30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-28-17

  1. I found my Keys!
    Of course, the one place I didn’t think to look.
    I looked in her purse, took out some outdated church bulletins, but my keys weren’t there.
    While getting ready for bed, she reached into her pants pocket, pulled out the keys and laid them on the dresser. I picked them up, put them in my pocket.
    Just like that!
    I didn’t say anything.. She heard me grouse all evening about losing my car keys, but it didn’t register.
    I must have spent two hours yesterday afternoon looking everywhere in the house. Made three trips to the car to look.
    But they were in her pants pocket.
    Have no idea of when she put them there.

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  2. My “key” story (hang in there, I’ll get to it):
    The bike rack on the back of my car broke a couple of weeks ago and Hubby replaced it with one he’d bought for the truck but ended up not using. It connects to the car via a hitch and I like it better because I don’t have to lift the bike as high to put it on. So two Thursdays ago I did my normal bike ride on the trail. It’s about a 20 minute drive to where I park and I go through the back roads through the farms to get there. On the way home – not far from our house, the bike came loose and fell off. Not only did I not notice that, but when I got home, I got out of the car and walked around behind it to go down the steps and did not notice that it wasn’t still on the car. The following Saturday Hubby and I were going to go for a ride together and he asked me where my bike was. “On my car.” “Uh, no it’s not.” At first we thought maybe it was stolen (which would be pretty amazing considering how our house is situated). Hubby texted Son and asked if he’d noticed it on the car on Friday. Son had taken the girls to Chic-fil-A Thursday night (“Spirit” night for their school) and, coincidentally, drove home the back way through those same roads I’d driven. He said he saw it and thought, “that looks like mom’s bike” but kept going and didn’t give it another thought. We drove over to the spot but it wasn’t there. So I knew where it had fallen and posted something on the community Facebook page asking if anyone had seen it or had it. Immediately a lady responded that she’d seen it and described where (this lady lost her dog about a month ago and drives around 24-7 looking for it and posting signs all over the place). So we drove to that spot but it wasn’t there. I went up to the farm house and asked, and the lady there said that yes, they’d leaned it up against their fence because they didn’t know what to do with it. The proverbial comedy of errors. I’m not concerned about the bike but my name and address and a key to Hubby’s car are in the saddlebag. I haven’t heard a peep about it and no one has stolen the car so I guess we’re OK, but considering that it’s a 2010 Honda Fit that is filthy and stinks, there isn’t much risk that someone would take it.

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  3. Good Morning. We are on the countdown to trip. I have also managed to foil the neighborhood Taliban. On the positive side of that is we have gotten to know more of the neighbors so we will be hosting Football Saturday at our house this weekend. Now Mr. P is worried about where we will put all these people. I don’t know why he doesn’t trust me by now. People care about being together, not about having the most comfortable seat in the house. He bought ribs, another neighbor is smoking them. Everyone is bringing a side dish. It will be fine

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  4. What a great story, Linda. In Atlanta it would not have had a happy ending.

    We are suppose to get cooler weather. It was up near 90 degrees yesterday. Back to sweating in the shade uncomfortable. Tiny mosquitoes are everywhere.

    I am excited that I will be getting some new help in the church media center, finally!


  5. Glad you found those keys, Chas. Now you know where to look first if that happens again. I have a little metal hook on a heart attached to my keyring that helps me keep up with my keys. I can hook them over things and just look for the heart. Maybe there are such things made in a man style, too.

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  6. There’s an old missionary story I’ve never heard corroborated, but I love it anyway.

    A young missionary rode his motorbike miles into the jungle of somewhere, Africa. He ministered all day and all night, talking about how God can perform miracles.

    In the morning the village members gathered around him, praising God as he climbed aboard the motorcycle.

    Except, he couldn’t find his keys.

    He looked through everything, tore it all apart, came up empty handed.

    Remembering what he had been teaching, he made a last ditch effort and surveyed the faces. “Does anyone have a key?”

    A woman shrieked. “I have one!” She ran into her house, rummaged around and returned with a key that looked nothing like his.

    He smiled bravely, whispered a prayer, and put the key into the ignition and turned. The engine roared to life. He waved at the crowd, praised God and drove home–shocked!

    It makes me laugh every time.

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  7. Rainy foggy morn in the forest 🌲I will be heading out to have coffee with my neighbors soon at the local coffee shoppe…my one neighbor is living in town since the house fire…we miss her so much….we meet twice a month to stay connected. Her house is not expected to be rebuilt and ready until next Christmas…2018!
    And that is one ugly bird up there…just sayin’!
    So good to hear you found those keys Chas…see….they were safe the entire time. Was Elvera always in the habit of putting her keys in her pocket?
    Sounds like you won out over the bullies Kim…we did not have the same success with our HOA…they remain in control and I have given up….sadly I have lost two of my sweetest neighbors over such a mess…they decided to move out of our neighborhood.

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  8. I don’t remember ever losing my keys before.
    I am pretty organized. so is she.
    It is just that she picked them up, put them in her pocket and forgot about them.
    Me? I didn’t even know those pants had pockets.

