33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-8-17

  1. I am up early to study Florida real estate some more. I am working from home today. At 9 I will start “dialing for dollars”. I am trying to stay positive and tell myself all the psychobabble stuff about “fall down 9 times, get up 10” and Walt Disney filed bankruptcy X number of times and other positive stuff.
    So since I am not the person I try to be this morning I will leave you all alone until I can get an attitude adjustment.

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  2. Good morning from monsoon over Georgia. It was only sprinkling until Art got in His car to drive to the office. Then the real rain began. It’s not funny anymore here, but maybe if you aren’t here, you might enjoy the humor of it.

    I just saw a local traffic report that said traffic is 30-50 % worse than usual with this rain. Some people are sitting in their cars with tears falling like rain because they can’t get to where they need to be.

    Yesterday the EPA truck was out by the manhole by our driveway for quite awhile making a lot of racket. I did not smell any fumes/smoke coming into our house. I saw my neighbor out speaking with them. I was curious what it was about, but sometimes for sanity’s sake it’s best not to know.


  3. At 9:35 the temperature is 70 degrees with 100% humidity. I would siphon it to you, Chas, if I could. How many miles of hosing do I need from Atlanta? We can hook many garden hoses together and see if it works.


  4. No, not Greensboro. I have dibs on all that rain, Kim promised. sorta. But Kim can do everything so I have my umbrella ready.

    I had a mild panic going last night when I received a mortgage statement indicating my automatic payment for August didn’t go through. Aak. I couldn’t get through to them last night so first thing this morning I called — turned out the statements were all generated too early this month and were in error so they’re juggling a massive wave of phone calls from customers. Bottom line, there is no problem on our end, only on theirs, and we are not to worry. Whew.

    Another beautiful butterfly!

    I need to do a story on what will be a fairly high-profile outdoor music festival coming to our waterfront in October. Problem is, these groups are super hot and I haven’t heard of any of them. Embarrassing. A younger colleague was all excited yesterday and I was like, um, yeah, that’s so cool … Seriously. Who ever heard of Modest Mouse? Or Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, the B-52s or Beach Goth? I am so out of it anymore. It’s sad. So sad. 😦

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  5. Wait, on second thought, you can keep that humidity. Ours finally broke this week so we’re actually fine with cooler, dryer weather.

    I need a 2nd cup of coffee. That mortgage payment scare got to me, bothered me all night long, esp why I never received an alert from my bank that it didn’t go through for some reason.

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  6. Janice, Greensboro is 336 miles directly NE of Atlanta.
    Oldest GD, Becky and family went to ‘Lanna last weekend to see tow Braves games.
    Becky’s husband went to college on a baseball scholarship. He was a pitcher. I just learned last weekend that Brian was a batboy for the Braves when they had spring practice in Fl.

    The only professional sports game I have ever seen was a Braves game.
    It was the Boston Braves in 1951.

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  7. I was cranky this morning. Didn’t think I would be. Went outside and enjoyed a beautiful morning, doing my chores. Came home to a very messy kitchen. And off I went into feel sorry for me land. But I apologized for my bad attitude and hope to do better next time. Amusingly, in a sad pathetic sort of way, was Bible reading this morning in 1Peter 4 where I was told to serve with Christ attitude. Not an hour later….. I don’t do what I want to do and do do what I don’t want to do. Where have I heard that before?

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  8. mumsee, at least you can blame the messy kitchen, I presume, on “other people.”

    I also feel outraged, outraged!, and sorry for myself when I come home to a messy kitchen.

    But in my case …

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  9. Nope, I am responsible for the kitchen. Husband does the cooking when he is home, usually, but I do the kitchen. Eventually, we will go back to children doing the kitchen, but probably not until late fall. It takes them so long to do it, that I have to stay inside too long. Right now I am waiting for the last of the chore people to eat her breakfast and then, freedom. Well, then we go upstairs and work on school.

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  10. Had dinner with relatives last night. One of them left a book with a wild garish red cover about proving only idiots believe in Christianity.

    I doubt they left it on purpose and no one mentioned it, but I picked it up and glanced through, feeling so very sad. The author was once a pastor of some unnamed church and denomination. A quick scan showed he’s gay and angry at the church.

    He methodically went through a lot of the “issues” and talked about the stupidity of people who believed them, “honestly, just read the story! It doesn’t even make sense.”

    I set it down and didn’t say anything–we were there for other reasons, but, once more, it hurt. People we love and have known us forever have such a poor concept of who we are. I wondered if I’m the cause of that–but when my relative posted something along these lines on FB a year or two ago, I challenged–“That’s how you see me?” definitely hurt.

    No, no, no, was the backtracking, you’re wonderful and kind, etc.

    But still. I was very quiet last night, really didn’t have much to say. I was also very tired and the mugginess we’ve got up here weighs on my physically.

    Anyway, “the fool says in his heart there is no God.”

    Why do I love so many fools?

