19 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-9-17

  1. Dreher’s subtitle is better than his tweet: “Robert Jeffress, President Trump’s court pastor, hits bottom, digs.” His tweet makes it sound like Jeffress is specifically promoting nuclear war—which he didn’t mention, he just said ‘including war’. But when talking about North Korea, admittedly, that may be a distinction without a difference. I wish pastors would stop stirring the pot as though it were not already about to bubble over. :–(

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  2. Case in point, a tweet seen this morning:

    A Trump evangelical adviser says God empowers rulers to use “whatever means necessary—including war—to stop evil.”


  3. Some other news on the NK front.


    “Thousands of North Koreans are fleeing the Communist prison state thanks to an underground Christian network spread across China, reports the British newspaper Daily Express. The 3000-mile long network, run by South Korean and Chinese Christians, also dubbed as the ‘underground railroad’, helps dissidents from the north to escape to freedom into Thailand. Many of these escapees later find a new home in South Korea.”

    “There are an estimated 300,000 Christians still inside North Korea, constituting nearly one percent of the entire 25 million population. Neighbouring China is seeing a remarkable revival of Christianity, with the number of practicing Christians expected to exceed 240 million by 2030 — despite Communist repression.

    UK’s Daily Express writes:

    Thousands of North Koreans are illegally slipping into Thailand through an underground Christian network. (..)

    Despite the vast distance from North Korea, Thailand is in fact one of the closest reachable nations where North Koreans can expect government help to reach South Korea – the hermit nation’s estranged sibling.

    The ‘North Korea-to-Thailand’ route has seen a surge in new travellers, according to data seen by Reuters.

    The news agency reports that 385 North Koreans were processed as unauthorised entrants in Thailand in the first six months of 2017.

    If the influx continues, Thailand can expect to see almost 800 North Korean entrants by the end of the year.”

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  4. I’m sure this is an isolated incident…. 🙄


    “Federal authorities arrested six persons last week involved in an apparent scheme to produce false identification documents through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), some of which were then used as ID to illegally vote in Boston, reported Judicial Watch.

    Four RMV employees were arrested along with a document vendor and document dealer for allegedly conspiring to provide Puerto Rico licenses and official state ID cards to illegal immigrants in exchange for cash. In some cases, the false identities and addresses that the perpetrators sold were used to fraudulently register to vote in the state of Massachusetts.”

    “According to the Department of Justice website in Massachusetts, the document dealer sold a Puerto Rican birth certificates and U.S. Social Security cards to the document vendor for $900 who then sold the stolen identities for over $2,000 to clients seeking false identities in Massachusetts.

    Illegal aliens, individuals that have been previously deported, and individuals who have admitted to facing drug charges were among the document vendor’s customer list.

    Once the false identity was purchased and registered to vote in the City of Boston, the corrupt RMV workers would accept cash to issue Massachusetts drivers licenses and ID cards.”


  5. DJ, The Tate/LaBianca murders were big news in Texas as well. One of the most stunning aspects was that the killers were middle class 20 somethings from around the country who had fallen under Manson’s spell.

    After that time, conservatives began to thing that hippies were drug-crazed killers rather than harmless bums and flower children.


  6. It is these sort of obvious lies that are the most irritating to me. They reveal that Trump believes we are a nation of idiots who can be easily fooled. It is one thing for us to know we have become dumber and less informed. However, it is completely embarrassing to know that a half-wit like Trump understands that fact and knows he can tell obvious lies to us with impunity.



  7. @8:40 Don’t make yourself uncomfortable, Ricky. It’s saber rattling. And remember, for good or ill (no pun intended) his remarks are intended for a fellow who thinks dog meat is a superfood best eaten after being beaten to death to improve the taste. I think we need not concern ourselves over intellectual content this time.


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