boxes back, as they are our boxes and will be helpful for packing (esp. the underbed ones).

    😦 Yellow jackets. We would have liked to list the house this week, but you can’t really tell potential buyers, “Oh, you can’t go in that bedroom, because there are yellow jackets in there.”

    🙂 That did take off the pressure a little bit. The last few weeks I’ve been staying up till somewhere between one and three a.m. every night, and this week I have mostly gone to bed with my husband, since we can’t list it yet anyway. (We’re nearly there, though.)

    🙂 We got to take a day off and go to the fair–a very long day (11 hours) but a good one. I came home absolutely exhausted, went to bed with the word DATE, and was asleep on the D.

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  9. My SS teacher called about seven tonight and asked if I would teach for him tomorrow.
    I said “yes”.
    I have been working on a lesson on Ex. 16 since then.
    I have taught over 2000 SS lessons, but never this text before.

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  10. DJ, I don’t know how many miles, but about three hours by car. Yes, emotions in everyone, including me, but different ones. For him, he just wants to be finished and moved already. One of the kids is preparing her own move, so I think she has pretty much processed ours. The other is emotional, but more “emotional” than able to process or explain, or at least that seemed to be the case today. For me, I am trying to understand everyone, and translate, and also keep up my stamina because most of the packing and such falls on me. (I had to wait to pack stuff away until I had access to the other bedrooms, and so now I feel the time pressure, since all of it took longer than we expected, and fall is now here and that means we don’t want further delays . . . such as, just for instance, yellow jackets!)

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  11. A little old lady came up to me this week and stuffed a hundred dollar bill in my pocket. And then I lost it. I thought and thought and had no idea where it was. So tonight I was talking to my friend on the phone, after the grands and I had done some hunting, and asked her to pray about my finding the money and she says, ‘I have it.” Just as calm as you please. How could that be?? So I dropped it when I was waiting for her at church on Thursday evening while I was carrying Archie and waiting to watch her grandchildren. Someone found it and gave it to her and she gave it to her husband to take home. So my best friends had my money, not knowing it was mine. 🙂 🙂

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  12. 🙂 My youngest daughter, Archie’s mom, is expecting again! She is very tired and God has been good enough to let me help her out. She has come by several times this week. Then I take Archie outside and all over, just letting him explore. Giving my daughter a quiet rest in my home. I also feed them everything I have whenever they come. What a gift for God to give me a quiet place where I can bless my family.

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  13. There’s a grief in moving, no matter how long or short you’ve lived somewhere. I usually spent the last six months organizing and setting our affairs in order while preparing, mentally, for the next spot–collecting information, reading the newspaper (I got a mail subscription the last three months!) and so forth.

    On the other end, it takes about six months to settle down. There’s grieving for the old spot, craziness in not being able to find things (remember where they were stored at the old house, try to figure out where you put the other items with which they were stored at the old house, and look where you put the “neighbors” first).

    My husband likes to point out the problem is it takes longer to do things because you have to remember where everything is–until it becomes “muscle memory” and thus is automatic. Four years later, when I look for a glass at my former house (now my son’s house), I always open the cupboard where I kept the glasses–they keep them across the kitchen!

    So, cut yourself some slack on both ends. You’re off on an adventure, but you’ll be back to visit–relationships, however, will never be quite the same.

    Once I get to the new spot, I always ask for recommendations on dentist, doctor, whatever else is important in my life. Folks at the new church will help and that’s a great way to get a conversation started.

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  14. Michelle, it is even more difficult when you downsize and give up “important” things, like a walk in garage, screened-in porch, an outdoor swing and neighbors you know.

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  15. While Kim’s husband is watching pro football, Elvera’s husband is watching the Tennessee girls play volleyball with the Carolina girls. Not as athletic, but much better looking.
    Great athletic skill too, if you notice it.

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  16. There is no such thing as a “Lady Gamecock”. I suggest another name for the women.
    Maybe “The Bantams”. A bantam hen is not as big, but just as mean as a gamecock.