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  11. Michelle – we love the sinner, not the sin. It is God who judges them, so we need to show them love from a pure heart. Then pray that the lost fools will see the love of Christ in us and turn to Him.

    I read that a possible rendering of the Hebrew in Psalm 14 says that the fool says “No” to God. I too have a lot of “fools” in my family. They haven’t outright said there is no God, but their lives show they have said “No!” to God.

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  12. Ditto all of that, Peter and Michelle. The love is put there by God or we probably would have gone off long ago in our own selfishness. We see that anguish in Christ and in Paul, too. Not bad company.

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  13. Michelle, because we are to love our enemies and bless those who curse us? Remember how Christ loved the rich young ruler who wouldn’t sell his possessions and follow him.
    I have encountered another student who stated an aversion to Christians. It didn’t bother me, because I’ve, in my experience among conservative fundamentalists, encountered many people who claimed to be Christians and were hypocrites. In such situations, I am concerned about the reputation of Christ, not about the reputation of those who claim to be Christian but deny him by the way they treat other Christians and other humans. There is no use defending the indefensible simply because they use the name of Christ – Christ himself warned that just claiming his name wasn’t good enough. I increasingly see that the one point of offense that we should present in our witness is the offense of the cross, “to the Jews a stumbling block, to the Greeks, foolishness.” Other things will follow if the person is convicted by the Holy Spirit, and if they are not, nothing we can say or do will make any difference. Faith is a gift of God.

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  14. Yes, there are times God will tell us not to pray for someone or something. We (my husband, me and BIL) had that happen with the life of my BIL. God told us all not to pray for his life. We did not realize that until after he died, which was within hours of when they visited and prayed over him. They prayed for things other than his healing.

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  15. I understand completely my relative is reacting to the other Christians he “encounters” in the political realm–like many of you the politics of the last year or so have destroyed a lot respect between between family and friends. This relative has TV going all day long with awful political programs. I know the relative is reacting to the poor behavior–foolish almost–of many “famous” Christians. This relatives parents loved God so much, though, I have trouble understanding how the relative can reach this conclusion about Christians–especially since my own children, etc. love so well.

    Just very sad. Politics and the church do not mix–but you know that.

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  16. I’ve just been out on a hunt for Craftsman Small Engine Motor Oil. I went to the store where I bought the mower. Amazingly, the store was still there. On the way back home, on a four lane I have traveled for years and never seen an accident on (the main road I let Wesley first practice on) there was a really major accident that must have involved multiple vehicles and a really large truck that I first thought was a bus. It was turned over on its side. Ambulance, fire truck, and police vehicles were there. I thought to myself how we drove to TX and back and saw not one accident. Also, I realized I could easily have been involved except for my wandering through the Sears Outlet store and purchasing two jumbo pillows which I had to buy at a register on the far side of the store. I felt a bit put out having to go across the store to the second register to pay for the oil. But my complaining attitude about that has totally disolved.

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  17. Michelle, in such a case, I think there is some confirmation bias going on – the relative may be looking for an excuse to silence conviction. The sad irony is, often such people who foment their anger against Christians by digging up all the dirt they can, will, sometimes rightfully, criticize those who foment their anger against certain other groups who are frequently in the news. Those who pride themselves on their progressive attitudes are often as strident and intolerant as those who pride themselves on their conservative values. Each side can see the other’s wrong, but not their own hypocrisy. Christ was making an astute observation on human nature in telling us to remove the beam from our own eye before trying to remove our brother’s mote. I find that when I’m aware of the beam in my own eye, I’m less likely to get upset about the mote in my brother’s eye. Knowing my own weakness makes me realize that both I and the person I disagree with are in desperate need of the grace of God.

    As for politics and Christianity not mixing, I often think of Paul’s warning, “No man that wars entangles himself in the affairs of this life” and Peter’s words “let none of you suffer as a busybody in other men’s affairs.” Christians need to restrain themselves from being partisans in worldly disputes. Not that our restraint is likely to be popular with any side. Christ refusing to be dragged into the conservative Pharisaical camp, or the liberal Sadducee camp did not sit well with either group; and he also did not cater to the radical Zealots, who wanted a Messiah to defeat Rome, or the monastic Essenes, who withdrew from the world to become more spiritual. The Gospel reaches across all political boundaries, not in order to convert people to another political viewpoint, but in order to transform them into the likeness of Christ.

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  18. That picture, btw, could be framed or made into a card, it really is a nice shot 🙂

    Looks like a good discussion here, I’ll have to catch up with it later.

    Back to work — Let me just say that nothing makes you feel older than trying to write a story about a concert with more than 2 dozen groups you’ve never heard of, some of which have unprintable names. I’ve become my parents.

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  19. Meetup alert: We hope to meet with Nancyjill and her husband Friday.

    It’s been a great time with my parents, but all things have an end. We’ll see them some tomorrow morning before leaving town. 😢

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