Prayer Requests 9-30-17

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 50:1-15

The Mighty One, God, the Lord,
    speaks and summons the earth
    from the rising of the sun to where it sets.
From Zion, perfect in beauty,
    God shines forth.
Our God comes
    and will not be silent;
    a fire devours before him,
    and around him a tempest rages.
He summons the heavens above,
    and the earth, that he may judge his people:
“Gather to me this consecrated people,
    who made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”
And the heavens proclaim his righteousness,
    for he is a God of justice.

“Listen, my people, and I will speak;
    I will testify against you, Israel:
    I am God, your God.
I bring no charges against you concerning your sacrifices
    or concerning your burnt offerings, which are ever before me.
I have no need of a bull from your stall
    or of goats from your pens,
10 for every animal of the forest is mine,
    and the cattle on a thousand hills.
11 I know every bird in the mountains,
    and the insects in the fields are mine.
12 If I were hungry I would not tell you,
    for the world is mine, and all that is in it.
13 Do I eat the flesh of bulls
    or drink the blood of goats?

14 “Sacrifice thank offerings to God,
    fulfill your vows to the Most High,
15 and call on me in the day of trouble;
    I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”

28 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-30-17

  1. Thank you so much. Yesterday was a bad day for me personally, emotionally, & that’s carried over into this morning.

    Then Nightingale told me she heard from my niece that my brother has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. He has had blood & clots in his urine, too. 😦 (You may remember that Brother is my only sibling, about eight years older, & has cut off relationship with me & my family.)

    I am praying that God will bring someone to point Brother to the Savior. (That may end up being me, but it doesn’t look like that at this point. “But God. . .”)

    After asking God what He wanted me to do, I did take the step of sending an email to SIL, filling her in about Hubby, saying I understand the fear of what they are going through & that I am praying for them both.

    Oh, man, I feel so overwhelmed.

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  2. Oh, Dear Kizzie, I wish there were more we could do for you. I don’t have a sibling so I don’t understand that pain, but I do know it has to hurt and I am sorry. I know from watching my aunts and uncles that the sibling bond is strong,especially as death approaches. You are loved.

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  3. Amen, kare. Reminds me of a recent Daily Bread Devotion. God helps us pray when we can’t–through the Holy Spirit and through others. What a wonderful gift! What a wonderful God—one who sees, hears and goes throughout the earth to see whom He might strengthen.

    I also woke in the night praying for Kizzie and family.

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  4. Heard back from SIL. She says there hasn’t been a definite diagnosis after all, but it is suspected Brother has kidney, bladder, or prostate cancer, or a combination.


  5. Just heard from the hospital doctor. Hubby’s kidney function is getting worse, & they may put him on dialysis. His urine is sometimes clear, but then the bleeding starts up again. There was more, I think, but I don’t remember. (I had Nightingale talk to him, as I couldn’t understand his accent over the phone, plus she would know more which questions to ask.)

    Hubby is still mostly out of it due to the morphine.

    Right now I need that peace that transcends understanding more than I ever have before.

    You know how people like to say that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle? Well, we all know that that is bunk, & this is a good example. (It’s not only about Hubby’s health, but our financial situation, & Chickadee, etc.)

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  6. In the last few days, I have allowed in the thought (fear?) that Hubby may not make it, that he may end up dying in that hospital. As much as that would pain me & my daughters, what my prayer instantly goes to is, “Please, God! Don’t take [The Boy]’s Papa away!”

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  7. Kizzie, sometimes people shy away from the difficult and that is my nature. This time I will tell you to live as if he isn’t coming home and make sure there isn’t anything un-said that should be said or that you want to say. Live this time so that in the future there will be no regrets. It is better to speak up than live with regrets. Talk about the future and talk about the future if he isn’t in it. Better to be prepared and not need to be. That being said we are all praying for the best possible outcome.
    Now, tell us how we can support you through this time.

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  8. Absolutely. But that is what we did when husband was so iffy. Even calling home eldest son to arrange things, but with the hope none of it would be yet needed. It was a relief and we never regretted doing so. But were delighted when things turned around. And that stress has not returned because it has already been addressed.

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  9. Thank you, Kim. I am certainly thinking along those same lines.

    Hubby & I have been very lovey-dovey in our messages to each other, & express our love for each other when face to face as well. Even before this illness, we had talked about our marriage, & had come into a new level, if you know what I mean. (Not sure how else to describe it, but it’s like a higher level of love & commitment & grace.)

    A silly little thing: Those of you on Facebook have probably seen those silly “stickers” (cartoony things expressing various feelings) that some people use. Hubby likes to use those, but I didn’t, as I thought they were kind of silly, although I got a kick out of his using them so often. But when we began keeping touch several times a day through Facebook private messages, I started using the “love” stickers in reply to his. He liked that. 🙂

    There will be no regrets in our relationship.

