39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-29-17

  1. Cute skipper on purple loosestrife! Around here it is considered an invasive species and a serious one, but in my opinion they are beautiful and I have yet to see hints they get rid of all the other plants (as I’ve read).

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  2. It is the beginning of moving for my friend M. Remember, her husband died the first of June. The woman who bought the house has been rather pushy in my opinion, but I guess I am feeling for my friend. They tell widows not to make any drastic changes the first year, but this was hanging over her head, she didn’t have a choice.
    It is also looking like rain today. Remember I will be driving the “Floating Cuz” truck. I guess I will just drive slowly and irritate the people behind me. I am sure once they see me driving they will think “poor ol’ white trash” 😉 I bet she is hauling all that stuff to support her meth habit

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  3. Almost time to be rousting the troops. Fifteen year old son left for work an hour ago, while I was out doing my chores. Gathering prunings to feed the goats and sheep before the hay comes in. Eighteen year old appears not to have made it home last night. Other fifteen and the two youngest are going to go stack wood for somebody in an hour or so. One of their favorite jobs at one of their favorite job sites. They get cookies! Gives whole new meaning for work for food.

    I, on the other hand, am getting ready to go feed the mice. Putting out seeds that, in a normal world, would sprout into wonderful fall veggies but here, they will probably go into some mouse’s pantry for the winter.

    Husband is working his way back to me. After a couple of days held up in Kentucky, should be in Minnesota now.

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  4. I have unexpected company. A beautiful woman from LA who attended UCLA and studied economics (and Italian like me!), she’s trying to break in as an actress and has written a book about relationships and breakups.

    She’s here to attend a renewal of vows for my former teenage housecleaner. Since my house is currently empty (husband is off camping with three Adorables and their parents, Stargazer house sitting), I took her in.

    It was so hard to keep a straight face as I asked questions about her book. She’s nearly finished it, has a proposal and is seeking an agent. She happily answered questions though was puzzled when I could calculate her 250 pages means about 54,000 words.

    I couldn’t resist after a while. “I work for a literary agent.”

    She nearly fell off her chair, so excited.

    Fortunately for me, I could explain it’s a Christian agent and so her book wouldn’t work for us, but she scarcely wanted to leave for the rehearsal dinner!

    I imagine we’ll have another interesting conversation whenever she wakes us this morning.

    I’ll ask for prayers, though; this 30-something is very confused about the meaning of life. I’m sure God brought her, rather than the couple I expected, here for a reason. Happy to oblige but I have no idea how . . . .

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  5. Praying God will give you the words, Michelle.

    Beautiful, sunny, hot day here today. We have a “heat warning” which makes me laugh because this is our summer and we expect it to be hot for at least a few days. Most of you, including Phos, have much higher daytime and nighttime temperatures with higher humidity than we do and yet there is a “warning”. All that means to me is it’s going to be a great day in the pool chair reading my book. I may also pick some peas (I only like the baby ones).

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  6. Re: attached garages (from the prayer thread). Our shop is across the yard from the house – it would be nice in winter if I could get to the car without bundling up so much, but since we live waaaaay out in the country you need to bundle up anyways if you’re going some where, just in case. In summer, I would love to have an attached garage because BEARS. So far, I’ve not come home and found a bear in the yard, and if I did, I would just stay in the car, but it would be nice to just slip into the garage and then into the house all nice and safe.

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  7. Good Morning! It is a gonna rain in this forest today and the workers are already next door to remove the rubble that was once a home….
    Michelle , Paul and I were having the discussion yesterday as to why certain people are placed in our lives. Paul just climbed Granite Peak in Montana with a running buddy who happens to hate Christians and is an avowed atheist. It was a bonding time for them and then we contemplate , was it stepping stone? I have a similar friendship with the wife of a running buddy…although we do lunch rather than climb dangerous mountain peaks. Our conclusion after pondering how they could ever come to know our Lord….He is able…..we make ourselves available and behold His Hand at work….

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  8. Garage: And, Who, Knows, What. May. Be. Lurking. In. The,Garage…..I understand mountain lions like rafters. And bears like looking for the dog food. And raccoons like the darkness. And…I have found snakes in mine. More when it was a carport though.

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  9. Hmmm….we have always had a garage with the houses we have lived in…no such thing with apartments/town homes. My childhood home had a single car “Sears”garage…Dad used it for His radio/TV repair business…car stayed outside. We have an attached three car garage now….daughter came home from work the other evening and when she pushed the opener, she saw a mouse scurry out of the garage over to the wood pile…I think we need a cat!🙀

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  10. Here is a brief piece about the poison of envy, & how to overcome it. I have to say, though, that I’m not sure the author’s initial examples – such as wishing we were as attractive or as godly as someone else – are actually envy. I think envy takes those thoughts deeper & darker.

    What do you think? Is merely a passing wish that we were as attractive or as godly or as well-off as someone else the same as envy?



  11. And then she was gone! So, we never had another conversation. How very interesting. At least the house is clean! 🙂

    Oh, wait, no more distractions. I’ll have to work . . . 😦

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  12. I am back. I drove “Cuz” to M’s, it got loaded and Mr. P took over the driving. He said it drives better with the trailer loaded than it does with the trailer empty. I said is steers better when you take your foot off of the gas and let it coast. It wasn’t that bad looking. It is LOUD.
    I think we got a lot done, but there is oh so much more to do. Will be back at it tomorrow after church. M rented a POD and has some guys coming to load the pod tomorrow.