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  9. Michelle, well, there’s a twist to my story. I bought Hubby the tiles for Christmas, too. He put one on his keys and one in his wallet. He put another in the saddlebag of my bicycle so that when we ride the trail (at the same time, but not together since he’s much faster than I am) he can see where I am. Well, two days before the above incident, my water bottle leaked in the bag and the tile got wet. It was OK, but I put it in my car to dry out. And that is were it still is. Had I left it on my bike, I could have easily located it. Like I said, a comedy of errors.

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  10. NancyJill, sadly, I have heard many stories about HOA’s like yours. Another neighbor who is a real estate attorney and I have warned the others but these two are determined to railroad it through. There are 9 houses in the subdivision. I know I have 5 votes secured now that I have the proxy.
    I will not agree to what he is proposing. If he wants to live in a neighborhood like he wants I will offer to sell his house for him. 😉
    Oh, and there have been reports of him antagonizing dogs to get them to bark so he can record them and report them to the police.

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  11. Sounds like a miserable person, Kim.

    When my husband jams Monday night, there is a couple who is always there and locks up the place when we leave. He has Alzheimer’s and will take the key and then accuse his wife of not giving it to him. She makes a point of telling us we are her witnesses that he put it in his pocket. He still does all right in many ways. She doesn’t feel she is patient enough, but she is a wonderful wife and it shows.

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  12. Oh, I missed that part I guess. I will keep my eye out for it.

    Interesting piece on the cross in fashion by Veith:


    Appropriation or opportunity?


    Christianity is reportedly in decline in the West, especially among trendy millennials. And yet, the Cross has become a fashion accessory, appearing on t-shirts, jewelry, tattoos, and as a high-fashion design element.

    Some Christians decry the custom, thinking that the fashionistas are draining the Cross of its meaning, trivializing the instrument of sacrifice by turning it into just another aesthetic form.

    Some take over a complaint being made by the identity politics folks on the left, that using a Cross without believing in it is an act of “cultural appropriation,” the equivalent of a white person wearing African garb.

    And, of course, the Cross is probably sometimes being used “ironically,” that trope being much favored by young adults.

    But British youth minister Martin Saunders says that in his experience with British youth, the Cross has a mysterious resonance that most of them don’t fully understand. And it is a point of contact for discussing Christianity with them. …

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  13. I live in a regular neighborhood, single-family homes w/a couple apartment buildings (most from the 1920s so on the smaller side, 4-plexes and the like), but someone on the NextDoor site recently suggested we form a homeowners association. Can that just randomly be done like that? I would not be in favor of it for many reasons, though I believe the person suggested it as a way to get more political clout within the city of LA on issues such as coyotes, etc.

    But my impression was always that HOAs were only in place for housing tracts built together as part of a single development, townhouses specifically.

    I’ve heard nothing but headaches about them and when I was house hunting my agent advised me not to go the townhouse route due to that reason (and the fact that at the time I had 3 dogs). He said those associations had been known to make life miserable and they could be especially problematic for residents who had pets.

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  14. This guy is supposedly an ER doc who lived outside San Francisco for most of his career. He took one look at Lulabelle and instantly disliked her. You can look at her face and see she has Pit Bull in her. He suggested she was dangerous. He doesn’t want to cross Mr. P on his favorite dog.

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  15. I just got an e-mail about Miss Bosley’s microchip program, HomeAgain. They want me to sign up for an upgraded service package for about twenty dollars per year. I had no idea they offer this option. Does anyone else use that? I am guessing the basic fits our needs since Miss B is not a celebrity cat.


  16. Good post, michelle.

    Real Estate Guy is moving on the foundation job, he’s debating whether we should get a permit from the city and said he’ll try to start working up some drawings based on the reports we have in hand from last year … As for cost, he says it’ll be less than I think it will be (?) but then he added “I hope you realize it is like a dentist drilling a cavity … ” As in pulling the tooth — or building a whole new foundation — may wind up being required (but may be cheaper than a fix).

    Stressing in a major way anew.

    I keep thinking about the nightmare of that driveway sewer line replacement fiasco …


  17. Back from the dentist for two small fillings and husband’s crown starter for a broken tooth. Whew. Should not have to go back for another five years….


  18. We were staying near the Muslim quarter near Oxford Street and didn’t want to have any problems.

    As it happened, I did have a bad experience with a cruel man on a street corner than freaked me out so much (he was glaring at my bear arms in a modest calf-length dress), that I told my daughter-in-las to hurry as fast as possible.

    We almost ran down the street, turned another corner and found a mob of Muslim men in white Thebes shouting a gauntlet down the street. We had to run past them as they waved Korans.

    I’m not sure they were angry, but the two events within a block of each other totally spooked me.

    We sprinted into the Underground, jumped on a train and didn’t come up until we were at the theater– where we saw no threatening Muslim men.

    What a relief!

    Of course the show was “Wicked,” and maybe to them we were?

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