    If he does happen to die while still in the hospital, what I will feel bad about is something I have no control over. He has so wanted to come home. It would be so sad for him to die there after having not been home in over four weeks. (I’m not counting that one night he was home before his stroke.) But I know these kinds of things happen all the time, even to believers.

    How can you support me through this time? Beyond letting me know now & then that you are praying, I have no idea. But your (plural) love & prayers are so very much appreciated. So just keep praying.

    I love you all.

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  10. There are things that I hope Hubby has time to do before he dies that won’t be done if this illness leads to his death. Those undone things will make life very difficult for me for a while, until I learn more.

    The shortish version of that is that after he took over bill paying from me about 20 years ago, he gradually changed the way we pay our bills, going to online bill paying, for one thing, & opening another account in an online bank. (He did put my name on that account a few months ago, & taught me how to get into it.) Some bills are paid automatically through the account, some a different way (that I don’t yet understand). Others are paid as needed.

    His filing system is, quite frankly, screwed up. It makes no sense to me, but does to him. For instance, say we have Geico car insurance (we don’t, I just picked the name). That file could be under G for Geico, or A for auto, or C for car. So say it’s under G for Geico. That doesn’t mean that the other bills are filed under their company names. Some are under their company names, others are under their category.

    And he has left a huge pile of bills that need to be filed that I’ve been ignoring, thinking we could do it together when he gets home.

    One thing he did recently was make a list of all his accounts & passwords, & put them in a folder with important papers such as his life insurance policy. Now if only I could find it in the “easy” place he said he put it. (If the worst happens, we’ll simply go through every file to find that folder.)

    There’s also just a whole lot of unorganized “stuff” on & around his desk.

    We were planning on training me to take over the bills, especially after he ended up in the hospital. As individual bills came in, he walked me through what to do with them.

    But what DJ said about not letting go of hope is true. I realize that sometimes a person’s health situation can look dire, & then they get the right treatment & come back to good health, that Hubby can still end up beating this & coming home. But the situation is scary.

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  11. Husband here is a good example of things not being what they seemed. It was the meds they had given him. The doctors here later told us they were afraid he had a very fast acting cancer as he was being depleted so quickly. Got off those meds and an immediate turn around.

    Hope is good.

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  12. Hubby will have dialysis today. I have no idea where all this is heading.

    DJ – We’ve had some tough times in our marriage, believe me. But God has gotten us through them, because we trusted in Him, & we both were willing to do things His way.

    Something I should have included when I was writing about our expressing our love to each other is that we also expressed our trust in, & surrender to, God to each other. That was while he was waiting to be taken for the procedure to put in the IVC filter to catch any clots that may travel. (We also learned yesterday that he has more clots in his legs.)

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  13. Kizzie, you and Leon and your family are in my prayers so often now — throughout the day; when I wake up at night; first thing in the morning. I wish I had some idea what to say to comfort you, but, as others have indicated, the words just aren’t coming. But I know God is hearing my feeble attempts as I petition Him, and I pray the Spirit comforts and refreshes you as only He can do.

    We’re praying in the two Bible studies I attend, too. Many prayers going up on your behalf {{{Kizzie}}}.

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  14. It took four hours for them to get a line started for the dialysis. Then at some point during the dialysis, they did an ultrasound, which involved poking & pressing where he is having pain. He was absolutely exhausted when it was all over, & didn’t want to see us, except for a quick kiss & “I love you, & I’m praying for you” from me.

    Nightingale & I had a sit-down with the doctor. He said that Hubby’s kidney function deteriorated very quickly, while usually they see gradual lessening of function. His urine output went down to nearly nothing. They have looked for all the possible causes of kidney malfunction, but none of them are present. They have no idea why this is happening. We don’t yet know if this is a permanent loss of function, or temporary.

    Along with that, his left leg is now full of clots, & has grown larger. A vascular surgeon is going to take a look at him soon.

    Tomorrow I need to look at our bank account online, & look at bills that need to be paid soon. We don’t have a lot of savings, but we have some, & I may need to transfer some of that over to cover what’s coming up. Please pray for calm & wisdom for me as I traverse these waters. Thank you.

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  15. Praying for you, Kizzie. My dad underwent dialysis (though that was in its early days and the system is much better now), so I can’t say I know “what you’re going through,” but have been in some of that medical stuff.

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  16. Doctor called around 4:30am. Leon is in ICU. They had to do CPR on the way there. He is intubated. Clots in his lungs are suspected. To my question, “Is he dying?” Doctor answered he thinks so.

    Emily & I are getting ready to go up there. Can’t get a hold of Chrissy.

    I can’t do this.


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