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  13. A family friend is letting her move into a house she owns. “Rent” will be helping to get it back in shape. Last renter was a hoarder. We will probably be doing some cleaning tomorrow afternoon.

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  14. After living without any garage for years in snow country, I am very grateful for the one we have. It is not attached, since my husband did not want one attached. I grew up with an attached one and would have preferred it, but didn’t feel that strongly about it.


  15. Part of today has been brainstorming–with myself–trying to think of marketing schemes. Sigh. For a lark, I thought I’d look up the YMCA in case someone might be interested in the YMCA’s role in WWI and Oswald Chambers’ part. So I googled, “YMCA WWI.”

    And there I was, #2.

    I can’t win. I’m getting discouraged again, so I think I’ll watch a movie . . . and continue updating the website.

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  16. Rents are unaffordable in California.

    I watched 2 moves last night — Great Escape (a favorite, my girlfriend and I, when we were teens, sat through it twice when it was re-released in the late 1960s — all the guys were so cute; seriously, though it’s a good film); and Chinatown, which used our community for many of its location scenes. But interestingly, one of the later scenes had Jack Nicholson saying he was “going to San Pedro” to meet with someone and as soon as they showed the house, I though, Oh, yes, that is definitely a ‘Pedro’ house!.

    But later when I looked up location sites, it said that house was actually located in east Hollywood. Oh well.

    They did a lot of the filming along our cliffs and coastline, however.

    Dog park was loud tonight, there was Bagel the braying beagle and others all chiming in.

    Chloe, the Brittany, is obsessed with bugs and flies, so that kept her occupied the whole time. I need to bring her home.

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  17. Good Morning Everyone. Busy day here. Lots to get done. So far, 3 loads of laundry, a clean(er) kitchen, top oven set to self clean, breakfast eaten, coffee finished, dishwasher running.

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  18. Great Escape is one of the few movies I have watched more than once. Of course, that is because we had different groups of children. I anticipate watching it one more time.

    Today is my day of rest so not much happening. If I don’t stop, I get overwhelmed. So, just pruned a bunch of trees to feed the goats and sheep, fed the chickens and turkeys, the cats, the rabbits, the children….now for my oatmeal.

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  19. I got a lot done in the house yesterday, more than I realized.

    I watched “Hello Dolly” with Streisand last night. I’m generally not a big fan of musicals, but some of the older ones are fun. And Streisand can sing. The “Hello Dolly” songs are also all so familiar from the 1960s and ’70s and the film had such fun costumes and dance sequences.

    In a poignant, fallen-world note — one of the young shop boys in that film who was so cute and such a good dancer wound up getting killed in some kind of dispute at a gay bar. 😦 He’s so innocent looking in the film, it made me sad watching him & knowing how his life so tragically ended (and not long after the film came out in 1969, I think).

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  20. DJ – Leonard Frey, who played Motel Kamzoil in the film version of Fiddler on the Roof, was gay, & ended up dying of “an AIDS-related illness” in 1988 at age 49.


  21. So sad … some years ago I decided to look up some of the young ‘unknown’ actors from Hello Dolly to see if any of them went on to other high-profile roles after that; this must have been a huge break for them to land roles in Streisand’s Hello Dolly film when she would have been at her height of popularity. I believe the article said the killer was never caught.


  22. Interesting time at church this morning. The message was on the beatitudes and how God changes us in Christ. On the fifth Sunday, the various Baptist churches in the area rotate pastors for the Sunday service. Afterwards I got to talking with the wife of the pastor and she commented that I had foster children (how could she tell???) but I told her no, they are adopted, and she asked a couple of things and went on to tell my how difficult the adoptions she has known in the area have been and the many disruptions. And that got me to thinking that perhaps we might have a ministry opportunity there. To help families work through the challenges that seem insurmountable when you are in the thick of them, but to find out they are actually typical adoption situations and they are dealing with attachment issues, might help.

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  23. How much ice cream do you eat? Husband is in Iowa picking up a load of ice cream. Forty thousand pounds. There are two hundred other trucks at the facility. That is a lot of ice cream. He was supposed to be home by now as his three weeks is up but the company keeps sending him east rather than west. We are thinking he should just tell them he is coming home now, and bring the ice cream.

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  24. Our pastor returned to the pulpit today after a summer break, continuing in a series on Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer from John 17 before we pick up again in Romans in coming weeks.

    He also gave a presentation after the service about his trip to teach some of the Chinese pastors (they met in Thailand as it’s a bit freer there). He and one of our elders traveled to China 12 years ago to meet with some of the underground churches there so this was an invite back to do some more formal teaching. One of our church members was born in China, now pursuing her doctorate in literature at USC, and was explaining to us today that the government lately has been pushing Confuscism, Buddhism and other eastern regions as a way to try to combat the rapid spread of Christianity there.


  25. I’m ga’ xausted. We got a lot done today but not everything. The POD doesn’t have room for a postage stamp. Not everything went in it. We moved some of their art. I scored a painting by M’s mother. Mr. P even likes it.
    B. G. (not to be confused with my Baby Girl) and I packed the kitchen today. That will go from house to house tomorrow.
    M is planning to sleep on pallets in the “old” house tonight. I told her I have two empty beds here then Mr. P had me send her a text as well. I doubt she does it, but I wish she would.
    Another friend is going to help M and her two daughters move things tomorrow. I have to work, but told her I was planning to work from home on Tuesday so I could come help her in the “new” house on Tuesday. She is handling things surprisingly well, but please do remember her in your prayers.

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