50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-5-17

  1. I thought it was Burt Somebody.

    Janice, I chuckled at “Art left the mayo out again” – so much like my hubby (and left the remains of the tomato and the dirty knife on the counter, and the cabinet door where he got his glass for his drink open). But I’m not complaining – I always say “it’s part of the charm.”

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  2. I happen to think that is a great photo of a wonderfu person who lives up to being made in God’s image.

    Good morning, all. I am having Cheerios this a.m. Maybe I should switch to Wheaties instead. I still feel a little weak, probably from having little to eat lately.

    I called a friend to see if she might cover the WMU meeting for me tomorrow. I got her voice mail.

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  3. I told Art about the mayo after I asked when he made the sandwich. He told me 10 p.m. so I said that was good since he’s left it out and I put it away at midnight. I tried to cheer him by saying he is an absent minded professor with his mind on more important things than a jar of mayo.

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  4. I love that picture. Such a pleasure to meet the man.

    I see Janice was talking to herself last night.
    I think I am finally on this time zone after feeling tortured by trying to function on the east coast time zone for a week. Those early meetings and plane rides were difficult.

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  5. Wonderful picture!
    I did wonder about the picture on the wall, I said, there is some of where Chas mapped, I wonder who that is. And read down and now I know.

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  6. Great smile, great guy πŸ™‚

    I also wondered about the photo on the wall, now we know.

    Back to work for the result of us today but at least our heat wave broke. Last night was nice and cool — and it was almost getting chilly by the time I left the dog park at around 7 p.m. last night.

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  7. I love the photos!!!! I had to go to Bay Minette (the county seat) today for jury duty but managed to get it deferred until October 30. I found out when I was up there that it was for TWO WEEKS!!!! Going in November will mean I will not be able to do one think I wanted to do but at least I can rearrange everything else with this much notice.

    Confession: I downloaded the photo of Chas at his desk and saved it to my computer.

    In other news…Mr P is headed to Home Depot or Lowes, thus begins our preparation for Irma. Mostly I am lackadaisical about hurricanes, but his one promises to be a humdinger. I told Mr. P I don’t want to tempt fate but I have never evacuated for a hurricane, and don’t plan to this time, but I also am not an idiot.

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  8. Oh we have the smoke too Peter! Neighbors in the forest were alarmed thinking our forest was again on fire! It is a very gloomy day here today and our high temp is to be mid sixties….very autumnal 🍁


  9. I took that new photo!

    Another WMU member and I made the executive decision to cancel WMU for tomorrow. I feel relieved. She will call everyone.

    Now I am hearing that Irma may hit Atlanta hard on Sunday or Monday. Our merger vote is suppose to be Sunday. Things are getting more complicated.

    My brother’s store never had any deals on refrigerators for the holiday. So I will keep up the search for The Big Chill.

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  10. We are experiencing very unhealthy to hazardous air quality for the past few days and into the foreseeable future. We are not doing much other than the minimum.


  11. We are standing in front of our house.
    Janice took the photo. I was hoping she would make me look like Burt Lancaster ,but she is an utter failure in that regard. Doesn’t have anything to do with what she had to work with.
    :That is Elvera’s leftover chicken cordon bleu I am holding. She still hasn’t eaten it and we’re going out for barbecue tonight.

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  12. I’ve been looking at Irma’s projected path and arrival times, and I’m thinking the $100 bucks we spent for trip insurance may just turn out to be money well spent. 😦

    We’re supposed to leave for Florida on the 13th. 😦

    And I can’t imagine what it must be like for the poor folks that live there. They can’t just reschedule like we can. Looks like they’re in for a bad one. 😦

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  13. The idea of a wife possibly enabling her husband to continue in sin came up on the prayer thread recently.

    Hubby had (still occasionally has) a way of treating me that is unkind & hurtful. Trying to be a submissive wife, I would “just take it” most of the time, thinking that to call him on it might be disrespectful. But eventually, after feeling much pain over it for many years, the Holy Spirit showed me that I was enabling Hubby by “just taking it”, that his continuing in this behavior wasn’t good for his soul, either, & that I needed to confront him, albeit respectfully.

    And so I did. But it wasn’t a one-time thing, because the behavior was so ingrained. I learned to point out to him when he was treating me that way. I’ll admit that sometimes my doing that was more angry-&-hurt than calm-&-respectful, but in a way, that got his attention more, as he could see what it was doing to me.

    That behavior, although still present at times, has diminished over the years. Hubby is much more attuned to how he treats me, & his own attitudes. I am grateful for that, & I try to be gracious & forgiving when he slips up.

    And yes, I’ve had my own attitudes that have been refined over the years, too.

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  14. Another word that came up was “nagging”. I really do not want to be a nagging wife, but Hubby insists that he needs me to constantly remind him of things he needs to do. “So you want me to nag you,” I’ve jokingly said to him.

    Speaking of which, I’m sure many of you have seen that joke: “Your husbands will get around to that project. There’s no need to keep reminding him every six months.”

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  15. This morning I made the long journey to the city. This afternoon, I attended my first class. The class is an elective, and seeing the requirements made me wonder if I’d bitten off more than I could chew, since I have to write a term paper, which makes the third course this semester to require a paper, in addition to at least 4 other written assignments (I have read the course manuals for my other courses). I have to take two electives this semester in order to be considered full time – full time is determined by the amount of credits you will earn in the semester, and one of my nursing courses is not for credit (though it is mandatory to pass it) meaning I need credits from elective courses to make up the balance. I need wisdom to know whether to find another elective that may not be so demanding (if that is even possible) or to stick to this one and just carefully pace myself in order to get everything done.

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  16. Kizzie, I know you want believe this, but I have been a door mat in the past. It isn’t good for me and it isn’t good for the people wiping their feet as they stomp all over me. Ex husband still tried to do it. Sometimes Mr. P tries, but I gently remind him that someone lied to him about Southern Women and that we have been keeping our men in line for a couple of hundred years with our grandmama’s cast iron skillets. He thinks I am funny. Perhaps I should send photos of it.

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  17. Kizzie, good for you. Husbands can be pretty insensitive to wives sometimes, and I’m no exception. I don’t consider it disrespectful for Mrs. B. to call me on it. Good for your Hubby for responding well.

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  18. Thanks, Kevin. πŸ™‚

    Hubby really does have a good heart. Well, figuratively speaking. Not so sure about his physical heart these days.

    Speaking of which – How are you doing? Have you seen more improvement?


  19. I should have said “SOME husbands can be pretty insensitive to wives…” I didn’t mean to make a sweeping generalization. My father-in-law, who passed away a few years before I met the future Mrs B, was by all accounts consistently a gentleman and a gentle man to his wife. I think some of our bloggers are like that too. I hope I’m making progress in that direction.

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  20. Kizzie, thanks for asking about my heart. I can’t remember what or when I reported last. By mid-summer I felt more stamina and could tackle the stairs a bit faster without getting as out of breath. I haven’t noticed progress since then, but it’s so gradual it’s hard to tell. As I exercise more I’ll probably see more progress. My next round of tests (X-ray, echocardiogram, and EKG) will be in November.

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