22 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-31-17

  1. Where are CNN, MSNBC, the WaPost and the NYT on the story that Michelle linked to?

    They’ve got more important things to focus on – like transgender bathrooms. And Trump tweets.

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  2. @8:01- That’s interesting. I wonder if it’s true. Last year, I had a guy travel all the way from Ohio to Chattanooga for an $11.00/hr grunt job at Amazon. He was frantic because he had moved when they promised him a job, but when he got here they were not ready to hire him at the the agreed upon time. I connected him with personnel I thought could help him. But they want warm bodies when they want them, and there is little humanity behind the facade. It’s all about the numbers.

    It will be good to see factories truly desperate for workers. Good wages attract good workers. But you can’t do that overnight. It does take time to regain people’s trust.

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  3. NY Times: “Trump Fuels Intrigue” is not the story. And why is it that in recent months only “conservative news outlets” have built a case against Imran Awan and his family?

    CNN, NBC News and WashPost: The story is not just “bank fraud.“


    The Wash Times and USA Today have a few more details, but still miss the heart of the story.

    The story first broke on Feb 6th: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/house-staff-criminal-investigation-234714

    Even now, those outlets are not even reporting the true story, leaving out details that have already been out there for months.

    As yesterday’s Roger Kimball piece stated, this story involves computer hacking, a senior political figure threatening law enforcement officials, destruction of evidence, collusion with foreign powers (not the fake kind), financial corruption, Congressional corruption, incompetence, conspiracy.

    With much more sure to follow…

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  4. Debra, On Saturday, I said one of Kelly’s first jobs was to get rid of Mini-Trump. Mission accomplished. Are you now willing to give “adult supervision” a chance?

    Uh-oh! It turns out that when Comey was fired, Kelly called Comey to express his anger with Trump over the firing and even discussed resigning in protest. Will Trump now fire Kelly and reinstate Mini-Trump? Stay tuned.

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  5. Now that school is out, have Melania & Barron moved into the White House? I haven’t seen anything about that.


  6. Tychicus, Here is the problem with the Roger Kimball story. With no evidence he speculated that it was the Pakistani who gave the Hillary and DNC emails to Wikileaks. This speculation puts him at odds with all US and Western intelligence agencies who are very confident the Russians hacked Hillary and the DNC and gave the emails to Wikileaks. It puts him in the same league as the nitwit Hannity who believes poor Seth Rich leaked the emails before Hillary murdered him and Trump himself who tried to distract everyone with the idiotic and unsupportable “tapp” Tweets which his own staff could not in any way defend, but which were vigorously defended by idiots in The Trump Cult.

    Maybe there is more to the Pakistani story. Time will tell. However, whenever a Trumpkin writer starts imagining fantasies (without evidence) which absolve Russia from blame in the Wikileaks episode, most reasonable educated people are going to dismiss the writer as a deranged Trump Cultist and discount anything he says.


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