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  17. Thanks, all (re the moving comments and advice). I have mixed feelings, mostly about how much work it is going to be–I’ve only ever moved myself, and I never had much furniture to move. (In Chicago, someone loaned a dining room table, and the living room furniture was old and not worth moving, and the appliances also weren’t worth moving.) The move from Nashville was difficult in some ways (I was giving up a community I knew and loved for a new one, we were marrying and I was moving and we were listing my house for sale all in a narrow window–and only a few months after meeting the man), but in other ways it was very easy. (He already owned a house, so I was just moving in. He already owned furniture, so I kept little of mine except bookcases and my reading chair–that’s good and bad, since I liked my couch and my table better. And what was really the best part was that he made multiple trips down to see me, and by the time we knew we were getting married I packed a bunch of boxes between each visit, and he brought them ahead. Also, his pastor was doing a gradual move down to Chas’s old hometown, so twice he brought an empty trailer by my Nashville house and we loaded it up so that more stuff could be brought at one time. We didn’t have to rent a trailer or a truck, and the only “special trip” we made was after my house sold, and we took one last trip to get the rest of the stuff (my sister and her husband had already come by to take most of the furniture and the washer and dryer). He has as many books as I do, so this move includes about 7,000 books, a piano, a California king bed, a freezer, a washer and dryer, many bookcases, living room furniture, etc. . . . and it all sounds rather daunting.

    This move is from a house I like in a region where I have had a lot of fun exploring (I’ve enjoyed living in the country more than I ever thought I would, largely because of the chances to photograph wildlife and wildflowers), but which was never a good place to settle long term. (I simply don’t have enough people contact, for one thing, virtually none other than my husband and church on Sunday; and the place is too much for us to keep up into our senior years.) Besides, I’ve heard from a couple of people who married a widower/divorced man and moved into his family home that getting your own house together is really special. While I am super glad we had several years with the girls living with us and getting to know me, it’s time for a house and a community that better suits our needs as a couple. There will be sad elements–leaving behind his mother, one daughter, and a good church, besides the nice country road–but we’ll still be close, and the trade-offs should way more than make up for it. It should be a better place for him to paint, for one thing–that’s a big part of the reason for the move–since we will be moving to a region that has watercolor societies and such. As far as natural beauty, I think that we will actually be gaining, in spite of moving away from our country road–here we are 45 minutes from our only local state park, and there we will be about 20 minutes from two of them. Plus the weather will be a bit warmer and a lot less snow–biggies for me. I am mulling the possibilities of volunteering at one of the state parks; I think I would really enjoy that, and I think it could help my writing and photography ventures. And as much as we like the church here, I have made only casual friends, and am looking forward to a change to a church we already love, and getting to know the people there (who will also live closer to us than is the case at our church here), and also having neighbors again.


  18. I’ve moved a few times and would concur that it’s always emotional (and physically exhausting!). And disorienting, sometimes for years after the move is over. Do you know that I still envision certain books as being on a particular living room bookcase — that was in my former residence?

    On the other end, though, I’ve always found it something of a fun adventure as I re-acclimate. When I moved to my current town, though, I’d “covered” it for the newspaper for so long that I already knew where everything was (and I’d even pretty much shifted to using the dry cleaners here, for example, as it was easier to take care of all that on lunch hours during the week rather than on weekends in the city I lived in across the harbor).

    The physical task of moving itself has always proved more arduous and expensive than I can ever calculate, however. It’s pretty much always been a nightmare experience for me which seems to get worse each time. 😦


  19. Husband and I have moved 15 times in 33 years. Thirteen times in our first 10 years of marriage. All but two of those moves we’ve done everything ourselves. The last two moves husband’s job moved us. I don’t mind moving and for 14 of those moves, we were moving to a better, interesting place. The one move I didn’t want to make, however, led me to all of you!

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  20. I suppose I have two homes. I don’t live in the one here, so the missions house feels like home. Still the things are not mine nd it is difficult to find room for my things. Adding the bathrooms took our a closet and made my closet a foot narrower. My home in PNG is mine and feels like home. My friend reminds me whenever I go that I am moving, not traveling.


  21. This is the eighth place I’ve lived, and I’ve been here longer than anywhere else — twenty-eight and one-fourth years. Second-longest was my childhood home (twenty-two and three-fourths years). The middle six places were from June 1985 to June 1989, two of them before I was married, and four after. All the children were born here, and our two babies the Lord called home from the womb are buried on this property.

    A lot of memories here, at the first home we’ve owned.


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