Prayer Requests 9-28-17

It’s Thursday, so don’t forget to pray for Jo, her students, and the people of PNG.

Anyone else?

Psalm 48

Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise,
    in the city of our God, his holy mountain.

Beautiful in its loftiness,
    the joy of the whole earth,
like the heights of Zaphon is Mount Zion,
    the city of the Great King.
God is in her citadels;
    he has shown himself to be her fortress.

When the kings joined forces,
    when they advanced together,
they saw her and were astounded;
    they fled in terror.
Trembling seized them there,
    pain like that of a woman in labor.
You destroyed them like ships of Tarshish
    shattered by an east wind.

As we have heard,
    so we have seen
in the city of the Lord Almighty,
    in the city of our God:
God makes her secure

Within your temple, O God,
    we meditate on your unfailing love.
10 Like your name, O God,
    your praise reaches to the ends of the earth;
    your right hand is filled with righteousness.
11 Mount Zion rejoices,
    the villages of Judah are glad
    because of your judgments.

12 Walk about Zion, go around her,
    count her towers,
13 consider well her ramparts,
    view her citadels,
that you may tell of them
    to the next generation.

14 For this God is our God for ever and ever;
    he will be our guide even to the end.

13 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-28-17

  1. Last night my nephew showed me a few disturbing things on Instagram concerning BG and the boyfriend. I am sick over it. I talked to her father this morning and have been crying. Please pray that God will jerk a knot in her tail soon…I am terrified of the path she is on.

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  2. It is hard, Kim, but it is her life. Praying with you in understanding.

    As to my prayer concern of last night, the brother (T) called his siblings before shooting himself. I have seen that as a way of saying goodbye. He did tell one of them he was going to end it all and told her he needed to talk with her but he had said the same in the past and she was not able to talk at the time. I told her it was not her fault, but that is easy to say. She understands that there was nothing she could do and this was his choice. But it is a long road ahead for all of them. The little brother (my eighteen year old, really had high hopes for him making the turn. But he also understood the young man was battered by his choices.

    To top it off, T’s bio dad killed himself three years ago and his bio brother who is in prison, has been kept in max security do to suicide potential. And my nineteen year old revealed that she is terrified as she has also had suicidal thoughts and believes it runs in the family. Their dad is not her dad, but her bio mom has issues. Lots of complications and it all boils down to one thing, they need God. I have encouraged daughter to get prescription help before she really needs it. She has been seeing psychologist.

    So, prayer for wisdom and healing and that God would be glorified.

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  3. We’re about to leave soon to go visit Hubby, but I just got a message from him, after not hearing from him (nor having him reply to my messages) earlier in the day.

    Since 7:30 last night he has been in much pain around his intestines. So much so that they have him on morphine & maybe Oxycontin, too? He may be confused about being on both at once. Maybe they started with one & switched to the other?

    Tomorrow will mark four full weeks in a hospital (three in this one). 😦

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  4. Kizzie, please tell me that you nor either of your daughters have signed anything at the hospital other than an advance directive or living will.

    I had lunch with BG today and spent a few hours with her. I feel better but not all the way. Please continue to pray

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  5. Kim – What do you mean? We did sign a health proxy, meaning I can give or withhold permission for medical procedures if he is incapacitated. What else did you have in mind?


  6. So it turns out they had given him an Oxycontin, I guess, & then he was put on morphine when that wore off. Or something like that. He’s not on both at once.

    He was quite tired while we were there, closing & resting his eyes frequently. He is still in pain, though (in his lower intestinal region), & still nauseous, despite the anti-nausea med.

    I had an awful thought while we were on our way up to visit him. I thought, “He’s not coming home. This is the cancer breaking through, & he is going to die there.”

    That is most probably my imagination. Only about five weeks ago he had a CT scan that only showed the tumor on his prostate, nothing else. Nightingale assures me that this is merely a setback, & that he will be okay. I think I know that, but am growing weary of this dragging on.

    While we were there, Hubby started to cry a bit, saying he just wants to go home. 😦

    Please pray that when a doctor makes an appearance in the morning that he (or she) will be proactive about dealing with Hubby’s situations (what to do about what is causing the pain, what to do about the continuing, although lighter, bleeding).

    Considering that they don’t do much over the weekends, I had so hoped that he would be home by this weekend. It doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen.

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